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shape of my heart(#]-3) ‘ STING t2q a5 Fém cémveE Bm CHsustc#7 D/FE ctv Bm CE7sust#7 - o * * Bm7/D Aled?) a D cHsust/ce F#m Fim Com/E Bm CH7sust CH he deals the cards asa ome. dis ta he deals the cards tofind “the answer Ft ctmve : bm Csust - and those he play = newer sus: the sacred geome try if chance os Bm7/D Fém Ft he doesn't play the hidden “law ‘Afada2) fed ter the of a pro CHsust/Gt = hedoesn't play the numbers lead the ct for- 3 me = i know that the 3 ctve, i know that the clubs spades 7 fare weapons dance arethe swords Bm of Cfsust cHsust ci ci Bm7/D Aleda2) i knowthat diamonds mean money for this art a D CHsust/Gt ° that’s not the shape of my Che Bm Cfisust ce? hemy play the jack of dia- monds Diet chm Bm hemaylay the queen of spades Alada2) ce D king inhis hand ee cHsus* CH Bm7/D hemay con- ceal Ci sustict Fm —s while the memory of it fades 25m Fem/E Dmaj7 CH7sust/Ge cm Gtm/B Fem? Gé7sus4 Gh the shape of 3 7 cm Gtm/B Fim? GHsus* Gt Fém7/A . Amaj” bi sus* im chm? ay Eleaa2) Fim/a Gfisust maj? Fim Che Bm cHsust cH if i told you that i love pvFt Chie Bm cHsus# #7 . you maybe think there's something Bm7/D ‘Alade2) a D C#sus4/Ge Fem themask i wearis one Fm ctm/E Bm? sus ct thosewho speak know no- -s . ire Cie Bm? cHsust cH and find out to their Bm7/D ‘Aesd2) ar like those who curse their luck D csust/Gt Fim © Fim FEm7/E = and thosewho fear are lost D.S. al coda Dmaj sust/ m7/E Dmaj 7 Psustict Fim Fim? 7 - that's not the shape of | my —_heart- es s es ¢ e CEsust/ct Fim cme the shape of | my — heart. Bm7 C¥sus4 Cc D/FE me Bm? —C#?’sus* C#m