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-Normal Dest. IP ? i.e.

-look in my routing table, find

the next hop and update the Layer 2 info with it ?
TTL field in IPv4 Header

Options field in IPv4 Header 16-How do you want me to route the packet? Hop Limit field in IPv6 Header
i.e. what are the routing options chosen for 1- Should i drop it?
this packet?

Type of Service field in IPv4 Header

4- How do you want
Next Header field in IPv6 Header. Look at the me to treat this
NH encapsulates both the Next following fields: Traffic Class field in IPv6 Header
=Source Route packet? QoS Is this an entire
protocol and IP routing options
packet? or a
-or you have a pre-built path you want it to go fragment packet
through i.e. the packet already has which hops it part of an original
needs to go through? one? identification field. All fragments of
8-What about the same original packet have the
IPv4 Header same number in that field
What is the position of Fragment offset field
this fragement in the
original packet?
IP packet comes in- Router starts
asking those questions
Flags Field
=recorded route Can i fragment it?

-Do you want me to stamp the packet with my IP so

you know that it passed by me? IPV6 Header: No fragementation

Header Checksum field in IPv4 Header

12- Should i verify whether or not its
corrupted? Not in IPv6 ! this overhead on the router is
Protocol Field in IPV4
22- if my ip == dest ip. Then to which upper
Next Header in IPv6 protocol should i send this packet to ? i.e
which upper layer protcol will further process
this packet? TCP ? UDP ? ICMP ? etc...