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Department of Education

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Lanton, Apopong, General Santos City


NAME:_____________________________________ SECTION:____________ SCORE:___________

I. A. Encircle the letter that best approximates the underlined word in each sentence.
1. Thee prima ballerina snickered when she saw her main rival stumbling over the new dance steps.
A. laughed derisively B. coughed politely C. commented D. parodied
2. Kylas lips started to quiver when she heard that her daughter had been kidnapped.
A. close B. open C. shrink D. tremble
3. The mayor denounced the kidnapping of the eight year old year, and vowed that he would do everything
in his power to get the girl back and punish the kidnappers to the fullest extent of the law.
A. condemned B. criticized C. commented D. contorted
4. Lourdes watched the performance with apprehension; she felt that anytime now, someone would make a
mistake and the audience would laugh at her class.
A. fascination B. dread C. rapture D. listlessness
5. While Jonathan escaped the accident with just a scratch on his arm, his car was badly mangled.
A. spared B. scratched C. returned D. ruined
6. The vendor, hoping to finish selling his goods before noon, ambled toward the group of clueless tourists.
A. crawled B. sold C. walked D. limped
7. George could only stand in shock as Lilian tramped across the field, her angry eyes latched on to him.
A. tread heavily B. walked slowly C. limped quickly D. darted past

B. Choose the letter that correctly completes each of the following sentences.
8. Considering the fact that he heinously cheated on the final exam, receiving a failing grade seems like
______ punishment.
A. a brutal B. an unfair C. an appropriate D. a futile
9. At first my parents did not allow me to ever play video games after school, but now they ______ it
A. Encourage B. ban C. permit D. expect
10. When you need ______ count, it is not okay to estimate.
A. an accurate B. a guessed C. a gigantic D. a truthful

II. Underline the correct determiner inside the parenthesis to complete each of the sentences correctly.
11. Lisa saw (a/an/ the) shooting star yesterday.
12. Don't look directly at (a/ an/ the) sun.
13. Is there any milk left in (a/ an/ the) fridge?
14. I need to pack (a/ an/ the) apple for my lunch.
15. The dogs were (each/ any/ every) given a bone.
16. The police spoke separately to (every/ each/ some) suspect.
17. She was wearing a bracelet on (each/ any/ every) wrist.
18. She got her license without (some/ any/ every) problems.
19. He went with (his both/ both his/ two his) younger sisters.
20. I always keep (any/ every/ some) money in my wallet for emergencies.

III. Determine whether each of the following sentences express literal or figurative. Write Literal if it is
literal and write Figurative if it is figurative.
_____________21. I am so hungry, I could eat a horse.
_____________22. She is as fast as a cheetah!
_____________23. That dog is a clown; it makes us laugh all the time.
_____________24. I stayed up late last night, Im so tired!
_____________25. Time is money.
_____________26. They are as busy as bees.
_____________27. They sky is pale blue with few clouds.
_____________28. The sky is full of dancing stars.
_____________29. The field is calm and quiet.
_____________30. The darkness surrounded them with a cold embrace.

IV. Underline the similes and metaphors of the following sentences and draw an arrow from the words
pointing to what they are being compared to.

31. Those girls are like two peas in a pod.

32. The fluorescent light was the sun during the test.
33. No one invites Harold to parties because hes a wet blanket.

34. The bar of soap was a slippery eel during the dogs bath.

35. Ted was as nervous as a cat with a long tail in a room full of rocking chairs.

V. Read and analyze each of the following sentences and identify and explain what type of irony it is.
36. A rat infestation at the Department of Sanitation
a. Type of Irony: ____________________
b. Explain your choice: __________________________
37. Mother: I see you ironed your shirt. Boy: But I just dug it out of the bottom of the hamper.
a. Type of Irony: ____________________
b. Explain your choice: _________________________
38. A person Tweets about how Twitter is a waste of time and energy.
a. Type of Irony: ____________________
b. Explain your choice: __________________________
39. You comment on the beautiful weather youve been having just five minutes before a tornado rips through your
a. Type of Irony: ____________________
b. Explain your choice: __________________________
40. In Arthur Millers The Crucible, Elizabeth Proctor lies and tells the investigator that her husband never had an
affair (in fact, he had), right before John Proctor publicly declared that his wife never hadand never wouldlie.
a. Type of Irony: ____________________
b. Explain your choice: __________________________

VI. Based on the given pattern, rearrange the words in each of the numbers to form a meaningful sentence
41. S IV ( gracefully, students, grade 7, the, dance)

42. S TV DO (honor student, the, an, completes, requirements, all)

43. S TV IO DO (teacher, the, gives, the, generous, grade, a, student, honest)

44. S TV DO OC (fairy, the, him, frog, a, into, turned)

45. S LV PN (she, is, the, one, I, hate, the, most)

VII. Give what is asked in each of the following stories:

a. How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife
46. Author: ___________________
47. Setting:___________________
48. Theme:___________________
b. Wedding Dance
49. Author:___________________
50. Climax:___________________


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