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Pusher: Serum & Massive Presets Follow Pusher

63 x Massive Presets
38 x Serum Presets Facebook
Add-On Pack [MIDI & One-Shots] Instagram
23 x Bass Loops
34 x Chord Progression Loops Listen to Pusher @ Spotify
21 x Drum Loops
60 x Lead Melody Loops

31 x Bass One-Shots
287 x Drum One-Shots
98 x Lead One-Shots
27 x Vocal One-Shots
21 x Drum Loops

A Note from Pusher

Hey again everybody! Once again, thank you guys so much for purchasing my sample pack! The rst pack was extremely well received and has been a big part of
what has allowed me to transition into working as a producer full -time. For that I don't think I can possibly thank you enough. Due to the success of the rst
pack, I have been committed to creating a second one that lives up to the quality and usefulness of the original. I've worked hard for months almost daily to
carefully record and process new sounds, as well as design interesting and current -sounding presets for both NI Massive and Xfer Serum.

Fun Fact #1: Steve Duda apparently answers tech support inquiries personally for Serum customers. Don't forget to check out m y Youtube Tutorials for help in
sound design basics (for Massive) as well as basic music theory. Before you ask, yes I intend to make more but I don't know when.

Fun Fact #2: While making the synth presets, I freque ntly had dreams of assigning macros in Massive.

A Note on the 'Presets'

With these presets I have tried to outdo the previous pack (which had only 22 presets and were arguably the most popular aspe ct of the pack). I have created
over 100 combined presets for the extremely popular NI Massive and the newer, but equally well-respected Xfer Serum. With these presets I have strived for
nothing short of variety of inspiring sounds to help you quickly nd a new sound when you are looking for something different, but tting to a cutting-edge
electronic production. Every single preset includes FULL macros (8 in Massive, 4 in serum). These macros are designed to demonstrate the power of the synths
to quickly make interesting, often unconventional sounds. You can reverse engineer the macros to learn more about the inner working of every sound. Hopefully
these presets do much to educate beginners, as well as offer new ideas to intermediate or even advanced sound designers.

A Note on the 'MIDI' [Add-On Pack]

Synths: I have worked to make bass lines, melodies, and chord progressions that work together at a few different BPMs, and which leave you room to
supplement with your own ideas. They are often 'busy' because it's easier to remove notes than to add them sometimes. They ar e hopefully a strong starting
point for you should you be creatively stuck. Drums: These are the MIDI breakdown of the included audio drum loops. I have arranged them visually as midi
piano-roll views. The lowest octave is the kick, the next octave is the snare/claps, then hi -hats/percussion, and cymbals. These vary with the drum loops as some
contain more elements than others.

A Note on the 'Audio' [Add-On Pack]

One-Shots: I have included one-shots of sounds made from vocal and percussion recording, as well as from the Massive and Serum presets from the preset pack.
I am especially excited about the percussion recordings, as they took days of tirelessly hitting objects with other objects, sifting out the most interesting ones,
and processing them to be clear and strong. The 'pitched' one -shots (bass, lead, vocal) are best manipulated with a sampler, as they may be spread across a full
keyboard and played as an instrument. Of course, they may be used however you see creatively t.

Loops: I have included only drum loops in this pack. Many of you have expressed that you feel using audio loops from sample p acks feels like cheating, and I
completely understand. I still included MIDI loops to help many folks in their process of learning chord progressions.

***Please do not help anyone steal this sample pack, I have worked very hard to create and assemble it. We all know the argum ents on both sides of the online piracy issue (I'm not a
faceless corporation I'm an individual person who carries groceries and walks to avoid paying for the bus or uber), but I'd just like to add that this pack is a very real part of what will
allow me personally to work full time on my music as well as answering peoples' questions about music, production, and (sometimes) life. Thank you. - Marty//Pusher***