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CASTLE ™ GYG, & CASTLE ZAGYG™ VOLUME I: THE UPPER WORKS — BOOK 2: RUINS OF THE CASTLE PRECINCTS AN AD TuRE MODULE FoR 4 ~ 6 on More CHaractins oF Levens 1 Gary GyGax WITH Jerrrey PB. TALANIAN © 2008 Tigee Enterprises Company, All rights reserved Castle Zagyg isthe trademark of Trigee Enterprises Company. Avriions: Gagy Groax win Jerrist P-Taanian Coxnunetor: Rossxt Dove, Eprrep py: Coay M. Castera Propucrion: Teast Thou. Cover Arr: Perex Brats Istenion Apt: PeTeR Beantsy AND Jason WALTON CanrooRAPu: Pete Baancey ‘Spectr Consttation: Ente Gycax, A. Mark RATNER Janes WARD Plavmismine (oF Ts mcamaTion oF 1H Casts): Janne Bretey, Dawe. Bente, Jovas Cast- 50%, Janes Goons, Roses Hoo, Dox Masso, Ertan Oren PO. Box 251171 Little Rock, AR 72225 wwwtrolllord.comtroll "TABLE or CONTENTS, at Pant L Ivtaooucrion ax Novis ror riz Castis Kerren 2 Pant Rows Pouriny (Bivr, Beau, Castiz Watts) 3-5 Paxr IIL Tr Garmiousts & Daawannce 6-10 Pant IV. Tie Cosme (Lowen) Courrvano 11-35 Parr V. Tu Grassy (Minot) Cocnrvann 36-47 Parr VL Tite Ixwex Gaxorx Couniyann aND Brvonn ... 48 (hierar) Agr Ren ‘ali Samer uo tet Saylor Soper Crs acai taa: team Conon ace ps PART 1. INTRODUCTION C7 ts 800%. RUINS OF THE CASTLE PRECINCTS, Ui the second of the Upper Works move Ie deras dhe wally rovers gatchouses and many other ouduldings thac sand upon the surface above the dungeons of the Mad Archmage: Every structure fs cated heres, with che ‘exception ofthe castle freress and the two great rowers that flank it, these being subjects ofthe third and fourth books of thisset, The East Wall Towers and Case Fires. The Runs ofthe Cale Precincts are fraught with challenge. danger, and intrigue, Humanoids and evil men vie to ‘establish control of the place while ravenous monsters seek prey for theie next meal. Castle Zagyz has suffered besiegement and neglect over the years. This is at once made evident to its aekers. As itis in Mouths of Madness means of ingress to the dungoons below, Castle Zag) cean be located amongst these ruins, though most such entrances ate ether hidden or well guarded NOTES ron ir CASTLE KEEPER ‘Kero nae Cas This adventure features the uns of aca stronghold that ac onetime would have repelled even the most potent besiegement. How i fellto rui—the when, the why; and the how—is mst feo speculation. Sufice ite say that Castle “Zagys tow exactly how the Mad Archmage pefersict be. His motive? Dont bother How can one ascribe motive ro onesuch as Zagyg! To asociate this or anyother component of Case Zaye with motive, plo within plos, convolumd histories, world saving quest AtoZ “expaiions is antithetical to the spit ofthe cxiginal adventaes Stave oF mie Ruin Caste Pasewser Precinets are occupied by humanoids, evil men, and monsters, most of which have enjoyed inurement to the cused fog that once enveloped the place. This can ako be attributed to the whimsy of the Mad Archmage Notwithstanding, dh re is litte harmony amongst the denizens of these ruine—most are aggressive, vicious reed, venal, petty, power-hungry, and ambitiou Rosso ‘mus Apvevture: While running this adventure series consider the ambitions of the humanoid tribes that ‘occupy the caves that pock che bluff on which these ruins ie (Gee Mouths of Madines). The humanoid groups are mostly at odds with one another as well asthe occupants of the ruins above. Also consider the cwo Ease Wall Towers and the Castle Fortress. One towers controled by a lyanthope and his minions rodentia the other tower by malign culiss of singular purpose, Meanwhile, bandits assert tentative control of che fortress, these ones also controlling the postem gate (#36) and conducting trade with local rvermen. Jn short, Castle Zags ina constant state of fu, from the Monts of Maines 3 honeycomb its Mul co the Ruins ofthe Cae Precinct, to the East Wad Toes, 9 the Case Formess, and finally tthe dungeons below. Disparate groups ve fr contol, scarcely working together to accomplish anything. Caste Zagye's also a magnet for activity, the grea atacto for humancis, monsters, human scum, and other powers malign a adventurer ofall stripes. As such, anyone (or ting) thar gins a tochokd here is soon to be ‘onestd Ofcourse, the Caste Keeper should choose hor such events unfold Irs on the a is why itis imperative thatthe Caste Keeper keep track of time's passage. I the POs spend the blk oftheir time (perhaps Jhumancid andor monsters will undoubtedly move in ns (and someines inaction) ofthe player characters. This game weeks) dungson delving. to occupa tower or other structure previously cleared out, and soon 2 CASTLES & CRUSADES. Ieis also possible that a PC group will artempe to establish their own species ‘of eontol within the ruins. Perhaps they claim a tower, creating theit own, base of operations as it were. They may even hire men-at-arms to guard the place. Allow thie to happen, Castle Keeper but abvays with a smug, all [knowing smile on your face. Then, once the PCs goof plumb the depths helow Castle Zagyy, de events should indubitably eranepize. Eventually the POs wil find any such holding beleaguered a beset at every tum, ich practices. ultimately persuading chem to realize che futility of sous ao Bonuss: The Ruins ofthe Castle Pres are extensive. AS such, there is no “railroad” device in place to force the POs chrough some presktermined. pat authors: Indeed, such weak design & frowned upon by the this work. Exactly 0, che PCs may penetrate che runs through the ‘OUTER cGarmoust (#1), the POsTIRS GATE (#36), (RW #1-10). Pechaps they sek ingress through the caves known as Mout ‘of Maines, There ae many posublitis, and none shouldbe dsr PART Il, RUINS PERIPHERY 'ASTLE ZAGYG IS BUILT on a bluff overlooking the False Ure River (See Mouths of Madness for more on this waterway). Unlest the PCs approach the castle and is surrounding ruins by way of the outer satchouse (#1) or the poster gate (#36), they must ascend the nut, cross the BERS and approach a casTi# Wall. BLUFF ‘The blulslopes up from west to east each ofthe three courtyards forming tiers. Ac its west end (ravine side, che buf ¢ 25 feet height above the ‘mainland. Avits east end (case side) it 80 feet above the mainland, The outer faces of the bluff are nearly perpendicular, the slope inward being about 1 foot for every 10 feet of elevation. The bluff i» pocked with caves, and should the party choose to explore these caves, refer to Mouths of Madness. Indeed, proximity to one of these caves may garner the attention ofits occupant(); likewise, rambling about the blulf base imigh¢ alo ateract a random encounter, so Mouths of Madness should be ‘alized une such time thatthe PCs achieve the bern ‘Scaling the bluff: Descending or ascending the bluff without the benefit of 2 rope or lke aid requires a successful lmbing or sealing check (CL 3). A failure by 5 or more on the check indicates the PC has sipped and fallen BERM. ‘The berm is the space between the outer curtain walls and the blu precipice. It ranges from 5 to 35 fet, the narrowest of areas being those ‘where towers encroach. The berm is toamed by bandlts, humanoids, and fell things moving in and out ofthe ruins ‘To persue av eNcountEn: Rol a d6 once per game hour a6 result indicating an encounter. Proceed by rolling d8 and consult the following chart: Ds__Excounmn _—_—SEEE ee 12 Banoms, 2-5 (df+1): One is a lieutenant. They are greedy back-stabbers 34 Gootms, 3-6 (4442): One is a leader. They are a Gublinish patol unit 3 MouxrarvLios, 1: Hunting: will tack a srapgee scout, et 6 Rats, clan 5-12 (d8-+4): Blood-thitsty, will swarm to ‘overcome I of 2 foes 7 Trmves, 2-5 (d$++1): Seeking opportuni, 8 ——_Usasoraiven Norse: (a screech, a ror, a groan, sound of, falling rocks, sang whispers, etc) Banos: (They are Ist level, neural evil, human fighters whore vita stats are HP 8, AC 13. Their primary auvibutes are physica. They ave ape with studded leather armor, short sword, shot bow, arous X10, and 146 sp. XP:5+1) Banorr, ueuriwawt: (This i @ 2nd level neweral eit, hina fighter whose vital stasis are HP 14, AC 14. is primary tributes are pha al. He is equipped with scale mai, longsword, short bow, arrows x15, and 146 gp. XP: 1042) Goon, names (These laufd evil hnonanods’ stl tas ere HD 146, HP 4, AC 14, MV 20 f. Ther saves ae physical. Thi speci ably i dnkson 60 fu. They have ligt sensi [1 to atacksn rg light] They Ihave leather amar, javelin 3, bet axe, shrtswond, and 345 sp. XP 5+ 1), Goon, uanen (conronat): (This auf vl anand’ ial stats re HD 3d6, HP 10, AC 16, MV 20fe. lie saves are psc. is special ability &sdarkison 60 fi. and high strength for an addtional +1 “whit” and +1 dae. They have ligt Sensi [-1 wo aatacks in bight light). 1 has a breastplate, shield, javein, bl xe, morning say, and 24 ep. XP: 20-43), Lio, wousratns (This neutral animal's vital stats are HD 448, HP 20, AC 16, MV 40 ft ts saves are physical. It attacks with two claus for 143 points of damage and one bite for 146 points of dam. age. If both claws hit, it makes wo additional rear claw rake attacks {for 1d points of damage each. XP: 604-4) Rats, cnr: (These neural animal stal stat are HD 1d, HP 2, AC 13, MV 30 fe, 15 fi climb. Ther saves are physical. They attack with abe for 1d2 pois of damage. They have twilight vison, end 10% will bbe diseased, the effects of which the Cale Keeper may detemnine fever, ‘vomiting, ete). XP 1+ 1) ‘Tinuves*: (They are 31 to 4th level, chaotic neural or ei race variable human, dwar, el, hale, or halfing] thieves whose stl sas are HP 4 per level, AC 14. Their primary atvibues are dexterity and intligence fad strength, humans only]. Their siguficane attribute is deteriy 16 They are equipped with leather armor, lng or sortsword, and towing lager (1-4). They alo cary thieves tos, 50 rope, grating hook, E:inch rom sites xf, and 346 gp in mised coin, XP: 50+3; 120-44) “Refer to PHB “rogue” for class abilities. Note the berm area below encounter areas #4, #5, and #6. Each ‘of those encounter areas are towers controlled by the goblins of the Gublnish crbe. Ifthe PCs engage in activity that attracts the attention ‘ofthe goblins, 10-pound stones may be dropped from above. Targeting an individual is almost impossible, however (8 “to hie’), but the damage is significant (2410), CASTLE WALLS ‘There are four cunrars wats that fence in Castle Zagys, cach having sulfered besiegement. Two 1SNER WALLS separate the three courtyards, Castle walls are laid with horizoncally-fired courses bound by mortar ‘The space between the courses filled with compacted rubble, this made ‘obvious by those portions in ruin Each wall has a machicolated parapet supported by brackets (corbel) and Pilates, che later set a 20-fooe intervals. Parapets are 3.5 fet high with merlons rising another 35 feet. Merlons are spaced (embrasure) at 3-foot intervals. Machicolation spaces ace set between the corbels. Wall defenders «an fie missles or drop anything from boiling ol to log through the spaces, such weapons being directed by the base splay nea the ranks of attackers, ‘Wallevalks run behind the parapet and are eypically 5 to 6 feet wide, Breaches in the walls are detailed hereafter, as isthe time that a party of exploring PCs wllned to cautiously negotiate the pl of rubble that parally fils each such opening Ifa single characteris clambering ove such a heap of broken masonry ane rubble the time required should be cut in al If party ‘wishes to ascend a breach opening haste, the ime required should likewise be reduced by a least 50%, but there is a chance fr injury Hasty Ascrvr or Wau Breach Ropote Paz: DIO. result 17 noinjury 5-9. stumble and fll inflicting d3 damage © ewisesprain ankle so movement ie at 50% normal for 2d4 days chereatter RVINS OF THE CASTLE PRECINCTS 3 CURTAIN WALL WEST “This 25-footigh curtain wali 12 fet dick and has a 6-foor base splay thar taper off at 6 feet wall height. The wall has sulfered ruin both north, and south of the gatchouses, This wall i loosely controlled by goblins of the Gublinish Tribe; their patrols are, however, lax and infequent. It thas two ruined portions (RW-1, RW-2), and its wall-walk accesses the following encounter areas: #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7 RW-L. Rune Watt #1: Here, the curtain wall breached, a gap space of some 25 feet. Rock and mortar form a 6-foot mound becween the break, this now rank with tweed growth. The rubble feathers out onto the berm. Explorers are able to climb over the rubble and enter the Common Stable (#12). The climb takes about 8 minutes RW.2. Runen Wau #2: [A GINS sriben lurks under the rubble. North ofa pentagonal tower you observe a large breakin the curtain wall its gap space of 39 feet on average, with rubble 5 feet high. The ruined wall, ts broken courses and fill spreads over the berm right to the verge ofthe ravine. Explorers are able to climb over the cubble and enter the ruined “Apothecary (#21-H). The climb rakes about 10 minutes. ‘A 4oot long, rusty brown Glavr sre ofthe leaping variety (not a web spinner) lrks within. Ie pounces on victims often catching them unawares. She will move quickly to drag her fs vetim under the rubble to her nest 10 eer below — a pocket space of 6 feet diameter where she has a cocoon sack of eggs. If the cocoon is not destroyed, the CK is encouraged to add ‘more such spiders to chis general area in the near future. Smoen, Gast (sapisesteD): (This neural erates vital stats are HD 348, HP 15, AC 15, MV 30 ft, 20 fi climb. Is saves are physical. Te atacks with a ite for 1a points of damage. Is bt injects enor for 5d adiional damage, save negates. the fst save fais, an additional ‘ave isreuived one round ltr Ifthe second save also fais, the victim co suersparaygation for 1d hows. XP: 97) CURTAIN WALL NORTH “This curtain walls 30 feet high, 10 feet thick. The walls base splay provides 5 feet of additional wall thickness, cis tapering off at 5 fet wall height. This tower accenes the following encounter aeas: #6, #27, #38. This wall also oins the Great East Wall Tower (se, East Wall Towers #1). RW-3. Ronen Wau #3: ‘There is a mar here, set by the taves of #27. The north wale baste through here leaving a wake or broken stone nd rubble, The gap space is about 25 fet wide, the mound of broken stone being about 6t0 8 fect in height, much oft covered in vines. “The vines are POSON 1, easly identified by an elf or woodsman (of course druids and rangers). The vines stretch over the north and south portion of the wall break, leaving a foot-wide footpath (somewhat cleared) snaking ‘berneen. Anyskin contact with poion vylaer causesasevererash develop thats extremely itchy tothe skin (5% chance of immunity pr adventurer) ‘A Taar is set in the path laid between the poison ivy. The Tames of #27 ‘check this trp once per day. They know if ithas been activated hecause they place a clump of tall, dead weeds held upright upon the cover bya lange dir lod around their roots. Wf hi not insight the thieves know that someone for something i within thee trap and act accordingly 4 CASTLES & CRUSADES 107 Pit Trap (CL 2): Smal voks, pebbles, and dirt ve ued wo the swface of en inn trapdoor that collapses reder the jet of the first (oreo, if linbing abreast) adventires to ste omit, the door swaping shut at once: 145 damage. ‘The lid springs shut at once. It can be forced downward and open again by rg i witha staf, spear shai, or pole RW-4. Ruse Wau #4: At the foot ofthe Great Ease Wall Tower (ce The East Wall Towers #11) ‘ portion of che bardlement is broken, the parapet and merlons crushed, and the wall walk i carved out, exposing the mortar beneath. The