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Kashmir conflict

The kashmir Conflict is fought primarily between three nations, primarily two; Indian
Administration and Pakistani Administration. Chinese Administration are also involved. Notably, all
three of these nations are nuclear powers. Kashmir Territory was once home to many cultures, like
Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, and Muslims.
The Kashmir Conflict is objectively a territorial conflict, in which India and Pakistan (and
China to some degree) are fighting over the border of Kashmir. There's also an old rivalry of religious
fighting; in 1846, the British Empire claimed Kashmir territory, and the ruler set by the British was a
Hindu. Because Kashmir was mostly Muslim at the time, this caused religious conflict over territory. It
is slightly unclear for the motive of Chinese control over Kashmir, but after all, they have land disputes
with not only India and Pakistan, but with Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Myanmar, Mongolia, Laos, and
Geographically speaking, Kashmir is effectively a region thats home to a multitude of valleys,
like Lidder Valley, Tawi Valley, and Kashmir Valley. Fun fact, Kashmir is famous for its beauty and
variety of agricultural products. Kashmir is controlled (key word) three-way, by of course China, India,
and Pakistan; Aksai Chin (towards the East) is influenced by China, Azad Kashmir (towards the North)
is controlled by Pakistani but claimed by Indians, then Jammu (towards the South) is controlled by
Indians but claimed by Pakistani. There also exists a line of control, which separates Pakistani and
Indian territory (Azad Kashmir and Jammu). Kashmir is made up with beautiful snow-clad mountains,
waterfalls, ice rivers, and of course, valleys.
The Conflict is played out with war and violence which started in 1947. Historically, the British
claimed Kashmir; in 1947, the British gave Indian settlers independence, wherefore a war started
known as the 'Indo-Pakistani War of 1947' (because the Maharaja signed a contract which put Kashmir
under Indian control, therefore India could send armed forces). In fact, a lot of wars and skirmishes
played out; the Sino-Indian war occurred in 1962 (when the Chinese got involved and claimed a region
they called Aksai Chin), the 1965 and 1971 wars are within context of conflict (where the Simla
agreement was signed by India and Pakistan), then finally the Kargil of 1999 (where Pakistani
Insurgents took over mountain peeks in Kargil).
It's hard to see a possible solution, because India and China are two of the densest countries in
the world (in terms of population), and there is a lot of organized religion in all three nations; India,
China, and Pakistan. One possible solution is to let the Indians and Pakistani share Kashmir valley
together. Another possible solution is to create an officially permanent border based off the line of
control, perhaps.