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2. EBS Pre Upgrade Steps from to R12.1.

2.1 Disable Archive log

SQL> startup mount

All that is left is to disable archive log mode and open the database.
SQL> alter database noarchivelog;

Database altered.

SQL> alter database open;

Database altered.

2.2 Download and apply TUMS patch 7705743

unzip patch 7705743

apply patch using with adpatch

Patch will create adtums.sql. Run the sql script to generate TUMS report

It will create the file adtums.sql and run this sql like below cd
$ sqlplus apps/paswwd
SQL> @adtums.sql

It will generate the TUMS report like tumsr12.html. Based on this report we need to proceed with upgrade.

Search html report on db node.

Run the TUMS report and send to functional team
2.3 Apply 11i.AD.I.6 (conditional)

SQL> select patch_level from apps_fnd.fnd_product_installations where patch_level like '%AD



SQL> select bug_number from ad_bugs where bug_number='7429271';

No rows

Current Java version

appmgr@tkofdbvm-2 >java -version

java version "1.6.0_43"

2.4 Back up database, Applications, and customizations


2.5 Convert to Multiple Organizations architecture

SQL> select multi_org_flag from fnd_product_groups;

2.6 Shut down application services and apply RDBMS patches

For all UNIX/Linux platforms ( Around 2 Hours to apply these patches)
Patch 4247037
Post steps: connect to the database using sqlplus / as sysdba
sqlplus> @catmgdidcode

If checking with patchset_mgdapp_validity.sql you find invalid objects. Please run

$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlrp.sql which should resolve any issues.

Apply these Patches

Patch 9858539
Patch 12834800
Patch 12942119
Patch 12951696

After you install the patch, reload the packages into the Oracle Database.
For example, for RDBMS, connect as SYSDBA and run the following:

SQL> @?/sqlpatch/12951696/postinstall.sql

Patch 12985184
Patch 13001379
Patch 13004894
Patch 13258936
Patch 13366268
Patch 13477790
Patch 16706896

2.7 Update init.ora with upgrade parameters

Reference - Database initialization Parameters for Oracle Applications Release 12 (Doc ID: 396009.1)

2.8 Disable AOL Audit Trail

System Administrator > Security > Audit Trail > Groups.

In the Audit Groups window, set the Group State field to Disable
Prepare for Archive for each audit group defined.

Run the AuditTrail Update Tables report from the Submit Requests window (Requests > Run).

2.9 Drop MRC schema

$ cd $APPL_TOP/admin
$ sqlplus <SYSTEM username>/<SYSTEM password> @addrpmrc.sql <APPLSYS username>

2.10 Ensure that Maintenance Mode is enabled

3. Creating Upgrade file system for R12.1.1

3.1 Install the R12.1.1 in Upgrade mode in rapidwiz

appluat@ >pwd
3.2 Shutdown the 11G database and listener

3.3 Source ENV of R12.1.1

3.4 Start-up the Database Home and listener

3.5 Relinking and copy lib file from patch 20 Minutes

Run following Relinks force=y "ad adworker" force=y "ad adpatch" force=y "ad adpatchnew" force=y "ad adadmin force=y "ad adadminnew force=y "ad all"
a.) adadmin
b.) select --> '2. Maintain Applications Files menu'
c.) select --> '1. Relink Applications programs'
--> select all modules to relink

3.6 Apply upgrade driver patches


Adpatch preinstall=y

Patch 16791553 along with Finance pre upgrade patch documented in 1127593.1

Oracle E-Business Suite Pre-install Patches Report [Video] [ID 1448102.1]

To apply patches in pre-install mode, run adpatch with preinstall=y:

$adpatch preinstall=y-------/r12_upgrade/R12.1.1Preinstallpatches/u_merged.drv=
To merge the pre-install patches:
Review the contents of the $APPL_TOP/admin/$TWO_TASK/preinstall directory and ensure that only the
patch drivers of the desired pre-install patches are present in the directory.
Merge the patch drivers present in the $APPL_TOP/admin/$TWO_TASK/preinstall directory with the
Release 12.1 upgrade driver $AU_TOP/patch/115/driver/u6678700.drv.

o Change directory to $AU_TOP/patch/115/driver. For example:

cd $AU_TOP/patch/115/driver

o Perform the merge using the following command:

admrgpch -d . -preinstall -master u6678700.drv

Note: By default, the merged driver is created in the specified destination directory with the name

Apply the newly merged Release 12.1 upgrade driver (for example,
$AU_TOP/patch/115/driver/u_merged.drv) with adpatch

3.7 Run the NLS upgrade patch driver

(Here we merged all 3 language patches already)

adpatch driver= u_merged.drv

If you have several languages to download and run, then you can merge the patches and apply
them as a single, merged patch

Note: See Oracle E-Business Suite NLS Release Notes for your release level for more information.
See also Oracle E-Business Suite Patching Procedures for information about merging NLS patches.

3.8 Run the rapidwiz again to configure the R12.1.1

3.9 Reset the init.ora parameters

4. EBS Upgrade Steps from R12.1.1 to R12.1.3

4.1 Apply Patch 14825718

cd /r12_upgrade/R12patches/R12.1.3

$ opatch apply

4.2 Apply patch 10358280

cd /r12_upgrade/R12patches/R12.1.3/10358280

Adpatch preinstall=y


4.3 Apply R12.AD.B.DELTA.3 Patch 9239089

Use AutoPatch to apply R12.AD.B.DELTA.3, Patch 9239089, before you complete any of the
other steps in this section. Do not merge this patch with any other patch. R12.AD.B.Delta.3 must
be applied separately. Refer toDocument 1077769.1, Oracle E-Business Suite Applications DBA
Readme, Release 12.1.3, for more information about R12.AD.B.Delta.3.
Download and unzip Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Release 12.1.3, Patch
8919491, and the 11gCS and FNDCPASS User Exit Merge Consolidation Patch, Patch
Merge Patch 8919491 and Patch 12964564.
Use AutoPatch to apply the merged patches, and follow the instructions in the patch readme files.
Pre-install Tasks

Create $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin on the database server.

Copy adgrants.sql (UNIX) from this patch directory to
Set the environment to point to ORACLE_HOME on the database server.
Use SQL*Plus to run the script:
$ sqlplus /nolog
SQL> @$ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin/adgrants.sql <APPS schema name>

cd /r12_upgrade/R12patches/R12.1.3/9239089

adpatch options=nocompiledb driver=u9239089.drv

4.4 Patch 12.1.3: ORACLE E-BUSINESS SUITE 12.1.3 RELEASE UPDATE PACK R12.1.3 Patch

$ cd /r12_upgrade/R12patches/R12.1.3/9239090
$ adpatch options=nocompiledb driver=u9239090.drv ( options=nocompiledb)
$adpatch driver=u9239090.drv
(Here we need to merge all 3 language patches and apply)
adpatch driver= u_merged.drv

4.5 Run R12.1.3 latest consolidated online help: Patch 9239095

$cd /r12_upgrade/R12patches/R12.1.3/9239095
$adpatch driver=u9239095.drv

4.6 Run utlrp.sql on DB node

$cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin
SQL> exec utl_Recomp.recomp_parallel(16);

4.7 Apply mandatory Patch 9817770

4.8 Apply mandatory Patch 9966055