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a) What VF Corporation should have done differently in order to

achieve and maintain a sustainable market share that would
definitely lead to higher sales and profit?

b) What could have been the effective marketing plans and strategies
that should have been implemented to increase demand of Lee
brand products?

Lee is a known and strong Non-participation in
brand; cooperative ad campaigns
Owned by a corporation that is with local stores;
financially established; Conflict of interest by reason
Strong slogan Lee, the brand of duplicate staffs operating
that fits. Wrangler and Lee;
Occupies a considerable portion No innovative long term
in the market share for jeans; planning;
Equipped with adequate Conservative managers,
number of factories and plants; squeezing earnings only on
basic jeans;
Commodity mentality;
Failure to innovate new
styles of jeans;
Too many unsold inventory;
VF Corporation acquisition of VF Corporations acquisition
maker of other brands would of other brands such as
probably increase market Wrangler, Rustler and
coverage; Girbaud indirectly created
Overseas market inasmuch as competition;
another leading brand Overseas market is
succeeded (levis) to sell out; uncertain;
Competing brands are
stepping up with new trends;


1. VF corporation must adopt internal branding that local and retail stores
of Lee products must have an up-to-date, deep understanding of the
brand and its promise. VF Corporation must undergo transcendence
by way of conducting trainings and campaigns for dealers on how to
extend more positive approaches on selling the brand. In effect,
disregard commodity mentality;
2. Provide incentives to dealers and retail stores and forego with the
discounters as the same would certainly declasse the Lee brand;
3. Continue the assault on the youth segment and utilize and retool the
unused factories by employing workers who are adept to making fancy
jeans suitable and desired by the youth segment inasmuch as VF
Corporation is a financially capable and established company;
4. Export Lee brand jeans overseas especially to first world countries and
also introduce and dwell on farmhands for the same were popular with
the same segment in US and of course other segments;
5. Continue to broaden product distribution to mass market chains but
never offer substantial mark down as it would affect the identity of the
brand. Reiterably, offer incentives to the retailers to encourage
volume sales;
6. Create an innovate an advertisement that is not only award winning to
the qualifying judges but an advertisement that would definitely
connect to customers firmly establishing the totality of the brand in the
minds of the customers;
7. Unsold inventory will be refurbished and transformed new and creative
products like denim bags and weekend stylish shorts. In consonance
with corporate social responsibility, portion of the unsold inventory will
be exported overseas as the same would still carry its fresh and new
style by reason of its new entry;