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Unit II

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I. Complete the tables definition, uses, advantages and disadvantages.

What is an input device?

Hardware devices that allow data to be input into a computer

1. Keyboard
Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Input of data into Fast entry of new Can be difficult to
applications software text into a use if the user has
(for ex, text into word document limited arm/ wrist
processors, numbers Easy to use for use
into spreadsheets, etc.) most people Slow method when
Typing in commands to Easier to do compared to direct
the computer (for ex, verification checks data entry ( for ex,
Prnt Scrn, Ctrl+P to print as the data is optical mark
out etc.) entered (can recognition)
immediately Fairly large device
compare the source that uses up
document with valuable desk space
typed data on the

2. Numeric keypads
Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Automatic teller Faster than standard Sometimes have small
machines (ATMs), where keyboards when keys which can make
customer can key in entering numeric data input more difficult
their PIN, amount of Since many are small Sometimes the order of
money, etc.) devices (for ex, mobile the numbers on the
Mobile phones, to allow phone) they are very keypad isnt intuitive
phone numbers, etc., to easy to carry around
be keyed in
Point- of- sale (POS)
terminals in case the
barcode reader fails to
read the barcode- the
number has to be keyed
in manually by the
Chip and PIN devices
when paying by credit/
debit cards (key in PIN,
amount of money, etc.)
Fast entry of numeric
data into a spreadsheet

3. Mice
Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Opening, closing and Faster way to choose an Can be more difficult for
minimizing software option than using a people with restricted
Grouping, moving and keyboard hand/ wrist movement
deleting files Very quick way to then using a keyboard
Image editing, for ex, navigate through data entry
controlling the size and applications and the Easy to damage, and
position of a drawing internet the older type of mouse
pasted into a document Doesnt need a large quickly become clogged
Controlling the position desk area when up with dirt
of a pointer on the compared to a keyboard Difficult to use if no flat
screen to allow selection surface is readily
from a menu or available (for ex, an
selecting an icon, and aeroplane)
for scrolling up and
down/ left and right

4. Touchpads
Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Pointing device Same as the mouse People with limited
Same as the mouse (faster than a keyboard hand/ wrist movement
for choosing options, find the device difficult
used to navigate to use
applications and the Can be more difficult to
internet, etc.) control the pointer when
Since the touchpad is compared to a mouse
integrated into the More difficult to use
laptop computer there is when doing certain
no need for a separate operations such as drag
mouse- this aids the and drop
portability and is also a
big advantage if there
are no flat surface

5. Trackerballs
Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Used in applications Doesnt need the same Not supplied with
where the user has a fine control as a mouse computers as standard,
disability (RSI) Easier to use than a therefore more costly
Used in a control room mouse if the operator is User may need training
environment where it is disabled since it isnt standard
faster than a mouse to More accurate equipment
navigate through positioning of the
process screens pointer on screen than a
Used in some luxury mouse
cars to select functions They are more robust
(radio, telephone, than a mouse
music, satnav and so Needs less desk space
on) than a mouse or a

6. Remote Controls
Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Televisions, satellite Can be operated from Difficult to use if the
systems, DVD players & any reasonable operator has limited
hi- fi systems all use distance, unlike, for ex, hand/ wrist movement
remote controls to alter a corded mouse which is Easier to block the
functions ( sound restricted by the length signal if, for ex, the
volume, on/off, change of cord (useful for walls in the building are
channels, open the disc disabled people) very thick
drawer and so on) Some chemical
Used to control processes are
multimedia systems hazardous, so its a big
Used in industrial advantage to be able to
applications to remotely select operations from a
control processes, stop distance
and start machinery,

7. Joysticks
Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Used in video, computer Easier than a keyboard More difficult to control
games to navigate the screen the on- screen pointer
Used in simulators (for Control is more realistic than with other devices,
ex, flight simulators) to than using a mouse, for such as a mouse
mimic actual controls ex
8. Touch Screens
Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Self- service tills, for ex Faster entry of options Limited number of
at petrol stations, where than using keyboard or options available
the user just touches mouse Can lead to problems if
the screen to select the Easy method for an operator has to use
fuel grade and payment choosing options the system frequently
method User- friendly- no (straining of arm
Automatic teller training necessary in its muscles, RSI, etc., are
machines ( ATMs) to use all possible)
choose from on- screen The screen can get dirty
options with constant touching
Point- of- sale terminals which can reduce its
at, for ex, restaurants responsiveness and can
Can be used as an also make it more
output device, since difficult to read in strong
they still work as a flat- light
screen monitor

9. Magnetic Stripe Readers

Uses Advantages Disadvantages

10. Smart card readers

Uses Advantages Disadvantages

11. Chip and PIN readers

Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Where payment are More secure system (PIN Fraud- need to be
made using cards typed in must match up careful to ensure PIN
(restaurants, with PIN stored on chip). isnt ready by somebody
supermarkets, travel More robust system else while typing it in.
agents, etc.). then magnetic stripe

12. Barcode readers

Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Used in supermarket Much faster than keying Relatively expensive
and other shops where in data manually and system to administer
the goods are marked fewer mistakes will be Not foolproof (barcode
with a barcode; they are made can be swapped around
used to give information If used as a way of on items)
about the product which recording data, they can Can be more easily
enables automatic stock improve safety damaged than RFID
control, itemized billing, They allow automatic tags or magnetic stripes
etc. to take place. stock control
Used in libraries to keep They are a tried and
track on books on loan. trusted technology.
Used as a safety
function in many
companies to ensure
that electrical
equipment is checked
on a regular basis.

13. OMR devices

Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Read questionnaires, Very fast way of The forms need to be
multiple- choice inputting the results of a carefully designed to
examination papers and survey, etc. The make sure that the
many other types of documents are fed in marks/ shading are
form where responses automatically and there correctly positioned to
are registered in the is no user input gather accurate
form of lines or shaded Since there is no typing, information.
areas there are more accurate There can be problems
than keying in the data if the forms havent
More accurate than OCR been filled in correctly;
methods sometimes they have to
be checked manually
before being read,
which is both time
consuming and

14. OCR Readers

Uses Advantages Disadvantages
One of the most recent Much faster data- entry The system still has
uses is the processing of system than manually difficulty reading
passports and identity keying in data handwriting
cards Since no manual data Not a very accurate
entry, number of errors technique
is also reduced

15. MICR Devices

Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Primarily used to
process cheques in
banking operations

16. Digital Cameras

Uses Advantages Disadvantages
View photos and videos Easier to produce Need to be computer
stored on the camera. better- quality literate in using
Save and/or print photographs than the cameras properly, also,
pictures instead of traditional camera the transferring storing
developing the whole Easier and faster to and manipulating of the
roll, which film cameras upload photographs to a images via the
require. computer than having computer requires some
Have large storage to scan in hard copies understanding of
which are able to store No need to develop film computer work
hundreds and even and print out Some artistry lost since
thousands of pictures photographs- saves clever software now
money and is corrects errors in the
environmentally more photographs (for ex,
acceptable incorrect exposure,
Memory cards can store removal of res eye, etc.)
hundreds of The resolution isnt as
photographs good as many
expensive traditional
camera (number of
pixels, quality of lens,
Images often need to be
compressed to reduce
the amount of memory

17. Webcams
Uses Advantages Disadvantages

18. Microphones
Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Input speech/ sounds to Faster to read text than Sound files can use up a
be used in various to type it in using a lot of computer memory
applications, for ex, in keyboard Voice- recognition
presentations, sampling Possible to manipulate software isnt as
(films, music, etc.)& sound in real time using accurate as typing in
special effects (films) special software rather manually (for ex, the
Input in voice- than work on a difference between
recognition software recording done at some their and there)
o The software earlier stage
converts the If used in a voice-
speech into text activation system, it has
that can be used the advantage of
in, for ex, a word improving safety
processor or to
input commands
into a computer
o Recognize
commands, for
ex, cars with
voice- activated
Used as a sensor to pick
up sound (for ex, in a
burglar alarm system)
Used in video
conferencing or Voice
over Internet Protocol
(VoIP) applications

19. Sensors
Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Detect events or More accurate readings Faulty sensors can give
changes in its taken when compared spurious results (for ex,
environment, then, to human operators sensors on the rear
provide a corresponding Reading are continuous- bumper of a car that
output no break in the monitors obstacle, if it
A type of transducer monitoring, thus any becomes dirty, they
which may provide necessary action may either not identify
various types of output, (control system) or an obstacle or give a
but typically use warning (monitoring continuous alarm)
electrical or optical system) will be initiated
signals immediately
Can be automatic,
removing the need for
human intervention
(important if the process
is hazardous or needs
precise control/

20. Graphics Tablets

Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Used to produce Possible to modify More expensive than
drawings, computer drawing before they re other pointing devices
graphics, etc. input Takes longer to produce
Countries where written Offer accurate method a drawing using this
language uses complex of drawing equipment than doing it
characters (for ex, Record levels of with pen & paper
China, Japan) they are pressure, unlike other Menus are often not
used as a form of input point- and- click devices very user- friendly
as it is faster than Larger drawings (A4)
typing in the characters are expensive to
with a keyboard produce
Used in computer- aided Touch screen are
design (CAD) work damaged easily

21. Scanner
Uses Advantages Disadvantages

22. Light Pens

Uses Advantages Disadvantages

23. Concept Keyboard

24. Braille Keyboard

25. Video Capture