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Dear Congressman/Senator,

I am deeply concerned with the handling of the cleanup and containment effort of the BP
oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. As such, it is now the time to lay aside partisan
issues, and issue a criminal and ethical investigation into the Obama administration's
dealings with BP oil, evidence of prior knowledge for the spill, and the relationship of
money exchanged in return for complete collusion and complicity in this whole
situation. Clearly, after citing the circumstantial evidence below, you should see that a
criminal investigation into the roles of the Federal Government under the Obama
administration and BP Oil, in the events leading up to the creation of this disaster, to the
lack of federal response is warranted and overdue.


1) Barack Obama received more money from BP Oil than ANY OTHER politician in
the last 20 years – Republican or Democrat. (Reuters,

2) Rahm Emanuel, chief of staff to Barack Obama, lives in a luxury Washington D.C.
apartment given to him by a high-level BP Oil Staffer (L.A. Times,

3) Goldman Sachs, a part owner of BP, was the second highest contributor to Barack
Obama, giving him just a little over $1 million (CNN,

4) The current chairman of Goldman Sachs was also the chairman of BP oil. He
stepped down from BP in 2009 ( Wikipedia,

5) Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, BP gave more money to Obama (Washington Independent,

6) George Soros, Who Helped Bankroll Obama's 2008 campaign, is an aggressive

investor in oil, and he is instrumental and is influential in Brazilian Oil Company
Petrobras. (The Guru Focus,
7) Curiously, CEO of BP, Tony Hayward dumped 1/3 of his BP stock holdings($2.1
million dollars) weeks before the oil rig explosion (The UK Daily Telegraph

8) Coincidentally, Goldman Sachs dumped 44% – 4,680,822 shares – of its stock in

BP Oil weeks before the spill – no other oil company, just BP. This also represented
an unusual transaction, being two times the size of any normal stock trade for an
institution its size. (Raw Story,

9) Weeks before the oil spill, Haliburton acquired Boots & Coots, a Houston-based oil
well intervention/oil safety/oil spill cleanup company, an investment criticized by
many as an “unwise” investment at the time (Houston Chronicle,

10) It has also now been learned that President Obama stands to make over $85
Million over the next 10 years due to this “accident.” It seems as though Vanguard,
Pres. Obama's asset holdings company, dumped all of his shares of BP oil stocks in
the weeks before the “accident.”

11) On March 31st, Obama lifted a 20 year moratorium on offshore drilling, opening
the Gulf of Mexico to new exploration and new competition amongst oil companies

12) As early as February 2010, BP engineer referred to this particular rig as a

“nightmare rig.” (AOL News,

13) Jimmy Harrell, chief operator for Transocean who owned the rig was well aware
of problems and warned of such a disaster. Harrell is quoted is telling an unknown
person on the phone, “"Are you f****g happy? Are you f****g happy? The rig's on
fire! I told you this was gonna happen." ( Mother Jones

14) BP representatives knowingly and willfully gave the wrong orders on how to
prevent an explosion on the rig. In order to control the pressure, cement(known as
mud in the industry), is normally thrown down to seal of leaks. Instead, BP reps
overruled the opinions of the workers and ordered sea water to be thrown down.
This is clear evidence of criminal negligence, ineptitude, or criminal sabbotage.

15) The United States Coast Guard, an arm of the US Military under the control of
the commander-in-chief, President Obama, has become severely compromised. It
has now been “rented out” to BP, who is using it as a private security detail/bully
force in the region, using intimidation, cover-ups, lies, as weapons, and not
allowing media to remotely come close to any BP workers in the region. The Coast
Guard is also directly and indirectly involved in turning away foreign aid, as well as
PRIVATE and STATE entities which are proven to help more effectively in
preventing damage to their coastlines.

16) There has been LITTLE TO NO response on the part of environmental groups
and agencies regarding the damage that is being done to the ecosystem and
environment in the region. This can only be regarded as suspicious. One can only
wonder why they have not only remained silent, but they have praised the Obama
administration's actions.

17) We know that there are three poisonous gasses being released from the oil rig
area. These 3 gasses are: Methane, Benzene, Hydrogen Sulfide. This does not
include the byproducts of the dispersants which are also being released in the air. It
is feared by many scientists and experts that benzene has the capability of igniting
itself when it chemically reacts with the right concentration of gasses already
present in the region.

18) With the Obama administration's prolonging, knuckle-dragging, and delays in

turning away help and aid, their actions only cause the scenario mentioned above
all the more frightening. In a worst case scenario, according to scientists and other
experts, the ignition of benzene would result in something akin to napalm, burning
everything in its path.

The US Coast Guard is following unlawful orders from President Obama in enforcing
the denial of the 10th amendment to the states affected by this disaster. The Federal
Government has NO AUTHORITY to tell a state how it will clean up or prevent damage
to its coastline.

It is also imperative that the governors of all states affected convene an emergency, joint
session of their state's respective legislatures and declare their 10th amendment rights to
use whatever means necessary to protect their coastlines.
The states should then mobilize their respective National Guard units to protect and
preserve all authorized activities and entities which are being used to protect their
coastlines. Any intervention from ANYONE will be considered a threat against progress
and will be resisted by any means necessary – this includes detainment up to and
including force if necessary. If the US Coast Guard tries to inhibit or block any efforts
by the states, this is a criminal act and should be considered high treason. Surely, the
Obama administration would not want this to ruin their PR – Obama would have to
accept that the states do indeed have their own respective rights.

These are the details of what seems to be a complete cooperation between BP and Pres.
Obama in prolonging and exploiting this disaster for their own benefits – notably the
enactment of the Cap & Trade ponzi scheme – which amounts to an unconstitutional and
morally deficient tax on breathing.

If these matters are not looked into, it is a signal that all of Congress and the Senate is
complicit in these actions, is in collusion, and approves of them – both Republican and

We, the people, have a good idea that we KNOW what is going on and WHY it is
happening. We are letting YOU know, our congressmen and senators, that WE know,
and WE will be considering this when we go to the polls in November.

It would also be expedient that the mainstream media begin to investigate these matters
as well, and inform the public, as there has been an abject refusal to do so. As you may
already know, there is a blackout on media in the region, in regards to approaching BP.
There has also suspiciously been a blackout on reporting the fact that there is a blackout
in the mainstream media. Alternative media outlets are doing their best to reveal these
facts, but much more help is needed. YOU can help make that difference.

I do understand that when these situations are looked into, that we will most likely hear
the terms “executive privilege” come up in regards to President Obama's response.
However, these stock trades, which indicate insider trades at the least, are a matter of
public record – it speaks for itself, and “executive privilege” will not excuse Pres.
Obama's responses, whatever they may be.

We look forward to your response and actions in this matter.

Thank you,

Concerned Citizen
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