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I believe the target audience for this

The picture of 2 people from the front cover DVD would be teenagers and young women
connotes that they are in love. We understand with the age 12-35 because they are the
this from their facial expression and also their most interested in this kind of movie. From
closed heads. The font from the back cover of a the woman clothes I infer that she may be
sunset connotes romance. A full camera angle of rich, but he man may be poor so I believe the
the lovers is used to show their closed postures. socio-economic group would be B to C2. The
The use of this angle connotes the illusion of a women, especially the rich ones, would be
lovely loneliness. Also we can see their happiness interested to watch the movie to can inspire
on their facial expression. for a new fashion style.

From the DVD cover of the The secondary target audience might be
movie Titanic I infer that this is a men with the age 12-35. They may be
romantic film which involves some convinced by their girlfriends and wives to
tragedy as well. watch the movie.

The use of the words WINNER OF II

PICTURE connotes that this is a very People will buy this
good movie and it makes people to product for personal identity and
be more interested in watching it. entertainment according with the uses
and gratifications.

I believe the psychographic target audience

would be the aspirer because they tend to be
superficial by being busy with their appearance,
charisma and fashion. An attractive pack is as
important to them as its contents, so the women
would be interested to buy this movie to can inspire
from the actress fashion stile.