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Fifth Grade Weekly Homework Sheet 2.6.

17 Created by Kathy Spruiell

Number and 12.2 4.59 = ______ 17.9 + 0.924 +8.8 = ? $76,879.09 + $112, 766.07
Operations Base $609,878.43 - $14,934.99
5.NBT Round to the nearest dollar then Subtract, then round to the nearest
add. ten thousand dollars.
Operations and What is 0.26 of 108? (16 2) squared equals what?
Algebraic 1000 X 34.82 781 x 0.001
Operations and Divide. How would you divide
Algebraic 5676 0.4 = 5.76 0.72 0.8 = $20.18 by three?
Thinking 6
Number and Simplify the answer. Simplify the answer. What is 1/2 of 2/5?
Operations Draw the model.
2/3 1/5 = ____
Fractions: Draw the model.
8 1/8 - 7 3/4 = _________ 1/6+ 1/24+ 1/12 =
Number and Bert has 144 rubber duckies. Order the Represent the amount, Shadeinthemodelfor:
Operations Base He gives 1/8 of them to Big fractions/percents from twelve and thirty- 0.6 X 0.7
Ten: Bird and 48 to Ernie. He least to greatest and write three hundredths, in
5.NBT keeps the rest. What them as decimals. four different ways.
FRACTION and NUMBER 3/12, 30%, 3/39. 3/9
does each character get?
**Draw your thinking block.

Operations and The newest member of the Atlanta In order to feed his lizard, Henry made a long-distance Lorraine had a box of 300
Braves pitching team just signed a phone call that lasted 12
Algebraic Lenny bought as many crackers. After she and her
four year contract. He will be paid minutes. The call cost $0.35
Thinking $3.9 million dollars the first year, crickets as possible with brothers ate some crackers,
$4.20. Crickets cost 10 per minute. If there was an there were 78 crackers left in
5.OA $5.28 million dollars the second
year, $14.7 million dollars the third extra charge of $1.50.
each or $1.00 per dozen. the box. Write a question that
year, and $18.25 million dollars the Henrys phone call cost?
How many crickets did can be answered with this
fourth year. How much money will
he earn during his four years with Lenny buy? information?
the Braves?
Geometry: If possible show any and
5.G all lines of symmetry for a How are cubes and
figure drawn. rectangular prisms alike and
What kind of solid am I.
Defend your answer?
What are the coordinates of
the points A and B?
Measurement How would you find the volume
and Data: of this figure?
Base = 12.6 ft. Liter mL 5 gallon = ____ Cups
5.MD Height =6ft s 7 Qt. = ______ gallons
Depth = 4.4 ft
1 1000 9 pint = ______Quarts
What is the combined
Volume = volume of the two
What is the rule?
figures shown?
Operations and Jared gave his friends clues about a Make the equation true. Create an equation that True or False
number he was thinking of. He told demonstrates the zero property.
Algebraic 100 + 7 X 3= 11 X 11
them that when her number is
Thinking divided by 4 then added to 54, the 60 10 2 = 5 X _____ **Remember the left to right
How do you know its an
5.OA result is 79. What is the number **Remember the left to order.
Jared was thinking of? right order.