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The Ministry of David Gates and His Lazarus Experience [1]1

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David Gates Lazarus Experience
- The Spiritual Implication/Application of Gates Lazarus Experience
- Conclusion
Epilogue - Laodicean Dilemma
Epilogue II - (June 2010+)
- Gates Second Prophetic Campaign
Epilogue IIB - Lazarus Is Dead
Epilogue III - Gates 9/11/2010 Crisis!??
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New re-Beginnings!!? - (Faith Camp Series Jun-July 2011)

September 2011+ Regreting Relapsing!??

David Gates Lazarus Experience

If one has a serious interest in seeking to finish the Gospel work, chances are that theyve
come across the ministry of David Gates and heard his exciting testimony. If not, one can find all
this information on his website at Gospel Ministry International. To say the least, David Gates
conducts Gospel Missions at the Extreme. This is indeed his motivation. Self-admittedly, he has
grown tired of the institutionalized way in which the Seventh-day Adventist Church has
endeavoured to finish the work, and he instead preaches and encourages much bolder, and more
rapid, efforts, all based upon an implicit and explicit faith on the promises of God, and what God
can do. Theoretically speaking, in a Church that quasi-mantra-like professes to believe that
Jesuss coming is imminent... Even at the Door (as if mere professions fulfill the concrete
Mission), combined with the communication technology which is currently available in the
Church, it is surprising, even shocking, that David Gates has even had to preach his messages on
this topic more than once. Such a faith and action rousing message, which is quite feasible when
the numbers are crunched, should have caused the worldwide Church to spring into concrete,
unprecedented action. However it still has not. Furthermore, the early bold work of David Gates
was accompanied by clear and wonderful signs of Gods approval and assistance. The most
notable being his providential receiving, in late December 2003, in back-to-back gifts (within 2
hours) for $1.5 million and then $100,000, from two different, but actually related, donor sources
(with one of the second $100,000 donors having been standing right next to Gates at the airport
when he received the call from the first donor, and so was influenced/inspired by this
development (see here (2004) [at (audio) 01:02:35ff])), for exactly the $1.6 million dollars

needed, to close the deal on a television network and its uplink Satellite system in Bolivia, and
that, on the last day of the payment deadline. (A similar Spirit-led gift of $100,000 had entirely
paid for the down payment loan previously made when formally agreeing to purchase it back in
late January 2002. (See in his book Mission Miracles [PDF], p.45). And so moved by this
striking, timely funding for the network, the Catholic selling owners declined collect the
additional $100,000 payment, which was accrued interest over the unpaid balance time). Indeed,
as Gates himself puts it, probably the largest single-instance financial miracle in SDA
history.[2]2 Such a striking testimony of Gods intervention, through the promptings of His
Spirit, should have served to clear any lingering skepticism/doubt that, especially SDA leaders,
could have had up to then whether or not God was in such bold work. The whole thing worked
out in such a way that it could clearly, spiritually be seen that God indeed had acted. Several
other various experiences of David Gates served as concrete evidence that though this work
would still require sacrifice, extra ordinary effort and trials, God would be faithful. This is all
quite typical of those who do bold, counter-norm things for God as repeatedly seen in the Bible.
Yet, still Gates has had to continue his work virtually on his own, i.e., without the enjoining
participation, endorsement, or support of, the Church. (Apart from offers to give him a salary).
Seems to me that such a God ordained ministry should have been given great promotion by the
worldwide Church.
Following this miraculous experience with the $1.6 million dollar network, though
marked with an extreme test of faith, David Gates claims to soon have heard the clear command
of God again to make similar bold moves and take a present opportunity to purchase other
television networks that had become available. Sure enough, though feeling a little dreadful at
the level of faith that these similar actions would surely again require, Gates moved ahead in
faith and signed an intent of purchase agreement with 3 networks costing over $35 million
dollars. Surprisingly, if not, tellingly enough, David soon met with a funds manager who was
willing to invest most of the $45 million dollars that had come his way in Davids projects.
However, shortly after that joyous agreement, David and his wife Becky were warned by God
that the deal would fall through and that this would be similar to a Lazarus Experience. Sure
enough a little while later, David was told by this funds manager that some situations had
changed in regards to some governmental restrictions and this prevented him from keeping his
promised financial assistance. The man was surprised to hear from David that he already knew
that this would occur, based on the warnings he had been given. As a consequence to this non-
fulfilment, the 3 networks that David had signed up for had to be shut down and they were
eventually sold to other buyers waiting in line.

Unfortunately, quite often it is at such times of testing and even failure that a worker in
Gods work can veer slightly off-course/message with the mission that God had given them.
Such a diversion either occurs at the beginning of a ministry where one literally runs off on a
non-Biblical course by not waiting upon God following a calling to ministry. (E.g., Moses with
the Egyptian). The other is when failure or disappointment occurs, as it became the case here,
and in an attempt to redress this, this worker, presumably, inadvertently, seeks to take the reigns
into his own hands and either partly, or entirely, ignores Biblical principles and teachings and
actually seeks to accomplish Gods promise by various non-Biblical/human means. (E.g., King

Saul and the Amalekites vs. the prophet Samuel)
Sure enough, sometime in 2007, Davids administrative assistant, a Romanian young
man, shared with him his insights on this Lazarus Experience. According to him, just like
Lazarus was in the tomb for 4 days, Davids experience would last 4 years, based on an
application of the prophetic year-day principle. Gates at first neutrally received this new insight,
but later that day, as he told this to his wife and she told him that she also been impressed with
this understanding, he then, with what he considered to be Biblical confirmation (2 people?),
readily subscribed to, and ran with, this new revelation, and that, apparently without obtaining
concrete confirmation from God. Previously, even when in visibly desperate need for financial
assistance, as in the case with the first network, David speaks of how he would not even be
quickly taken by the appearance of alluring offers of significant donations such as when he was
called by a rich friend, or approached by a rich couple at an ASI meeting. Either one of these
potential donors could have fully paid for the networks cost of $1.6 million, but David rightly
stood back and let the Spirit of God do its work. Tellingly enough, like the rich young ruler,
Gods Spirit was not able to influence these people to, with godly motives, offer up their riches
for gods work. Suspectedly some pride came in the way. However here, David Gates jumped on
this 4-day|year revelation and then even customized it to come to include partial years as full
years (i.e., inclusive reckoning). Thus, according to his friend and him, the part of the year when
it supposedly had started, late 2005, was to be considered as the first full year, and thus the
accomplishment of this Lazarus Experience, would be by the end of 2008; later specified by this
same friend to be in November of that year. Also by the way that Lazarus was fully restored to
life and health, David thus believed that God would cause him to regain the losses he had
suffered at the beginning of this experience and more (i.e., the $35+ million dollars worth of
media networks). Thus early in the last quarter of 2008 (Aug-Sep) David Gates, in his sermons,
began to, effectively, prophetically speak that he was beginning to see signs of this promised
grand resurrection. However by late 2008 (Nov 21), by his own detailing, such promises had not
yet materialized as hoped/promised(?). (His, then recent gain of ~$300,000 gain was not the
previously lost $35,000,000+ (= 0.1%), let alone his then prophesied surpassing $3 billion dollar
plans, and thus not a resurrection).[3]3 In now late 2009, it verifiably has yet to occur as
So is this article here written to unjustly criticize David Gates or, as the expression says,
kick someone when they are down. Far from it. (See also this similar blog post | This forum
discussion, as well as this one (Spectrum Magazine). See also this interesting, recently (09/2010)
started discussion, (by me), on Adventist Online which includes comments on this blog post.) I
agree with many of the Biblical principles that David Gates points out in his sermons,
particularly in regards to Faith, Service, Missions, Sacrifice and Giving, even also in regards to,
as personally, repeatedly experienced: discernly, clearly hearing the quite forceful,
instantaneous/real-time and also pointedly candid, (even) conversationally responding, Voice
of God [see e.g., here and here] (which as he rightly says, is an experiential Spiritual reality that
should duly be had by all believers). The message here is instead an attempt to help him to
realize the veered-off error in some of his ways. There is always the danger that when someone
has substantially previously experienced the presence and assistance of God, that they come to
believe that they now can do no wrong, and that they are beyond reproach. But, as many stories

in the Bible clearly show, especially with his namesake, King David, as long as we are fallen
human beings, we are always in danger of going off-course in our spiritual journey. Our only
safeguard is to continually submit our opinions and ideas to the test of God and to be diligent in
the study of His Word.
(Also, the sanctimonious thing for some people in such a situation is to, even, remain
neutral here by, actually, indifferently, not saying anything critical here, however that really is the
attitude of one who really is solely looking out for him/herself and does not care for either the
one stating these things (a step which was originally done with private email messages to Gates
which were not responded to), the audience (i.e., the people of God) who may be misled by
such persisted statements, nor the work of God which is detrimentally greatly affected by such
blatant, public waywardness.)
Based on Biblical and Spirit of Prophecy (SOP) principles and statements, where David
Gates inceptively began to go off-course was when he neglected/ignored the inspired testimony
that is unequivocally, and repeatedly, made, particularly in the SOP, along the lines that:

the Lord has been pleased to show that there would be no definite time in the message
given of God since 1844. (E.g., 2SM 73 (1885), 10MR 270 (1888); 272 (1891); 7BC 971
(1900); cf. LDE 35-36).

The Lord showed me that Time had not been a test since 1844, and that time will never
again be a test. (RH, November 1, 1850 par. 12; cf. RH, Nov. 22, 1892 par. 7)

Of course one could easily, but actually defensively, claim that this only refers to Bible
Prophecies, however the many SOP testimony on this point clearly show that it does have in
mind any endtime message that someone claims to be of God. (cf. LDE 32-35). Such would
apply to David Gates and his Lazarus Experience/set-time message, which he publicly, widely
proclaimed during his speaking appointments. Unfortunately, but tellingly enough, starting in ca.
2005, Gates now went on to engage in a sort of no-fault/Teflon time-setting where he would
say e.g., that we have but a few months left before the end arrives, at the most 24 months or we
have 36 months left, and if God is willing, no more than 48. Apparently this was all based upon
his ascribing fully to a timed Lazarus Experience.
Interestingly enough, Ellen White had clear comments on this issue of eschatological
prophetic time. First of all, as a guiding principle of her inspired understanding in this regards
she says in regards to the time mentioned in Rev 10:6 that:

This time which the angel declares with a solemn oath, is not the end of this worlds
history, neither of probationary time, but of prophetic time, which should precede the
advent of our Lord.[=Dan 12:7 vs. Rev 10:6, 7] That is, the people will not have
another message upon definite time. After this period of time, reaching from 1842 to
1844, there can be no definite tracing of the prophetic time. The longest reckoning
reaches to the autumn of 1844. (1MR 100; cf. 7BC 971)[4]4

She therefore had pointed comments in regards to those who engaged/persisted in such

time setting messages. E.g., she says:

I understand that Brother [E. P.] Daniels has, as it were, set time, stating that the Lord
will come within five years. Now I hope the impression will not go abroad that we are
time-setters. Let no such remarks be made. They do no good. Seek not to obtain a revival
upon any such grounds, but let due caution be used in every word uttered, that fanatical
ones will not seize anything they can get to create an excitement and the Spirit of the Lord
be grieved. We want not to move the people's passions to get up a stir, where feelings are
moved and principle does not control. I feel that we need to be guarded on every side,
because Satan is at work to do his uttermost to insinuate his arts and devices that shall be
a power to do harm. Anything that will make a stir, create an excitement on a wrong
basis, is to be dreaded, for the reaction will surely come.--Letter 34, 1887 (cf. LDE 34,
35). [Underlining emphasis supplied]


The Lord has shown me that the message of the third angel must go, and be proclaimed to
the scattered children of the Lord, but it must not be hung on time. I saw that some were
getting a false excitement, arising from preaching time; but the third angel's message is
stronger than time can be. I saw that this message can stand on its own foundation and
needs not time to strengthen it; and that it will go in mighty power, and do its work, and
will be cut short in righteousness. (EW 75 (1882))

Such inspired counsels pointedly speak for themselves.

Evidently David Gates is indeed fully aware of these statements in the SOP on timed
messages as he makes explicitly reference to them, however, his (mis-)understanding of using
time with his messages is apparently all based upon, and/or now, defended by, his (confused)
rationalization that there is evidence in the Bible of literal vs. prophetic fulfilment of Bible
prophecies. He states that this is seen in types vs. anti-type fulfillments such as the OT
sacrificial system, Elijah prophecies, the 7 Churches of Revelation, etc. According to him,
there here is support for seeing the time elements in Bible prophecies as also having a similar
literal and prophetic fulfilment, and to supposedly concretely affirm this he (gleefully) cites, as
an exception to this [Bible|SOP] rule, the 1000-year Millennium period which he emphasizes
is both in the future and a literal time period. He therefore concludes from this that while there
may not be any prophetic time periods after 1844 with the fulfilment of the 2300 day prophecy, if
there are any time periods in prophecies, that are to be fulfilled after 1844, they are going to be
literal time periods. See the full exposition of this view of his in the following video [27:10ff]:

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Google Video link:

Providing the due, proper, thorough response to Gates effectively mishmashed view
here will require much more time, Biblical study and scholarly work as it comes to involve,
among other things, the actual fulfillement of historical prophetic time periods, the structure of
the prophetic layout in Revelation (see DARCOM 6:48, 49; cf. my editing version of this chart in
this blog post) in which the prophecy of the 1000-year Millennium is not part of the seven-
period, literal/historical prophecies. This Millennium prophecy instead falls within the part of
Revelation (19:11-20:15) that deals with the Consummation of the Great Controversy and not its
Historical Development. Case in point, all of the time element found in these historical
prophecies have already had a literal, historical fulfillment, whereas the Millennium and its 1000
years have not.[5]5 So what Gates would be saying here is that these already fulfilled historical,
and thus literal, time periods should have another literal fulfillment in the post-1844,
eschatological period, in then, the overarching context of, and in contribution to, the fulfillment
of, the Three Angels Message. This would prove to be indeed irreconcilable with Biblical and
Inspired Counsel in this regard. To the contrary, the Biblical view of time periods in applicable,
post-1844 prophecies is that these fulfilled time elements serve as a guiding indication of the
thematic nature of these now eschatological fulfillments of these priorly, literally/historically
prophecies, and not to literal time periods. (Indeed this hermeneutical principle was applied in
this eschatological prophetic message.) Furthermore, as quoted above, the SOP does specifically
state that: the people will not have another message upon definite time, which also includes
Gates assumed definite literal time periods.
Still, even the surfacedly excusable, understanding of David Gates did not stop him from
creating his own timed message/prophecies, based, no less, on the literal time in a literal
episode in the Gospels, (i.e., not even a prophecy), and from this, preaching a definite/set time
when final events involving the Three Angels Message will be, and/or, as he later amended, start
to be, fulfilled. He now may defensively claims that he never spoke of setting a day and hour
for the Lords return, I suppose in the: September 26, at 03:44 A.M. way, however he cannot
claim that he has not, as it were sought to set a year, even if given in a range of years, or
using his preferred view, months. One simply has to replay many of his early (i.e, pre-2009)
sermons. Indeed in this March 8, 2008 sermon [20:41-25:51] (video), while on one (slight of)
hand sustaining that we cannot know the day or the hour, Gates went on to strongly
imply/suggest that we can set (???) the year of Christs return, wrongly citing Matt. 16:1-3 in
supposed support. As he went on to present his final economic collapse of North America
scenario in support of this year setting belief [see at 22:11ff], it is, interestingly enough, David
Gates who needed this, actually, Biblically-spurious, evil and adulterous generations concrete
sign (Matt 16:4) in order to sustain his belief in, and proclamation of, an imminent end. (See
more on this sign issue below in Epilogue III in regards to now Gates September 11 signs
This is all along the lines of what E.P. Daniels was doing in the days of E.G. White and
he was divinely, deservingly, rebuked for it. Indeed, with the many attempts of David Gates to
set, and the re-set others when these previous ones were not fulfilled, he actually became what
EGW spoke about when she said:

We are not of that class who define the exact period of time that shall elapse before the
coming of Jesus the second time with power and great glory. Some have set a time, and
when that has passed, their presumptuous spirits have not accepted rebuke, but they
have set another and another time. But many successive failures have stamped them as
false prophets.--FE 335 (1895). {LDE 34.1}

In this June 2010 sermon (video) (mp4) [02:08:07-02:15:45], David Gates goes on an
exhortational appeal in regards to the special light given to the "very elect" [Matt 24:14
-literally, simply: "the choice ones"] to protect against the deceptions of the enemy, and rightly
admonishes: against not trusting and casting doubt upon the SOP; that the most deceitful lies
are 99% truth; against not making decisions based on feeling rather than on faith in all what
God has said, including the SOP; that new light will never negate already given light; and
against the danger of rejecting the Testimonies, leading to the slippery slope of becoming
increasingly unbiblical. Well this is all exactly what occurred with him, and thats all due to his
simple persistent refusal to accept the strict counsel of the SOP as stated above in regards to any,
and even any type of, prophetic/predictive time-setting. (In saying this David Gates is either
completely oblivious to this very fact, thus indicating his utter deception in this area, and/or he is
(pridefully) quite indifferent about this, thus further indicating the effectuation of the desired
effect of such carefully-crafted deception.) Self-evidently Gates felt that the end was so near
that: (1) he was no longer bound by such supposedly pre-end times counsels; (2) could make
specifically-dated predictions of the end; and (3) also seek to get a revival based upon such
definite, imminent doom, messages.
Thus, speaking of a slippery slope, David Gates typically, naturally and inevitably went
on to add other extreme and fantastical, speculative, hear-saying statements to his spurious set-
time messages to seek to self-corroborate its supposed soon fulfillment. He therefore would
repeat/insinuate anything he could hear that in any way supported his imminent doomsday
claims. These are sensational statements, most of them deliberately rendered using his now
perfectly crafted and patented, therewith, worked up, guilefully insinuative, urging staccato, no
fault/Teflon, but-I-have-no-notes, sound bite, delivery, as:

-a soon complete collapse of the world economy by December 2009 - caused by the U.S.
printing of money to manage its debt;[6]6

-that the U.S. Gross National Debt was, in 2008, $57 Trillion; and that since 2006, and
thus the United States is no longer able to pay the interest on its debt, and therefore must print ca.
$2 Billion per day (later, circularly speculated to be $3.6 B) to help meet these payments;[7]7

-the wealth of the rich people/sinners of the world (E.g., Bill Gates) would soon
suddenly be turned over to Gods people as simply as it being handed to them;[8]8

-the illegal immigration of Mexicans is the result of an agreed upon development based
upon a conversion, actually baptism, of George W. Bush to the Catholic Faith in order to
promote Catholicism in the U.S., all as part of a larger Catholic Takeover Plan,[9]9 (So what

exactly would Bush gain in this supposed deal - absolution?!?)[10]10 - [It is actually Jeb Bush,
Georges brother, and former Governor of Florida, who has converted to Catholicism back in

-the then (and still) presence of (at least) five (= majority) Catholic U.S. Supreme Court
Judges is directly due to a granted request of the Roman Catholic Church by George W. Bush,
and thus any SDA case that is, or will be, appealed to the Supreme Court is/will automatically
and outrightly be dismissed because everybody knows they [the Catholic Judges] wont hear
it;[12]12 [13]13

-that in a April 4, 2006 meeting with SDA GC leaders with President George Bush
accompanied by his Catholic Religious adviser, they were ordered to toe line, or else and
pressure was put on them to back off, control their pastors, reduce their work.[14]14

-that, from information he has been able to get from military commanders and others on
the ground in Iraq, [whatever that is actually suppose to mean(?!?) in the light of the content of
what will be claimed], the U.S. has a lose-on-purpose-in-order-to-remain-at-war policy in full
effect in Iraq, and that for the sole purpose of maintaining Emergency War Powers domestically
which allows for certain losses of liberty, and thus serves to fulfill the current plans that the U.S.
and Rome jointly have, and want to execute;[15]15

-Sunday laws around the world were on course to be passed in January of 2009; and in
the United States on January 22, 2009; -not coincidentally, around the time of the inauguration of
Barack Obama on the 20th;[16]16

-a crisis leading to the fulfillment of end time events would be caused by the lawsuits
challenging Obamas citizenship legitimacy;

-or now, that the latest the Second Coming will occur is 2031, as this is exactly 2000
years from the year of the crucifixion;[17]17

among other such statements - all, at the very least, textbook (prophetic) presumption
(Deut. 18:19-22).

David Gates himself has repeatedly stated that the sin of presumption is acting in
disobedience to Gods word/command, and this in itself is Biblically true. However, in going off
on this unbiblical time-setting tangent, he himself is guilty of this sin of presumption by
evidently, quite awarely ignoring and/or going against SOP cautions and testimony against such
time-setting and speculations.[18]18 Indeed with every passing of his set times, people naturally
and justifiably become more skeptical and slower to believe any of his subsequent calls for
urgent extreme action.
So was this entire Lazarus Experience message (i.e., without the time setting) actually
not from God. I personally initially accepted it as being from God, however as soon as a definite

time element was tacked on to it, I immediately doubted the validity of this addition based on
these known testimonies on this topic from the SOP. So what was it all about? Well this is just
like the people of the Second Advent Movement in 1844. They could have avoided their bitter
disappointment had they done a more in depth study of the scriptures in regards to the meaning
of the cleansing of the sanctuary, which eventually they rewardingly did, instead of the, though
relatively innocent, surface/knee-jerk conclusion that the sanctuary must be the earth. Still this
was all in Gods plan as he sought to further purge even this group of professedly eager Advent
believers, of people who really did not have a genuine faith in the Word and Work of God. Those
who had simply joined the movement by mere fear of the end in the light of such a detailed and
gloriously fulfilled time prophecy indeed quickly jumped ship. Those who remained and engaged
in more diligent Bible study eventually found out the truth, and their disappointment was fully
explained. Similarly, after having studied more deeply the story of Lazarus in the Bible (John
10:40-11:44; Luke 10:38-42; 16:19-31) and in the Spirit of Prophecy (DA 524-536) it becomes
clear that a Lazarus Experience can also have a deeper spiritual application/implication.
However, evidently by Gods purpose and/or by a lack of deeper study, just as in the Second
Advent Movement, Gates was only permitted to see the surface application of dying and being
raised from the dead.

The Spiritual Implication/Application of Gates Lazarus Experience

[For the sake of brevity and time here, a detailed, background exegetical account is not
given here on this study, but the following succinct explanation should suffice. It is strongly
recommended to first read the above cited references from the Bible and the SOP on this story.
Specific references to these passages are also not always included here. (Any unanswered,
pertinent questions are welcomed)]
It doesnt take much deep thought from even a casual reading of the Bible and the SOP
on the story of Lazarus to perceptively notice that the entire incident was providentially
orchestrated by God Himself (ala with Job in the OT). It can be seen that Jesus quite clearly
knew, (i.e., He was Divinely made aware of) the, on purpose, behind-the-scenes, developments
taking place here. Right from the time that He received the announcement that His close friend
Lazarus was quite sick, and He chose to not immediately react to this news, but seemed to take it
all indifferently, even coldly, it was evident that He had already been prepared in advanced for
this event. In fact, the SOP reveals that Lazaruss sickness was also not at all natural, for it was a
sudden and violent sickness (DA 525-526). Right from the start, Jesus declared that the
sickness would not be unto (permanent) death. He even waited two extra days before beginning
his ca. 60-mile (ca. 2-3 days) journey from Bethany beyond the Jordan, (a.k.a. Bethabara),
located ca. 14 miles south of the Sea of Galilee (where John the Baptist had baptized), where He
had temporarily retreated to. Lazarus lived in another Bethany, within 2 miles of Jerusalem. A
chronological analysis from the various data available in these pertinent passages along with the
fact that Lazarus was still alive when the messenger returned with the message from Jesus (DA
526) after making the ca. 60-mile = 2-3 day journey, shows that for Jesus to make this same trip
after a 2-day delay, and then arrive in Bethany when Lazarus had already been 4 days in the
tomb, he would have had to leave at the very time, or early the next morning, after Lazarus had
breathed his last. The SOP is quite clear that Jesus could not hasten to be at the side of the sick

Lazaruss as His sole presence would have prevented him from dying. (Cf. John 11:15). In fact
Ellen White states that:

Apparently Mary and Martha and the dying Lazarus were left alone. But they were not
alone. Christ beheld the whole scene, and after the death of Lazarus the bereaved sisters
were upheld by His grace. Jesus witnessed the sorrow of their rent hearts, as their brother
wrestled with his strong foe, death. He felt every pang of anguish, as He said to His
disciples, "Lazarus is dead." DA 528. [Underlining Emphasis supplied]

Clearly Jesus was made aware of the precise time when Lazarus died, and then He began
His journey. All this to say that this entire episode was clearly orchestrated by God. But why?
The clear, and commonly seen reason is that this was to serve as the clearest testimony to any
unbelievers in Israel that Jesus was indeed doing the works of God. Interestingly enough, Jesus
had already shown that he could raise someone from the dead, as seen in the story of Jairuss
daughter (Mark 5:35-43) and the widows son in Nain (Luke 7:11-15). However those
resurrection miracles were doubted and discounted on account that the dead people had not really
been dead (long enough)?!? [Jesus apparently knew how to discern comatosed people.] So here
Lazarus was to be allowed to remain dead for 4 days, the then commonly accepted confirmation
of death.
While it may be here hastily concluded that David Gates Lazarus Experience needed this
prolonged time of death to show that it was from God when resurrected, this would really make
no Biblically logical sense. The goal logically was to end the death, and up to now, lasting
death, of these previous grand projects, especially in the light that once these media business
opportunities do pass by, it is almost impossible to revive them, as it were, as they are bought
up by other competing investors. Arguably, and Gates would probably agree with this, the
evidence that his Extreme Endeavours were from God was that he was making, and acting, by
faith, upon large and costly plans, and God indeed was answering him; even if at the very last
minute, as in the answering of the first network for $1.6 million dollars. These first grouped
miracles thus can symbolically be seen as comparable to Christs earlier resurrections. Then the
following, even larger $35+ million dollar network plans, could thus be seen as being as greater,
as was Christs resurrection of Lazarus. However, in David Gates case, this did not come to
pass. A Biblical reason as to why can be seen in the chronological, thematic and spiritual link
that actually exists between the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus and the event in the life of
the real life Lazarus.
As most chronological harmonizations of the 4 Gospels show, in the parable of the
(unnamed) rich man and the beggar (interestingly enough) named Lazarus (the only named
personage in Christs parables), Luke orderly account shows that this parable was more than
likely given just before the occurrence of the sickness, death and resurrection of the real life
Lazarus. It therefore can be safely assumed that the parable was made a few days before Lazarus
became ill, and also that Jesus was by then made aware that this would occur. The thematic link
is seen in the specific and unequivocal point that Jesus sought to make through the use of this
unique parable. In Luke 16:31, He clearly summarizes and applies it by saying:

"'If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be persuaded even if
someone rises from the dead.'"

In other words, the spiritual lesson/application that is to be drawn here is that if the
Jewish nation was not already convicted of the Truth by the words from the Law and the
Prophets, which they claimed to devotedly believe in, then even the raising of a (confirmed) dead
person (i.e. Lazarus) would not persuade them. Here, as Gates himself rightly understands and
enounces the Biblical/Spiritual principle: If the Church is not obeying what it already knows,
then God will not reveal further instruction to it.[19]19 Similarly, if David Gatess previous
miraculous experience with the obtainment of the first major network did not, and has not,
persuaded those who profess to believe in the Bible, its Prophecies, and the SOP, along with the
supposedly rapidly fulfilling signs of the end, then such an additional, greater miracle, as the
obtainment of the $35+ million dollar networks would not, and nor, should not, be used to,
motivate or compel them into such gospel missionary type actions. This would in fact only make
them undesired loaves and fishes believers. (John 6:26, 27 - Not coincidentally enough, this
miracle episode (John 6:2ff) was used by God to sustain Gates faith when buying the first
network - See e.g., Mission Miracles p.44). To be acceptable and properly workable such a
motivation must be based on True Faith, and adherence to Biblical principles in this regard. In
fact, the disappointing withdrawal of that early manifested funds manager in Gatess Lazarus
Experience should, at the very least, have spurred the righteous jealousy of, aware of, and/or
capable, people in the SDA Church and cause them to wholeheartedly step in in order to not
allow this nearly fulfilled promise to fail because of this, an earthly-minded/controlled reason.
Even in the miracle of raising Lazarus, Jesus deliberately allow those present to participate and
co-operate in its accomplishment, and so tangibly exercise whatever little faith they manifestly
had in what He could do. As stated in the SOP:

Christ could have commanded the stone to remove, and it would have obeyed His voice.
He could have bidden the angels who were close by His side to do this. At His bidding,
invisible hands would have removed the stone. But it was to be taken away by human
hands. Thus Christ would show that humanity is to co-operate with divinity. What human
power can do divine power is not summoned to do. God does not dispense with mans
aid. He strengthens him, co-operating with him as he uses the powers and capabilities
given him. DA 535.

Indeed, if various SDA believers, hearing of this setback of David Gates, in the ca.
following 4 years when he kept testifying of these (related) experiences, and also with these
people knowing in detail of the way in which the first miracle was accomplished, if they had
allowed themselves to be moved into giving whatever they personally could to help out here,
then those $35 million could easily also have been raised through them. But this did not even
begin to be the case.
Tellingly enough, this parable pointedly, entirely focuses on the duty that rich people
(characterized by the Rich Man) have towards the poor, suffering and needy (characterized by the
beggar Lazarus). This indeed was the vital crux of Christs Earthly ministry of reform in Israel

(cf. WM 172; 2SM 127). In the after life Jesus depicts that these conditions, depending on
personal faith (2T 197), are reversed and also implies that it is the beggar who is truly a child of
Abraham, i.e., a true Israelite (cf. John 8:39, 40). Seeing this, the Rich Man begs for Lazarus to
minister to him who is now in punishing torment, but when this is denied as a remedy, he then
(conscientiously?) asks that Lazarus be returned from the dead and warn his five brother who
are alive and likely to make this same capital sin of indifference (They probably inherited his
wealth). This is when Abraham says that they have Moses and the Prophets. Let them hear
them. Indeed in the Law of Moses given by God, and in the ministry of the later prophets raised
up and led by God, the message of caring for the poor suffering and needy is always brought up
(when needed) as a key issue in reformation. To this the Rich Man, still thinking as the base,
natural man that he has been, thinks to suggest better, by saying that Lazaruss return from the
dead to warn these 5 brothers would be more persuasive/convicting to them. It is then that the
character representing Abraham makes the final statement mentioned above.[20]20

So based on all of this Biblical|exegetical background/precedence, this is why I believe

that this Lazarus Experience transpired in the ministry of David Gates. In fact, I believe that, like
in the case of the unbelieving Jewish Nation in the Lazarus story, the whole thing was meant as a
concrete and most objective test of Gods people in general. Gates himself, and in his own
words, admits that he has felt that he has been used as a guinea pig[21]21 by God. Therefore, in
the similar way that the faithfulness and closeness of Lazarus to Jesus allowed him to be used by
God as an instrument of testing His people, Gates was also thus convincingly utilized in order to
ascertain the actual faith of the members of the Remnant Church and their professed belief in a
soon and imminent Second Coming. Also, like in the Lazarus story where Jesus gracefully and
thoughtfully sent a hopeful word with the returning messenger that the sickness was not unto
death which help to sustained the faith of Mary and Martha until He would come (DA 526),
David Gatess faith, as he relates in his Thanks from Jesus experience, similarly,
providentially, also strengthened him when he first tentatively agreed to embark on this new
major faith task for this $35 million project. (According to him this was the third (last?) of three
times when he so tangibly felt the presence of God.)[22]22 Thus, like Lazarus, and especially
Mary and Martha, God was preparing him to go through this anticipated/testing disappointment.
(DA 526).
I subscribe to the belief that decided effort for more concrete, significant, (and relatively
extreme) action is presently needed in the work of God. However, unlike David Gates
predominant objective of mainly telling people that Jesus is coming soon, I believe the Bible, the
Spirit of Prophecy and Gods blessings of His Remnant Church all point to actions that are, for
reasons of effectiveness, to be made to be structured, organized and systematically cooperative,
and, respectively, not in a dysfunctional, worldy "institutionalized" or individualistic way. I think
that the pointed and purposeful object lessons that God wanted to teach the corporate Church in
regards to not advancing His, even injunctive work through various valid ministry initiatives out
of purely bad faith reasons, by raising up, and then sustaining these initiatives which had been
subsequently left with no other option but to function independently when the Church chose to
refuse to advance in their Biblical light, should all have been fully and contritely learned by now.
(Cf. this post). And as the Personal Example of Jesus and His unequivocally stated Final Test

(Matt 25:31-46, cf. Isa 58), it will primarily and simultaneously focus on seeking to resolve the
vital humanitarian needs that exist in the world today. Indeed effectively doing such a work using
the God-provided resources available in Church will require a spiritual revival by Gods people
to develop a more Christ-like character (COL 62-69), which manifestly they not only, currently,
predominantly do not have, but are evidently also quite blatantly ignorant and/or oblivious of this
Biblical mandate. Still, just like Ancient Israel, especially in the time of Christ, they think that,
and act as if, since they supposedly understand and have figured out the times and issues
spoken of in Bible Prophecy, they are thus prepared to receive the Promise. However, they
likewise shun and ignore the clear stipulations that were, and are still, required by Jesus Christ in
order to be found acceptable to have this granted.[23]23

Interestingly, tellingly and typically enough, a worshipful view and use of the various
riches that God has bestowed upon this Remnant Church, along with an idolizing, obstinate
adherence to the practices and principles of the world particularly when it comes to economic
matters, proves to be the Waterloo of any such Extreme Action attempts. In the end, these
movements thus inevitably settle for/back into the status quo of: as-the-(capitalist)-economy-
goes-and-allows actions and business-like incremental growth. This thus makes them
susceptible to the typical roller coaster motions of this worlds flawed and spurious economic
system and methods. Case in point, recently (October 28, 2009) David Gates has announced on
his Twitter page that they are about to lose, (and now indeed have lost 8 out of 10), satellite
networks in Europe and the Americas reaching a potential audience of 200 million people due to
(still) unpaid balances and a lack of funding.[24]24 I guess this is all just like the closing of
Church Institutions which Gates repeatedly likes to sternly denounce. Trying to do the work of
God using, either explicitly or implicitly, worldly, (economic) principles will always result in
such slow progressing, and even stagnating, if not, failing, work. With the outright capitalistic
business/corporate mentality that determinatively reigns supreme in the SDA Church, while
seeking to do Gods work through these parameters, it is quite interesting, and actually, quite
telling that, as David Gates said in 2006, his message in which the Church, its present condition
and future mission, is analysed through a business-like model and approach, is the one that was
most positively received by members of the SDA leadership and the Church.[25]25 (Have to
speak their language[26]26, I guess).
The problem really does not only lie in acting like the world in conducting Church
Matters and Missions, but also depending on the world in order to do Gods work when Gods
extremely blessed 7th Church is currently in a position where it does not have to do so at all, were
it not for its worshipful attitude towards the riches and ways of the world. But as Jesus says: You
cannot serve both God and Mammon. (This, correspondingly, is all analogous to most Protestants
claiming to be separate, different and distinct from its Catholic, Mother Church, all the while
adhering to many of its unbiblical practices, most prominently Sunday sacredness.) Only the
Bibles principles will bring about the expected grand results. (Cf. the message: Show the World
- The Triumphant Church). But as Jesus would repeatedly say: Be it according to your faith,
still such little/minimal faith also prevents Him from doing what He desires to do. Hence the
conundrum of Laodicea - not cold enough to be utterly rejected or ignored, but also not hot

enough to be fully/abundantly blessed. However it is quite repugnantly lukewarm! Choose you
this day whom you will serve.... (Jos. 24:14, 15)[27]27

When the Church, on one side refuses to engage in structured cooperative works and also
do significant humanitarian works, and on the other hand, doubts the power of God to step out in
explicit and implicit faith to do bolder work, as David Gates, at Gods leading, has sought to
spearhead, then really what other option is left - the dysfunctional, individualistic, sectarian,
shallow, flailing, token works of today??? This whole episode mirrors the Rebellion of Israel on
the borders of Canaan where, on one hand, the faith-based reports of Joshua and Caleb were
discounted as not possible, and then it was deemed possible to conquer Canaan without God (i.e.,
today: without living by his principles). See Ellen Whites scathing commentary on this episode
in 15 MR 286-292 [#1179], which she links to the halted unravelling of Last Day Events in
Rev 7:1-3ff (Cf. this related message in this blog).

Epilogue II (June 2010+)

So now David Gates, as it can be seen in these June 2010 Faith Camp Asia sermons,
nonchalantly is continuing, particularly his preaching/teaching, ministry as if he really had not
tried to predict, nor prophesy, that the end of all things would occur before the end of 2009',
with SOP prophesied Final Events beginning in the early months of 2009', or, most precisely
on January 20, 2009, at the inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama. Again this is the
"Polytetrafluoroethylene Prophet" (Teflon Prophet for short) at work again, where he has
absolute no care, nor concern, for what he has quite publicly, emphatically and repeatedly
proclaimed in the recent past from ecclesiastical pulpits, thus all inherently in the color of the
name of God. It would have been one thing if Gates had only proclaimed that the Second
Coming could be soon, -indeed thousands of, if not all, SDA preachers (and even the SOP) do so,
however most of them have not, effectively, despised and ignored the plain statements of the
Bible and the SOP against time setting, and gone to the unbiblical extreme of David Gates to
proclaim definite ranges of years when the Second Coming will, without a doubt, occur, or
even given specific calender dates when events prophesied in the Bible and SOP will more than
likely come to pass.
Furthermore, it is one thing to deliberately engage in such unlawful time-settings,
however it is yet another thing to also mix in these public proclamations traces, and even blots,
of various, and degrees of, sin. In Gates case, as seen even in the samples given above, this
included such persisted sins, in Letter and/or also in Spirit, according to the higher standard
against sin of the Bible, of: false witnessing, outright lying, slandering, libel, presumption, pride,
arrogance, covetousness, fraudulent misrepresentation, larceny, abuses of ministerial office,
effective incitations to extortion, treason and even murder, among other sins;[28]28 and
furthermore, with all of these done/said in the name of God. So Gates may now in chorus with
the rest of the Church claim that no one knows the day or hour but this is self-evidently not
because he, not only tried, but moreverly actually claimed that he did know! Supposedly
fulfilling signs of the times are not indicators that the Second Coming will occur but indicators
that the Second Coming can/should occur, yet, as seen in Christs pertinent object-lesson on this

with the fig tree (DA 580-588), [to which Matt 24:32 could be a direct allusion to], this fig
tree, representative of Israel, and thus spiritually, the Church, can, by its own internal defects,
not be ready to produce the expected fruit, and thus waste and nullify any expended effort and
postpone the expected harvest.
Unfortunately for Gates, but fortunately for subjected to/hearing Believers, it just does not
work that flippantly in the Falsehood Fighting System of God. Such publicly committed sins
are not only to be completely and wholly abandoned, but they are also to be publicly repented of.
Indeed this was the incontrovertible case for Biblical characters who failed in their duties towards
God and His people such as David, Peter, and even Samson.
David Gates (without really any substantiable reason) quasi-boasts of being the
namesake of King David, well perhaps he should become as humble as King David was and
publicly repent as he did. Indeed we not only know of the great sin of King David, especially for
such an honored man of God, a man uniquely proclaimed as, when he walked in the counsel of
God, having been after Gods own heart no less, but quite correspondently we can read of his
most contrite repentance, deliberately penned, and publicly released by his hand, in Psa 51. (cf.
PP 720-726). This was indeed a most fitting response because like the wide reaching effects of
King Davids public sin, David Gatess also publicly committed sins, as cited above (for all sin is
(equally) sin), similarly have resulted in:

The Lord was dishonored. He had favored and exalted David, and Davids sin
misrepresented the character of God and cast reproach upon His name. It tended to lower
the standard of godliness in Israel, to lessen in many minds the abhorrence of sin; while
those who did not love and fear God were by it emboldened in transgression [e.g., the
transgression of not being wholly devoted to finishing the work. See e.g., these
pertinent comments made on another blog]. (PP 720 - emphasis supplied)

The apostle Peters sin of denial was brought about more by the fact that he, in his
oblivious self-confidence and pride refused to hear the clear and specific warnings of Jesus. Had
he believed Jesus he excusably would have chosen to remain away from the spotlight as the other
disciples did. Indeed, none of the other disciples were so reproached for having fled and hidden
during Christs arrest and trial. But Peter was, because his fall was caused more by stubborn
pride, than by an excusable weakness. Peter only made this stubborn pride worst by his further
proceeding to engage in such sins as lying, oath making, cursing and swearing. So when Christ
had resurrected, it was indeed Peter, no matter how singularly devoted and bold he had always
been for Jesus, who was pointedly made to recognize and confess this great sin. As the SOP
generally says, based upon this incidence:

Here is given a lesson for all Christs followers. The gospel makes no compromise with
evil. It cannot excuse sin. Secret sins are to be confessed in secret to God; but, for open
sin, open confession is required. The reproach of the disciples sin is cast upon Christ. It
causes Satan to triumph, and wavering souls to stumble. By giving proof of repentance,
the disciple, so far as lies in his power, is to remove this reproach. (DA 811). [29]29

Even Samson was effectively quite repentant of his life of blatant sin and rebellion to
Gods will. Despite his having been blinded and the secret of his strength having been discovered
and thus held in check, he still, in contrite faith, acknowledged and recognized the source power
of God for his great strength and offered to do what he should have done a long time before
during his life, namely, spiritually speaking, give (i.e., dedicate) his life to the single service of
God and be used as an instrument to begin to physically destroy the power of the Philistines
upon Israel. So thus in his self-sacrificing, avenging death he destroyed more Philistines then
he had done over his entire life. (Jud 16:30). Indeed his God-given mission was fulfilled,
though in defeat, bondage and death. (PP 567-568). Rightly, he is thus mentioned as a hero of
the Faith in the Bible, even in the same (summary) breath as King David (Heb 11:32).
David Gates may presume that if he was doing something Biblically wrong in all of
this, then God, who he claims to clearly hear directly and instantly from, would have already
clearly told him so, however this does not mean that God has not been gently trying to convince
Gates of following the clearly established truth on these various issues, especially outright
presumptuous prophesying and not (merely informed future predictions as claimed by Gates).
God usually does not forcefully restate what He has already clearly stated, as with the strict
Bible/SOP warnings against specific time/date, and also time/date-range, setting post 1844. In
such matters of waiting/wanting to hear from God, there is a thin line between faith and
effective, arrogant/prideful Divine blackmailing (i.e., if you dont do this as I have said, then it
will be Your Name only that will/(should) become of disrepute.). David Gates applicably
actually compared this whole exchange/process as being a tennis match where his sole
duty/responsibility is to return the ball onto Gods side of the court however, as in a tennis
match, the receiving player does not have to return a bad/(unforced error) shot which actually
scores as a point against the sender, and for the receiver).
So like Gates self-claimed namesake King David, the explicit warnings and
reprimands from God for this wrongful course against clearly stipulated principles, will similarly
have to come from an exterior, and even prophetic, source.[30]26
So David Gates should follow these Biblical examples of honest and contrite sorrow for
misfeasance, and even malfeasance of past leaders of Gods people, and publicly acknowledge
the blatant wrongs and sins that he engaged in; even if solely for himself and his ministry. This
would do a great deal to restore a sense of credibility, and ready perception of the leading of God
in his work, because it honestly is hard hear him preach now without (even more) second
guessing and questioning everything he says and claims, and this is probably the case for the
hundred of thousand of people around the world that have heard his previous wave of definite,
imminent doom and gloom, either live and/or over a broadcast medium. While someone is not
automatically and irreversibly discredited for having made a mistake, they quite distinctly
discredit themselves by not correspondingly, appropriately confessing and repenting of that
Still, like any other sins, sin is indeed not without its consequence(s). Case in point, the
rest of King Davids reign was filled with internal strife and even bloodshed, greatly paving the
way for the great tribal two-part schism that later occurred in Israel; Samson paid with his
physical life; and Peter may have caused the hearts of many who knew of his previous denial to
be hardened against his post-resurrection Gospel proclamation, much like the other disciples had

become distrustful of him after the denial until this evidence of his repentance (DA 811). Such
consequences are applied even when the sin has been confessed and repented of, then how much
more when it has not been. The example of King Saul, and also Judas, are indeed the perfect
example of the utter, unsalvageable defeat that such an attitude of despisement of reproof and
the hardening of ones heart in impenitence can extend to. (PP 726). Indeed such tragic ends are
really self-inflicted, especially as such a person either in faithlessness commits spiritual suicide
or through solely a surface/face-saving penitence continues to act in his previous functions, but
this time increasingly devoid of the guidance and spirit of God. (cf. 1 Sam 15:24-31, 34)
Not surprisingly, it can still be seen in the post, set-time, Lazarus Experience preaching
of David Gates a trace continuance in the waywardness of the recent past. In alarming fact, it can
even be seen that he is rekindling the sparks for another imminent doom campaign, this time
focusing on his Plan B that the Second Coming cannot occur later than 2031 A.D., i.e., 2000
years after Christs crucifixion, (if not, and expect it, -to the date|day|hour- i.e. Friday, 14th of
Nisan at ca. 3 P.M.). While you can only successfully cry wolf so many times, you can then
resort to crying out FIRE in a crowded hall and get even greater results. And so now it is no
longer the economy that will collapse, but life itself on earth that will soon entirely self-
destruct, and that... as it should.

Gates Second Prophetic Campaign

So now David Gates in indeed concretely kindling these second campaign sparks in his
sermons. First he tries to re-establish his prophetic credentials by assertively claiming that he
had accurately predicted the recession of 2008,[31]27 and then, as it can be seen in this sermon at
[24:02-25:20], by now bringing to the pulpit with him, as if it was a lost Biblical book, or some
sort of inspired writings, the published memoirs of Jacques Yves Cousteau where Cousteau
supposedly claimed that (quoting here David Gates expounding on Cousteau):

Even take the evidence... from science. The famous marine biologist Jacques Cousteau
who perhaps knew more about the world than any of us know about the world, -the
planet. He studied the planet all his life, he loved Planet Earth. And when he died, he left
his memoirs {picks up and opens a book} that were not so optimistic. And in his memoirs
he wrote {glances into book, but puts it down}, the world is so rapidly deteriorating,
through the abuse -I am not quoting him word for word- through the abuse of mankind
and what they have done to our planet, -it is deteriorating so rapidly, that mankind will
only be able to live on this planet for a maximum of.. 40 years,... maybe, through a
miracle, 100 years. He was not a Christian, he was an atheist. But if you asked Jacques
Cousteau if something catastrophic was about to happen, he would say: in one
generation. [(...) indicate here Gates speech pauses, not omissions]

I dont know if it is the way in which this statement was oddly delivered by Gates,
strangely putting down the Cousteau book from which he was about to (supposedly) read this
solitary, single-phrased, statement; and/or due to the fact he also strangely said that he was not
quoting directly this, actually short statement [why not???]; or because of the telling mens rea
hesitancy of Gates, as he cautiously, and with overqualifications, made this brief quasi-quote;

that all made me become highly suspicious of the accuracy of this statement of Gates, even much
more than when I had heard him say it before (as cited previously in Note #17), but I here
undertook the task of verifying that statement, and the claim that Gates was making.
First of all, I have contacted Gates and six other people at the GMI ministry for the exact
bibliographic reference of that supposed source book, but thus far, i.e., since this emailing back
on June 17, 2010, I have not received a valid (i.e., bibliographic - book title & page #) answer
yet. I had to contact them personally for this because an internet search for this statement
surprisingly turns up only one relatable statement of the sort. (more below). It is surprising that,
as popular as Jacques Cousteau was, and still is, that such a significant, relatively quite imminent
scientific, apocalyptic fact would not be more publicly known, stated/quoted, and discussed on
at least the web, however it is not. Indeed, most oddly enough, not even on the Cousteau Society
Website. David Gates states that this statement comes from a memoir that Cousteau left behind,
well the only two books of Cousteau that are overtly called memoirs (cf. e.g., here, here, here
and here) are: his book of 1953 called The Silent World, and, what truly can be considered his
memoir, as it was his last book and self-labeled testament is the initially released 1997 book
entitled The Human, The Orchid, and The Octopus: Exploring and Conserving Our Natural
World, coauthored by Cousteau and Susan Schiefelbein. This book was finished a few days
before his death on June 25, 1997, and publish just six days after.
As just mentioned, an internet search for this statement only produced one source. It is
this March 1996 interview of Cousteau with an Environmental Magazine. In that interview this
40-year statements was said three times, however it was specifically, qualificatively said as
follows (bold emphasis supplied):

(1) The problem has nothing to do with food. This is always the question people ask, but
it is a bad question. The food will be there; they are not going to starve. But what kind of life
will they have? How will we have sufficient supplies of potable water? There lurking problems
can become monumental. We have only 40 years to find solutions [i.e., solutions to various vital
shortcomings], but that won't include actually reducing the population. The population cannot
be reduced until 50 years from now because the majority of people existing today in the third
world, where populations have exploded, are less than 16 years old. Even if we reduced the
fertility of people now to two kids per family, we would still reach 10 billion in 45 years. It's
mathematical; there is nothing we can do.

(2) The UN is preaching the elimination of poverty, balance of income between the
generations, yakety, yakety, yak. We give very good recommendations, but they are not decisions
because the UN has no power to decide. It is a club of nations leaving the sacrosanct national
sovereignty intact. If we had time [i.e., time to implement the proposed UN recommendations],
these recommendations would finally prevail, but after centuries. Knowing that we have 40 years
before we see the population reach that crazy number of 10 billion, we have to find shortcuts.

(3) We have to prepare for what life could become in 40 years. We need to outline what
is possible and what is impossible with the non-renewable resources of the Earth. What role
will technological improvement play? Taking all this into account, what kind of life can we

produce in the best way for 10 billion people? That's a problem that needs to be solved.

It can clearly be seen from these statements, and especially the bolded portions that
Jacques Cousteau did not believe in the telic apocalyptic scenario that David Gates is trying to
convey. Clearly Cousteau says that life would not come to an abrupt end in 40 years (ca. 2036),
but would have to be quite different from todays course in order to continue to be sustainable.
He therefore fully allowed for better governmental policies and concrete actions, along with
technological improvements, to be able to reverse this looming, mainly lifestyle-based, problem.
Gates on the other hand wants to make it seem that in 40 years all life will completely cease to
exist on earth, so the Second Coming will have to occur before then. That however was the
furthest thing from Cousteaus mind, and indeed he saw that these man-made problems could
easily be stopped and reversed by man-made solutions.
This final view of Cousteau is indeed explicitly and implicitly seen in his last book, his
memoir/testament where he envisions life in 1 billion years in a chapter by that name. Albeit,
he does not believe that man would have implemented their possible man-made solution, and
thus he speaks of the year 2050 as a year of restart where the worlds population has dwindled
down to tens of thousands, due to a so called temporary accident, but this time, man rebuilds
life on earth by now having learned their lessons for the past careless ways of their primitive
21st century ancestors which led to this temporary accident. So in this new life, science is
used to better mans life rather than destroying it through e.g., nuclear weapons, and man now
has the capability to infinitely prolong their lives, command and tame the cosmos such as
modifying the moons orbit, redirecting incoming asteroids, etc. Families now have children once
every 10,000 years with these children taking ca. 15,000 years to grow up. As a result, even in a
billion years the global population does not ever exceed 10 million people. Also, according to
Cousteau, mankind now even has the capability to eradicate by vaccination such destructive
character traits and defects such a greed and violence. (Wow! to say the least.) Anyway, all this
to say that Cousteaus actual view essentially is that only if man does not change, its way of life,
as it is today, will then become unsustainable. Still there is no possible basis, nor corroboration
here, to preach, as Gates does, that the end of the world should occur before then, especially if,
as claimed by Cousteau, and also as stated above, these man-made problems can indeed be fixed
by feasible man-made solutions. God indeed has placed in this world enough water, living space,
energy, material and renewable resources, and even knowledge to sustain life for as long as it is
so necessary do that the work of His Truth can be done without being pre-empted by such man-
made causes.
Gates also, self-convincedly, seeks to point out that his view on Cousteau is objectively
Biblical because Cousteau himself was supposedly not a Christian and an Atheist. However
there are several doubts that this assertion of his is founded, or true. Some say that Cousteau was
a life-long Roman Catholic. In fact he was buried in a Catholic cemetery, which is a privilege/rite
that is definitely not granted by the RC Church to someone who would have denied God all of
his life. Even if Cousteau would have made a death bed conversion to Roman Catholicism, his
enduring (supposed) atheistic life work would come to preclude him from receiving this
reserved honor. Also while the spouses/family of Catholics are often allowed to be buried with
their believing marital partner/family member(s), this concession is only made for people who

are of another Christian Faith; so definitely not for an Atheist.
Cousteau did firmly, and fully, believe in Evolution, however this is also a belief that the
Roman Catholic Church, officially, from the fall of 1996, has also credited as an acceptable
theory for the origin of this world. So that would not necessarily prove that he did not believe in
God. (Just ask some professed SDAs at LaSierra University who have also drank this Kool-
Strongly speaking against a supposed belief that Cousteau was an unbelieving, God-
hating/cursing atheist (i.e., not even an agnostic) is the Chapter in Cousteaus last book entitled:
The Holy Scriptures and the Environment where he seeks, predominantly from the Bible, but
also from other Sacred books, to appeal to various religious peoples of the world to take care
of the environment. While indeed this was done through a look-at-what-your-own-Holy-Book-
is-ordering-you-to-do approach, it is easily noticed that when he makes references to
Christianity and the Bible, he almost speaks from an inclusive, faith-based, perspective.
Apparently he may probably just have wanted to, as much as possible, seem to be neutral so that
his appeal to other Religious Faiths other than Christianity, would not be detrimentally
diminished. However, the simple inclusion of this chapter in this book, actually does not at all
paint the picture of a hardened atheist, for a true atheist would not even begin to acknowledge the
possibility that a God could exist and has so made sacred/authoritative statements through
inspired spokespeople in the Holy Writings. It would be like someone who knows that Santa
Clause does not exist seriously telling others that Santa goes around on Christmas night
delivering gifts to kids through their homes chimney. Making arguments from religious faiths is
much more likely of an Agnostic who has left open this possibility, than for an atheist who has,
by definition completely barred, even the likelihood of that possibility. So at worst, Cousteau was
an agnostic, but more than likely, he was simply, the quite common, life-long, but non-practising,
hatched-matched-dispatched, (as Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi used to seriously joke), (nominal)
Roman Catholic adherent. In fact it is actually completely irrelevant whether Cousteau was a
Christian or an Atheist because if his statement was so scientific and inevitable as Gates would
have us believe, then it really would not matter what faith one has, or does not have, just like
gravity equally affects everyone irrespective of ones religious convictions. It very well may be
the fact that Cousteau had a deficient knowledge of, and belief in, the sovereign power of God
that he would conceive of, and subscribe to, such a man-made apocalyptic scenario. So clearly
Gatess extolling of this effectively atheistic, survival-of-the fittest/richest dogmatic view is
simply, circularly rooted in the fact that since he sees his 2031 prediction as a Gospel Truth, then
this corroborating view of Cousteau must also be the Truth, if not even, an Inspired Statement.
Also, by sole self-necessity, David Gates profusely touts Jacques Cousteau as the person
who knew the most about our planet. Why??? ...because he dove 80 meters below sea level?
Again this is one of those surfacely plausible arguments that, in research and closer scrutiny, also
does not hold up as being so undeniably true. While most people would claim that Cousteau
was quite knowledgeable in his field, some critics actually highly questioned his scientific
credentials. In other words, he was indeed smart, pioneering and observed a lot below the sea
surface, however he did not have an academic, scientific background and actually entered into
the field of marine exploration for purely photographic purposes, pursuing his childhood love
and hobby. Some even say that he became influential more by the panache and charisma he

brought to marine exploration, which before him was completely unentered, (to the point that it
was Cousteaus diving team that developed the first scuba diving equipments), but he was not
necessarily a marine expert/scientist. Indeed it is said that his talents seem more poetic than
scientific and that Cousteau did not considered himself more than a filmmaker, explorer, and
environmentalist. Final-nail-in-the-coffinly, Cousteau is quoted here to have said of himself: I
am not a scientist. I am, rather, an impresario [i.e., promoter/showman/public entertainment
sponor] of scientists.
Despite the self-serving extolment that David Gates needs to affix here to the
authoritative source of his new theory, even highly scientific knowledge of the marine life
hardly translates into the needed demographic, economical, political, medical, technological,
military expertise, among others, to then make a claim that life on this planet is doomed to soon
complete destruction, which, as it was already shown, was not even Cousteaus specific point.
He actually deferred to the experts in these field as seen in the belief that they could quite easily
come up with, and effectively implement, life-as-it-presently-is-extending, solutions. Indeed the
more one studies the actual view of Cousteau, the more it can be seen that the paraphrased 40-
year statement of Gates is nothing more than the habitual Gateism [to rhyme, and be
synonymous with, a form of theism], where truth is not what it factually is, but what Gates,
through his own private belief, claims that it is supposed to be.[32]28 [33]29
If there was one thing that Cousteau was utterly pessimistic about, it was human nature,
yet herein should lie the feasible expertise of the Church. So really it could be seen that it is
actually if the Church does not do its exemplary, witnessing part that this world could end in
such a man-made apocalyptic scenario, yet the word of God in Matt 24:14 prophesies solely, the
exact opposite. I.e., Gospel of the Kingdom of God as a witness/testimony (and not hearsay)
to all the nations of the world... and then the end and not, in any rationalization, vice-versa.
So guess what David Gates, this world will definitely not end by man-made causes, even
if it is the last thing that God Himself does... one way or the other, i.e., to Himself prevent or

Epilogue IIB - Lazarus Is Dead

Interestingly enough, in this reset of David Gates, he does not now hesitate to formally
announce, as in a recent sermon, that Lazarus, from his Lazarus Experience, is Dead. What is
comical about this confession of Gates is that he self-evidently still firmly, implicitly believes
that his resurrection was to occur within the time-setting period of 4 years, i.e., by December
2009. As Jesus would (effectively) say, be it according to your (persistently flawed) faith. If
only Gates had continued to believe, and that, the Truth, he also probably would have seen the
glory of God. (Cf. John 11:37, 39-40). However Gates view was indeed intrinsically and
pervasively flawed, even beyond his unbiblical methods of proclaiming it. Foundational to Gates
faith here was the outrightly covetous assumption that God would be taking this money from rich
heathens to pay for his ministry projects. So he quite deliberately bypassed explicitly asking
Church members to help fund this project and instead solely preached on how the worlds rich
people, like Bill Gates, would be visited by Angels of Death, and forced, at the peril of their
lives, to write a check to Gospel Ministries International.[35]31 So it is not surprising that

Church members just, quite conveniently, sat back and waited for this, would-be, misdeed of
God to occur. All the while they themselves, during at least these 4 years, spent money that
could have, even sacrificially, been given to this cause, on various frivolous worldly goods. Why
in the world would God bother, to say the least, the wealthy people of the world, like Bill Gates,
for money that His own people are actually also worshipfully funneling to them, and that, even at
whatever exorbitant price. That Angel of Death should instead be visiting these homes of
professed believers in the camp of Israel that have not followed this pointed directive of God to,
typologically speaking, escape such a final, first-substance, plague. (Exo 12:23-27). Indeed
such a devoting and honoring, extra-tithing, offering should have been made today by SDAs in
faith towards the fulfillment of this promise of God. (cf. Num 3:13).
Furthermore David Gates himself did not perceive, and thus learn, the uncanny object-
lesson that God gave him in the first death/resurrection (network) miracle, as explained above.
The two main payments for that $1.5 million network both came from the money left behind by
people who had died. The surviving spouses, following the impression of Gods Spirit,
proceeded to timely give this money to Gates. In this is seen the plain spiritual truths that (1) one
has to spiritually die to give their all to God (2) but this must still be a deliberate and willing
offering, so in a sense even these surviving spouses had to also spiritually die to this, evidently
newly ascertained wealth which they could have easily kept and spent on themselves. In the same
spiritual way, Gods people should have offered themselves as living and wholly consecrated
sacrifice (Rom 12:1) and give all that they possibly could towards meeting this primarily Church
need, duty and responsibility. (Indeed the third payment of $100,000 for the first TV Station,
which was actually refused by the sellers, came from a couple who made such a living
sacrifice). However Gates, expounding on an exegetically baseless foundation, beclouded by a
jealous avarice for the wealth of rich people was, and willfully remained, completely oblivious
and indifferent to this fundamental expectation of God towards His people, and instead stoked up
a campaign against the rich, relatedly including the Biblically baseless, vindictively envisioned,
cataclysmic demise of the global economy!?! Again, be it according to your unbiblical faith.
When a believer refuses to learn their lesson the first time around, a second opportunity is
not always granted, especially when the first failed opportunity has not even begun to be
improved upon, or its spiritually perceivable lessons learned.

David Gates may self-righteous claim that people who are spending their time criticizing
him, instead of using that time and effort to reach the lost are wasting precious time, well
through his patented pattern of sly spiritual waywardness, he himself has not only become a
mission destination, but because of the number of people he variously influences with his
skewed understandings, he has also become a foundational obstacle to the proper upbuilding of
an outreach work of God. It is not e.g., simply raising up a media network in an unreached place
that is accomplishing the work, it is also what kind of message one is proclaiming through these
networks, and thus what kind of portrait of God you are painting, You cannot reach others with
the Truth by using both falsehoods and incipient and flawed teachings.[36]33

So all this to warningly say, in the facts brought out in this Epilogue II that David Gates
apparently is just reloading for another unbiblical assault, definitely (re-)starting now with the

prophetic prediction of a sure to come, even life imperiling crisis within the SDA Church
within the next 5 years.[37]34 And that this crisis is going to be like the Jonah Experience and
affect specifically the North American Division, and that to coerce it into obedience, for
having neglected to amply financially fund the work in other parts of the world, (in other SDA
Divisions), in recent years![38]35 Here we go again! Indeed this self-claimed Jonah Experience
seems to be the basis of Gates new prophecy of imminent Economic suffering for the SDAs
NAD Church.
Self-evidently David Gates has not learned his lesson yet of (1) making false prediction,
along with (2) stoking up wrong motives for Gospel action.

Such public and unbiblical actions of David Gates are, according to the Bible and the
SOP, and according to the derived, actionable stipulations in the SDA Church Manual (17th
edition, 2005) Ch. 14 [pp. 185-200], grounds for formal censure, and indeed, a due, formal
request for such has been made for such on June 20, 2010, albeit, via email
correspondence.[39]36 In a Church that is to staunchly, transparently uphold the standard of
Biblical truth, David Gates should, at the very least, be put on the minimal censure of one month,
strictly barring him any public proclamation, from any SDA pulpit, and also probationarily
pending an extended censure if he persists/continues in these public unbiblical and wayward
ways, including, as he is resumptively doing now.[40]36
Gates may knee-jerkly claim that this is an attempt to silence his message, however he
will find that many SDA preachers also bear the same message, the only difference is that they
have not disobediently presumed to set specific dates and time-ranges, among other utilized
open, sinful methods of his. And it is for these that he is being Biblically reprimanded in this
blog, and should be, publicly, formally censured by the Church, especially in the light of no
corresponding, sincere, issued apology, nor any manifested contrite repentance.[41]37

Epilogue III - Gates 9/11/2010 Crisis!?!

By now it is not really surprising that David Gates is continuing unabated in his Three
Angels Message date-setting ways, as seen in this August 2010 sermon (Audio) [01:03:02ff]
where he claims that September 11, 2001-September 11, 2008 were the 7 fat years from
Josephs dream, which is to be followed by a supposed, sectioned 7 lean years subdivided in 2-
2-3 year segments with the first 2 years being fulfilled in the financial crisis of September 11,
2008-September 11, 2010 which is now to be followed in a 2-year assets crisis. Obviously David
Gates wants to persist in going against clear I was shown... statements in the SOP in regards to
such eschatological date-setting, and that with his, uncertain at best, profusely conditionally-
couched (i.e., perhaps, possibly, probably, might, if, etc) speculative suggestions (?!?)
-conditional suggestions which Gates however implicitly claims are prophetic based on the
divine principle of Amos 3:7. It is further not surprising that Gates statements, which are again
borrowed statements (as if that somehow disculpates him when they fail), again do not check
out on key levels, namely: exegetically, biblically, theologically, topically, prophetically,
factually, economically, historically, logically and practically, among others.[42]38 Yet people
still moronically, literally applaud these false prophecies. Furthermore David Gates himself

does not care whether these statements prove to be true or not. Like the false prophet Balaam, he
is just out for himself on this one, and the notoriety, and does not care how this affects the people
of God. So if someone wants to and/or can still believe in David Gatess time setting schemes
after reading through this blog post exposition, then they, quite sincerely, literally deserve hitting
the wall they are straightly heading towards! (cf. Hos 4:16, 17; Psa 81:11, 12). Perhaps that will
shake them out of this completely unbiblical spell and stupor. Indeed in the end they will
concretely know and understand that Biblical truth is to be determined and controlled by proper
exegesis and not such fanciful speculations.
Quite manifestly, and directly contrary to inspired counsel, David Gates is trying to get a
revival in the SDA Church by the means of couching the Three Angels message in set times.
He thinks that this is the only way that Church members will be convinced to take decisive
actions towards getting wholly involved in missionary endeavors and efforts. As it was stated
before, this is all the desire of an evil and adulterous generation (Matt 16:4) and David Gates
is, under self-deception, seeking to give them what they want. As the Spirit against this
eschatological time-setting intended, if a Church, after seeing the precise fulfillment of time
prophecies in Church History, still needs God to thus prove Himself again (indeed as Gates
himself says for according to him, in this 9/11/01-9/11/08 + 2+2+3-year timed prophecy
development God is proving that He is in control of end time events), then they really do not
have the type of faith in God needed to usher in prophesied Final Events, nor the degree of Faith
that Remnant Church members should have by now.

Epilogue IIIB - (November 2010+)

As seen in this November 20, 2010 sermon [09:34-19:32] [video] in a Romanian SDA
Church, during a weekend series of 4 sermons in 3 churches in the Loma Linda area, David Gates
was asked to make a statement clarifying some of the public claims that he had made in recent
years. So he proceeds to make a half-truth revisionism of his previous claims. Of course he
complete leaves out his recent Sept. 11, 2010 - Joseph Story Prophecy (see section above and in
Note #42), probably because no one mentioned this to him. So as with guileful people, he will
only address issues that you are aware of and not volunteer others. Gates guilefully, also
(relievedly) claims that he had never set a date for the Second Coming, however, as shown
above, the SOP Counsel against date setting particularly addresses the setting of ranges of dates
and also setting dates for any final event (e.g., Sunday Laws, the Mark of the Beast, National
Ruin (i.e., Gates falsely believed Total Economic Collapse) etc). These are proscribed things
that Gates has patently engaged in. So this clarification attempt of David Gates was nothing
more than a calculatedly guileful whitewashing of his previous waywardness, thus not showing
any remorse or contrition for any of them. Indeed this statement of his was filled with clever
diversionary obfuscations in order to fool his audience into thinking that he had not actually done
anything wrong.
In fact this was a frequent occurrence in his 4 sermons that weekend in regards to past
controversial statements or actions of his. However the real question then becomes: (a) were
these past statements the actual candid truth about what had occurred; or (b) was David Gates
lying when he said he made these statements, or related to have done certain unbiblical actions in
the past; or ( c) is he now lying to cover up all of these falsehoods and waywardness. Any

competent interrogator/investigator will quickly tell you that when someone freely makes an
adversial statement in regards to themselves, it is probably the full truth, and any attempt to later
rationalize it, or shift it to a more favorable light, and only once it has been exposed, is the lie.
So at best, even with these granted supposed corrective truths, David Gates would be guilty of,
oddly enough, having lied when he had indifferently/boastfully related/admitted in the past that
he had lied!?! Since all of these past lies are fully, transparently documented, one does not have
to give him any benefit of, actually, no doubt. His own past words and actions speak against him!
The fact that he knew that he was being so transparently documented when making these
statements and relating these actions actually show the depth of the skewed/defective spirituality
in these matters of truthfulness, combined with a variously unbiblical presumptuous mentality. It
is no mere Divine verbiage, David Gates, that God's Special Forces, the 144,000, are most
expressedly also said to have no guile in their mouths, and that through having been
blameless. (Rev 14:5). Get the crucial clue! (Cf. 2SM 380.2; 5T 216.2).
Nonetheless, so resolutely continues Gates work of preaching a spurious, fear-based,
motivational message, bolstered by guileful falsehoods, (all inclusively proscribed by the SOP
LHU 98.3 = {BEcho, June 25, 1894 par. 7}). Moreover, what to say of SDA pastors who
consider this to be Biblical Truth and give him an endorsing platform!!! Nothing more than the
blind guide of the blind. Indeed theyll both fall into a pit! (Matt 15:4).

New re-Beginnings!!? - (Faith Camp Series Jun-July 2011)

After having viewed David Gatess sermon series during Faith Camp 2011 it is quite
manifest that, prophetic-teachings wise, he is a reformed person. As he stated in one of those
sermons: he no longer believes in using templates to claim definite dates and times for final
event. Presumably, that includes his past claims, such as, (with them all related and debunked
above throughout this post), his timed Lazarus Experience; probable Sunday Law starts; and
his latest, Fall 2010, Joseph Story Prophecy. Even though this radical change of view may not
be out of having followed Bible and SOP principles for not engaging in any specific
intervening nor Second Coming time date-setting, but out of: literally having hit a wall
running with a past path strewed with a litany of failed claims and prophecies, (indeed the clarion
death knell of any presumptuous and false prophesying (Deut 18:20-22)), Ill give him some
kudos for not having, at least publicly, (-as he did say that he would only say some things during
that Camp series off air), for not, as he surely would have in the not so distant past, make a
sure Final Events start claim with manufactured, and then looming, U.S. Debt Default Crisis
that was on schedule to occur on August 2, 2011 which probably would have had, (given the
whimsical way in which the Global Economy is also subject to), Global Recessionary
repercussions, and was indeed averted at the last instances, officially/literally with 10 hours and
10 minutes before that deadline.
So while several statements made by David Gates during that series would substantively
qualify as issues that I would challengingly address in this blog, I have opted, at least for now, to
pass on them, albeit mainly due to my current constrained schedule, nonetheless still allowing for
Gates manifest restraint in not (re)-engaging in time setting and events pre-dating in regards to
the U.S. Debt issue, (which, with all of the needed elements present in this issue, would indeed
have dovetailed perfectly with his past sure Final Events initiating scenario), to atone for

those, relatively lessor Biblically/Theologically substantive, factually-speaking, personal and/or
(SDA) common fundamental misunderstandings and derived assumptions.
It seems that Gates was able to refrain from doing this past false teachings/claims
relapse here because, as several statements in that series seemed to show, he now more rightly
and/or more fully, even experientially, (though not Biblically/Theologically perfectly),
understands the Truth that: God is actually pointedly looking for His People to do His expected
Full Gospel Mandate Work on the Earth and not instead constrainedly looking for a set time to
arrive. As the Jer 18:1-10 principle shows, God can and will change his mind when
circumstances on Earth/with His professes People, warrant such judicious and injunctive actions,
postponements and/or alterations.
As exegetically expressed in this post, the Church failed their Lazarus Experience Sign
Testing, with David Gates, due to faulty approaches and theology, also contributing in some part
to this failing, thus, according to the Theological View of the NJK Project, sealing the Greater
Gospel Works Eschatological Unfolding of Gods Redemptive Cause. There is indeed much,
much necessary & tangible work to do, and what could have been acceleratedly accomplished
through acting on supposed faith professions (as David Gates tried to spearhead), will still now
be accomplished, but by now allowing for the normal unfolding of whatever time is actually
needed to get this done, indeed through the due advancement, investment and proper utilization
of the earlier/already given and readily available light, talents and mandate bestowed upon
Gods Remnant People. And this all needs to start with understanding the Third Angels Sealing
Message for, first, the Church, in regards to Gods Fuller Sabbatical Truth.

September 2011+ Regretting Relapsing!??

All depending on what is his source of Truth, whether the Bible/SOP or his own
Gateisms, just judging by succinct, but tellingly significant statements/segments his latest
sermons/series, David Gates is manifestly regrettingly relapsing into his past ways of
indifferently spouting of his Gateistic exaggerations/fabrications. Manifestly this is out of his
expressed decision to now outrightly ignore criticism made against him. (There is actually
something much worst than criticism, and that is silent indifference, for at worst, expressed,
substantively valid criticism tacitly challenges one to duly prove your case/claim/point.)
Such regretful Gateistic relapse major statements namely are (and for again the
constraints of my time, the specific relocating of these statements is not always done here):

-The Vatican controls the White House through its Catholic Religious advisors.
[Which is why, I guess, the current Obama administration does not have an anti-abortion

-The present 5 out of 7 Roman Catholic U.S. Supreme Court Judges is out of a Vatican
[-As already debunkedly shown in this blog post, conversely speaking, not even a U.S. Supreme
Court made up entirely of SDAs could not prevent a Sunday Law if that indeed had, and that
dually, become the Legislative and Constitutional Law/Right of the Land. (-Ill personally give

him the benefit of the doubt on his, actually ascertainingly pondered, statement that there are 7
U.S. Supreme Court Judges, as I myself had to ascertain if there actually were not 12. -There are
actually 9 Judges, and of which 6 are actually Roman Catholics, with the other 3 (Ginsburg;
Kagan and Breyer) being of the Judaism persuasion.)]

-Of course, since this time has yet come and gone as his other failed prophetic times,
David Gates is still claiming that Jacques Cousteau has accurately said that life on earth
cannot go on for more than 40 years (thus not beyond ca. 2036).
[That claim, and the way in which it is being distortedly misquoted, has been discussed in this
post; and more emphatically restating a point here: given what Cousteau had (disclaimingly)
stated about his scientific expertise, or actually, the lack thereof, and that in any area, claiming
that Cousteau has here made an incontrovertible statement about the state and future of this
planet/world is like accepting the defense of waterboarding by U.S. member of government
because it was done to an actress in/for a Hollywood movie. (And by the way, just for the
similar/related impresario matter, there has also been numerous nuclear detonations in various
places on this Hollywood movies.)]

-As I do not have yet can factually verify the recent Hungarian Constitutional re-drafting, (cf. this
memorandum), I cannot fully make debunking statements, (but in due time will), against David
Gates claims in regards to it (see here at 13:00-14:27). However these statements bear all of the
telling physical and rational signs of Gateism, and so, with actually no benefit of the doubt here
being affordable to him given his past track record in such, and readily verifiable, matters, as
documented in this blog post, these statements are indeed categorized as most probably (more)
fanciful guiles. In fact his claim that Hungary has voted to become a Catholic Country, and that
the Separation of Church and State and the Freedom of Religion and Belief, and the free
exercise thereof has now been abrogated is actually readily categorically diffused by Article VI
of the (April 2011) Draft/Passed content of this New Constitution as it says:

VI. Article
(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right includes
freedom to choose and to change religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community
with others and in public or in private, to manifest or choose not to manifest religion or belief, in
worship, teaching, practice and observance.
(2) In Hungary the churches and the State operate separately. Churches are independent in
The State will cooperate with churches in the pursuit of community objectives.
(3) Detailed regulations pertaining to churches will be set forth in a super majority law

As typical with his Gateistic mindset, Gates has sanctimoniously extra-polated these
statements to instead/surely mean/imply:

(1) You have to fall in line/harmony with what Rome says.

(2) You have to be a State-supported Church
[This Article VI.2 statement is (a) limited to meeting community objectives, and (b) is not
expressing a notion of forced acceptance of the resources of the State. Cooperation is not
linguistically synonymous to force. So, in any potential legal eventuality, the Constitution did
not force acceptance, nor even Church participation. It rather seems to be that the State, instead
of setting up separate government institutions/establishments to meet community objectives, it
will instead work with/through Churches who are naturally/already endeavoring to provide such
selfsame community services. (E.g., food banks, clothe distribution, etc.)

(3) The State will decide what is lawful religion for a religion.
[Seems to me that normatively, it indeed is the State that democratically regulatorily decides on
claimed religious issues such as e.g., capital punishment, polygamy, child-brides, abortion
rights, civil rights/discrimination, certain civil/domestic corporal punishment, etc. Indeed
nothing unusual here, and if those things were not being regulated before under the previous
Hungarian Constitution, then that is a quite commendable improvement.]


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References & Notes

1. [1] This post was begun after over 70 (by now 450+) heard/viewed audio and video messages
of David Gates. For the sake of the would be necessary extra time and considerable effort to
pointedly relocate references, specific references for factual statements made, or alluded to, from
these media resources are not always explicitly given. This would require that most, if not all, of
these media resources, ca. 100 hours, which were listened to periodically over the last few years,
be all re-listened to now, at once. However this is not practically feasible now. If however one
should come across something that is known to be factually incorrect or inexact, please bring it to
my attention (via email - see in Profile). As much as possible do cite the specific reference where
this correction can be verified.
(Just for the record: I had first repeatedly contacted David Gates privately in regards to
many of the comments made in this blog, particularly his SOP-disregarding time-setting
waywardness. When he, not only ignored to respond to or heed these messages, (and there was
(cyber) evidence that he did receive and open them) and also when I saw on the internet that
others had also spoken to, and/or reproved him, either privately and/or (then) publicly (e.g.,
blogs, forums), I then expanded and posted my own messages, and this resulting and therefore
just-ified commentary. All of this is indeed in the true Biblical and SOP spirit, e.g., even to the
letter of Christs mandate in Matt 18:15-17.)

2. [2] Said in sermon: AYC - School of the Prophets IV - 2. Unlimited Resources (Other Link)
[58:10ff]. Indeed using an inflation calculator, this $1.5 million in 2003 equate ca. $77,000 back
in (i.e., as applicably far back as) 1844 dollars.
As Gates further relates, obtaining the funds for the $1.5 million was a battle in itself as
they had to then fight against an absolutely incensed accountant of the funds donor who even
sought to take control of the funds claiming the donor, a still practicing, though then 87 years
old, surgeon (and retired missionary), to be mentally incompetent. (See Restoring the Years - 3.
Secrets of Spiritual Conquest [24:12ff]).

It is interesting to hear Gates retell the story of this miracle as it was developing. It is seen

that it was indeed a great faith odyssey for him. See e.g. this ca. July/August 2002 sermon
[46:20-01:16:00] - a few months after a $1.4 million unfunded check was given to the sellers in
surety of a future payment, which came some 19 months later; this December 2002 sermon
[29:21-54:13] - about a month after the still unpaid TV Station went on the air (as a form of
advertising in order to generate interest for financial support and donations); also see this 2004
sermon given a little while after the TV Network was finally paid in full in late December 2003.
(See also the more detailed written account of this miracle in the book Mission Miracles (pp. 41-
64; 100-108).

3. [3] Sermon: Restoring the Years- Sermon #1 [40:57ff--53:55ff--55:18ff57:00ff58:58ff--


4. [4] In this December 2004 presentation on this Daniel Sabbath School Lesson: Time of the
End (or The End of Time) [32:36ff] (video only), (and reassertively sustained as a non-disproved
possibility(?!?) with, Biblical-Truth speaking, spurious and sly disclaimers, in this November
2010 SS Lesson [21:20ff] (video)**), Doug Batchelor tries to advanced the theory that, not only
do the predictions in Daniel 12 have an eschatological application, (an exegetically quite self-
evident truth that not too many SDAs will deny), but that any time elements in these predictions,
namely the 1260, 1290 and 1335 days, will also be fulfilled literally in their eschatological
fulfillment. Such a timed event belief would in spirit go against this SOP statements and others
against also attaching definite time to eschatological fulfillments, especially as the 1260, 1290
and 1335 days mentioned there have found a full, and specific, fulfillment in Church History.
Still Doug Batchelor tries, and that, as usual with him when challenged by/confronted with
difficult passages, and even contradicting evidence, with shrewd diversionary, hoodwinking, old-
days NYC con-artistry, tactics. Many such examples of this could easily be cited from his
attempted defense of his theory here, but for the sake of time, these false reasonings will be
succinctly addressed here.
First of all, he argues against this plain statement in 1MR 100.1 and tries to suggests that
this was only a reference to the prophetic time of the 2300 days. If this was the case, then EGW
subsequent qualifying words: the longest reckoning... would make absolutely no sense as it
would be completely unnecessary. She would instead have simply said: Its (i.e., this 2300-day
prophecy) reckoning reaches to the autumn of 1844. The fact that she has to qualify that
statement with the longest indicates that many other time prophecies could have also been
understood as the specific reference here. By saying the longest she then narrowed it down
here, from a pool of all other time prophecies, to only the time of the 2300 days. Also it was
indeed during the time period of the Great Second Advent Movement during 1842-1844, that a
great tracing of prophetic time was done. Interestingly they, (the 1260, 1290, 1335 days) all
culminated in this historical time period. So EGWs mention of prophetic time is a collective
reference to all time prophecies extending to the Time of the End. (See also my comments in
this forum thread post, and also this one, for more debunking of this Second Coming Time
only view).
Then Doug Batchelor cites that in the 1850 statement of Ellen White to a Brother Hewit
that she said that one of the errors of this brother was that he preached that the 1335 days were in

the past. Her exact statement was : We told him [Hewit] of some of his errors in the past, that
the 1335 days were ended and numerous errors of his. It had but little effect. (6MR 251).
While it may be argued, as Batchelor has done that she was listing here an error of Hewit, it can
easily also be seen that this statement could also be saying that contrary to what Hewit preached,
the 1335 days were already ended i.e, in 1843. Linguistically, an applicable, simple distributive
reading of this compound statement clearly reveals what she meant. She would then have
pertinently said here that: We told him [Hewit]~that the 1335 days were ended. However her
precise meaning can also easily be understood when her other expressed views on the 1335 days
(as above) are duly also taken into consideration. Nowhere does she ever contradict or object to
any expositor who believed that the 1335 days had ended in either 1843 or 1844. So then how
can she be saying here in 1850 that one of Hewits errors was that he believed that the these 1335
days had already ended??? Only the contrary makes perfect sense. (Cf. this BRI article).
It can be observed in the video that Batchelor actually realized that what he was about to
advanced could easily be read, and understood in this other way, yet, as typical of him, he pulls a
fast one here, and obstinately continues with his view. He then tries to corroborate this view
with two, actually, exegetically completely, non-relevant citations from the SOP. Namely: (1)
that GC 640.2 which speaks of the voice of God declaring the day and hour of Jesus coming is
thus a timed, future prophecy; (2) a statement in a letter that Daniel 12 must be studied
because it contains a warning that must be understood before the time of the end. (Letter to
Daniells and Prescot, July 30, 1903).
The reference in (1) is actually not a prophecy per se, but simple a statement of fact.
It actually fulfills Christ statement in Matt 24:36 [and it seems to have been only concretely set
only after all other prophetic events have been fulfilled, thus leading to the sure, irreversible
consummation of this fallen world history. (Cf. this blog post for the basis of this view)].
Obviously, in (2), Doug Batchelor wrongly assumes/believes that the phrase time of the
end must have only one technical meaning/understanding, so if it is stated to refer to a time
period after 1844, then this must mean that the eschatological Time of the End did not begin in
1844. An erroneous generalization.
Conclusion: Both Gates and Batchelor have no conclusive Biblical or SOP support for a
theory that any eschatological prophecy that mentions a time period must also have a literal and
definite time-involved/dependent fulfilment. Batchelor self-proclaimed meat of the word view
here is actually completely meatless. Furthermore, trying, as Batchelor does [40:31], to
delineate precisely how long end time events such as the Little time of Trouble, the Great
Time of Trouble and the 7 Last Plagues will last, by basing this on the 1260, 1290 and 1335
days respectively, completely goes against Gods necessary endtime purposes of testing the
genuineness of the Remnants Belief and Faith. This would also mean that, as the misconstrued,
quoted statement by Batchelor in GC 640.2 is made in the context of the Deliverance of the
Saints, following their Great Time of Trouble (cf. LDE 272-274) then Batchelor, with his
precise, 1335 literal days from the passing of Sunday Laws to the end reckoning and chart
would know the precise time when the Second Coming would occur long before (i.e., ca. 3 years
and 8 months) before the voice of God actually states it. Furthermore, in todays C-Span type age
where legislative proceedings are televised and Presidential signing of Bills into Laws are well
mediatized, and that Live, it is possible to know, much more prominently than in, e.g., EGWs

days, exactly when a law was/is officially passed. So, based on Batchelors emphasized precision
in his view, he would also know ca. 4 years before, the exact hour (if not also the minute and
second), when Jesuss Coming in the cloud will occur. So Jesus should really have instead said:
No one knows the day nor the hour except Doug Batchelor and (or then?) God the Father.!?!

**Doug Batchelor is here reasserting his belief that his priorly presented view possibly could
have a fulfillment based on time. As his prior view has been completely debunked, as done in the
statements above, and he manifestly is aware of this, then this reassertion, which now lacks any
semblance of any SOP or Biblical support, is self-evidently solely being propped up by his
indifferent pride. Indeed with his mere possibility defence, and that with a (now, through
insistence, moronically) infantile: you cant disprove it argument, one can claim absolutely
anything, like, e.g., Cro-magnon, the Secret Rapture or even Unicorns!!! Rather than merely
seeking to present enchanting, and his patented, truth duds, all borne solely out of private
opinions and conjured up possibilities, Doug Batchelor should instead engage in concretely
proving what he teaches and believes. But as they say, ignorance is bliss, and evidently, also
quite popular!

5. [5] This may also be the reason why this time period is not stated in an encrypted way (6X -
Rev 20:2-7) as there then would not be any more reason to do so (cf. vss. 1-3).

6. [6] Said in e.g., sermon: AYC - School of the Prophets IV - 6. Special Forces (Other Link)
[38:04ff]. Some have said that David Gates prediction of economic collapse came true with the
Financial Crisis manifested in August 2008 however, not only is that factually not the case, i.e.,
the world did not come to an end then, that crisis was actually rectified by the very means which
David Gates had based his total collapse prediction upon, namely, the U.S. printing more money,
and that in the hundreds of billion! In addition to that it was also China that helped the U.S. to
survive this crisis by lending it more money. According to Gates theory, China is so completely
dependent on the U.S. for economic viability, that any economic crisis involving the U.S. would
surely also bring down China, and then others, like a house of cards.
As (1) I have finally uncovered the source of David Gates economic predictions which
he (finally) explicitly documents/cites in this October 26, 2008 sermon (Part 3) [in Australia] at
[18:18-21:06ff], as the econo-politico think tank LEAP/E2020 (European Laboratory of
Political Anticipation) in its monthly bulletins known as GEAB (Global Economic Anticipation
Bulletin), and (2) the pertinent bulletins, here namely GEAB No.22 (February 16, 2008), No.23
(March 16, 2008) and No.24 (April 16, 2008) which indeed did anticipate an economic crisis
starting in specifically September of 2008, had incorporated the detrimental effects of the already
great losses incurred by the underlying toxic assets of the sub prime bubble (a.k.a. an
overvaluation of assets), which had burst back in 2006, I have retracted from this post the
previous observations that David Gates prediction of an economic collapse in the fall of 2008
had been based upon the wrong causal event. This correction however has led to discover the
actual root cause problem of David Gates attempted quasi-prophecy here, for when a believers,
using whatever pertinent temporal/secular facts, effectively makes a prophetic prediction from
this as David Gates did (i.e., these temporal developments have been foreseen by God as

especially stated in the SOP), it must first be ascertained if: (1) the message actually came from
God (paramountly, involving if it was Biblically based), and (2) if it is ascertained that the
message was of an inspired source, then why did it not come to pass as predicted.
Not surprising, as he typically does, Gates actually took these secular economic
anticipations which greatly corroborated his projects and wildly (i.e., unbiblically), frantically
ran with them. (In actuality these economic anticipations may, in terms of timing, which
actually can be, and indeed is, arrived at by using complex and comprehensive economic models
and formulas, is thus actually a self-fulfilling prophecy, especially when the input parameters
resulting in this predicted scenario are not pre-emptively changed and corrected. It must also be
pointed out that the LEAP think tank repeatedly makes many such anticipations, as seen in
their online archive of their GEAB abstracts, most of which have not come to pass in any way,
and thus are now considered as completely wild, as this September 2008 prediction would also
have been classified if it hadnt materialized in part of its anticipated degree. So this
fulfilled, and even precisely at that, prediction may have doubly been only a complete fluke!)
What Gates did is that he took these secular predictions and went Futuristic-Dispensationalist on
us by forcing them unto the inspired prophetic statements in the Bible and SOP regarding the
end. He thus felt and taught that this predicted, looming economic crisis would unquestionably
be the National Ruin predicted in the SOP. Thus, as seen in David Gatess famous/infamous,
April 18, 2008 clarion sermon, apparently dubbed The Coming Crisis** (video) at [59:38-
01:13:56ff], which was an expansion of his previous weeks 30th Academy Alumni weekend
sermon statement [see at 09:50-13:43], became so certain about a soon, National Ruin in a
total collapse of the U.S. Economy, he went on to reverse engineered the spiritual Final Events
based on the SOP understanding that National Ruin will follow National Apostasy. So since he
felt that he precisely knew when this National Ruin would to occur, i.e., in the Fall of 2008,
then he self-confidently stated that the preceding National Apostasy, of a full blown National
Sunday Law movement (see LDE 133-136), would transpire before that time. In fact David Gates
goes on to falsely claim, by actual necessity to validate his private views, that the SOP only says
that National Ruin will follow National Apostasy and not necessarily (i.e., not as strictly
causedly stated) that National Ruin will be caused by National Apostasy!?! (See in this
October 26, 2008 sermon (Part 3) at [38:14-39:08ff]). However it is clear from the Bible and
SOP that National Ruin will indeed be solely and strictly caused by Spiritual/Supernatural
events (Rev 15ff; 18:4-6ff), normatively leading to economic distress and upheaval. (Rev 18:6ff)
and that these calamities are all the resulting, deliberate judgement of God on those who have
accepted the Mark of the Beast.
So the self-defeating problem with David Gates view here, as indeed with all other
unbiblical views such as the speculations of Futurist-Dispensationalist with National Israel, is
that it is completely devoid and deficient of any spiritual dimension. Indeed Dispensationalist fail
to see that National Israel can only be Gods end time prophetic people, if they also accept Christ
as their Messiah (Gal 3:28, 29). In the same way, David Gates has had to discredit and ignore the
explicit and strict inspired counsel that National Ruin is a deliberate judgement from God and
not a man-made crisis as these secular scenarios envision. Case in point this statement of his in
this late 2008 sermon [at 00:08-01:08ff] where he boldly, heretically, states that: the National
Ruin spoken of in the SOP (i.e., according to his view, the sure total economic collapse of the

U.S. Economy) will occur with or without a National Apostasy.!?! Whichever way he futilely
goes on to try to harmonize that heresy with the SOP, he clearly indicates that according to him,
National Ruin will not necessarily be a Divine judgement of God as mentioned in the SOP.
Quite contrary to Gates false rationalization here, if there is no National Apostasy as
prophesied, then any occurring national crisis prior to it, is not, in any, even synonymous way,
the Biblically prophesied National Ruin. God does not readjust His Perfect and Righteous
Spirituality, Judgements and Prophecies in order to keep up with Gates base and
sensationalistic, views and predictions!
So clearly, in this spiritually and literally blasphemous stance of Gates, God is also not
at all seen as directly entering into pointed and overturning judgement with those who would
have just made void His Law, because their economic troubles are either partly and/or entirely
due to their own prior overspending and mismanagement. Indeed like any blasphemy is takes an
action purely from God and seeks to effectively undermine and discredit it, even if partly, for that
is really all that this takes, and attributes it to mans power and doing. How can such a secular
message actually be preaching the final Spiritual solemn warning of God against the taking of the
Mark of the Beast as seen in the Third Angels message (Rev 14:9-11). Indeed by attributing this
National Ruin to mans doing, it thus completely implodes this warning of God and thus the
conviction and obedience that must be paid in regards to this fundamental Remnant Churchs
message. One can see for themselves here the slippery slope of David Gates seemingly
simple/inconsequential, self-justified, SOP editorial amendment here.
Needless to say in summary here that all of these rationalizations and predictions by
Gates was all completely false. Still he will now claim that this is mere prognostication and not
prophesying, however as he (1) claimed that these were specific fulfillments of prophecies
made in the Bible and SOP, and (2) tried to precisely state when end time prophecies would
occur, it qualifies as prophesying, but false prophesying at that. (Deut 18:18-22). Indeed, like
with the many false predictions and statements of David Gates, they are all solely the product of
him having deliberately disregarded inspired counsels and relying instead on various human
reasonings and base ways. So as the basis of David Gates prophecy was completely unbiblical
in denying the Spiritual causation of the Bible and SOPs prophesied National Ruin, it is moot to
try to find and understand a Spiritual reason why the Fall of 2008 crisis did not unravel into his
anticipated total collapse. He has, even pre-emptively tried to prepare for, and explain, this
possible development by plausibly claiming that this would be because God saw fit to give the
Church more time, however his purely earthly statements were actually not at all from God to
begin with. So the actual Biblical reason here why this crisis was not at all the Bibles, nor
SOPs, prophesied National Ruin is simply that no National Apostasy had transpired before
to be judged by God. Indeed there was not even a hint of such Sunday Law movements in the
world in the months leading up to the Fall of 2008, a movement which, as David Gates defends
against, while being concealed in order to prevent SDA opposition, will still need to be quite
publically manifested because it, as explained in Note #13 below, will ultimately have to be
knowingly, democratically endorsed, and legislatively carried and sustained by the People.

In fact David Gates himself, as stated in this March 8, 2008 sermon [at 27:08-29:51]
(video), initially fully recognized that his National Ruin scenario was contradictory to the

SOPs testimony on this issue, however, like he conveniently always does, he uncritically hitched
on to a spreading rumor which had started in late months of 2007 and continued through the early
months of 2008 that there had been secret Sunday Law meetings, with more planned in
preparation for the upcoming visit of the Pope in April 2008. However these rumors had already
been adressed and debunked by the SDAs North American Religious Liberty Association in a
widely circulated response letter. (See also this Adventist Review article; - also see Gates rebuttal
to the NARLA and AR responses in this video Part 1 & Part 2). However, as explained above,
even with this supposed prior National Apostasy fulfillment, David Gatess supposed National
Ruin fulfillment would still not be linked to a prophesied National Apostasy as specified in the
Bible and the SOP because his total economic collapse would have solely been caused by man-
made reasons, and not by Gods direct judgements.

**(Suspiciously enough, this hysterical National Debt = Soon Coming Economic Crisis
scenario of David Gates seems to be patterned, (SDA-)adapted, ad sensum, if not also ad verbum,
and updated after/from the ca. 1993 documentary by Jeremiah Films entitled: The Crash - The
Coming Financial Collapse of America [video]. See also these related, and possibly contributive,
documents) Indeed as per Gates own citation in this same October 26, 2008 sermon (Part 3) at
[17:23-18:14], he states that his view on how the economic crisis can unravel into a socio-
political crisis was based upon the 1991 book of Larry Burkett, updated in 2000 entitled: The
Coming Economic Earthquake. (See also Burketts 2000 updating article on why the anticipated
collapse had not yet occurred.) Burkett was indeed one of the main contributors to the above
mentioned Jeremiah Films production.
In fact, as also explained below in Note #35, the total collapse of the U.S. Economy, to
the point of also greatly affecting its government and policies virtually may literally not be
possible on a purely temporal level, mainly because the most valuable aspect of the U.S.
Economy, namely its educated and industrious people would remain, along with the U.S.s
natural wealth and the quite valuable tangible assets and infrastructure that it already has, and
needs to have, for a productive economy. (Cf. in this March 2010 article). So really it is only the
actually not realistic aspects of its economy that would collapse, i.e., any wealth that is beyond
what its economy can really produce (i.e., without over-extended credit). So as the Bible and
SOP presciently and divinely understand and foretell, it will indeed be Gods direct attack on
these key fundamental economic aspects, especially in regards to standing tangible assets and
natural wealth/resources, that would produce this National Ruin. The affection of the other key
part of this fundamental wealth, the people would also have been specifically touched by God
(se e.g., Rev 16:1-2ff). The rational minds of these people, which helps to prevents the
destructive chaos of total anarchy, would have been detrimentally affected by them having given
themselves over to the power of demons and the devil by knowingly having accepted the Mark of
the Beast.
As the end time, fuller understanding of Gods Sabbath includes much more than the
precise and proper observance of the 7th day of the week (cf. Isa 58), the focus of the Remnant
Church should be on preaching this full understanding of the Sabbath and its wide reaching
rest that it should procure. For until this warning/testimony is rightly and tangibly given, there
will be absolutely no need for those who are opposed to it to turn in blind rage to laws and

physical force in order to silence it and make it go away. Also it is only in the light of
supernatural manifestations and calamities which a group of people have identified as Gods
judgement that a Death Decree would then correspondingly be seen as being appropriate and
vitally expedient. (EW 36)

7. [7] Said in this ca. March 2008 sermon [at 00:59-06:55ff] partly derived from this Febraury
2006 GEAB bulletin.which only mentioned the commencement of the ceasing of the U.S.s
publish of its M3 data, which actually had been pre-announced by the U.S. Federal Reserve back
in November 2005 as seen in this public announcement.
As this statement of David Gates is patently, guilefully, partly true but also partly false,
especially in the way it is being conveyed by him, it is therefore included here as a false
statement. First of all this 2008 total debt of $57 Trillion is not actually true because Gates
makes what is here distinctly known as Unfunded Obligations, which are merely promises of
future payments to future recipients of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid etc, part of the
Gross National Debt (GND). So technically these funds are not a debt, per se, but solely a future
budget deficit. In other words, this deficit is only on paper, in the forms of IOUs and not tangibly
incurred and borrowed debt. The only part of Social Security that tangibly makes it into the
present, annual debt is any annual surplus from annual SS payouts, when SS payroll
contributions exceed that years payouts to recipients. The Government places these surpluses in
the Social Security Trust Fund (SST), but also borrows it for its annual budget expense, and so
annual interest is due on this borrowed SS Fund. So Gates claimed that the U.S. has to print
money in order to pay the interest on $57 T, which, at apparently his used gross rate of ca. 5%
(i.e., also including the separate rate for the SS Trust Fund) would be $2.85 T, thus exceeding the
Federal Budget Income of $2.66 T for 2008, is not really the case. Gates figures are indeed
fabricated upon a wrong assumption, or probably, deliberately, deceptively conflated statement
that the Governments Unfunded Obligations are part of the tangible debt. The U.S.
Government has not borrowed these $57 T from other sources and already spent it. Indeed for
this to be the case, it would have had to currently spend it, and that, as it obviously wasnt used to
complete payoff is (2008) $9.985 T GND, then, according to how SS works, on present SS
payments, which would actually be to (future) beneficiaries; which all clearly makes no sense. So
this future deficit is indeed solely IOUs. In fact, since this money has not even been borrowed, it
cannot be included in an debt interest calculation, as it is not at all part of the borrowed principle.
Indeed it does not even exist! Suspiciously enough, these are all facts that a person with a
Masters in Business, as with David Gates, should have known, and perfectly understood!?
Furthermore, the Congress could eventually, and that quite lawfully, though extremely,
wipe out this future deficit, if it, through legislation, later votes to retroactively repeal these
payout promises of this Social Contract of the Social Security Act. In other words people could
be elected to congress who will represent a majority of the (working) people who prefer to have
Social Security (SS) payouts repealed or drastically lessened rather than e.g., see their paycheck
SS deductions be increased to an exorbitant (e.g.,) 15% (vs. the current 7.65%) in order to pay
past and current SS beneficiaries, all while they opt to invest their money into privatized SS
funds and/or directly into the Stock Market, thus effectively completely disbanding Social
Security. This is technically quite feasible because when such drastic paycheck deductions would

be needed, the payees to beneficiaries ratio would be ca. 2:1. As political history has repeatedly
shown, a governments promise, even one having been codified in law,, especially in a
democracy, is not automatically an accomplished fact.)
With such an exponentially heightened view which actually makes the U.S. debt problem
at least ca. 5X more than what it tangibly is, it is not surprising that David Gates saw an
imminent total collapse as the only possible next consequence. Indeed he wanted to, quite
conveniently, make it seem that this unpayable tipping point of the U.S. Economy had indeed
just been attained, thus most timely corroborating his quasi-prophetic predictions, as now, as he
carefully setups this insolvency announcement, foreign institutional holders of the U.S. Debt
(e.g., Foreign Central Banks) will now want to collect on their loans. However, using precise
budgetary figures, including such Unfunded Obligations, and, just for the sake of argument
here, considering Gates inclusion of these as part of actual interest calculations [source], the U.S.
Federal Revenues would have been exceeded by the would-be resulting due heightened interest
payments, as claimed here, since 2004! (It must be pointed out that this stance of Gates is not one
that is unique to him, (see e.g., this article), however, in terms of what has to be repaid; and that,
now, it is not the (scientifically/economically) accurate view.)

8. [8] According to Gates, as per this elaboration [12:50ff] (video only), apparently this will be
accomplish, if supposedly everything else should fail, (i.e., these wealthy people do not want to
freely give money to SDA ministries), or by default, by an angel bypassing whatever high-tech
security system these people may have, (as an angel easily can [really!?!] - an incontrovertible
reality which supposedly is to then make his entire scenario the absolute truth), and waking them
up in the middle of the night and telling them to write, e.g., from Bill Gates, a $1 Billion dollar
check to Gates Ministry and projects or else his/their life will be taken from them that very
night. He was confident that all of this would take place within a few weeks after this October
26, 2008 sermon (Part 2) (see at 01:12:02-01:15:54). This extreme view of his is derived from a
(mis)understanding of Eccl 2:26 combined with an allusion to the parable of the Rich Fool (Luke
12:13-21). However, theologically speaking, it is a completely baseless, unbiblical and even
blasphemous portrayal of God and the Heavenly Intelligence!
First of all, Eccl 2:26 does not say that what is to be given is money. It could very well
be that the giving of Bill Gates and others is to be in the various technologies and inventions
that they have painstakingly developed; with many of them simply being improving
advancements of basic scientific knowledge and principles that were discovered in the 19th
century by scientists and inventors who mostly were overtly devote believers in God.
Also in support of this view, David Gates has to misstate Psa 2:8, a Messianic Psalm, to
make it say: I will give you the [wealth of] the heathen as a your inheritance. If that was the
case then vs. 9 would be pointedly saying that this inherited wealth should then be utterly
destroyed. However, the focus of this statement is solely and specifically on the people, namely
the nations/Gentiles and indeed this was a promise that was fulfilled through Jesus the Messiah,
as also seen in the ever-expanding, tangible spread of the Gospel Message to the ends of the
earth, despite, often times, great obstacles. (cf. Matt 28:18-20; Acts 1:8). So, as this text is
pointedly saying, the Messiahs influence, which includes a social influence, would not be
limited only to Ethnic Jews/Israel, but be available to anyone throughout the world who wants to

live according to it.
Secondly, according to Gates view, God apparently is now to act like a mafia don!?!
There is absolutely no example of such, effectively extortionist, mobster method of God in the
Bible. The request made by the departing Israelites upon the Egyptian could mindlessly be cited
as an example (Exod 3:21, 22; 11:2, 3; 12:35, 36), however this was just as lawful as a judicial
settlement for enslavement reparations due to Israel for their years of free and oppressive labor.
(Gen 15:14). So even then, Israel came to fully merit this wealth. Pharaoh and the Egyptians
suffered the consequences of the plagues strictly because they repeatedly refused to let Israel
freely go, and not at all because they refused to give departing Israel part of their wealth.
In the parable of the Rich Fool, where David Gates wrongly assumes he has an implicit
Biblical precedence for his statement, Jesus could also easily have indicated this would-be desire
of God to forcefully extort wealth from the rich. However that parable is explicitly against such
a notion. The whole episode/parable was initiated by the request of someone in the crowd for
Jesus to forcefully tell their brother to divide the family inheritance with him. (vs. 13) Jesuss
reply (vs. 14) and subsequent corrective lesson (vs. 16ff) shows that it was not by such force
that He expected even such legally due sharing of wealth to be done. In the parable, the Rich
Fool had an overabundance of crops. What better opportunity for God to coerce this wealthy
person to share these eventually perishable items with those who were hungry and in need. But
no! The parable ends with God actually suggestively telling the Rich Fool, despite the fact that
his time had apparently been made to come: And who will own what you have prepared? (vs.
20). What better occasion for God to literally rejoice over this wealthy persons terminal
fate/grave and then turn over his wealth to the poor and needy. Evidently God does not, and will
not, operate through such an extortion, or even profiteering principle.
God instead gives his people power to make wealth. (Deut 8:18). And in the many
various resources, both corporate and personal, that He has allowed the Remnant Church and its
individual members to have, through the special guidance and counsels of His Spirit, He indeed
has given this Church and its members all of the resources they need to complete their
commission. (cf. Deut 8:19, 20 & Rev 3:17-19). So rather than coveting the wealth of non-SDAs,
and envisioning and scheming mafia-style rackets and hits on the wealthy, David Gates should
rather seek to get his Church and fellow members to follow and obey the Biblical principles in
regards to wealth that they have, in a world-imitating, idolatrous stupor, cast aside.
If Gods own professed people will not even begin to give, even sacrificially (e.g., forego
buying the latest smart phone), to fund Gods work (presumably) beyond tithing, then why, even
how, should/could God hold this against non-SDAs.
And furthermore, why, as David Gates is so deliberately, defaultly insistent upon, should
this fantasied visiting angel to Bill Gates be an angel of death, especially in regards to Bill
Gates, of all people, who, on a total amount (vs. on a percent of personal money) basis, may be
the most charitably generous person with his money. So God is going to overlook the millions of
other rich people of the world, such as professional athletes, entertainers, and even criminals,
who openly and proudly squander their wealth on overabundant luxurious, frivolous, wasteful
and/or sinful, things and threaten Bill Gates with death?!? Why not so extort these various
people and collect any so desperately needed money from them. Also why would God even
need to threaten Bill Gates with death. The simple appearance of, clearly an Angelic Being

should be enough to convince anyone that the message should be hastily heeded. As stated above
God does not act in such a way to coerce ones will, in fact, He only has indicated such an,
actually, resulting consequence when people have rebelled against clear evidence from Him, and
that usually occurs with people who have professed to believe Him but then knowingly have
acted to the contrary (cf. e.g., Exod 4:24, 25; 32:1-14; Num 14:10-35; Ezek 11:1-13). However
God never makes this effective statement of: obey Me or I will murder you; but if ever
surfacedly so seemingly said, it is rather simply, and lovingly warned that: if you do not follow
what I have counselled then you will suffer the evitable natural/logical consequences for this
wayward course, (including, e.g., being overunned and defeated by much more powerful,
surrounding enemy forces who are already naturally bent on doing so). Quite tellingly enough,
David Gates never mentions in his fantastical scenario that Bill Gates actually even rebels against
this quite noticeably Angelic Being. (Unless this Angel is disguised as a masked hoodlum/thug,
and then why wouldnt Bill Gates absolutely refuse to later obey this extorting capos soldier, -
self-evidently hired and sent to him by David Gates and GMI in whose name this check has to be
made!!! And why would an Angel need to physically bypass/disable Bill Gates alarm when the
can pass through walls?!? This is quite manifestly just David Gates vindictive jealousy
circularly speaking, where he wants to convey that Bill Gates is bodily not safe despite his great
So it really is David Gates (Freudian) subconscious speaking here and indeed this
whole unGodlike scenario of David Gates speak more to his self-evident frustrated, covetous,
and even murderous, jealousy of (his last-namesake) Bill Gates and his wealth, and the whole
thing is due to David Gates actual own, effectively worshipful view of money, which now God
Himself is so desperately in need of, as his sermons imply, that He must resort to high-handed

9. [9] Said in this June 2007 sermon at [02:20-04:06ff], under the claim that it had been stated by
the Michigan Conference Religious Liberty director (Jerry Finneman) the week before. I havent
verified Finnemans sermon, mainly as it is a paid sermon acquirement [Whats the problem/dire
need here, his denominational salary is not enough???], but I am willing to bet that either
Finneman misspoke and said George instead of Jeb or he actually had said Jeb and Gates heard
George. It is not beyond Gates to take something that an SDA leader has said (e.g. Ed Reid) and
wildly run with it, without any verification, however incredible it may seem, especially when it
perfectly fits into his own preposterous end time scheme. (Later also said in sermon: AYC -
School of the Prophets IV - 6. Special Forces (Other Link) [19:38ff].)
Like in the retelling of any tale, especially when widely believed and unchallenged, it gets
bigger and more sensational each time. Well so it is the case with the retelling of this takeover
plot in Gates future mention of it following the ca. December 2007 School of the Prophets
reference above. (By the way, isnt the SDA Church also seeking to so illuminate so-called
dark counties.)

10. [10] Especially if, as David Gates mentions for corroboration of his Takeover Plot,
immigrant Mexicans are allowed to be sponsored by the Catholic Church to live in the Northern
U.S. (E.g., Minnesota) where they cannot, as George W. Bush has Freudianly quipped, do the

work that Americans wont do - i.e., back-breaking, sun-baking, underpaid, agriculture work.
Evidently Gates subconsciously believes that Mexican immigration/migration can only be
legit/acceptable if they remain in the Southwestern part of the U.S.

11. [11] Along these lines of such evidently preposterous statements, especially in the light of
readily verifiable facts, Gates reaffirmedly states in this talk [34:52ff] that in 400 years, it has
never rained in the city of Lima, Peru. That is verifiably, absolutely false. Lima, Peru, while
having very little rainfall annually, still does receive, on average, about 7 mm (0.28 in) of rainfall
annually. (Cf. here and here). [That would therefore be about 2.8 m (9.2 ft) in the past 400 years.]
Very little is not synonymous with the never that David Gates tried to so emphatically
convey in this statement.
One has to wonder if such statements of Gates are based upon, an excusable, reception
and/or acceptance of faulty information, or worse, that the symptom of what is being used here is
a belief that all facts are to be completely irrelevant, and replaced by an, effectively, self-
blinded/illusioned, misconstrued faith!?! While Biblical Faith does allow, if not most times,
require, that what God has said supersede even what our knowledge and senses may be able to
presently confirm, as many examples in the Bible show, there is absolutely no conceivable way
in which this Biblical principle can be applied to these factually false and/or spiritually
inconsequential statements of Gates here. E.g., To say that it never rained on the earth in the
ca. 1800 years before the Flood (cf. Gen 2:5, 6), but now, in Noah's day, it would rain torrents,
would be factually true and also require Biblical Faith to be believed to be a Truth. However to
emphatically state that it never rained in Lima, Peru in the past 400 years or that the U.S.
President has converted to Catholicism in an, apparently, ascertainable/verifiable plot, are
themselves unredeemably untrue.
The only reason that can be observedly perceived for such emphasized false statements of
David Gates, is a prideful, believe-me-just-because-I-said-it arrogant presumption. There
surely is no room for pride in the work of God! Case in point, after such a blatantly false
statement, couched in obstinate, egoistical pride, it is only natural and logical to doubt anything
else that such a person would say, especially when it has to be solely accepted by faith, and that,
sole faith in the speaker himself.

12. [12] Said in a sermon preached in the UK: AYC - School of the Prophets IV - 6. Special
Forces (Other Link) [18:58ff]. Following this line of reasoning, I guess President Barack
Obama is also a contributor to this Catholic plot because he replaced a Supreme Court Judge of
Episcopalian Faith (David Souter) with one of Catholic Faith (Sonia Sotomayor) making it now 6
Judges of Catholic Faith?!?
Gates further states that these five Catholic justices always vote as a bloc (i.e., always
in the same way). Similarly, in this sermon preached in Germany [49:19-50:10ff] David Gates
made a similar claim that U.S. SDAs had no one to appeal to in North America [sic] because
the U.S. Supreme Court is rejecting all Human Right Appeals, as this majority of Catholic judges
are taking orders for such directly from Rome.* This is all factually false. (1) There is no
documentation of this default rejection of all Human Right Appeals. (2) These current five
justices (not including the recently appointed Sotomayor) have giving opinions together since

May 1, 2006 (i.e., Case# 547 U.S. 319ff - see links to cases here) and in 84 out of total 115
judged cases where there was not a unanimous decision of the court, they have sided on opposing
sides 50% of the time. The only pertinent cases where a Catholic Bloc (i.e., biased) judgement
would be applicable would have been in cases where the Catholic Judges were the sole majority,
however this only occurred in 27% of cases. A most pertinently notable divergent judgement of
these Catholic judges, in the light of Gates later accusations that the U.S. Government and the
Catholic Justices have already begun to implement their plan to treat any dissents with full anti-
terrorist measures (see below in main text), was the June 29, 2006 Supreme Court 5-3 Decision
in Hamdan vs. (Donald) Rumsfeld [548 U.S. 557] in favor of not curtailing the public due
process judicial rights, vs. military commissions, for suspected terrorist Salim Ahmed Hamdan (a
bodyguard and chauffeur for Osama bin Laden, no less).
Apparently faced with the speculative theory-shattering evidence of this case, David
Gates, as seen in a October 11, 2008 Sermon entitled Lazarus Is About to Wake (Part 1)
[22:33-24:48] [Download], has had to come up with another made up scenario where he, matter-
of-factly claims to know, or at least slyly, as usual, insinuates that the Catholic Judge here, Judge
Anthony Kennedy, who actually is often considered the swing vote on many of the Court's
politically charged 54 decisions, although he reaches conservative results more often than
not**, made his supporting swing decision in direct disobedience to an explicit Vatican Order
that those five Roman Catholic Supreme Court Judges should vote against any case upholding
civilian freedom rights. (Seems to me this recalcitrant Roman Catholic should have been
excommunicated by now for this direct contravening affront to the Papacy!?!). So evidently here
this forceful statement of Gates is nothing more than the circular fruit of his preconceived belief
of factual Catholic bias and conspiracy in the U.S. Supreme Court and also Government.

*In hearing David Gates make his many preposterous statements in various sermons, it becomes
tellingly clear that he deliberately saves such whoppers for his unassuming and/or relatively
uninformed foreign audiences (i.e., people outside of the U.S.). If he made such statements in the
U.S., he would probably be heckled right then and there, however as an American speaking to
people in another country, he can be given enough of a benefit of any doubt so that such false
statements can go unchallenged at the time when they are made. Also Gates is not at all trying to
avoid making such, effectively, anti-American statements in the U.S. because he does not want
this cause him problems domestically, because the current ubiquitousness of the internet makes
any such public, recorded and widely distributed comments made anywhere in the world readily
accessible by anyone, in fact, it can potentially bar ones (re-)entry in the falsely denounced

**See Jeffrey Toobin, "The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court," and listen to or
watch Bill Moyers Journal ( 19 Feb 2010 - Buying America's Courts?)

13. [13] Along the same line as David Gatess slant, as discussed in the previous note, on the fact
that the U.S. Supreme Court had 5, (and now 6), Catholic Judges on its panel, Ed Reid, in this
January 30, 2010 Sermon (Audio) (Transcript) [at 29:09-35:39], tries to demonstrate based on a
more factual scenario, as one of his Unmistakable Signs of Christs Coming, how this current

(supposed) Catholic (Faith) Super Majority is no accident and is most likely to be ultimately
determinative in the soon passing of a National Sunday Law. In this, supposedly, Catholic-
controlled Supreme Court, Ed Reid then sees it as inevitable that any attempt, either by e.g.,
SDAs, or the ACLU, to challenge a Sunday Law passed by the People through the legislative
bodies of the Congress, would be futile as this Catholic Court will surely go against the First
Amendment of the Constitution and hold that a Sunday Law is Constitutional. In his later sermon
that day (Audio) [at 49:22-51:40], Reid gives a pointed example, in the Bill Clinton
Impeachment Proceeding of how Congress, specifically the Senate, in his view, has previously
not upheld the Constitution by then having voted not to impeach the President on the charges of
Obstruction of Justice and Perjury.
However, when all things are taken into consideration, neither the current 6 Catholic
Judges in the Supreme Court, nor/together with an assumed pointed example of Congress
fickleness in a clear deviation from its Constitutional duty does not translate into an
unmistakable sign of the end. First of all, in the cited Impeachment Proceedings example, the
Senate did not unlawfully choose, nor fail to uphold their Constitutional duty. That matter
became effectively a trial by jury- a jury panel of 100 Senators needing a 2/3 majority, and some
of them chose to render an acquittal vote. As a separate chamber, the Senate, as it is perfectly
allowed and accepted even in Criminal Justice, allowed to use their, effectively, representative
jury vote to acquit, and effectively, chose not to press charges, against the accused, even if
solely done in the deemed best interest of the entity they represent, namely their states and the
country. It could also be argued that the Senate, with its confirmation role in a impeachment trial,
which is done subsequent to the Houses prior Decision, is really acting as the Sentencing Trial
Court/Hearing in these proceeding. So they, much more than the House, effectively have to fully
weigh the overall punishment that is to by imposed with a ratifying vote of theirs. As the Senate
body inherently, ultimately votes according what they feel is best for the country as a whole,
whereas the House of Representative inherently votes on what they feel/know is what the people
want, here most of these Senators probably made a vote according to how they saw that this
would affect the country as a whole. Probably seeing that there would be an overall adverse,
quasi-anarchial, effect, they, as it is their prerogative, saw that the would-be punishment, and its
related consequence of a sudden Presidential change, did not fit that crime of even Obstruction
of Justice and Perjury. Really, it is not like the President had lied under oath about, e.g., selling
nuclear State secrets and technology to North Korea. I.e., the crime as a whole, however
religiously/popularly condemnable/offending that it was did not truly merit such a major
political/civil change or even upheaval, (leading to who knows what kind of unsecure state of
national, and even, international, affairs, through this sudden effective, even if partial/temporary,
Super-Power vacuum.) Indeed such a larger view and risk issue was the crux of the
Defense as seen in their Closing Argument. (Also a look at the actual verdict vote shows that it
was done predominantly along party lines, (i.e., none of the 45 Democrat Senators voted Clinton
guilty of either one of the two charges. So these parties were simply acting upon the typical
political stance that they can do a better job when in power.)
Secondly, as Ed Reid rightly, though implicitly, pointed out in his Impeachment example,
it is indeed, rightly, the People in a democracy that ultimately has the final word. Indeed the
power to impeach the President solely rests with the Congress. However here Ed Reid is greatly

persuaded that the current Catholic Supreme Court Judge super majority is a clear sign that a
Sunday Law are soon to be passed, since this supposed final Constitutional check is now
strongly conditioned and primed to uphold any such Catholic Law. However: (1) the SOP is clear
that the Sunday Movement will not exclusively be a Catholic thing but a cross-denomination
endeavor also involving Protestants and other non-Catholics, and (2) as any Civics 101 class
would easily show it is not the number of Catholic Judges that may be on the Supreme Courts
bench that Ed Reid, or any other SDA should be concerned about, it is instead, indeed, the actual
will of the people at large. Since it is fully in the power of the People to make any change to the
Constitution that it wants, it is not the Supreme Court that would ever have the final word in a
Sunday Law movement. So what Ed Reid and any other, so preferentially self-termed, watchful
SDA should instead be looking out for is what the underlying predominant will of the People is.
For even if the Supreme Court would strike down a Sunday Law Bill as unconstitutional, the
very next day, a congressman or even a private member, can submit a Bill to repeal the
Constitutions First Amendment, and if that Amendment Bill gets the required votes, it will
indeed easily be repealed, and not even a Supreme Court made up of nine SDA Justices could
strike it down as being unconstitutional because, as it was a lawful move and procedure by the
People, it therefore is inherently, and incontrovertibly, Constitutional.
Moreover, while it may be knee-jerkly easy to presume that any Catholic will surely
endorse any Sunday Legislation and that there is no such thing as a liberal Catholic, if,
however in the Catholic Religion, the word of the Pope is to be the paramount authority, then
why have, especially American Catholics, repeatedly acted, inherently, in contradiction to, what
the Church of Rome and even the Pope has stated as supposedly being the infallible truth. To
assume that any (American) Catholic will surely ignore the First Amendment of the Constitution
in the light of a Sunday Law/Bill, is rather presumptuous, especially as the, would-be, real legal
issue then before that Supreme Court will not be whether Sunday is a day of Religious
Observance and Rest per se, but whether or not Congress has the right to pass a Religious law.
Therefore rightly striking down such a Law as unconstitutional would not constitute, as
rationalized by Reid, a mortal sin by these Catholic Judges, neither would it be any lesser
sinful disobedience of their Faith. It would simply mean to them that such a Religious Law
cannot be imposed by the Civil Power which is Congress. Indeed such a Moral Law that will
come to particularly affect the Free Will of all of the People can and will only be sustainable if it
is indeed imposed by the representative Congress. (Also a Supreme Court, or prior Level Court,
case search can probably reveal many instances where anyone of these Catholic Judge have voted
for or against an issue that was actually opposite to their personal religious belief. But they
instead unhesitantly upheld the legally accepted view.)
So despite the desired, giddily hysterical hype that a supposed determinative Catholic
Super-Majority may create in SDA circles today, it is wrongly viewed to be an unmistakable
sign of the end. To state things rather succinctly here, the only unmistakable sign that Jesus is
soon to come is, and will be, if and when done, when His people strictly follow His example of
living out the principles of a true follower of God found throughout the Bible, thus reflecting
Gods Character (see COL 62-69). Such a World-Systems-Shaking Testimony (cf. Acts 17:6) of
actually Gods True Sabbath in both its intertwined Letter (e.g., Exod 20:8-11) and Spirit (e.g.,
Isa 58, cf. Matt 25), will cause and move those who oppose it to take decided and concrete

measures to suppress it in whatever, even practical, form it is being manifested. It is then and
only then, when the world has deliberately and knowingly taken all available measures to do
away with the clearly and fully revealed and understood Law of God, that no other testimony
would be beneficial, and Jesus will come to get His consequently then, vitally imperiled, Faithful
Witnesses and Servants. The final opposition to Gods Law will be brought about by deliberate
acts from those who oppose it, and not acts of genuine ignorance such as having appointed now 6
Supreme Court Judges who are of the Catholic Faith. It is only the manifest evidence of a guilty
mind, and thus a full rebellion against God, that will indicate that there is nothing else that can be
done, and that any and all consequential acts of final judgement and punishment from God, upon
this living last generation of humans in the Great Controversy, are then fully warranted (cf. Rev

14. [14] Said in this ASI Malaysia 2006 sermon [at 44:19-45:30ff]. Before this wild comment is
duly picked apart, here is exactly what David Gates said:

Two weeks ago, approximately, our president of the General Conference and the
Secretary had a meeting with George Bush. We dont know yet what it was about. Were
looking, Im waiting to read about it. But one thing I can assure you the President of North
America speaks for Rome. North America and Rome are not just holding hands, theyre in bed
together. George Bush takes orders from Rome. And I can assure you that he wasnt alone in that
meeting, though I dont know who was there. No doubt their [sic] religious adviser was there.
A leader in the Roman Catholic Church. And no doubt America is not speaking anymore as a
lamb, its speaking as a dragon. So there is no doubt that our leaders were told to toe the line or
else! Pray for your leaders, theyre under pressure. That pressure will be transmitted down the
levels. Orders will come to back off, to control, to reduce.

As it can explicitly be seen from the bold comments above, David Gates was speaking
from a total ignorance of what the meeting was about and what actually took place in it. At least
he was truthful about that, yet that did not stop him at all from going on to make his thus,
outright complete lies. And now a brief commentary on key phrases made by Gates:

Two weeks ago... We dont know yet what it was about. Were looking, Im waiting to
read about it. -As David Gates was (assumedly) making these comments about two weeks
after the meeting had taken place, then if he really wanted to know what the meeting was all
about, (as if this was being kept secret by the GC), then he could have actually found this out on
the very same day that the meeting took place, because the GCs news network (ANN) released a
news report of this meeting on April 4.
As part of the overall point that David Gates was trying to make here that the Church
should play offense and not retreat and play defense, a theme which evidently, undoubtedly
determined, according to him, what this April 4 meeting was all about, he had said just a few
moments before, in giving a related soccer analogy, that as a fan of soccer and the World Cup, he
had to keep up with it online. Well maybe he should more diligently seek to keep up with actual
Church developments before taking the pulpit with such false, insinuative speculation.

But one thing I can assure you... - And how exactly???

...the President of North America... -Personally, as a (native) Canadian, I am greatly

offended by this carelessly mindless National conflation. George Bush was solely the President
of the Unites States. It is quite safe to say that almost everyone else knows that Canada has its
own country, life, political system, economy, society and history which, factually, all are,
relatively, much better than the U.S. ... but I (thematically) digress... [By the way did anyone else
perceptively catch the base, relatively unrestrained, competitive, jurisdiction/national pep
rally that broke out at the 2010 GCs Parade of Nations. I thought that the spiritual intent of
that habitual segment was to highlight, and pointedly cheer for, the progress and growth of Gods
work in these countries!? (This is all probably due at the root to the odd fact that GC Sessions are
overwhelmingly, and quasi-snubbly, mainly held in the NAD.)] Pertinently though, almost
without failure, David Gates has also conflatedly spoken of a collapse of the North American
Economy when actually pointedly speaking of the troubles in the U.S. Economy. However a
clear, case in point that this is also a mindless overstatement is that, currently, while the U.S.
economy is greatly struggling, the Canadian economy has been thriving. In fact, Canada currently
has the most healthy economy of all G-8 countries, and was the only one of these countries not to
have to bail out any of its corporations and/or financial institutions during the 2008 financial
crisis. Thus it, not-far fetchedly, currently is the healthiest, most stable, and most secure economy
in the world, and as is currently the case, is progressively, ultimately likely to solely, inversely
greatly profit, both domestically and internationally, from any downturn in the U.S. Economy.
(In this 2007 sermon, preached in Vancouver Canada [at 6:38-6:50], Gates evidently
learned to recognize, and make, the national distinction between Canada and the United States,
however this may solely have been done here because he was about to discuss the prophetic
element of Rev 13:11, which SDAs know refers specifically to the United States of America.
Indeed in the heat of his later prophetic predictions of manifest, imminent economic collapse
(i.e., 2008+), when it was expedient and convenient for him, Gates did not refrain from making
his North America conflation, especially if he also wanted to allude to his also claimed
simultaneous judgement of the SDAs North American Division for not having made proper use
of their abundant means and wealth.)
(Indeed, as suspected, whenever doomsdayly convenient, David Gates uses his knowing
and calculated, indifferent national conflation of Canada and the United States. As seen in this
October 2010 sermon [58:08-58:45] in Norway, Gates states that the 2008 Financial Crisis
started in North America. Well, not only it did not, in any way, start in Canada, it became quite
widely heralded that, as already stated above, Canada was the only G-8 economy that was not
significantly, if hardly, affected by this downturn. Americas Wall Street is not synonymous to
Canadas Bay Street. No Canadian banks or Financial Institution had to be bailed out due to its
already utilized, strict banking policies and regulation. (This is duly normative when deposits are
being guaranteed to a certain limit from public funds). The only adverse impacts in Canada of
this Global recession were mainly directly due, and really, but for, and that mainly in its initial
suddenness, the U.S.s severe economic slowdown, as this affected the normatively high trading
between the two countries. So despite what Gates may desperately wish**, in order to fuel and
heighten his sensational, imminent doomsday, speculative conjecture, North Americas Canada

was neither responsible, nor even severely affected by this recession as was the creating and
causing United States of America.
**Case in point, despite steady economic recovering numbers to the contrary, David
Gates indifferently, guileful claims in that sermons segment that the 2008 recession is going to
get deeper and deeper and will eventually reach Norway. The fact of the economic matter is:
any still present, unrecovered damage of that recession is solely due to the realistic fact that prior
to 2008, economies were operating way above their means, and as/when that was no longer
sustained, and no private entity today wants to again over extend themselves like that, many
people who were able to thrive under that fictitious economic bubble, are forced to now live
according to what the realistic limits of the economy should indeed be, and also, should have
been back then. So e.g., jobs and economic booms cannot be created out of derivative thin air

...speaks for Rome. North America and Rome are not just holding hands, theyre in bed
together. -This is pure speculation on David Gates part and simply a premature attempt to
claim a fulfilled prophecy.

George Bush takes orders from Rome. -Still more fanciful and fantastical speculation.

And I can assure you... - And, again, how exactly???

...that he wasnt alone in that meeting, though I dont know who was there. -Oh yeah...
thats how!?! So we are suppose to disconnect from reality as he has. Obviously Gates is not shy
to make such a self-contradictory remark, and that only reveals that he is absolutely convinced
that he does not have to deal with reality, and worse, by, effectively, expressing this belief out
loud, that other people will surely readily accept this as a given reality!?

No doubt their [sic] religious adviser was there. A leader in the Roman Catholic Church.
-Since Gates seems to know precisely who this religious adviser, who was a Roman Catholic
leader, is then his name would have been helpful here. Seems to me from a brief research that
George Bush only had Evangelical Religious Advisers while in office (i.e., distinct from
campaigning advisers) -e.g., Kirbyjon Caldwell, David Barton, and apparently (pre-fall) Ted
Haggard vs. Catholic campaign adviser Deal W. Hudson. That is of course if any Religious
Adviser was even present at that meeting, because the ANN report makes absolutely no mention
of such, nor of anyone else besides George Bush at that meeting. Surely if such an
overshadowing Catholic adviser was present at the meeting, this would have been reported. So
this is indeed merely pure conjecture by Gates.

And no doubt America is not speaking anymore as a lamb its speaking as a dragon. -
When it is that this nation will speak as a dragon, i.e., through its legislation, everyone will
loudly and clearly hear/read about it. No need to jump the gun here and actually make
completely false and inciting accusations. (By the way Rev 13 does not say that America would
ever speak as a lamb. That would actually also be a violation of the Separation Between Church

and States, for it would then be legislating religious laws. The prophecy simply says that this
kingdom would have two horns like a lamb.)

So there is no doubt... -Really??? And how, yet again? Apparently Gates strongly believes in
infinitely looping circular reasoning.

...that our leaders were told to toe the line or else! -That is solely the gospel truth
according to David Gates. Lets see what SDA leaders were actually told at this meeting from a
more reliable and journalistic source. ANN says that the main discussions were on Religious
liberty and humanitarian concerns. They also discussed a bill that was then under consideration
by committees of the U.S. Congress called the Workplace Religious Freedom Act and that Bush
disclosed how passionately he feels about religious liberty; freedom of conscience, freedom to
worship, freedom to think, Nothing here that sound like dragon speech. Unless of course SDA
leaders were under order to lie about what had really been said, and taken place, at that

Pray for your leaders, theyre under pressure. That pressure will be transmitted down the
levels. Orders will come to back off, to control, to reduce. - With this falsely set up
resultative conclusion, David Gates goes on to claim that such orders were already taking place
and that he was actively trying to contravene them so that the Church can continue to remain
on the offensive. Frankly, with such a history of lying, there is really no reason to believe that
what David Gates went on to claim here, i.e., with such a persecutorial slant. At best he probably
simply misconstrued certain administrative directives for the Church to not offend others in their
various efforts, and that due to his manifest view that the Image to the First Beast of Rev. 13
was already, fully established.

Even two years later, in this June 14, 2008 sermon [at 33:06-35:47], David Gates,
continues to adhere to his fanciful speculations on this meeting, by, tellingly enough, going on
another no doubt... speculative rant on what must have taken place in this meeting again, and
that, in the clear, even first hand, knowledge (i.e., having spoken to the GC communication
director) of what was reported on this meeting, -evidently also wildly speculating that a Jesuit
Catholic priest and Catholic advisor were also present and running the show. Indeed he himself
states that he is solely here reading between the lines and only assuming. Clearly David
Gates prefers to remain oblivious to, and in denial of, actual facts so that he can uphold his
(repeatedly proven false) theories and predictions.

-Later on, in this 2009 sermon in the Ukraine [14:05-16:33], Gates goes on to make his,
as stated above in the end of Note #12, calculatingly customary, prophetically fanciful circular
reasoning, foreign to North America whopper that: not only did George Bush find out who was
really in charge in the White House, i.e., the Catholic Church, and kept running to them for
advice, but now Barack Obama is quickly also finding out who is in charge. So.... that is why,
e.g., contrary to Catholic Liberation theology George Bush passed many measures that favored
the rich and Obama now cannot undo, nor overturn most of them, or establish ones that favor the,

even middle class, being opposed mainly by Congressional Republican.
Also in this same early to ca. mid 2009 Ukraine sermon [01:09:20-01:15:18], David
Gates, as usual, grossly exaggerates a geo-political development to spuriously and fancifully
claim, (as similarly stated in this later September 27, 2009 sermon [45:54-48:09ff]), that they are
fulfillments of Bible prophecy (i.e., lacking factual veracity as an actual fulfilment will involve).
So, to relate it succinctly here, he claims that: by Ireland refusing to ratify the European Unions
Lisbon Treaty, the formation of a one world, Catholic-controlled, government was averted by
God. However, as it can be seen from the actual facts involved in that, actually, Reform
Treaty, its main/major, explicit and implicit, aims were to make the European Union a much
more checked democratic entity in many of its key constitutional/organizational/institutional
areas. And in the area of the, already in existence and power, (rotating) EU Presidency Council,
the creation of an actually distinct entity in a single-person office of a EU President, actually
substantively affects nothing, especially detrimentally, as this non-voting Presidents function
will be purely administrative and also for EU external representational purposes. He is thus more
a chairman and ambassador than an empowered (Executive) Head of Organization. And not
only was the referendum voting by Ireland actually legally expected and normative, and not a
last minute, preferential decision as the Irish people were Catholics and would surely approve
it, as Gates fancifully wants it to be, but to indeed completely trump Gates entire apocalyptic
scenario here, this same Lisbon Treaty was later passed a short time after in an October 2, 2009
Irish Referendum with a +20% swing approval of the people of Ireland... and Europe is still not
Gates Unified Catholic/Papal, First Domino, SDA-work impeding, Bastion.
And clearly, as expressed in this segment, Gates believes that the intended crashing of the
U.S. economy was being orchestrated and directed by the Papacy, and it was also manipulatively
aborted at their directive when Ireland had not ratified the Lisbon Treaty on June 12, 2008. So
then why did those Catholic operatives still cause an Economic Crisis in mid-September 2008
if they had been told to abort it back in June!??? If the Papacy could crash the U.S. Economy at
will as Gates claim, then why didnt they do so in October 2009, when they finally had a
ratification of their keyly needed EU Lisbon Treaty????
And what in the world is his completely factless and baseless, sensationalistic claim that:
if an economic collapse had occurred in September 2008, George W. Bush (the Papacys ideal
president [...why???*]) would have stayed on as U.S. President despite both the end of his 2
year term and the election of a new President (Obama). [01:14:03] Even during the depths of the
Great Depression and the compounding World War II outbreak, the U.S. still normatively held
binding elections, with F.D. Roosevelt only staying on in power for 4 terms because there were
no Presidential term limits then. Its easy to claim something for truth when you dont/wont
have to prove it, and Gates specializes in such negative proofs.
And all of this actually speaks volumes against his and other similar Catholic Takeover
Conspiracists as it indeed shows that it is the People who have the final say as to what will or
will not be done, and not even elected officials. Indeed, as the EUs constitution allows for in its
European Citizens' Initiative (ECI), the represented people in the EU can have a direct voice in
the governance if 1 million people sign a petition in agreement towards a desired course.

*At least with the Obama-Biden Presidency, the Papacy would have had a practising Roman

Catholic in the presidency in Joe Biden, rather than the completely Protestant, Methodist duo of
Bush-Cheney. Perhaps Bush was ideal because he was more guttly influentiable than the
more cerebral/professorial/thinking Obama.

15. [15] Said in sermon: AYC - School of the Prophets IV - 6. Special Forces (Other Link)
[37:17ff] Such, effectively, highly libellous, statements, in time of war, from a
defaultly/deferently credible pulpit (as the religious pulpit is, at least to the audience), and which
claims to be verified, first-hand, by U.S. officials from the field of war, actually borders more on
being a treasonous act, than an Inspired/Biblical proclamation. At the very least it would be
testifying to a conspiracy to commit treason against the United States (which Constitutionally is
much more than its elected officials or military officers) by purposely seeking to lose a war. Talk
about actually levying war against the U.S. and also giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
Furthermore by his claim of inside knowledge, (self-evidently the case as apparently no one
else in the world knows of this), David Gates himself would be fully impleaded in this would-be
Criminal act. Frankly, and factually speaking, such a belief/statement of Gates as a whole
encroaches into a delusional realm, indeed beyond any Spiritual understanding/rationalization -
i.e., simply more personal, presumptuous talk of his.

16. [16] Said in some detail this November 12, 2008 sermon [at 31:33ff], and then with the
mentioned specificity of January 22, 2009 in this ca. December 21, 2008 sermon [exactly at
04:47]. Quite typically, in keeping with his hoodwinking Teflon/no fault tactic after he
emphatically mentions this date through a ca. 15 minute validating set up, he goes on to falsely
disclaim that he actually had not set a date!??

17. [17] Sermon: Faith Camp 2008 - Video [15:01-20:18ff] | Audio [14:46-20:03]. This
statement was made to corroborate a belief that this world is doomed to a soon self-destruction
due to supposed natural reasons which make it impossible to sustain life and also to the collapse
of man-made systems such as the economy. So Gates repeatedly cites the undersea explorer
Jacques-Yves Cousteau who supposedly had claimed some years ago, that life on earth cannot
possibly go on for more than 40 years.
First of all I personally get my definitive word not from a person who, at best, was a
nominal Christian, but from God, through His Word. Such a definitive Word of God instead
e.g., is that He is actually not limited, nor constrained, by any time, nor will He allow this earths
vital, natural or geo-political systems, to catastrophically self-destruct before His commissioned
work on earth is fully, and properly accomplished (Rev 7:1-3), especially not from the man-made
reasons that David Gates has greatly invested in, namely the economy, war, terrorism, etc.
(Case in point, the well-supported Sunday Law movement of the late 19th Century which were
comparatively rather easily halted by SDAs.) Claiming that the Second Coming must occur by a
certain year because many of these systems are sure to collapse is actually expressing a complete
distrust of Gods Word (Isa 55:9-11), Wisdom, and Sovereign and Overwhelming Power (Dan
Even calamities such as lack of potable/fresh water, hunger, sickness, etc could all be
resolved if man was not so solely concerned and obsessed with making a profit. Why should

God doom billions of people to hell fire and Eternal Death, through a premature end, because
of such man-sustained problems. Unfortunately this quite capable, and equipped Church does not
want to step in and Show the World the practical power of Gods Word, for they too are just as
worshipful of these man-made methods and institutions.
(This whole, often cited. Cousteau quasi-oracle of Gates is debunked in more details
below in the section entitled Gates Second Prophetic Campaign.)


This 2031 view of David Gates is self-admittedly an explicit furtherance of a view that
was advanced by the NADs stewardship director Ed Reid called the Great Week in Time view
(i.e, 7000 years with 1 day = 1000 years). A sermon where Ive heard Reid presents this view is
in this February 21, 2009 sermon of his. [See at ca. 53:16ff]
At 01:17:34ff of this sermon Ed Reid (irresponsibly) says that he would not say such an
extreme limit date of, evidently 2031, solely because the sermon was being recorded!?? (He
had claimed back at 01:02:24ff that his implicit dating would be the closest that he would come
to (effectively) setting a date.) He then, self-evidently guiltily for implying advancing a date
22 years in the future, adds that he believes that time would be cut short so, according to him,
the Second Coming would occur before this extreme date limit.
In another sermon [present location not found] where David Gates makes an allusion to
this view, and also the caution of Ed Reid, he goes on to say that he himself is not so fearful to
not make this explicit dating, and indeed goes on to pompously state this 2031 year date.
As I have explained in an SDA forum (see here with its other relevant/contextual
comments), EGW did not mean for her 4000, 2000 or 6000 year statements to be specific (i.e., to
the very year or day) as she then would not have been expecting Christ to return in her day as she
clearly did, because it would have been ca, year 5900, and not a literal 6000 th year, if Christ had
returned in her day (i.e., ca. 1888). The perfect example of this notion of EGW is her 1888ff
statement in GC 518 (quoted, but wrongly applied by Ed Reid at 01:08:30 of his sermon) that:
The great controversy between Christ and Satan, that has been carried forward for nearly six
thousand years, is soon to close. Clearly she did not think that a literal 6000 must past before
the Second Coming would/could occur. So trying to attribute this definiteness to her many 4000,
(nearly) 2000 and (nearly) 6000 year statements today, as many SDA expositors do is actually
exegetically disingenuous.
Ed Reids literal Great Week in Time view is also refuted for many other points. At
43:58 of his sermon, he relates that EGW in GC 370, 371 said with italics that: One saying of
the Saviour must not be made to destroy another. Though no man knoweth the day nor the hour
of His coming, we are instructed and required to know when it is near. We are further taught that
to disregard His warning, and refuse or neglect to know when His advent is near, will be as fatal
for us as it was for those who lived in the days of Noah not to know when the flood was
coming. The problem with the understanding and reading of this statement is that people like
David Gates think that they are perfectly free to presume to set a year or range of years for
Christs coming and also others, including Reid and Gates then look at the economy as a great
indicator of when this end is near. Instead they should be looking for, and also looking to fulfill

the only sign that Jesus directly associated with the end, namely the proclamation of the Gospel
of the Kingdom to the whole world, as a witness to all nations. (Matt 24:14). Many claim to
indeed be looking for this sign however they wrongly understand this sign. The Biblical context
for this statement of Christ shows that:

(1) the proclamation means much more than only vocal preaching of Biblical truth.
Indeed Jesus is clear that the Gospel is exhaustively comprehensive and includes much more than
preaching (see Matt 25:31-46);

(2) an actual witness is nothing in the line of hearsay. The NT notion is clear that a
witness is an incontrovertible, tangible proof of faith, which is why the underlying Greek
word here is martyrion from which our English term martyr comes from. Indeed a proper
witness is one that can testify first hand to the crucial issues at hand and not rely on hearsay.

(3) the Kingdom of God as especially demonstrably expounded upon by Christ in the
Gospel, actually includes the tangible implementations of these kingdom wise and just principles
found throughout in the Bible which were given by God to overcome the oppressing systems of
this world, and when done would indeed be this need incontrovertible and unimpeachable

(4) this witness to the whole inhabited world as the Greek literally says, puts an
emphasis on reaching people throughout the world and not seeing a fulfillment of this sign by the
simple entering or establishment of the SDA Church into a countrys territory. So although the
SDA Church has work in now 231+ countries and territories, there are still over 6 billion people
who have never heard of the Truth of this full Gospel message.

Other exegetical fallacies of Ed Reid which have contributed to his false literal 6000 year
limit theory here are:

(1) [at 00:59:45ff] - He ascribes to the plausible though not necessarily concrete view
made by early Church Fathers that the fact that no one live longer than 1000 years in the history
of the world is a fulfillment of Gods statement that Gen 2:17 man would die in the day when
he ate the forbidden fruit since a 1000 years for God is like unto one day (2 Pet 3:8). However
the passage in Gen 2:17 which literally says: in the day in which you eat from it, dying, you will
surely (eventually) die; meaning that a process of death would begin on that very day and end in
this certain/condemned death sometime later.

(2) [at 01:09:50ff] - Quoting DA 32 that the Exodus took place 400 years to the day
after Israel captivity had started. However that is an incorrect/fallacious assumption. The
underlying Biblical text for that passage, Exod 12:40, 41 is clear that this Exodus to the very day
actually took place 430 years after the time period had begun and not 400 as stated at first to
Abraham in Gen 15:13. Most SDA preachers/authors today cannot properly explain this
difference, and so it is either (as normative) outrightly ignored, or worse, claimed to be an error,*

however as explained in this other blog post, the Biblically proper understanding of God and the
Future shows that God had indeed only planned for 400 years, however when Moses went out of
Gods will by killing the Egyptian, he delayed Gods fulfillment by 30 years by having to flee in
the desert until the Pharaoh who wanted to kill him died. The fact that the Bible is emphatic that
the Exodus took place on the very day, but 430 years later indeed only means that it took place
on the very same calender day (Nisan 14) when Abrahams sojourn had begun and not exactly
400 years later. (cf. Acts 7:6 vs. Gal 3:17). Interestingly enough, EGW who may not have
known/understood the reason for this 30 year difference, did not venture to claim that it was
exactly 400 years later, but simply that it was on the very same day (i.e., calender day) when
these years had begun.

* The (little known = scarcely cited) surfacely plausible reconciliation attempt in the SDA Bible
Commentary (on Gen 15:13), is indeed merely plausible as it does the other typical SDA
smokescreen thing of trying to resolve a dilemmic Biblical understanding issue, by proof-
textingly, double-talkingly and indifferently creating another one. And so there it is said that the
430 years started with the call of Abraham in Gen 12:1-3 when he was 75, but the 400 years
started when Ishmael started to persecute Isaac who was about 5 years old (i.e., a little after he
was weaned = 2-3 years old) and thus Abraham was 105 (Gen 21:5, 8, 9ff). The proof-texting,
double-talking and indifferent problem with that resolution is that it does not substantively
fulfill what God had specified in Gen 15:13. Abrahams descendants were to be strangers in a
land that is not there, as was both Canaan and then Egypt), then servants/slaves to the (also
Canaan-dominating) Egyptians, and also be oppressed by them. Ishmael not only did none of that
to Isaac, at all, but it was actually he and Hagar who began fugitives when Abraham, by Divine-
approval, expelled them. (Gen 21:10-12; cf. Gal 4:29). Furthermore, as conflictingly rightly
pointed out in that commentary, the strange land sojourning took place in the first 215 years,
while the prophesied affliction actually only began to take place in the last 215 years.
From reading Paul exposition in Gal 3:15-18 which pointedly involves both Gen 12:1-3
(e.g., promises) and the ratification ca. 10 years later in Gen 15:1-13ff (singular seed,
covenant, it is clear that Paul is indeed referring back to the initial promise to Abraham in Haran
in Gen 12:1-3 as the time starting point here, and it may seem quite simple to say that the 430
involved the 30 ca. years from Abrahams call to Isaacs birth, and the 400 years applied to the
sojourn and then oppression of Abraham descendants starting around the birth of Isaac, however
that leads back to the problem posed by the statement in Exod 12:40, 41, that the sons of Israel
(likely just a generic appellation for the Jewish people = (father) Abraham and his
descendants), were in, (understandably) Canaan and Egypt, (cf. LXX) for 430 years. As
understood by Paul in Gal 3:16, 17, that 430 years goes back to the time of Abrahams call. It is
thus identically synonymous with the 400 years of Gen 15:13, having the same starting point,
with the .

(3) Also, as explained in that SDA forum comment, the number 7 in the Bible indicates a
perfect representation and not as commonly assumed: completeness. So its use in a Great
Week of time would be to indicate a perfect representation of the time that it should take to
resolve the GC, and not a definite limit of time allotted. If needed more time could and would

be added to this time period if circumstances on earth came to necessitate it. The Bible and SOP
is quite clear that time can, and would be, injunctively prolonged if, and as, needed (cf. e.g., Rev
7:1-3 and 15 MR 292; cf. EW 36, 37).

18. [18] It is interesting to here David Gates say in this December 2006 sermon [53:37-55:06]
(video link) that he did a study on the word presumption in the Bible in response to a charge of
such against him and only found 2 instances... in the KJV (???) Assumedly Deu 1:43 & 17:13;
however both claims are readily shown to be quite false/falsified. (Tellingly enough, Gates does
not mention the distinct use of this word in Deut 18:19-22). However this word (Strongs #02102
(10X), which is synonymous to Strongs #02087 (11X)), occurs over 20 times in the OT and is
clearly defined as involving: pride Exo 18:11; cf. Pro 11:2, 13:10; 21:24; haughtiness (Exo
21:14); arrogance (Neh 9:10, 16, 29; Jer 50:29; cf. 49:16, 50:31-32; Eze 7:10; Oba 1:3);
stubborness (Neh 9:16); and insolence (Deut 18:22; 1 Sam 17:28). It is not surprising that
all of these base and ungoldy traits are readily found in Gates preaching and actions. Indeed that
is what happens when one rejects the plain counsel of Gods word with an attitude that claims to
know more than (even explicit) inspired counsel.

19. [19] Said in sermon: AYC - School of the Prophets IV - 7. Q & A Session (Other Link)

20. [20] I do commend David Gates and his ministry for also engaging in tangible medical
missionary work in his Gospel Work, however he can seek to do more in terms of seeking to help
the poor and needy who are also facing and suffering various life damaging and threatening
consequences due to economic hardship. Notwithstanding, what I especially find quite odd, to the
point of being unbiblical, and thus troubling, is his persistence on seeking to motivate people into
concrete gospel work action by trying to paint an imminent doom, Titanic-sinking scenario,
where the planet and life on it will not be possible after a certain time. (See e.g., in this recent
sermon [Video] (e.g., at 01:11:23ff) which manifestly was said in a full knowledge of the
Biblical critics made in blog post.) First of all, as stated elsewhere in this post, these doom and
gloom reasonings are all based on an underlying skewed assumption that views the Economy as,
in a god-like manner, being determinative of the future well-being of the world, regardless of the
material and natural facts at hand. In other words, if life on earth in the future will become purely
economically non-sustainable then it indeed should not go on and people must rightly die
irrespective of the actual material resource wealth of the World. David Gates is here simply
reverentially bowing down to the dogmatic gods of this world, and solely for such an unbiblical
basis, his predictions and warnings are spurious and completely false. All of this is nothing more
than the wine (i.e., teachings) of Revelations Queenly Economic Babylon (Rev 18:2ff).
As the intended point of this parable on the Rich Man and Lazurus shows, people are to
be motivated by the principles and admonitions made in the Law and the Prophets and not out
of the seeking of a benefiting result, or the fear of an unwanted consequence. (Cf. this blog post
that also makes the same point, but also in this forum discussion where people did not want to
accept that presented Biblical view). Furthermore, where in the Bible or in the SOP is there a
such a message that this Planet only has a fixed time, beyond which all life will effectively self-

destroy itself?!? It seems clear to me that only God has this annihilating power, and He has
sovereignly reserved this right and possibility beyond what any machination or technology of
man can do. Indeed to avert any manifestation of such a man-made/imposed apocalyptic
scenario, God depends on His Church who have all of the knowledge and resources to do better,
and lead in making a significant difference, to concretely act on these principles, if for nothing
else, than to help prevent the message of the Gospel from not being able to do the work of
genuine conviction and repentance that it needs to do in the minds of everyone that will live to
witness the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. By correct Biblical definition, that can but include
significant ministry to those in need.

21. [21] Said e.g., in sermon: Restoring the Years - 3. Secrets of Spiritual Conquest [12:15]. Cf.
Gatess testimony in the December 2006 Sermon: Unlimited Resources Part 3 [41:40-] (video
link) where he relates that, in the 18+ month delay for the payment of the first TV Network, he
understood that God was thus creating a situation where the lack of faith/belief present in the
Church would be exposed.

22. [22] Said in this sermon at [01:04:57-01:06:49].

23. [23] David Gates repeatedly states, as, evidently, a crucial fundamental basis for his end time
view, that he believes that, unlike ca. 1888, when it is said that the Second Coming of Christ
could have occurred, but did not because of the peoples unbelief and faithlessness, just like
Ancient Israel and their initial Crossing of the Jordan into Canaan, the Second Coming will
surely occur this (second) time around (i.e., in a few years), because Gods people will cross
the Jordan this time just like Israel had crossed the Jordan in their second time around. That
sounds quite plausible, even surfacely Biblical, however Gates has not also taken into
consideration a couple of key elements in his typologically predictive understanding.
Israel only crossed into Canaan the second time because they had all fully learned their
lesson from the past failure some 40 years before, especially in the light of the consequential
penalty of death of the disobedient and faithless generation. So, quite contrary to David Gates
quasi-definite time view here, where the second time around will surely work, it will only work
if this current generation of SDAs has similarly learned its lessons from past failures. However
there are no clear signs of this today, especially in the light of the greater duties that are made on
this more advanced and more blessed generation of SDAs. Gates seems to try to circumvent this
requirement of corporate repentance and conversion by claiming that this Second time will
occur even if it is only a few who cross over, which he at times immediately, contradictly then
says that, just like Ancient Israel, it will be all of the people who will cross over this time.
However he fails to include the, also typological, needed requirement of genuine faith and belief,
because this generation cannot strictly fulfill this type if it does not have the required faith. There
is still a Canaan to conquer in these end times, and that by the supernatural power of God if it
is to be done quickly, and this all also cannot be done with only a, relatively speaking, handful of

24. [24] Hear the details of these closures in this sermon [at 01:13:31-01:16:17] preached on the
same day when these networks were shut down. See also this June 24 2010 sermon [at
01:33:08-01:38:17ff] [f4v] [mp4] [mp3], where Gates tells more about these closures. It can be
self-evidently perceived, despite his incoherent attempt to rationalize this downturn as Gods
will, that without the Biblical explanation that has been presented here in this blog post for the
more than likely purpose of his Lazarus Experience, these gross failures do not make any
Biblical sense at all, nor have any salvific purpose. As stated before, any actual resurrection
miracle would have been to prevent these exemplary and pioneeringly bold networks initiatives
from ever going off the air, as with the first network miracle.

25. [25] Said in Sermon: The Doctors Diagnosis [06:51ff]

26. [26] A case in point of this, from David Gates himself, is from his The Converging Crisis
talk [Part 2 - 28:25-33:10 - (Partial Clip) (Full Download)], where he relates a situation in which
he was seeking to obtain the right from the Pacific Press Publishing Association to read, in full,
the stories of the 10-Volume, Arthur Maxwell Bible Stories, also displaying the illustrations in
the books, for children stories series on his television network in Bolivia. He therefore had his
team call Pacific Press to obtain these rights, but upon hearing the scope of what was planned
they, (not surprising of them), categorically refused. When Gates heard this he, after mildly
berating his team and effectively telling them that they did not know how to do things with this
(predominantly business-minded) Church, picked up the phone, called instead the Inter-
American Division Publishing Association who had co-rights to the books (probably for the
Spanish translation), and effectively proceeded to misrepresentively/fraudulently, thus lie, to
secure these sought rights by telling the director that he merely wanted to help their sales by
advertising these beloved books by featuring them in a series of short videos on his network, also
providing a contact reference where they can be purchased. Of course the director agreed with
such a proposition. (Who in their right mind would not accept an offer of free advertising??). It
is actually well within the provision of fair use to so feature any non-rights-reserved,
copyrighted works, e.g., a sample chapter, 20-30 seconds of a media clip, etc. However Gates
was fully intending to read through all of the books, verbatim, with scanned illustrations
included. Beyond the issue of Church products being shared primarily, according to
Capitalistic business norms, does God need His workers to engage in guileful lying, and that with
fellow believers, in order to have His work advance and triumph? Seems to me that this is quite
contrary to Gods vision of His endtime model generation (Rev 14:5). What Gates Biblically,
should have rightly done is speak/pour the Straight Truth on, what he himself considers
flawed-thinking, and tell these workers point-blankly that their false, and even baseless,
restrictive methods of conducting Gods work according to strict, profits-obsessed, Capitalistic
business norms is quite contrary to Christian/Biblical principles. (See Gates related story at a
Christian Media convention at 32:06ff) In the face of such a Straight Testimony, which Gates
later allusively claims to be bearing as a True Witness, these people would then have to make
an ultimately, faith-based, spiritual choice. However by opting to misrepresent the Truth and
Witness here, (indeed as David Gates himself says elsewhere, a True Witness must be truthful),
Gates really, only deferentially paid homage to these idolatrous business/Capitalistic mindsets

and methods, and certainly did nothing to correct this problem, and that at the root. These
workers had, and probably still do not have, a true knowledge of their sin here and it thus persists
unaffected, where even God cannot fully hold it against them in the light of their (presumed)
honest ignorance of it. All of this is not being a True Witness, nor a Faithful Watchman, nor
giving the trumpet a certain sound, but only serves to perpetuate the Spiritually unimpeachable,
and also non-fully-blessable, conundrum in the Laodicean Church. (Interestingly enough, Gates
says (see here at [37:53-38:23ff] (video link)) in the experience for the first network of $1.5
million, when he was brought in to make the payments, which he didnt have at all, and was
agonizing, while in the bathroom praying, as to what he should do, he was told by God to simply
tell them the truth that you do not have the money yet. Gates was, oddly enough, quite shocked
by this simple solution from God [What else should he have expected from a God who cannot
lie. (Tit 1:2; Heb 6:18)]. Still Gates proceeded to tell these people a guileful white lie by
saying that he hadnt been able to arrange for the money transfer yet and that they didnt have
all of their finances in order!?)
I think that God has given this Church most memorable testimonies of exactly how He
feels in regards to the placing of commerce|profit|business before His work in/by SDA Institution
in the, then prophetically ratified, burning of Institutions, such as a wayward Publishing House.
This should be a lesson, fearfully and enduringly learned by all.

Incidently, David Gates insistently, repeatedly claims that the fact that the sales of his 2
books from his publisher Pacific Press were doing increasingly better and better each year since
their publication (2002 & 2007) is because he allows for illegal downloads of the MP3 and PDF
versions of the books from his website and encourages people to freely redistribute these
copyrighted works. Anyone with a little common sense can readily perceive that this is really not
the actual reason for their legitimate sales thriving. Clearly most, if not all of the people who
obtain these free reproductions of the book, probably do not then go to the Adventist Book Center
to buy a hard copy after having read them. Some may, but unless one comes to be on an
unappeasable guilt-trip, or must have a hard copy to add to their physical library, or even feel that
they are somehow hindering the support of David Gates and his ministry by not paying for a copy
of the books, they indeed probably do not make this extra expense. (One would better support
David Gates and his ministry by sending the money directly to them.) Clearly what is the
reason(s) for these successes is, as normative in commercial dealings: various forms of
successful advertising combined with a quality product. I.e., the fact that: (1) David Gates was
at a different churches or large gathering, seemingly almost every weekend, telling of his story
and also simultaneously promoting his books, (2) his story in itself is indeed interesting, and
contains many captivating elements of Gods miraculous intervention, providence and guidance,
(3) that a substantial number of SDA seek to try to engage in active missions, thus seeing this
Miracles books as a great textbook on the subject, and (4) the fact that, upon hearing of
Gates story, and the possibility of obtaining a copy of the book, the SDAs who are not
convinced, as David Gates is, that intentionally violating a publishers copyright is legal,
Biblically lawful, and/or ethical, prefer to pay for the book(s), are indeed the reasons why the
books have continued to sell so well since their release. However it would be interesting to see
the sales figures in the times following the self-admitted death of his Lazarus Experience

starting in late November 2008. (See in Epilogue IIB section below). Indeed, there is nothing
like a blatantly unfulfilled series of, additionally, intrinsically false prophecies to straightly drain
ones previous popularity and interest.

27. [27] Like David Gates, Ed Reid, the current NAD stewardship director, also, and probably in
deliberate support of David Gates view, date-settingly, and also merely based upon a belief in a
soon economic collapse, claimed in his ASI 2010 financial seminar [see at ca. 00:59:30-
01:00:30] that such a great economic crisis and thus, by contextually-insinuated implication,
the beginning of Final Events should occur within 2-3 years. Seems like this Doomsday, Date-
setting is quite contagious in the Church! Not surprisingly, like David Gates, Ed Reids view
here is arrived at from shoddy and poor Biblical exegesis, namely with understanding SOP
statements. Early in that presentation, he had quoted Ev 240, 241, (as he has also done in many of
his other recent end times sermons), which says: Poverty is coming upon this world, and there
will be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation. Indeed, out of its context, it
would seem that this SOP statement is saying, as Reid implies, that the Biblically prophesied
Great Time of Trouble will be caused by global economic troubles, however when this
statement is understood in its actual context, it neither says, nor suggests, anything of the sort.
The greater context of this passage, even greater than the abridged one included in EV 240, 241,
is found in MS 37 (1894). The focus of EGWs counsels here was to disillusion church members
who were discouraged by the fact that the work of the Gospel does not result in gaining wealth,
or a life of ease, free of troubles. Indeed she refers to the Life and Ministry of Christ which
clearly shows the contrary. Also a look into the actual historical context of those times revealed
that when she made this statement in the Fall of 1894, that at that time the United States was in
the depths of a severe economic Depression which had started with the Panic of 1893. This was
the most severe U.S. economic crisis since the Panic of 1873 and this 1893 panic launched what
is known as the Depression of the Nineties. It is also viewed by many as the most severe U.S.
economic Depression other than the one of the 1930's. In fact, by some, if not most, historical
estimates, the crisis of the 1890's peaked in terms of unemployment, in 1894. So it is not
surprising to hear EGW speaking quite matter of factly, and not actually prophetically, of a soon
coming global poverty then, especially as this crisis and depression would continue to spread and
last until the end of the 1890's. So it is in this light that she then says that: poverty is coming
upon the world {COMMA} and [also] there will be a time of trouble such as never was since
there was a nation. Meaning if Gospel workers are avoiding engaging in the self-denying work
of the Gospel, they still will not be able to escape anywhere, because the coming global
poverty as made manifest in the then deepening economic crisis, will affect both believers and
non-believers worldwide; and also that a Great Time of Trouble as prophesied will occur in the
Final Events, thus then also involving physical suffering. So these feared hardships of poverty
and suffering are actually inevitable for anyone, and especially, in the persecutions in the time
of trouble, of those who profess to believe in Gods Truths.
So EGW is not saying, as Reid wants to make it seem, that a (prophesied) global,
impoverishing crisis will result in the Great Time of Trouble, but, firstly, simply that the two
most feared conditions of poverty and persecution are unavoidable, with the first being through a
matter of current fact, and the second being a distinct prophetic fact. So resisting the call of God

to do this Gospel Work now is really useless and futile. So whereas that first statement of hers
was made, based on actual economical developments, her second, distinct statement was, as the
clearly quoted Biblical language shows, purely based upon the prophecy of Matt 24:21. Ed Reid
wants to make this statement of EGW a prophetic statement (i.e., one that, as it will be shown
later, spoke of the years 2012-13ff), however the actual exegetical context and intent of that
statement does not say anything of the sort, either prophetically or thematically. EGW was
simply, distinctly, and not at all correlatedly, using actual events and prophesied events to
discourage people from avoiding the work of the Gospel to vainly chase after riches and ease,
for soon, both would, according to the indications of her day then, come to naught, particularly
for an Adventist, in regards to the second stipulation. So, not surprisingly, it is only when this
statement is divorced from both its literary and historical, and also, Biblical, context, that Ed
Reid and others, can here make a claim to have found an amazing and incredible statement
that supports an understanding that an economic crisis will surely result in the Great Time of
Ed Reid (see at 01:00:25), also, double-ententely, implied to have found a support for his
imminent, Time of Trouble-causing, economic collapse view in another SOP passage in,
namely, Ev 63 which says: Money will soon depreciate in value very suddenly when the reality
of eternal scenes opens to the senses of man. Indeed, the way he emphatically reads: very
suddenly would mislead one into thinking about the sudden monetary devaluation which is seen
in an economic crisis. However that EGW statement is merely speaking of the way a Believer
will come to lowly perceive money and wealth when s/he has come to understand eternal
realities. So no implication here at all here to financial devaluation in world monetary systems.
Still, given the date of this statement, (originally published on January 1, 1874 - The True
Missionary), thus in the immediate aftermath of the Economic Panic of 1873 which also caused a
Depression that lasted until at least 1879 in some countries, it is not surprising that EGW would
use these world developments of her times, not to preach of it causing the Final Events as it is
currently, waywardly being done, but to help church members, to literally, put things in
perspective, pointedly, as the context of that statement here says, in the refusal of Church
Members to generously invest in the work of God. Indeed, as shown in this post, it was this 1873
Economic Panic, the first since the Church had been organized in 1865, that caused the studying
out, and implementation of, Biblical Tithing in order to more systematically and reliably support
the Churchs Ministry and Work.
So as with David Gates spuriously supported claims, the NADs Ed Reid also does not
have any Scriptural, nor SOP, support upon which to base his own: 2-3 year economic collapse
leading to the Great Time of Trouble false teaching|prophecy. In all solemn seriousness, when
the Churchs formal leadership also decides to engage in eisegetical claims, prideful guilefulness,
sensationalism and rebelliously defiant, even when rangy, date-setting, then: May God
mercifully help this Church, for it and its members will thus effectively be doing the Devils
work in setting up, even the Remnant Church, to accept and pursue after the actual, and most
convincing counterfeit (Matt 24:11, 24) to what constitutes the Churchs Gospel Work mandate
for our times, -which, based on passages such as Matt 25:31-46, currently, clearly, and more than
ever, is: to do all that we indeed can do to meet the vital needs of all those in need in the world,
including the 65,000,000+ annually aborted infants!

28. [28] By his own testimony (see this sermon at 10:24-12:28 [video]), David Gates is also
guilty of having committed violations to criminal law by Impersonating a Police Officer, through
Verbal Identification, which is a default felony that carries jail/custodial time. In this incident he
threatened a woman with taking away her drivers license, arresting her and taking her to the
police station if she did not move her traffic-restraining car immediately!?! (Seems to me that
simply explaining how moving her car would help unblock the traffic would be the right,
Christian and lawful thing to do instead of (again) lying.) Clearly, as Gates goes on to state, he
(falsely) believes that any means, (however unlawful) can be used as long as the job gets done;
however the SOPs similar and whole condemnation of a certain Garmire, and that for a
punishably, lesser crime (2SM 64.3-65.3).

As seen in this October 2010 mea culpa [04:50-08:16ff] even when Gates tries to admit
to choice waywardness (i.e., versus a weakness) he still blows it! In that story he relates how he,
having thought that someone had left, never to return, a just-bought KFC bucket of chicken after
having eaten just a couple of pieces. So in righteous indignation at that waste of food, he took
it, went outside and distributed it to hungry people in the streets of Guyana, only to find out, as
he was now preparing to leave, that the person had just gone to the restroom. Gates goes on to
say that: being so embarrassed [???], he just left (Not sure, based on his non-sequitur
ambiguousness, whether his wife, who he had told he was proud for having given out this
wasted food, was actually present with him, as it is implied, and should inherently,
straightforwardly be understood by these proud and wasted notions.) He also cites a comic
fear that it may be said: The missionary pilot stole the mans chicken. He then applies this to
the subject of how can God use people who make such big mistakes. Later in that sermon
[59:54-01:00:44], he goes on to specify that the big mistake in that story was that (tellingly,
self-contradictingly enough): he had taken the food and distributed it without first finding out
who it belonged to however that is completely proven to be a guileful lie, because in the prior
account, he had assertively related, to justify his subsequent indignant act, that he had seen
the gentleman come into the restaurant, buy the food, sit down right next to him, eat one, and
then another piece, and then get up and just leave. ?!? So whats the truth here?? As with all
Gateism, whatever is most personally convenient for him at the time. So when he wanted to
justify his indignant act, he saw the guy... but when he wanted to excuse, what was actually an
unjustified act: then it was simply a mistake because he had not tried to find out who the owner
was. Whatever... [Seems to me like not knowing who the owner is is the ultimate reason not
to take and dispose of this bought food!!] Actually the real mistake in all of this, which Gates
either obliviously or guilefully tries to avoid confronting was that he had left without admitting
his wrong to the, effectively, robbed man. Even if he then could not fully, or partially compensate
him, it was his Christian duty to, at the very least, go back inside the restaurant and tell the
bewildered man what had happen to his food, while, if needed, pray that the man would be
gracious enough to understand the honest mistake and forgive him this owed debt. But no, he
clearly was just too proud to truthfully own up, and confess, to that, valuing more his standing
as a quick-triggered righteous actor vs. Gods unchanging standard and principle of truth, thus,
typically enough, also morally torpedoeing the whole Spirit of this attempted object lesson.

Indeed, as it is quite commonplace with David Gates, in here choosing to also act in a base,
prideful and guileful way, he came to actually self-fulfill his expressed great fear here of: The
Missionary Pilot stealing the mans chicken. As a person recently quipped on a unrelated issue,
such a self-concerned confession is being more mea than culpa.

29. [29] For more on another similar Peters sin of David Gates in wildly accusing people of
being political subversives (i.e., Jesuit Envoys seeking to undermine the U.S. Constitution), thus
effectively traitors, see the following posts of mine on a related discussion post (see also this post
and this one) at the Adventist Online Forum, (see also the subsequent comments); and also this
comment on Daniel Winters blog.

26. [30] While some may (falsely) consider Gates to be a prophet, an issue to which Gates has
replied that he is not a prophet, but he can prophesy based upon what God as done in the past
which actually is, undivorceably still one and the same thing, for a past action of God does not
necessarily guarantee a future one, or else e.g., believers today would not need to use bridges to
cross bodies of water, but just ignore existing bridges and just pray that God again parts the
waters, Gates tellingly has a substantial panoply of actually failed predictions/prophesies which
debitly, squarely puts him in the corner of being a false prophet, if anything of the sort. (Deut
18:18-22). It is important to Biblically understand that Gatess great realized actions of the past
are not be confused with, nor conflated as, being fulfilled prophecies, for these were
accomplished strictly out of faith; a faith that is attainable by any believer, and not out of,
Biblically speaking, prophesying, which is a distinct communicative prerogative that God
strictly reserves for Himself, for any fulfillment then is not the result of a believers faith, but
because of a word that was directly initiated by God. In other words, a prophetic fulfillment is
from what God had said He would cause to occur, while a faith fulfillment is a response by God
to a believers actions to an already stated promise of God. In a sense, from Gods point of view
they are both prophetic fulfillments as they are the results of what He had said would happen,
however from a human point of view faith is a conforming response, while prophesy is an
ground-breaking relating of what God has directly, supernaturally communicated.
Indeed a past action of God is only indicative of what God can in the future do if all of the
various necessitating circumstances are genuinely again present; while a prophesy itself, declares
with definiteness what God definitely plans to do in the future, especially if/when all attending
conditions are met. So in David Gates case, while his efforts for the first network of $1.5 million
was divinely rewarded, especially as then he really only had much smaller past
experiences/miracles upon which to base his faith upon, (i.e., less than $100,000 miracles), the
efforts for the second network were not so miraculously realized, as now fully aware Church
members, who could have supported this second major effort, should have learned the lessons
from the first miracle, which many of them knowingly opposed, but, they actually here
obstinately, did not. This is indeed the main reason why God could not justly enter into
judgement with heathens as expected by Gates, and procure funds from them. In other words
the real hindrance to significant advancements in the work of the Church is not that the heathens
have all the money, but rather that Gods own people do not even want to give all that they can
to support the rapid advancement of Gods work.

27. [31] However, as stated above, and clearly understandable, Gates predictive prophesy of a
total and irreversible, global economic collapse caused by the devaluation of a then hyper-
inflated U.S. Currency clearly did not even begin to materialize. This would be like Elijah
prophesying torrential rain towards a plentiful harvest, but conversely getting a severe cold spell
and precipitation as snow instead, which further complicates the drought and even kill any grown
crops. Similarly, a recession caused by the sudden burst of a bubble of toxic mortgage assets is
not cataclysmic, worldwide, lawless, martial-law resulting, economic collapse, and furthermore
this recession actually help to correct a false economic growth, protecting it against further, and
more catastrophic, atrophy. Furthermore, the exact opposite of what Gates had predicted could
not, in any possibility occur, was used to resolve this crisis.
I personally believe, based upon the also quite Biblical understanding of this Lazarus
Experience, that God not only permitted this Great Recession to occur in the fall of 2008, but
may also have prompted David Gates, starting in the late Spring of 2008 to precisely predict his
surfacely synonymous economic crisis in the fall, all as a part of this objective and tangible
testing of the heart and faith of the professing Church. As far as I have seen, many Church
members are ready to believe that Gates had prophesied the economic crisis of 2008, especially
when it was occurring, still that did not move them any more into taking more concrete and
bolder actions to Finish the Work. So the Church quite utterly failed this Lazarus Experience
test. Talk about not listening to either the Law, nor the (accepted) prophets (Luke 16:31). I
guess one is only considered a prophet when they prophesy what you want to hear, i.e.,
already begun Final Events, thus a soon Second Coming, and all the money well ever need,
freely from those rich heathens and thus logically quite self-contradictory to, and cancelling of,
the gist of Gates other messages, thus effectively making his loudest message a sweet lullaby
to Laodicea of: no needed preparatory, nor self-sacrificing work by Church members

28. [32] The key to a surfacedly convincing Gateism is that it is to contain the element of
something that someone would readily want to believe is true, including David Gates himself,
and so the said Gateism will likely not be verified to see if it is factually true, but will instead be,
even quite wishfully, and even sanctimoniously, accepted as, literally, a Gospel Truth.
A quite typical example of such Gateism is seen in the statement said in this June 16,
2010 sermon (Fri. 7pm) [video (mp4) at 01:36:19-01:37:18], where, commenting on the quasi-
global passionate preoccupation with the then ongoing 2010 World Cup, David claims that:
FIFA has managed to specifically program their World Cup Tournament every time, (i.e.,
every 5 years), and at the specific time (i.e., June-July), when there is an SDA General
Conference Session. Indeed he self-convincedly states that: [At] every General Conference
there is a World Cup,... because it happens every 5 years. And to further emphasize the
detrimental distractive results of this, he goes on to say that over the many years that he has been
attending GC Sessions (since 1980, as he stated in another sermon), whenever (thus
supposedly in the GC Sessions since 1980), Argentina plays with Brazil he looks down upon
the main floor and can notice that many SDA delegates from Brazil and Argentina are not present
as they have chosen to remain in their hotel rooms to watch these World Cup matches.

At (a quite liberal) best, this comment of Gates is trying to spiritually say that the Devil
has inspired the FIFA organizer to schedule their tournament on the same 5 years cycle as the GC
Session cycle, and in the same time period in the year. So to disagree with this spiritual
perception would seem to automatically paint someone as a supporter of the Devil and this, his
subtle, deceptive schemings. Hence the key element of a classic Gateism, which in turn makes
them readily, although quite gullibly, accepted. Now, at (a quite natural) worst, and this is indeed
more than likely the case here, David Gates could care less about the actual facts here, for, as it
has been seen many times before, it is what he claims to be the truth that is to be accepted as the
First and paramountly foremost, the World Cup has been held every 4 years (since its
founding in 1930, [except for 1942 & 46 =WWII]) and not every 5 years as Gates claims.
(This is a fact that David Gates evidently fully knew, as (1) a self-stated avid soccer fan, and
follower of its World Cup tournament, with his boys, and e.g., (2) as seen in this January 14,
2006 sermon [at 44:27-45:45] when, while having just irrelevantly, parenthetically alluded to the
recently completed 2 year qualification for the upcoming tournament starting later that year in
June 2006 (thus (Freudianly) indicating his fanatical excitement for it), he went on to say:
...[the] last time [the World Cup had occurred]... 4 years ago...). So the World Cup only
coincides with a GC Session every 20 years, with the next being in 2030 and the last one being in
1990 (GC in Indianapolis; WC in Italy). As this is a incontrovertible, concrete and historical fact,
David Gates, despite the many implied up front and/or well-situated, observatory/vantage point
positions that he may have had due to the various functions (i.e., translator, delegate, on the
insides) that he has had at GC Sessions over the years since 1980, the only actual time that he
could have observed that Brazilians and Argentinians were absent from the delegates floor due
to a World Cup game would have been during the 1990 GC. Thus clearly not at the implied
every GC since 1980. So either this implication in itself was carelessly insinuated, or blatantly
lied about; yet the end lying result is still the same).
So did Brazil play against Argentina in the 1990 World Cup... Yes... In the Round of
16' elimination match... On June 24... Eleven days before the beginning of that GC Session
which was held from July 5-15!
So with Brazil eliminated before the 1990 GC even started, there obviously was indeed
not even the possibility of a match between these two teams during that GC, (nor possibly, at
any other GC since). In fact, in the case that David Gates use of ...with... in that statement was,
self-impeachingly enough, also a fibbing Gateism (i.e., such a match between these two Soccer
powerhouses would make the claimed absence of GC delegates credible), the only match
involving even Argentina during the 1990 GC was the tournaments final match, held on Sunday,
July 8 (which was Day 4 of that GC Session), between ca. 2:00-4:00 P.M. Indianapolis Time.
The GC Sessions Bulletins/Minutes in the SDA Archive (DJVU format) of that day shows that
there was a 4th GC Business Meetings at 10:00 A.M. (p. 5), and then a 5th Meeting at 3:15 P.M.
(p.6ff). So there plausibly was a ca. 45 minute overlap between a game here and a GC Business
Session. However it is indeed certainly, factually, clear that Argentina did not play with Brazil in
a World Cup match during this, nor any, Gates attended GC Sessions, i.e., since 1980, thus never
resulting in an absence of football viewing Brazilian and Argentina SDA delegates. In fact the
only other time that a major Soccer/Football tournament took place during a GC session was the

2000 quadrennial European Championships. However as a European Tournament, neither Brazil,
nor Argentina took part in it. (See this June 7, 2010 Spectrum Magazine article on this topic of
Football and the GC Session.). There it is said that a Brazilian delegate was late for a vote
because he had stayed behind to watch part of a match between Italy and France. So perhaps
David Gates had read this article and decided to, as he only dares to, fantastically embellish it to
support a sermonic point he needed to make!?!
(Also, as it may be corroboratingly pertinent here, in the often mentioned thematic
illustration for his Attack is the Best Defense sermon [see e.g., this one at 02:28-03:38], where
David Gates says (that his sons said) that England had not allowed a goal prior to their Quarter-
Final match against Brazil in the 2002 World Cup Tournament, this is factually not the case as
England had allowed a goal in their very first match. Again here, it cannot be determined if it is
Gates source that is at fault or him, however, in the light of the habitual way in which Gates
liberally shades the truth in order to make his spiritual points he cannot be given the benefit of
the doubt here. In fact, as his sons were probably quite fully aware of the result details of these
World Cup matches, it is easier to believe that it is Gates who conveniently turned this early, lone
goal against into a zero in order to more strikingly make his key point!??)
So this clearly was indeed another Gateism. Nonetheless it must be said that it actually
is the recourse of quite faithless and desperate people to resort to lies in order to get their way.
Indeed in this January 14, 2006 sermon [at 02:00:58-02:01:19], David Gates says:

I don't want to dishonor the Lord ever, because I/I've represent... something, that people
look and say 'that represents faith in God' and I'm seen/seeing it as a representative of that. If I
were ever to dishonor God, it would throw dishonor on the whole message of God. [...] I need
that God will keep me from temptation,... [that would in] any way to dishonor him.

However his patent resorting to lying, especially when under some sort of pressure to
show/corroborate that his various "prophetic" viewpoints and claims are, effectively, Gods own,
are similarly as wrong as were Abrahams (the Father of Faith) when he lied to the king of
Egypt about his wife Sarah (Gen 12:10-20). As the SOP says about this incident: Abraham thus
betrayed a distrust of the divine care, a lack of that lofty faith and courage so often and nobly
exemplified in his life and that this concealment ... was deception. No deviation from strict
integrity can meet Gods approval (PP 130)

As it was said before, God certainly does not need such guileful mis-representatives to
Finish His Work of Truth (Rev 14:5), which pertinently enough, had been originally derouted by
the same type of crafty, and spiritually-minded, surface truths. (I.e., Adams and Eves eyes
were indeed opened and they indeed now knew both good and evil (Gen 2:16, 17; 3:1-7; cf.
John 8:44)).

Another, briefly stated here, example of a Gateism is that he claims in, a June 2010
sermon, either in this series, or this later one, that: the General Conference Sessions are
constantly being held within the territory of the North American Division because, supposed, the
hosting division automatically gets one-third of the delegates, and thus in this way North

American SDAs can be assured to dictate to the rest of the World Church how the Churchs
funds, [to which the NAD gives ca. 50%], are spent. That would indeed be quite dishonest if GC
Session locations were appointed for such reasons, however the SDA Church Constitution and
Bylaws (see also in (2009) SDA Yearbook p. 9-16) makes absolutely no mention of such
hosting territory privilege/right. And furthermore, it is quite insultingly demeaning to think,
believe and claim that members of the 12 other SDA Divisions would knowingly allow this to
happen without even ever attempting to either fix by motion and vote of the equal and partially
proportional GC Executive committee (see Article VIII of SDA Constitution), such an unjust
stipulation in itself, nor vote GC locations outside of the NAD as they easily could, due mainly to
their much larger numbers. (Only 2 of 59 GC Sessions have been held outside of the NAD,
namely the 52nd in Vienna, Austria (1975) [Euro-Africa Division], the 56th in the Utrecht,
Netherlands (1995) [Trans-European Division]). (Also see in this article how SDA
Constituencies are fairly represented at GC sessions.)
And, Mr. Gates, even if this were true, an automatic NAD one-third advantage would
still not be enough to carry such an unfair issue against the representatives from the other 12
Divisions, even if it was to be a two-thirds majority, now would it??? It seems that the only
privilege that a GC hosting Division has is in being the first to present their quinquennial report!
(David Gate seems to have been admonished into making a (visibly annoyed) correction of this
statement in a subsequent sermon in one of these series, however, as he does not explicitly state
that his stressed statement now that the GC is well, and proportionally represented is actually a
correction of that prior statement, he is not, as he cannot be, given the benefit of the doubt here.
A qualifying statement that he had made a false statement on this in a prior sermon would have
help, but of course, this would inevitably openly expose him as having knowingly and blatantly
lied. In fact this independently stated, solely suspected, corrective statement, only further dig his
lying hole here as he now is seeming to admit that he knows, and always knew, that GC
Sessions were proportionally represented. Evidently he is annoyed to have to tell the truth.)
Along these same lines of preposterous, exaggerated and factually baseless accusations
against the SDA Church, in this 2010 sermon [34:03-36:28] in Croatia, he states, by virtually
including all of the Divisions of the SDA Church (= also his wholly citing of continents), that
these Division are, under the inspiration of the Devil, all pushing Drums, Rock Music, with
(Concert) Smoke, upon all of the Churches in their jurisdiction. He goes on to state, to the
seeming increasing suspecting and/or incredulity of his Croatian translator, that this will also
soon come to the country of Croatia (which is in the Trans-European Division (TED)),
influentially threatening their current good music practices. Pushing.... Really?!? Seems
empirically logical to me that if this type of worship is being done, it is not out of a Divisional
directive, but out of the individual preference choice of a local Church. Evidently Gates
desperately does not believe that he does not need to manufacture lies against the SDA Church,
just point out their actual, persisted-upon falsehoods and unbiblical practices.

Yet another instance of a guileful Gateism. In this January 3, 2009 sermon to his former
home church in Marion, Illinois, (apparently where his father, Richard Gates, still attends and
occasionally preaches), David Gates mentions [at 43:46-43:52], and I quote: ...when I was
preaching in Montreal for It Is Written. -I went up there and I did a whole series for It Is Written,

-in French.... To any normal person hearing this, and probably also knowing that David Gates is
functional, and/or fluent, in several languages, including French, then it would be believed here
at face value that he did preach an entire series in Montreal, Quebec, in French for the
french-language It is Written ministry, Il Est Ecrit. However, while it is true that David Gates had
just done a weekend series of 5 sessions on November 21-22 in Montreal for Il Est Ecrit during
their 10th anniversary** celebration, this was held at an English speaking church, the LaSalle
New Life SDA Church, and he spoke entirely in English, as it can readily be seen in the posts of
the sermons from this series found on his own website. (See also this video from that series
[video]). [He (evidently) did not even begin with a brief French salutation as he had done in his
previous visit to Montreal some 3 months before (see this sermon at 00:13-00:28)]. The Il Est
Ecrit website clearly states in the announcement of that series that there would be a
simultaneous french translation by radio device. Yet somehow David Gates wanted people at
his former home church to readily understand that he had done that series in French. How
hard could it be for him to have simply have added in his statement: ...which was translated in
French. Apparently this is an absolute impossibility for someone who prideful wants to impress
people, and thus prefers to lie.

**(That is the 10th year anniversary of the Il Est Ecrit TV program since they had relaunched the
province-wide broadcast following a 7-year hiatus after having been on air (with a different, and
the founding, speaker/director) for 17 years from 1974-1991. (See in their About Us info).
[David Gates himself will probably understand the reason for this elaboration here for he
indicatively implies in a retort in one of his Faith Camp Idaho 2010 sermons that: Il Est Ecrit
had been on the air for solely 10 years, -most probably in a pointed challenge to my statement in
this blog post in Note #4]). [Sorry David Gates, but, if nothing else will do, I certainly was not
hallucinating when I watched that broadcast growing up in Montreal in the late 1970's and
through the 1980's, nor sleep walking when I occasionally would go out door-to-door with my
father to distribute pamphlets which invited people to watch the broadcast.]

Then there is always the often cited episode [sermon not presently relocated] of David
Gates when he was translating into Spanish for a couple of Jehovah Witnesses who were doing a
Bible study with someone else. Gates says self-justifying says that he took the liberty of changing
the statements and words of these JWs whenever they said something that was not Biblical. It
sounds funny and righteously great on the surface/at first until one realizes the complete
unnecessity of it (not that lying is actually ever necessary). First of all, if Gates wanted to
keep this person from hearing untruths then he just should have challenged these untruths with
the JWs as they came up. However he was also then trying to conceal to these JWs that he was
an SDA. Secondly, if the truths that Gates had were so Biblical, or more pertinently here, he
could clearly and easily prove them in the Bible, then he later could have corrected those stated
and truthfully translated, untruths of the JWs with that Bible student. The Bible example of
Abraham vs. Pharaoh (Gen 12:11-20) shows that God does not accept lies, or half-truths, and that
for any reason, from people who claim to believe in Him, especially those He may be more
closely working with, as it was the case with Abraham. In fact that lie added to the hardship of
Abraham as, when found out was kicked out of, probably Egypt, where Abraham had come to

more easily deal with the famine.

And yet, another, recent example of Gates innate, flagrant indifference to being truthful,
especially when it will self-promote him. In this October 1, 2010 sermon [09:10-09:50] in
Norway, he tries to wow his audience by stating that after he bought his first airplane, he flew
1000 hours per yer for the next four years. Then seeking to explain what this 1000 hours
represented in the piloting/flying world, he goes on to state that this meant: being in the air,
working, all day long from six in the morning to six in the evening... six days a week and then
added after pause for the Norwegian translation, that: only the airline pilots actually fly that
much ... [translation] because they fly every day, all day long. I am not sure if Gates was
banking on a self-deceived belief that his audience were either complete idiots or hypnotized by
him, or simply that they, at the very least, probably did not bring a calculator to church for that
Friday Night meeting, but his 1000 hours, stretched over 6 days per week, as he specified, only
need 3 hours and 12 minutes per day to fulfill. His 12 hours per day for 6 days actually adds up
to 3,744 hours. The western/industrial country normative work week of 35-40 hours result in
1,820-2,080 hrs/year.

Now perhaps Gates somehow meant to include the supporting ground work associated
with these 1000 hours, however not only that this is not at all explicitly stated, nor made clear,
in none of his 3 statements on this, quoted verbatim above, but as he directly equates these 1000
hours to the work of (commercial) airline pilots. While a (U.S.) commercial airline pilot is
limited by the FAA to fly no more than 1000 hour per year, their non-flying duty time is only 2-4
additional hours per 8 flying hours. This all results in ca. 1500 of total work per year or ca. 29
hours per week on average. And so certainly not Gates every day, all day long.** Furthermore,
for the work of Gates vs. commercial pilots to really be comparable, it would have to mean that
these pilots would similarly have to: e.g., load and unload their own airplanes, clean them out,
refuel them, do various minor and major maintenance repair, plan and chart out their flight
schedules and itineraries, sell and process passenger tickets; acquire the cargo contracts, check-in
the passenger and luggage, let alone perform identity and security check to also, personally know,
first hand, that it is safe to allow then on board; etc.
Gates goes on to say [09:50ff] that soon after these full-time flying days, he was then to
graduate from primary school to secondary school, claiming that this secondary school
experience started with the lead up to the purchasing of the first television network. Well
probably the reason why he manifestly did not graduate from secondary school, i.e., with the
failure of his second television network attempt, as related in his Lazarus Experience, was that
he failed in his early secondary school math and science classes, as seen in his, apparently from
that secondary school time on, utilized and ongoing guileful lies and unbiblical principles!

** As proof that Gates grossly exaggerates (= Gateistically) what he considers as non-flying

duty time for his flying, he claims in a December 30, 2010 (1:36 P.M.) message on his Twitter
page that he: Just finished 75 hours of flighing [sic] across the Caribbean & S.America. I
passed the 1 year in the air of flying mission planes (8760 hrs). PTL [=Praise The Lord].
Since 8760 hours in a year is: all 24 hours X all 365 days, then clearly David Gates considers the

time when he spent preaching at a Church on virtually every weekend of the year as duty time.
He also apparently never slept outside of his plane, while it was in the air!?! Actual Duty Time
(cf. e.g., here) only includes what one does once they have landed at their destination is a
distinctly reckoned time. I.e., It may be missionary work time but it is not flight duty time.

29. [33] Indeed it is so commonplace for David Gates to make a degree of such guileful
statements in all of his sermons that I was beginning to seriously wonder if this is not a
clinical/pathological problem with him. Indeed, the manifested typical, subconscious, telling,
behavorial idiosyncrasies that, almost without fault, accompany these false statements would
strongly suggest this, however, in this October 2008 sermon [at 01:37:14-01:37:54] he admits to
indeed making misrepresentations, not always telling the whole truth, and having guile in
his mouth and prays for God to take it away, but which he also actually all attributes and/or
blames (see in this sermon at [09:23-11:16]) on having been raised in a Latin American culture
where people prefer to tell you what you want to hear, even if it is a lie, rather than tell you of
disappointing/bad news, or of something that you don't like to hear; which automatically,
conversely means that, if crucially necessary (i.e., even in the absence of bad news), they'll also
make up what you actually would like to hear! (Perhaps this very rationalization is itself another
instance of such Gateistic good guile which would be answering the question of: Are you
really such a liar? - His (effective) answer: No, its actually a personally accepted part of my
culture!(?!)). Last time I checked, Christians were supposed to live above their cultural down
pull, as David Gates himself preaches, and furthermore, considering the many whoppers that
Gates went on to tell after that, e.g., as documented throughout this blog, God clearly has been
prevented from answering his prayer for such cultural deliverance. Nonetheless, such self fault
recognition normatively should be a sign that this is actually not an uncontrollable problem of his
in itself. Indeed as it can be seen by a causal analysis of these guileful and false statements, Gates
should really be seeking to have his pride checked and subdued, because most, if not all, of these
lying statements are made so that, ironically enough, his credibility as doing Gods will, and
pointedly preaching Gods endtime message, will not be, also ironically enough, second-guessed.
So these statements usually have the obstinately/blindedly resolute, contextual overtone of: Well
(i.e., notwithstanding the (possible/disproving) actual facts/truth), I am telling you that this is
really what is going on.!?!

My prescription for this diagnosis: Do duly deal with the Truth Mr. Gates! No matter
how much time it may actually necessitate. For anything built on a wrong and/or hastily
neglectful foundation will also crumble down when the actual storm does comes.

Also it is perhaps the fact that David Gates was apparently going around and claiming, in
an attempt to demonstrate his great faith, that he had signed purchase contracts without having
the money, while all that these corporate sellers had given him to sign were less legally binding
purchasing agreements, (and that mainly for his advantage so that he could retain his purchasing
priority until he finds the money. Indeed as he explains in a 2007 sermon, (alt. link) [16:22-
18:33] even the check he had written out for $1.4 million was (normatively/customarily) being
done, with the full understanding on both sides, that it was merely for guaranteeing the

seriousness of this intent of purchase.), may be the reason why most people were led to believe
that he was a dangerous business/legal liability, and thus not a reliable/trustworthy investment.
The fact of this development can be seen in David Gates quasi-apologetic attempts to emphasize
this legal distinct when retelling his experience in sermons from 2008+, especially when
speaking about the endeavor to purchase the second $35 million TV network (his Lazarus
Experience), however his statement in this June 28, 2008 sermon [at 01:03:22-01:03:49] shows
that in also purchasing the first $1.5 million network, he had indeed first been solely given a
purchasing intent agreement, and then only later, ca. the 23rd month following the signing of
that agreement on January 31, 2002, he was called by the sellers to arrange for the signing of a
more binding purchasing contract agreement and was also given a final 30 days in which to
fully do so with payment. As Gates himself, albeit, Freudianly says/indicates there, he fully
understood what this purchasing contract agreement legally/bindingly meant. Indeed since
David Gates is a graduate Business major (i.e., with a Masters degree), and (former) university
professor in this field, he should have known and understood the difference between these two
distinct types of arrangements. So such a calculated, guileful attempt to conflate the two here
ultimately, really only backfired on him. Again, can God actually bless such persistently guileful
behavior(?!); for as Rom 14:23b says: whatever is not from faith is sin, and Biblical faith will
never violate the Letter nor the Spirit of Gods Law; however faithlessness inevitably, surely
will! I.e., e.g., just as Abraham faithless, base solution with Hagar actually only complicated his
great faith journey and way into the future, and just like Mosess sin in killing the Egyptian
greatly retarded the fulfillment of Gods Deliverance by some 40 years (Exod 2:15, 23), (thus the
elapse time discrepancy between Gen 15:13|Acts 7:6 and Exod 12:40. Cf. this blog post.), it very
well may be Gates simple misrepresentation here that (1) complicated his faith journey, and (2)
pushed it to be, as a last/emergency resort, quasi-supernaturally fulfilled at the last minute; case
in point, as far as I know, from what he has related, David Gates never had to so wait for such a
long and extreme time to have God answer his prior faith actions. (Cf. the inevitable and
proportional consequences of Elijahs lone faith failure (similar to Moses) in Ed 151.1).

30. [34] Having said all of this on this documented Cousteau statement, there is a similar quote
on the internet attributed to Cousteau and his Orchid Memoir. It fully says:

"The road to the future leads us smack into the wall. We simply ricochet off the
alternatives that destiny offers; a demographic explosion that triggers social chaos and
spreads death, nuclear delirium and the quasi-annihiliation of the species." "Our survival
is no more than a question of 25, 50 or perhaps 100 years." (See here, cf. here, here and

However there are several problems with claiming this as the actual quote of David
Gates, starting with Gates rendering of it himself. Firstly, since he made it seem that he was
about to quote it from the Cousteau book, then how does, even paraphrasingly, 25, 50 or
perhaps 100 years substantively become 40 years,... maybe, through a miracle, 100 years.
Pointedly, how do you: (1) paraphrase 25 or 50 in to 40 and (2) then transform the simply
perhaps, into now an elongated, and religiously-slanted: maybe, through a miracle. That is

not paraphrasing, that is slyly, putting thematically foreign expressions and concepts into
someones mouth and mind, especially as the singular 40 years here of Gates was evidently so
construed to fit his overall Second Coming in 2031 theory. And to make Cousteaus 100
years further seem completely impossible, Gates makes his supposed staunch atheist seem so
desperate to now see this capable of being done only by a miracle, and that from some deity, if
not Yahweh Himself, that Cousteau does not even believe exist. (So David Gates, Cousteau was
not an atheist!?!). That all was a clever attempt of his, but self-defeatingly, not clever enough,
especially as Gates wanted to demonstrate that he actually had the exact quote right in front of
him. So indeed he only proved that he was deliberately miscontruing Cousteaus statement and,
like he typically does, putting his own econo-religious doomsday slant/spin on it. That in itself
further really proves that Cousteau is not the reliable source that Gates needs him to be since
Cousteau could not here say these 40 years, or the 100 years, without depending on an ethereal
miracle. In fact, Cousteaus quote in context seems to focus, as also seen in his other quote
discussed above, on the failings of man and not on the planet itself. Social chaos caused by a
demographic explosion is not the unstoppable and irreparable ecological demise that Gates
wants, and desperately needs, to validate his prophetic scenario.
Indeed as Cousteau is quoted to have said here:

If we go on the way we have, the fault is our greed and if we are not willing to change,
we will disappear from the face of the globe, to be replaced by the insect.

And as a Francis Puyalte, in the Conservative daily Le Figaro, logically/naturally wrote

on Cousteaus memoir in general:

is a distress signal, an SOS. It's the work of a planetary sociologist deeply worried about
the madness of man. [various emphases supplied] (source)

Secondly, I have now gone through Cousteaus book twice, page by page, including
listening to the audio version, and have not found that quote in those publications. The quotes on
the internet, which are without a page reference, were all made shortly after Cousteaus death in
1997. (Indeed it was also, timely, used during this Net 98 presentation (video) (audio) [10:42-
12:24], and perhaps this is where Gates was really paraphrasingly quoting from). Well unless I
saw/heard everything else in the published book (most probably a similar copy of the publication
which Gates was holding up), [and in a book filled with words, it is not easy to miss the
strikingly distinct construction of 25, 50 or perhaps 100 years], then this may either have been
a Cousteau agrapha at worst, or a statement retracted just before the publishing, at best. If it
was retracted, then why? All of this not only casts some doubts about the surety of Cousteaus
view here, (if even ever of any applicable import), or probably, that of his editors/publishers.
Nonetheless, it would only speak against, David Gates with his would-be lying demonstration
here of deliberately feigning that he could have read this quote from that published memoir of
Cousteau that he was holding. So apparently this was another guileful Gateism, and now with
smoke and mirror props.

31. [35] While it is surfacedly understandable, and even commendable, for David Gates not to
have engaged in the typical beg-a-thon (as 3ABNs Danny Shelton quips) campaign for
financial support, though to a limit, as these ministries themselves realize, for they do explicitly
and deliberately, though indirectly, make their financial needs known as they present their
planned projects or even speak of financial troubles, this stance of David Gates is particularly
puzzling in that he almost forbids his SDA audiences to contribute financially to his projects!?!
(See e.g., in this sermon at 37:44-38:54 [video]). For David Gates especially, and his particular
message of unloading or capitalizing on your assets before the imminent and unrecoverable total
economic collapse this makes absolutely no Biblical sense. On the one hand he is telling people
that they should invest in Gods work, all the while presenting his own great plans in this line,
and he does go around to SDA Churches worldwide to preach this message, yet on the other hand
he is practically ordering, if not deriding, these audiences to not support him financially!? It
seems that he actually shot himself in the foot here, for he actually stifled whatever impressions
the Spirit of God may have been making on his hearers. Case in point, most, if not all, of his
funding thus far for his ministry and projects, to my knowledge from his own sermon
testimonies, has only come from gifts of SDAs, and not from rich heathens. And he initially
did fully expect and solicit funds from rich SDA entrepreneurs. In fact, he actually almost
prevented the SDA funds manager who had promised him the $35 million dollars for the second
network from even making his offer because, as he recounts in some sermons, he initially would
not even answer the guys question in regards to how much money he needed for his projects!?!
The guy practically had to pry it out of David Gates who evidently was irrationally, now defaultly
snubly dismissive of any SDA who was offering to contribute to his projects. However he will be
the first to tell you that whenever Bill Gates does call him, (actually responds to the letters he
has sent him), he wont hesitate to make his specific requests known.... What is the relationship
that the Bible says about pride, a haughty spirit and destruction and a fall?! (Pro 16:18).
Indeed David Gates was the orchestrator of his own demise, and that, fundamentally by being
variously unbiblical. You cannot be asking for God to answer your prayers and then obstructing
Him from answering them how He actually, (i.e., Biblically) wants to!?! Indeed David Gates is
expecting, nay, thinking to dictate, for various self-confessed demonstrative reason, that God
manifest Himself in a great and strong wind, an earthquake and/or a fire, but God instead
still wants, in this pre-final judgement, probationary period, to express Himself through the
sound of a gentle blowing. (1 Kgs 19:11, 12)
Also, as seen in this June 28, 2008 sermon [at 01:21:50-01:22:58], Gates does make the
acceptable statement that he deliberately did not explicitly ask for money from people, instead
relying upon God to impress people, who would obediently give, (which still does not justify
him basely, actually, variously, standing in the way of people giving to his ministry, as mentioned
above), and through this approach, he probably uncovered the real issue with Laodicea, namely
that it is overwhelmingly, both individually and corporately, generally not willing to make the
expectedly needed sacrificial effort to heighten the work of God, but instead prefers to advance
solely mainly as their due 10% tithing allows. (What if tithing was not one of the 28
Fundamental Beliefs as such, also quite Biblical, sacrificial ministry work should additionally
be??). The hard lesson here for Gates and Laodicea is that God has already given his Remnant
people all of the basic spiritual and physical resources they need to be able to collectively make

even seemingly sacrificial efforts for such heightened ministry actually painless and non-
burdenful. So it is the actual intrinsic disunity (i.e., non one-mindedness of the Church that is
the greatest hinderance to all this being realized and even the testing, faith-based, self-supporting
example of David Gates, albeit which itself variously reflected and highlighted many of these
deficiences of the corporate Church, could not literally jump start this Church into the level of
devotion it needs to rightly have in regards to finishing Gods work.
Indeed this whole stance of Gates paramountly seems to be more a pompously prideful,
and also blindly vindictive, attitude where he was solely preoccupied with wanting to have
proven his proclaimed money from the rich heathens prophetic theology, a view which, as
explained earlier, is actually not at all found in the Bible, nor SOP. This may also be the reason
why David Gates so wants a U.S. caused global economic collapse, which he believes is foretold
in prophecy. However, as explained before, the Bible and SOP speaks of Gods direct judgement
ruining the wealth of the rich, and not such economic woes being the natural result of mans
own undoing, as in unpayable debt and hyperinflation. Indeed an economic crisis may be one of
the four winds that God has been, and will hold back, so that His work can be fully and
normatively done (Rev 7:1-3), (i.e., without such faith-void, coercive influences, effectively
resulting in conversions because the economy has collapse as prophesied!?!), however when
such a crisis does occur, it will not have been because of the U.S.s unpayable debt. In fact, it
very well may be that the world has recognized that the United States as a whole has become
too big to fail and as seen before, will be glad to bail it out rather than see its economy crash,
for that would inevitably cause major losses to them. So expect to see Great Global
Recessions, as seen before, to correct skewed financial markets, however, even solely
temporally speaking, do not expect to see a complete collapse of the U.S. economy. Indeed when
your economy ultimately continues to grow, and it can generate over $14.4 trillion dollars per
year, it may be greatly indebted, even to the point of the National Debt practically never being
repayable, but it is not likely to run completely dry of funds. (Cf. this article speaking against the
virtual impossibility of a total U.S. Economic collapse). Notwithstanding, if this debt will
eventually, ever be repaid, it will require that the U.S. Government to drastically lower its current
$3.6+ trillion dollar annual expenditures by severely cutting back on many current, large and
costly discretionary and even mandatory public programs such a Social Security, Health Care,
Public Education, and even National Defense, in other words, revert back to a truly more
Capitalistic Economy, where everyone suffers the fate of their own financial capability, for, as it
can be seen for the listing of such public programs, it is primarily the U.S. and its population
alone that will suffer from such drastic cuts in Federal spending in order to repay its debt. The
other option of course, is the socialist one of increasing taxes, which again will still ultimately
affect the U.S. population, but this time in less vital sectors, probably also leading to a Great
Domestic Recession. So, worst case scenario, Foreign U.S. creditors will demand (i.e., force)
these strictly domestic changes in order to collect on their outstanding loans. While domestic
hyperinflation can be a problem, it ultimately is rectified by such domestic adjustments which
forces a country to actually live within its means. Foreign economies may even, in significant
part, cease to do business with the up to then, quite convenient American economic market, and
seek other markets for reliable economic investment and trade, where even the investment in
developing these new markets, which thus far has been the main reason why they have been

largely bypassed, as capitalists typically seek to make a quick buck, will then be seen as a much
more viable, safer and profitable investment, even if only in the extended interim when the U.S.
economy would then be restabilizing and rebuilding itself.
Furthermore, think about it, with this vital strong fundamental economic base of educated
and trained people and highly advanced industrial and transportation assets and infrastructure,
what is the worst that can ultimately happen? If ever the real value of the (hyper-)inflated U.S.
Currency becomes an issue and it suddenly drops, the world will indeed go through a critical
period of, somewhat chaotic, adjustments, no longer being able to depend on their U.S. exports
for income, which was advantageous for the U.S. because they had a higher valued currency, but
reversedly it will be the world that will now begin to invest in the U.S.s now much, much
cheaper and efficient production and exporting power. So the U.S. will, at least for a while,
become what China currently is, namely the Factory of the World or more qualitatively
accurate, the Advanced Industrial Plant of the World. Indeed, at worst, history will repeat
itself, and just like it was the fact that the U.S. had a great industrial base and highly trained,
industrious people prior to the Crash of 1929, that logically led many of its quasi-crippled World
War II allies to send their money to the U.S. to produce the needed war machinery and weapons
(e.g., Lease-Lend), and it is this great investment that eventually, finally brought the U.S. out
of its Great Depression to the point that after World War II was won, it was the U.S. that could
even give money to Europe for its rebuilding (i.e., the Marshall Plan). So at worst, expect such a
scenario, even if, as David Gates repeatedly overclaims, the U.S. Dollar suddenly is widely
known to be really worth ca. 5 cents or less than toilet paper!
So, in conclusion to Gates repeated unbiblical and false views, indeed, like any house
that is not built on the solid rock of Gods Word, (Luke 6:47-49) it eventually does get
destroyed. Gates repeatedly disclaims in making his various views known that he is not a
theologian, well perhaps he should have invested a little more in this area before launching off
on, especially his theologically implicated, prophetic predictions. Still not being a theologian
here actually simply involves not being Biblical, for all of Gates errors could have been
completely avoid if he had properly, and even simply read and accepted what the Bible is actually
saying, e.g., through proper Bible study.

33. [36] To think also that Gates quotes on his Twitter feed (July 3, 2010) that: Criticism is the
price that one pays for being popular. Well, actually...criticism simply is, solely, the inherent
and normative consequence of having done something that is consider to be controversial
because, case in point, if everyone with whom David Gates was so popular with, per se, (i.e,
simply widely-known), fully approved of everything he did, then he would not even begin to be

34. [37] Said in this June 16, 2010 sermon (Wed. 7pm) [video (mp4) at 02:00:20ff].

35. [38] Said in this June 18, 2010 sermon (Fri. 7pm) [video (mp4), esp. at 00:59:01ff]. If recent
David Gates history is indicative, also expect a 3 days = 3 years message very soon, probably
then retroactively reckoned from the Economic Recession in the fall of 2008, when, especially
the NAD Church, did indeed begin to significantly suffer economically and because; -and thus to

end in the fall of 2011, when the Church, like a converted Jonah will then, after such a
punishment,* obey the call of God!?!

*God here probably indeed punished Jonah (see Jon 1:4ff) because Jonah was actually
rebelling against God for no substantive reason at all, but for his own pride. All that God had
asked him to do was to cry against Nineveh and tell it that it would be destroyed in 40 days.
Jonah did not have any burden to work in faith to seek to help convert the Ninevites. Furthermore
the fulfillment of his message also did not at all depend in any way on how well he carried this
warning message. So God was not coercing him to have faith in him by even punishing him
here. This is in many ways completely unlike the Remnant Churchs end time mission which
involves a faith in God on their part for the accomplishment of the end time message. So
coercively punishing the Church in a Jonah-type way, as David Gates now preaches, so that they
can then have this faith in God is actually, quite tellingly of Gates prophetic statements, also
completely unbiblical. Not surprisingly, I do not see this view of Gates, in any way, in the Bible,
nor the SOP.

36. [39] This email motion was made to the (1) Venezuela-Antilles Union Mission where
apparently Gates purposely foreign to the North American Division membership is maintained
(so that it cannot be easily/readily removed), and as stated below in Note #41 is where he
formerly had formal ministerial credentials; (2) to this Missions Division, the Inter-American
Division, whos current president Israel Leito, according to Gates testimony, provides much
counsel and protection to him; (3) to the North American Division where David Gates does a
lot, if not most, of his preaching, as this is the world region where his particular message of U.S.
Economic Crisis-induced Final Events is to have its genesis; and (4) to the General Conference
as David Gates does preach his substantiatedly skewed messages to any church in any of the
World Churchs Divisions who give him a podium.
If applicable as a SDA Church member you can second this motion by also contacting
these Church entities and making mention and referencing this blog post, (i.e., including its
URL). (Click on their links above for their contact info).
As, according to the SDA Church Manual (p. 193), the purpose of a Church censure is
twofold, namely: (1) To enable the church to express its disapproval of a grievous offense
[i.e., e.g., determined and insistent specific date-setting proclamations which are serious and
crucial enough to the cause of God, to have required expressed Divine condemnation and
reproof when done in the days of EGW; guileful lying among other sins] that has brought
disgrace upon the cause of God and (2) to impress the offending member with the need
for amendment of life and reformation in conduct [i.e., stop the (public) lying (indeed a
violation of the 9th Commandment), date-range setting, oblivious motivating through fear, and
making Biblically spurious, self-aggrandising rationalization, etc, cf. 18MR 247.1]; also to
extend to the individual a period of grace and probation during which these steps might be
taken [e.g., time for theological studies and/or to Biblically fix his messages]. [applicational
emphasis supplied]; -a lack of spiritual discernment in the great harm that is caused by such
actions or even by its effective sanctioning and sustainment, is only a self-condemnatory
statement on the state of the Church instead, where indeed precise Biblical truth is not really

important, especially as it is variously much more costly. And just to think that this is the
Church that condemns other Christian Churches for having the equivalent attitude towards
Biblical Truth.


As seen in this sermon [video] in this late November 2010 series at the Loma Linda
Filipino SDA Church (see especially at 20:13-24:53), David Gates continues to use his
unscriptural and non-factual: fear of a supposed, imminent, economic-based, ecologically soon-
doomed planet, crisis as the source of motivation for people to engage in Gospel works. Also as
seen in this sermon on the next day, Nov. 20, 2010 [video at 12:58-16:05], David Gates
fundamentally believes that it is going to be an economic crisis that will produce the trials that
will resulting in the Shaking in the Church. However the SOP is clear (see LDE 175-182) that the
Shaking will be the result of people opposing the way in which faithful members are advancing
the work of the Church, which worldly and spiritually-slumbering members only see a threat, and
when the world itself will rise up to oppose this Bible-based movement (1T 181), these will
abandon the Church, probably with whole Churches, re-organizing themselves into a distinct
church, and join in opposing the work of those Faithful Church members. The SOP says nothing
of temporal reasons such as an economic crisis causing this spiritual event of the Shaking. Any
losses of wealth in the Church will not be due to an economic crisis, but will be the end game
of this Shaking when a small faithful remnant in the Church will have to regroup with the little
institutional facilities that they have managed to maintain, if any, as a result of this schism.
Rather than suffer these institutional and marginalizational losses, many will opt to remain with
the popular side who will have control of most, if not all of these existing properties. Therefore
those who shallowly think that the true Church then will be the ones who retain the trademarked
name and logos and control of institutions after the Shaking will also be deceived. God Truth is
not limited to physical institutions. (Act 7:44-50; cf. the gradual departing of God from Israels
institutions in the Shaking vision of Ezekiel 9:3; 10:4, 18, 19; 11:22, 23 and its subsequent return
in the newly (re)builtTemple Ezek 43:2-5; 44:4 = EW 272).
Interestingly enough, as this get-ready-before-the-total-economic-collapse scaring
approach, in now several years of being preached by David Gates, has not brought about the end-
time revival that he most probably expected, he honestly should be asking himself if, either: the
Church really does not have a Spiritual and Missions-minded pulse and/or the Holy Spirit cannot
do its work of convicting through such a unscriptural message and approach!?! Indeed if such a
startling message has not awaken people, then they are not asleep but dead or the message,
though interesting and entertaining, is simply not seen as Biblical.

36. [40] Notwithstanding, see this July 6, 2010 personal testimony of Daniel Winters on his blog
[comment #3895] of: David Gates having been privately held to some account by some SDA
leaders during the 2010 GC Session.

37. [41] Interestingly enough, David Gatess previously used to state that he was an Ordained
SDA Minister, and indeed, as seen in the 2008 SDA Yearbook (p. 154), he is listed as having

ministerial credentials from the Venezuela-Antilles Union Mission in the Inter-American
Division. He is also listed as the associate director of the Communications Department and
ADRA. All the while, David Gates, by his own testimony, was not being paid by these formally
recognizing/endorsing SDA entities. However these official listings of Gatess do not appear in
the subsequent 2009 (cf. p. 157), 2010 [PDF] & 2011 Yearbooks, which, especially with the
Ministerial Credentials, leads to the conclusion that they were revoked, and his ordination
invalidated; and also that Gates was dismissed from his Communications and ADRA positions
and replaced by someone else. Clearly it is not because he has stopped doing the same type of
work that he was doing when he was honorarily given these positions and formal recognitions.
So it apparently was done for some sort of disciplinary reason, for even if this was done out of an
ultimate liability concern by the so formally endorsing SDA entity, such a pre-emptive
disassociation is only necessary if the conduct of the one endorsed is inherently unethical and
unbiblical. Biblical conduct is normatively not, in any way, a liability, especially to the Church
itself. (Unless of course, as with e.g., the CIAs sector of NOC agents, this was done so that
David Gates can function as the Churchs Black Ops spook!??)
Indeed, as the formal act (or sacred rite =SDA Church Manual) of Ordination is done in
acknowledging and endorsing recognition of the Holy Spirits work in ones Church work,
leadership, ministry, and also that it was apparently be done in David Gates case for the reason
that: The only way one may be qualified for serving the church at large is by ordination to the
gospel ministry (p. 51 [PDF p. 70]), the invalidation of it is unequivocally a formal Church
statement in regards to the belief of a no longer valid unction of the Holy Spirit on that person.
However, as seen in this August 2011 Conference (media), as the Church, globally, manifestly
still does not mind directly associating with David Gates and his ministry (however see the
(albeit quibblingly shallow) opposition by the Franco-Belgian Union Conference in the
communications documents on this page), it can be logically deduced that the Church is therefore
(at least in this case) unbiblically administering the sacred rite of ordination as merely a lawsuit
liability disculpation. And in case-in-point corroboration of this observation, in this November
17, 2011 Extreme Faith Report segment [06:47], David Gates states that he will perform a
marriage, and that in Canada, thus, moreover, cross-jurisdictionally, within the Canadian Union
Conference, which all implies that he is manifestly actually still being (somewhere and
somehow) considered as an ordained minister in/by the SDA Church. So then, by process of
logical elimination, it is self-obvious that this is not being formally/officially recognized nor
recorded in the SDA Church for such base reasons of (financial) liability disculpation.
As indeed entrenchedly usual with this Church, it is money|finance|worldly lucre that
determines what the truth is in matter of its Faith and Practice.

38. [42] Once I had decided to write a more detailed response to David Gates Joseph Story/Sep
11, 2010 Prophecy back on September 2, 2010, I was intending to pointedly have it completed
and posted before that September 11, 2010 date because, contrary to some people who are even
also against this time setting, I do not judge if something is prophetic from the angle of: if an
event actually occurs, and/or, on a specific date, but first and solely if the looked for event is
actually Biblical to start with. It is indeed quite unbiblical to try to so reversely interpret the
Bible based upon daily events. People who do so will be prime candidates to go and see false

christs and false prophets (Matt 24:23-26), and thus put themselves under the direct influence of
powerful deceptions. David Gates has chosen to so reverse interpret Biblical Prophecies, where
he does not even really care if his exegesis and prophetical interpretation is correct, just a long as
he sees an event which he believes is a fulfillment of his Prophetic scenario, and then he
selectively and obliviously builds, and also rebuilds, due to past failures, his prophetic
understandings and theology around that latest plausible event.
So this post was not posted today on September 12, 2010 out of an unsure first wait and
see for 9/11/2010. Indeed the 20 pages for the points presented here in this detailed note were
completely drafted and written out before this date (except for a due (final nail) statement for
indeed nothing occurring on 9/11/2010, since this transparently naturally/logically, completely
defeats David Gates entire definite time prophetic scheme). Due to the complete unbiblicalness
of Gates view, I was more weary of something occurring that was in any way remotely relatable
to an economic crisis on that date to give any life to any part of Gates speculations (e.g, Greek
protesters planning to confront their government on their economy, or even far-fetchedly, the
planned burning of Qurans and the potential/probable global backlash - in fact look for David
Gates to revisionally and sanctimoniously claim that God in His mercy chose to avert another
9/11 type of crisis by persuading that Florida pastor to not follow through on his book-burning
plans on that day). So if people then still want to cling to the intentionally Teflon prophecies
of David Gates, as if God Himself is either not powerful enough to timely accomplish a prophecy
of His, or completely state such a prophecy well in advance, or cannot make certain and definite
statements about what He will do in the future because He is so dependent upon the condition of
professed people in Him, then suit yourselves. (The future possible faithlessness of His People,
has never prevented God from making definite and even timed prophecies, so why should this
suddenly be a handicapping issue with Gates prophetic scenarios.) Despite being an SDA, you
are actually being misled and deceived by a textbook false preacher and false prophet, and do
not allowed the fact that David Gates end goal (i.e., endeavoring to finish the work) may in its
isolated self, be Biblical, because the many and various unbiblical methods which he is resorting
to seek to achieve this end goal, actually do not lead to that end.
With that said, here is the detailed refutation of David Gates latest false prophecy (These
main points have been arranged thematically. Time markers indicate the time on first the Audio
followed the [Video] of the Gates talk. (I.e., Its so full of lies, it should not even be considered
a sermon.) [These precise time markers may slightly fluctuate for some reason].

A. Exegetically
1. Bible Examples (1 Cor 10:6-11)
01:03:05 [V 01:13:45] - David Gates prefaces his false exposition by, actually paraphrasingly,
quoting 1 Cor 10:11, implying that what happened to Joseph is to be an example to us, and that
a definite time example. First of all, that is pure eisogesis, especially in trying to make the 7-
year periods there literally, eschatologically reapplicable. Secondly Paul was making this Old
Testament reference to highlight the moral/spiritual lessons from a past OT example, namely a
warning against falling into idolatry, immorality, faithlessness and murmuring against God (see 1
Cor 10:6-9) and not to make a literal, prophetical reapplication as David Gates is doing by
saying: because these things happened to Israel in the past, they will now also happened to us

again today. There is no model, nor instruction in this statement of Paul to make Old Testament
Stories definite time prophecies for the end. Paul was only saying here that the present New
Israel should be careful not engage in such sinful behavior lest God also deal with them as He
did with Ancient Israel. These episodes were indeed fully carried out by God then as object-
lesson examples; and were indeed written down for spiritual instruction, but not for set time

2. Lean Years = 2-1-4 Split

01:15:28 [V 01:30:24]- David Gates claim that there is a 2-2-3 year splitting up of the lean
years in the story of Joseph is wrong. The Bible rather recounts a 2-1-4 storyline: (1) Gen 45:6 -
the first 2 years of the famine; (Gen 45:11 - Joseph's Family Come for last 5 years); (2) Gen
47:13-17 - the money of citizens in Egypt runs out starting in year 3 therefore livestock is
given in exchange as a means of currency, (which indeed was quite normative for many centuries
until ca. the 18th century); (3) Gen 47:18-22 - livestock exchange only was sufficient for one year,
so starting in year 4 the people offer their properties and themselves as workers for Pharaoh in
order to pay for obtained grain. This remains in effect from years 4-7. (Gen 47:18 speaks of the
second year since agreement for livestock back in year 3, so therefore, year 4. (cf. end of vs.
17)). Joseph then sets up the mandatory one-fifth return from now the pledged private properties
of the people (Gen 47:23-26) vs. the same system that had previously been established during the
7 fat years for, apparently, solely the public lands of Egypt (Gen 41:33-37). (Apparently private
citizens also had this opportunity to fat years, one-fifth storage, but most did not. That is
probably why they were now intransigently required to pay, however they can, for grain that had
been stored by the Government from public lands.)

B. Biblically
1. Bible Stories Are Not (Time) Prophecies
- By arbitrarily making Bible Stories become prophesies, and that when current events are
(subjectively) suspected to be following their pattern, David Gates is taking away the deliberate
distinctiveness of a prophecy, as then, virtually the whole Bible could be taken as a prophecy.

2. Non-corroborating Biblical Example

01:11:03 [V 01:24:26] - David Gates vacuously claims that the examples of the Deliverance of
the Jews during Esthers days and and the miraculous Red Sea Crossing corroborate his Joseph
Story prophecy because these shows that God will provide a way of escape for His people. While
that notion itself is Biblical and therefore true, that hardly, inevitably makes his current
view/prophecy also true. Such a correlation and understanding of Gates is only due to his private
and unsubstantiated bias that there is an inevitable (i.e., both in temporal and prophetic terms (=
the SOPs National Ruin) total economic collapse coming soon, a view that is actually not
supported by any facts as shown above in this blog post, except solely for the direct interjection
of God, and that as a judging consequence for a National Apostasy, as delineated in the SOP,
and not to cause this prophesied event, as David Gates false preaches.
Also, neither one of these Biblical deliverances were due to the fulfillment of a prophecy.

Both were instead actually realized by last minute, indirect and direct, respectively, interpositions
of God. In the story of Esther, not even the fact that she was in the palace as a Queen was
considered as a sure prophetic orchestration of God. Mordecais often quoted statement in
Esther 4:14 was simply a reflexive who knows questioning pondering of perhaps this is why
you are in this position; and that, not necessarily, for this specific time but merely for such a
(=Heb. if particle) time as this. Mordecai also clearly says that if Esther did not act, God
would provide deliverance from another source, at her lost.

3. No Bible/SOP Mention/Warning, At All

01:08:41 [V 01:21:19] - David Gates, effectively through reversed-, guilting/blaming,
psychology, impliedly says that only a sleeping church could have missed the sign of the 9/11
attacks which indicated the start of Josephs fat years, their, supposedly way/means of escape
out of this coming (2008-2015) crisis, however given that (a) there are hundreds of similar
matter-of-fact/narrative stories in Bible; (b) the SOP never hinted at such an, even typological,
application of the Joseph story; (c) the SOP clearly speaks against using set time for
eschatological prophecies and prophetic messages, on top of (d) the many incontrovertible
factual points made here against Gates view and application, then, really, how could the Church
be faulted at all for not seeing this realistically far-fetched speculative sensationalism!

4. Gods Method and Purpose For Prophecy

01:13:09 [V 01:27:19] - David Gates, in his fence posts analogy effectively claims that this
Joseph Story prophecy is deliberately being giving by God in a piece-meal fashion, (i.e., one
fence post on 9/11/2001 (Terrorist Attacks); another one on 9/11/2008 (Financial Crisis); and
now a third on 9/11/2010 (Assets collapse). That is completely unbiblical, and also
Theologically erroneous. There is absolute no example in the Bible of God giving prophecy in
such, present-time only, piece-meal fashion. God always states His prophecies entirely, and
long in advance. (David Gates himself just had said, (though through a false application) that
God always forewarns His people of what is going to take place through prophesies.) Indeed God
Himself is unequivocally against this sly claiming of fulfilled present-day events suddenly as
foreplanned prophetic fulfillment. In Isa 48:3-5 God challenges false gods to make known of
future these things long ago in advance, as He does, so that when they occur in the future, they
will not slyly take the credit for having done them. This is exactly the guileful and sly trickery
that Gates is attributing to God, for, according to Gates view, it is only if/when an event timely
occurs in the present that it is to be attributable to God as prophetic. As if, it is only if God is able
to plant (i.e., realize) a fence post on a Sept 11 date, then will He claim a prophetic
fulfillment. To support this false theology, Gates has to make up the false tenet that: God is not
trying to predict the future but is helping us to recognize that He is in control in the present.
Well passage like Isa 48:3-5 completely refute this view. Contrary to David Gates, as the Bible
clearly shows, God can foreplan timely events from many years in advance. God also works
solely on faith and His preferred and chosen modus operandi is to give prophecies in advance so
that His people can believe and act upon them well in advance, especially so that they will be
ready. The piece-meal view of Gates gives no opportunity either for this Faith, nor preparation,
as clearly made evident by the fact that no one in the Church was able to make the needed

prophetical storage preparations during the supposed 7 fat years of 9/11/2001-9/11/2008 as no
one, even David Gates himself, then knew that they were living in prophesied fat years.
In fact, upon further observation, it seems that this whole piece-meal theory of Gates was
construed by him to account for the fact that he did indeed completely miss these fat years
which he says self-rationalizedly says were impossible to recognize because only one fence
post had been planted then.
So now he can concretely see for himself, if he is at all honest, why God does not use this
piece-meal approach for prophecy/revelations, especially with His own people.

C. Theologically
1. Contradicts Gods Own Bible/SOP Statements
-David Gates entire time prophecy scheme here would be depicting God as either being senile or
an outright liar because He had directly/clearly, repeatedly stated (i.e., shown) before in the
SOP that eschatological messages would not involve definite time, so then why would He now
be using definite time???

2. Fraudulent Main Gains during 2001-2008 Mal-Attributed to God

-The Bible is clear that the great abundance that was to occur in Egypt during the fat years
was to be expressedly brought about by Gods doing (Gen 41:25, 28). I.e., it was not a natural
occurrence. God was going to cause these to be overabundant years. David Gates claims that the
equivalence of these fat years occurred from September 11, 2001-September 11, 2008. Apart
from this claimed parallel being factually, historically and economically spurious and false as
shown in these thematic sections in this note, if these were supposed to be fat years of God-
caused economic overabundance, then as stock market historical data shows, much of the
economic gains (and actually not overabundance) during these years occurred during the
fraudulent, sub-prime and toxic assets mortgage economic bubble of 2004-2006, then this most
fraudulently scheme to increase U.S. and Global wealth has to be attributed to God, just like He
had caused Egypts overabundance by supernaturally increasing their agricultural output. This is
then actually like saying that God had caused weeds/darnel instead of wheat to flourish in the
fields of Egypt during their fat years. Just like a harvest of weeds/darnel would be
unproductive and detrimental to Egypt, i.e., even causing losses in genuine wheat crops, these
toxic-assets schemes and gains effectively did absolutely nothing to economic prosperity, nor the
building up savings and wealth, but actually caused genuine growth and assets to also become at
risk. Gates cannot whimsically, selectively choose what he wants to be applicable and
prophetical from the Joseph story, because in this way anything can be said to be prophetical
when you only pick and choose certain elements of a story, particularly ignoring their qualifying
context which helps to understand a typological, (and not necessarily prophetically) application,
and that simply for exemplary and instructional purposes.

3. 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Attributed to God

-Since, as mentioned above, the fat years of Joseph were directly caused by God Himself,
saying that prophetical fat years today were precisely begun on September 11, 2001, by those

terrorist attacks, would be to attribute these events to God Himself, with the 19 Al-Quaeda
operatives acting as His commissioned agents!?! Especially since these intuitively destructive
and economically detrimental events were suppose to launch economic overabundance according
to Gatess view. While God does allow various calamities to occur, (mainly, according to my
theological understanding, of His self-imposed restriction in this GC to only a certain sampling
number of direct intervention in human affairs, interventions which are also allowed to be
reciprocated by the Devil), He certainly did not cause, nor use, these events to (illogically) propel
the U.S. and the World into a period of national prosperity.

4. Wrong Theology of God and Future

01:13:33 [V 01:27:48] - David Gates literally wowed his audience with the, actually empty
statement of: God, according to his view, erecting a fencepost with the 9/11/2001 attacks,
and then another one with the supposed 9/11/2008 potential total collapse crash, and now with
probably a 9/11/2010 assets crash, God in this way was not trying to predict the future, but
showing that He is in control in the present!?! Contrary to the manifest awed response, that does
not even begin to make any theological, nor logical, sense. If God knows for certain what the
future will be then why does He need to control it when it becomes the present. This statement
is the perfect example of the non-sensicalness that is glibbly and mindlessly regurgitated by
people who have an unbiblical understanding of God and the future. (See this post for the actual
Biblical Foreplanning View.) According to Gates view, God then has already concretely set
the future, so whatever man may do, they actual have not done it out of free will, but because
God made them do it.

D. Topically
1. 9/11 Terrorist Attack Did Not Launch A Prosperity Era
-David Gates prophetic rational is topically purely whimsical. How does the terrorist attack of
9/11 suddenly serve to propulse the U.S. and the world into a period of economic overabundance.
I.e., God did not begin the 7 fat years in Egypt by: reducing some of their pyramids to rubbles
(9/11 attacks); torching some of their farmlands (immediate pan economic impact), and then
annually sending a swarm of locust to eat part of the grown crops (ballooning War on Terror
debt since then). So that precise event that Gates wants to begin a period of prophetic fat
years does absolutely nothing of the sort. Quite to the contrary.

2. Money in Egypt ran out Not (Economically) failed

01:15:19 [V 01:30:10] - David Gates claims, uncritically following the KJV/NJKV mis-
translation, that the money failed in Egypt, and that this is prophetic of what is soon to occur
the economy today. That is false and eisogetical by both these Bible translators and further by
David Gates. They, and particularly Gates, indeed only reads this into the text to try to validate
his present-day money failing theory. Exegetically, the Hebrew word here (Strongs #8852)
speaking of coming to a due/normative end. So the Biblical story is just saying that the
Egyptians spent all of the money they had on buying grain from the Pharaoh. This money
running out by being spent vs. money failing in value are two completely distinct things.

When money fails in a economy there is still plenty of currency available and in normative
circulation. The only problem is that this money is worth virtually nothing. So one can have
billions of dollars in the bank and it may then only be worth e.g., $10,000. So no aspect of a
money/financial failure occurred in the Egyptian economy. It was just that the people no longer
had any normative currency and monetary funds with which to buy grain, hence then the
institution of currency in the form of livestock, their bucks so to speak. Evidently, prior to
these famine years, the Egyptian people did not need to spend money to buy grain because they
could grow their own.

3. Gains of 2001-2008 Did Not Last for 7 lean years (i.e., 2008-2015)
-Since most of the gains that were made in the economy were completely lost by the toxic assets
bubble burst starting in mid-late 2008, then how were 2001-2008 fat years of overabundance
sufficient to entirely provide for lean years from 2008-2015. Whatever was gained, and that
mostly fraudulently, during the previous 7 years did not provide for more than 1 month in the
supposed prophetic lean years., if that much. That sudden and immediate complete loss was
also greatly felt in the Church.

4. No Applicable Prophetic Parallels From Joseph Story

-Since God raised up, forewarned, and prepared Joseph before the fat years started in order to
take full advantage of what He was going to do in the coming 7 years, then where is the
equivalent heads up fulfillment starting in 2001, especially in the Church, if not also the world,
to warn them to save for an upcoming prolonged economic crisis, which Gates adamantly claims
is/will be irreversible, starting in 2008. Gates probably believes that his 9/11 Wake-up Call
sermons during that time fulfills this, however he evidently was not given Joseph-like
instructions for Gods people to take full advantage of supposedly upcoming fat years.
Furthermore, the raising of Joseph was quite purposeful for God and that solely to be able to
provide a quasi-free home for the growing nation of Israel during that time and subsequent future
years. Similarly today, such a fulfillment would be to help Gods Remnant people to occupy a
favorable societal and economical position in the light of a coming economic crisis. However no
such geo-political development has transpired during Gates supposed prophetic fulfillment.

5. Lean Years Damage Itself Should Be Instantaneous, Not Gradual

-According to Gates own prophetic template here, today we should be in absolutely no position
to be able to prepare for the suppose-to-be present crisis. In Josephs story, the famine did not get
worse in time as Gates is hoping that an economic crisis today will get worse and worse. The
famine was bad from the very first day of the start of the 7 lean years. The land from that first day
instantly, by Gods doing, ceased to be productive and people had to live off whatever grain
reserves they had. The only thing that got worse was the peoples means of being able to procure
grain that was amply available in the government storages of Egypt. So for an event today to
actually be according to a Joseph story template the economy would have to have already
completely collapse i.e., on September 11, 2008, as an economy actually can as great single day
market losses show (i.e, the Crash on Black Tuesday = October 29, 1929 shows) and people,
including non-SDAs would now be living off the necessities-of -life reserves they had been able

to make during supposed booming years of 2001-2008, and that at the inspired direction of
SDAs. Nothing to the sort has happened, not even with Gates himself who would the most
specifically the Joseph type in this prophecy. So there clearly is really no template fulfillement
contrary to Gates claims.

E. Prophetically
1. No Use of Definite Time in End Time Prophecies
-As stated and detailed above in this blog post, the SOP is clear that there would not be an
eschatological use of definite time.

2. 2008 Financial Crisis not SOP National Ruin

- Also as explained above in this blog post, the Financial Crisis of 2008 was not in any form the
Bible and SOP prophesied National Ruin.

3. No Need of Mercy Fulfillments With Divine Predictions

01:07:45 [V 01:19:48] - David Gates claims that his prophetic prediction of, as he was saying
then, a total economic collapse of the U.S. Economy in September of 2008, could have
occurred in October or November of 2008 and he would have still been right on target, however
God in his mercy caused the economic crisis to occur in September of 2008, with the banks
starting to fail. He even speaks of asking for forgiveness for potentially dishonoring God. Talk
about a most blatant Freudian Slip here, even if it was for a prior (i.e., pre-August 2010) belief:
Divine Mercy for what??? David Gates could only claim that mercy was used here solely
because he fully knew and realized that he was going against clear SOP counsel against time
setting. Furthermore this implies that it is God who has to cowtail to whatever blunder David
Gates can make?!? (This view of Gates is evidently derived from his belief that he is Gods
Model Man of Faith for the Final Days in the SDA Church, so God certainly cannot afford for
him to lose face before his Adventist brethren??!) Not even bona fide Biblical prophets (e.g.,
Nathan, 2 Sam 7:3-5ff); or even Jesus, for that pointed matter (Matt 10:23b) had that luxury. If
they made a prophetic statement in the name of God, in genuine good faith and all honesty, yet
that did not pan out as they had said, for previously temporally unknown or divinely unrevealed
reasons, they were Divinely corrected and/or it was applicably fulfilled if necessary (e.g Matt
16:28 & 17:1ff). [I believe that Jesus good faith statement in Mat 10:23b will be made to have
an eschatological application. Cf. 6T 478]. David Gates, on the other hand, was defiantly going
against direct and clear Divine revelations, bolstered by his obliviously shoddy, ignoring and
preferentially selective Biblical exegesis, as shown above. Furthermore, as also detailed above,
the total, irreversible collapse that David Gates was predicting to the very end certainly did not
occur, so God would not have even fulfilled his prophecy here, as Gates now needs people to
believe. And if anything was fulfilled here, then it was the GEAB prognosis (see above in Note
#6) which had specified this Sept 2008 date, which Gates simply was repeating.

4. Gates Past Failed Eschatological Time Prophecies & Predictions

-As related in this blog, David Gates has already tried to make a time prophecy out of a Bible

Story with his timed Lazarus Experience, an attempt which clearly, completely failed. So he
has not proof, nor credibility to seek to now make another such unbiblical application with the
Joseph Story.

F. Factually
1. U.S. Presently Is Paying Interest on National Debt
-As discussed above in this blog in Note #7, Gates claim that the U.S. presently cannot pay the
interest of its debt is completely untrue. Indeed as seen on this page, the annually due debt
payment is ca. $200 Billion and is included in the budgetary outlays.

2. No 9/11/2008 $550B Market Withdrawal (at all) from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae
01:12:33 [V 01:26:33] - Gates claims that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae caused a $550 Billion
dollar loss in the Stock Markets on precisely September 11, 2008 is completely untrue. These
companies were completely Federally taken over and bailed out by September 9, 2008 and their
stock value, (See Fannies (data) and Freddies (data)) which had plummeted from Sept. 5-7, was
then halted and began to reverse. Gates sees his to-the day fulfillment as the clear indication
that this is a prophetic action of God and parallels the Joseph story, however there was no
9/11/2008 fulfillment. Contrary to what he slyly claims, you can look up this 9/11/2008 event on
the internet and you will find absolutely nothing of the sort. Yet another Gateism.
In further complete contradiction to Gatess unfounded belief here, the historical stock
data of Fannie ($0.77-$0.78 = +$0.01 @ 1.07 billion shares = +$10.7M) and Freddie
($0.64-$0.59 = -$0.06 @ 647 million shares = -$32.4M) (See here for these 2008 shares # info)
shows that, combined, they actually only had a net market value loss of $21.7M on the trading
day of September 11. So definitely not the apocalyptical -$550 Billions of Gates Gateism. In fact
during the actual market free fall period, both Freddie and Fannie from Sep 5-8 shows that these
two companies combined to only lose $10.1B [Fannie ($7.04-$0.73 = -$6.91 = -$7.39B) and
Freddie ($5.10-$0.88 = -$4.22 = -$2.73B)] Again far from the fictitious -$550B of Gates, $540B
less to be exact. Indeed a 54-fold increase is even way beyond the accepted realm of
exaggeration for exaggeration slightly increases what actually is, and not, as in this case
literally makes up facts that are in a whole other sphere. Even a single day $55B loss would
still be in the sphere of a recession, however $550B is in the greater sphere of total economic
collapse. As clearly no factual news source would make such an astronomical mistake, and given
Gates educated business background, one has to wonder if Gates just simply manufactured
these numbers. Perhaps from now on, David Gates should just focus on submitting his data and
citing his sources, if any, and let people come to their own factual conclusions... at least for their
own sake.

3. Gates Switches and Now, Hypocritically, Is Fully For Out of the Cities Movement
01:24:03 [V 01:41:45] - Back in a June 2010 sermon, ([f4v] [mov] [flv] [mp3]) at [f4v = 19:01-
27:00] David Gates had, though ambivalently, denounced, as being on a different frequency
and basic/elementary(?!?) an "Out of Cities" movement (from Dave Westbrooks ministry - cf.
Westbrooks comments on Gates 9/11/2010 prediction here [video].), as not necessary, and a

hindrance to needed evangelistic work, even ultimately, speaking against Adventist moving out
of cities despite SOP counsels. (How is counsel to move out of the cities in the end elementary
to supposed end time events??) In fact, he says that he plans to air the Out of Cities messages
he was sent so that Non-Adventists can be warned to leave the cities. Obviously solely in the
light of his superior imminent economic doom prophetic scenario!?? However now, in the
present August 28, 2010 sermon, he obliviously and hypocritically, intransigently scolds SDAs
for not heeding these SOP counsels. Quite evidently his determination of what is truth, or present
truth, is pridefully, solely determined by what he himself thinks, and what fulfills his views(!?!),
and, tellingly enough, not even by what the Bible/SOP actually says especially when properly
studied out. So, evidently, if God has not led him in a certain way, then it must not be
important. Talk about Balaam-like opportunism.
It must be emphasized that David Gates is not here being cited for rightly conforming to a
correct Biblical view, but for now hypocritically acting as if this was always his view, when his
previous adamant preaching against this SOP counsel clearly shows the contrary.
Incidently, and contrary to the previous reason that David Gates gave, like other SDAs,
not having a self-reliant home in the country as counselled by the SOP, would actually not be
detrimental to City Evangelism, for it would not preclude, during days of peace working in the
cities, attending school there, and also worshipping in Churches located in these cities. Indeed we
are counselled to work the worlds cities as outpost. So the only witnessing that would be
adversely affected by living in the country would be towards immediate neighbors; (yet this area
of witnessing is still one of the most SDA city-dwellers difficult for one to do.) In fact living in a
self-reliant home in the country would come to provide for tremendous household savings (e.g.,
in terms of real estate, food, utilities, etc), which could be invested in the (city) Evangelism work.
So the Church really has no excuse for not heeding this SOP counsel, but for their base attraction
to the allure and glamour of living in current world urban areas. Indeed by not heeding this
counsel, Church members are only concretely proving that they really do not believe in an
imminent (i.e., at any time) return of Christ as claimed, but instead have unbiblically put off
this counsel, and look for a time in the future when they will begin to notice supposed Final
Events before they begin to heed it.
So I therefore understand that this SOP counsel for country living is actually directly
related to still seeking to thoroughly complete the Gospel Commission. And when this is
rightly/truly done, as seen in this quite (technologically and economically) feasible project, it will
simultaneously allow for even more significant global evangelism and also provide for the
thriving survival of Gods Remnant even if economic measures are taken against for not
accepting the Mark of the Beast which, as seen in this blog post, involves the spurious and evil
economic system of Capitalism which directly opposes Gods pervasive (i.e., also socio-
economic) Sabbatical ways. Indeed this location is more remote and variously protective and
defensible than current country-living, which. Indeed what was considered country in the 19th
century, are city/urban sectors today.

G. Economically
1. Economy Would Not Have Surely Crashed on 9/11

01:12:46 [V 01:26:52] -To further try to emphasize the specific and timely prophetical
importance of the date of September 11, 2008, David Gates claims that the entire economy
would have collapsed on that very same day if the government had not done its bailouts. Well the
factual truth is that while the main culprits of this financial crisis were adequately dealt with by
September 9, 2008, the damaged caused by their sudden market devaluation had significant
ripple effects in the economy and caused many other financial institution to become at risk, to the
point where it was fear on the days leading up to Thursday, September 18, (thus a week after
9/11/2008), that if further government bailout action were not taken, it was assumed that the
entire economy may collapse by Monday the 22nd. So then the Troubled Asset Relief Program
(TARP) was tabled and subsequently passed on October 3, 2008. Yet out of the $700B, and then
increased to $1.3 Trillion promised by that bailout act, only $158.56 needed to be disbursed by
November 17, 2008. Some may try to vindicate Gates here with the professed belief that the
entire economy could and would collapse due to this economic crisis, however, this (a) was, at
best, merely an opinionated belief and not a factual finding, (b) surely the economy could have
survived the $158.56 that were needed to prop it up by Nov. 17, 2008; and (c) the economy was
indeed saved from any possibility of total collapse, which is a scenario that was entirely
impossible, even with bailouts, according to both the 2006 GEAB prognosis and David Gates
who fully subscribed to it.
Even most banks took a while to be concretely affected by this economic crisis. FDIC
bank failure listings (cf. here) show that only 3 banks failed in September 2008, 2 were after
September 19. And, relatively, only 12 went on to fail in the remaining 3 months of 2008, while
140 (on average 12/month) failed in 2009 with another 118 (15/month) having failed in 2010
through August 20. While this may seem alarmingly indicative of a coming doom, it is factually
only the delayed, inevitable normative, consequential result of the housing bubble burst in back
2007. In other words these banks now have to revert to operating as they should have been prior
to this fraudulently unreal economic boom in ca. 2004-2006 however most of these, effectively,
financially overextended banks are not in a position to do so. Indeed there were no bank failures
in either 2005 or 2006, which were the peak years of this housing-led economic bubble.* Also
the markets (e.g., the NASDAQ, DOW, NYSE) have generally recovered from the recession of
2008 with most of them increasingly trading close to the level they were at on e.g. Sept 1, 2008.
It must also be stated that Canada, which already had strong banking and financial regulatory
policies in place before the 2008 crisis was not greatly affected by the U.S.-caused global
economic meltdown, as it did not have to bailout any financial institutions. So it can be seen that
the issue was not a maxed out economic failure, per se, as David Gates apocalyptic speculation
would have it, but pointedly the result of bad economic and financial/lending policies and
practices in the affected countries.

*(I personally experienced first hand this sudden debacle seeing family real estate investment
values drop from over $1 million in total value to just a little over half that value now. Yet, due
to God guidance at the time of purchasing, these assets are still abundantly solvent.)

2. Even Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy Does Not Corroborate Gatess 9/11 $550B Loss Claim
-The only scenario that comes anything remotely, and that factually, manufacturedly, close to

Gates 9/11 major stock market slide and a shift of hundred of billions of dollars, (solely here
(mindlessly) assuming that Gates misspoke and named 2 companies instead of one (?!?)), is the
downfall of the Lehman Brothers Investment Bank. However the details of its demise do not at
all corroborate any of Gates claims. On Sep. 5, 2008 the Lehman Brothers stock value (cf. here)
closed at $16.20, its last closing high. Starting from then its stock closed at new lows of: 9/8 -
$14.15; 9/9 - $7.79; 9/10 - $7.25; 9/11 - $4.22 thus a 75% loss of value between Sep 5-11. Since
the Lehmans stock opened at $4.47 and closed at $4.22 on September 11, then it only
experienced a 5.6% loss on that date itself. Then in the following days, its downslide continued
with the stock dropping to:
$3.65 on 9/12 and $0.21 at the time of its bankruptcy filing on 9/15. (The stock went on to dip to
a low of $0.05 by 9/18.). So by the time of its bankruptcy filing the Lehman Brothers stock had
lost 98.6% of its value since 9/5. With Lehman having ca. 687M shares, this total stock market
loss by September 11, 2008 was around $8.23 Billion. Then on September 15, after the Federal
Government, which had just takenover Freddie and Fannie the week before and was now
refusing to also bailout Lehman Brothers, it filed for a record bankruptcy. However, although it
had ca. $600B in debts, this was offset by the ca. $613B in assets that it possessed, thus making it
still solvent. Finally starting on September 20, after days of trying to figure out what to do with
this mega-firm, and that through non-governmental, private-sector options, it was agreed to break
up Lehman Brothers, (i.e., redistribute its debts and assets) among other still standing Wall Street
banking institutions.
So it can be seen that none of the claims of Gates could have been fulfilled in even
Lehman Brothers demise because it did not have a $550B loss, and not even in its incurred Sept
11, 2008 losses (which were actually less than the Sept 9 ones); and with it filing of a solvent
bankruptcy, and in it being broken up and re-apportioned in Wall Street firms, it really never
pulled neither its debts nor assets out from the Stock Market or American Economy, thus no net
market change here.
It seems that David Gates came to his claim by simply hearing of a ca. 90% loss of a Wall
Street firm having $613B in assets, with also losses occurring on Sept 11 and somehow
convolutely applied this +90% total losses to these assets, resulting in this ca. $550B figure.
However these percentage losses actually strictly applied to the trading stock value, and not to
the assets value. Thats Gatesian Economics I guess. And Church members are strongly
recommended to make major financial and assets decision based on this economical information
and analysis heightened to a spiritual level!?! Where and/or how in the world did he get his
Masters in Business???
So as he slyly recommends, do Google It (i.e., ((Freudianly) Find it = produce the
documentation for what he has just claimed), however you will actually not find it but instead
find that nothing of what he has claimed was actually true.

3. False Basis For Gates Imminent and Irreversible Total Collapse

01:26:01 [V 01:44:43] - Gates claims that there is absolutely no evidence that we will recover
from the Sept 11+, 2010 crisis. Of course he really cannot prove this with anything. He does
suggest that the supposed incapability of the government to pay even the interest on the national
debt is a proof of this, however this is completely untrue and only the calculative result of his

flawed economics.

4. Gates False Parabolic Debt Projection Chart

01:26:12 [V 01:44:55] - Gates claims that the same bank president told him that the U.S.
National debt increased by 30% in the last 18 months, (i.e., From February 2009-August 2010),
apparently since Barack Obamas presidency, while this in itself is factually true i.e., (ca.
01/2009- $9.985T to 09/2010 - $13.442T = +35%), it was mostly due to the outstanding
circumstance of the government having to take on private sector losses and make bailouts.
However his off the charts, parabolic (more like hyperbolic) curve graphing demonstration
which is based upon the guilefully fictitious assumption that the government currently cannot pay
the interest on its debt is effectively nothing more than sensationalistic voodoo economics (i.e.,
trying to scare people by guilefulness = lying = the father of lies (John 8:44 vs. Titus 1:2 &
Heb 6:8)). Projection through 2014 show that the Debt will increase by at a average normative
rate of ca. 9.75% per year, which will be offset a little projected GDP increases (thus higher tax
revenues). Furthermore only ca. 35% of the Gross Debt is held by non-US citizens and
institutions, which is really the only part of the debt that can be forcefully collected by these
foreign powers, however which can be repaid in trading advantages which would then pass on
the cost to the U.S. held public debt (e.g., building aircraft carriers/nuclear-powered submarines
in U.S. shipyards as a repayments to a collecting foreign power, reducing U.S. import tariffs,

H. Historically (including Economic History)

1. 2001-2008 Not Years of Economic Overabundance
01:16:15 [V 01:31:29] - Contrary to Gates belief, (so concretely bolstered by the books of a
one bank president), the socio-economic period starting with the attacks of 9/11 were not the
start of overabundance for the U.S. and the World, but a period when economic prosperity
became more restrained. Case in point the U.S. National Debt alone rose by $4.2 Trillion from
2001-2008 while the GDP only increased by $3.84T over that time. So where was the
corresponding overabundant prosperity. The whole era was generally a loss. (Unless, of course,
God has now also become a capitalist and cares little about debt, especially money that you
yourself wont have to tangibly repay.)
Also most people during this time did not suddenly increase their savings (for a rainy (or
famine) days) by an equivalent 20%. There was also a significant economic crisis right after the
attacks, which really did not begin to turn around until the 2004-2006 fraudulent mortgage
bubble began to be inflated with hot air. The pervasive, related $40+ billion losses due to the
terrorist attacks themselves were also a significant economic damage. Following 9/11 there also
came a sudden and mandatory financial overhead for added security in virtually all aspects of
society and trillions have been literally blown up in smoke in the resulting, ongoing, War on
Terror. These are all costs that tangibly affected everyone (especially wage earners/tax payers).
There was also a severely crippling and financially draining increase in commodity
prices, due mainly to an increase in gas prices over this time from, i.e., ca. $1.50 U.S. per gallon
around 9/11/2001 to $3.75 around 9/11/2008, with a high of $4.12 in between (= +250% -

GDP/capita only increased 35% over this same period $35,343-$47,988) which consumed an
even larger part of the average households income and potential savings.
So the world and U.S. Economy did not increase beyond what is normative during that
time, so these were not fat years at all, but at best, bulimic years because most people were
spending just as much as they were making and not storing up these economic gains and also
having to spend for what cost more on close to the same income levels.

2. 1930's Great Depression Not Caused by Sudden 90-day Banks Closure

01:22:37 [V 01:39:55] - David Gates claims that the 1930's Great Depression was caused by the
closing of the banks for 90 days. I have not found any mention of this in historical accounts of
the Great Depression. Most historians agree that the Great Depression officially began, after ca. 2
months of a deepening economic recession, with the Crash of the Stock Market on October 29,
1929. Banks themselves did not even begin to get into insolvency troubles until a year later, and
it was not until March 1933 that a 4-day Bank Holiday was imposed by the Federal Government.
David Gates need to make this alarmist exaggeration in order to further scare people into
seriously considering preparing for his collapse scenario.

I. Logically
1. No Prophetic Authority Validation For Gates Joseph Prophecy Source
01:08:17 [V 01:20:33] - David Gates claims that his Joseph Prophecy message has serious
credibility because God always tells things to His prophets (Amos 3:7). So that means that the
person from which he got this message (from their DVDs) was a prophet of God??? So now
Gates is the one to, by fiat, decide who is or is not a true prophet of God??? That claim and
mentality is nothing more than obliviously (if not, delusionally) mindless, loopingly circular

2. No Divine Instruction, Nor Warning, For Supposed Fat Years of 2001-2008

01:08:24 [V 01:20:46] - Gates further claims that this Joseph Story must be a prophecy because
God never catches His people by surprise. Well since we are only now learning in August 2010
that the Joseph Story was also a prophecy of the 2008 Economic crisis, and also over the fat
years time period inagurated by the multi-trillion dollar losses initiated by the 9/11 attacks,
then I guess God reneged here, and chose to catch the SDA Church fully by surprise. Especially
since the supposed heads up time period of 2001-2008 to save for the coming lean/famine
years of 2008-2015 has not only already completely past by then, but whatever (non-net)
gains it had produced, were completely wiped out in 2008! If this was indeed to be an
injunctive heads up from God then I think He would have made it abundantly clear in sufficient
time in advance as He clearly does in Bible.

3. Obfuscation About His Actual and Deliberate Date-Setting

01:14:18 [V 01:28:56] - David Gates, as it is slyly quite common of his, duplicitly claims that
he is not saying that something is going to happen on Sep. 11, 2010, but because he is beginning
to see the (or probably that 9/11/2010) fence post, then he is sharing this observation with us.

Well according to his most definite and precise theory, he then should be seeing that all money
is going to finish losing its value by September 11, 2010, and then all assets are going to
strikingly begin to devaluate exactly on that date. Also, if his message is from God, as any
biblically sound message really is, then not sharing it in full detail is actually unbiblical and
dangerously wrongful for him, the divinely enlightened one (Ezek 33:1-20). Clearly Gates has
absolutely no light on this, actually wholly fictitious, matter (Isa 8:20).
Gates similarly at 01:14:50 guilefully claims that what he is about to share is definitely
not an attempt to forecast a date. What happened to the definite (i.e., Sept 11) fence posts
theory??? Then what to make of his ensuing Josephs 7+2-2-3 year delineation theory all
supposedly beginning Sept. 11's??? As heard in his guilty pause there, (which is visually
observable in the video at 01:29:33), he himself realized the guileful illogicality of that spurious
and false statement.
It is indeed inevitable that once someone engages and persists in a lie, they have to invent
a plethora and panoply of other lies in order solely to maintain the believability of the initial
one. Well this is exactly what Gates is having to do here, all to maintain his foundational biblical
stance of eschatological time-setting.

4. Red-Herring Rational For Preparedness

01:14:28 [V 01:29:06] -To say that: it does not matter, if one has chosen not to prepare for
something in advance, for whether or not it occurs immediately or sometime in the future, they
will not be prepared for it really, when pondered upon for a logical handle, makes absolutely no
contributive sense and proves absolutely nothing. I.e., if someone does not prepare for
something, then they indeed will not be prepared for that thing. So it is unequivocally moot
whether or not that thing occurs immediately or sometime in the future. This convoluted
defensive statement was only said in this way by Gates to try to justify his time-setting approach.
It is nothing more than a mindless red-herring, defensive, reverse-psychology, subconscious
reaction. Indeed it is not even a tactic, which implies deliberate forethought. One has to be
living in complete fantasaical obliviousness to believe that such a statement supported Gates in
his pre-Sept 11, 2010 warnings.

5. No Socio-Economic Peace During 2001-2008 for Proper Economic Growth

-National peace and personal peace of mind is quite crucial to the prosperity of a capitalistic
economy. However America and the world certainly did not have this needed psychological edge
in none of the years since September 11, 2001. Indeed they did not have enough prosperity to
store and hoard as they should have in those supposed fat years.

6. No 9/11/2010 Fulfillment = Gates Completely False (Set-Time) Prophecy

[September 12, 2010] - So now since nothing applicable to Gates crisis scenario occurred, at
all, on specifically September 11, 2010, then Gates theorizing is again proven to be merely
pure fabricated conjecture and also no longer has any validity as it did not result in a fence post
on this date.. Indeed this is as nothing had happened as David Gates had claim for September 11,
2008, and especially not even on that specific date, and also as Sept 11, 2001 was not the signal
start of 7 fat, prosperous years, but the complete antithesis of it.

J. Contextually
1. Gates Warning Time Not Adequate nor Sufficient
01:14:27 [V 01:29:06] - The Preparation Advantage of a couple of weeks or a month or two
notice that Gates claims his early warning messages such as this one, give, do not actually fit
the scenario that he is warning against. If an escalating total collapse, of now tangible assets is
going to happen, then his warning is actually way too short of a notice. One cannot, e.g., sell their
property and liquidate their assets, buy another choice property somewhere in the remote country,
develop it, and also personal skills to live off the land, etc, in even 2 months, let alone 2 weeks.
So that disculpating rational was, as usual, quite vacuous and contextually incoherent.
If someone wanted to heed to Gates warning, they would have to now franctically
liquidate most of their assets. That is why for such major events, God gives His preparation
messages to His people way in advance, so that, if they are in tune to them, even in their
normative initial actions, e.g., buying a home, they will do so in the light of that long ago
warning, and not scurry around as with Gates two weeks warning for some now suddenly
conjectured prophecies.

2. The Only Meaning of An Economic Crash

01:20:32 [V 01:37:08] - Gates attempt to teflonize his prediction by saying that: the expected
prophetic fulfillment on Sept 11, 2010 will be a very deep non-crash, but it could be a very deep
crash is laugh out loud ludicrous and really need no further explanation. Contextually, how is
all money failing by Sept 11, 2010, ala the first 2 lean years of Egypt, ever not a crash.
Finance/money and cash flow (i.e., economic liquidity) is literally the fuel of a capitalistic
economy. So if it is suppose to completely fail by Sept 11, 2010, then the economy would most
definitely crash, in the only deep sense of that economic term (i.e., vs. a recession). However
if tangible assets remain and people are fully capable of being productive then the liquidity of the
economy can easily be rebuilt.

K. Practically
1. Economic Collapse = Price Hyper Inflation, Not scarcity of small bills
01:21:38 [V 01:38:33] - In a pastoral attempt to try to help Prepare his audience for the
inevitable upcoming major, Final Events economically-actuated, crisis, (all unBiblical
theories), David Gates goes on to make a few recommendation which he immediately also
teflonizes as not actually being the Gospel. (It is spiritually, and literally, oxymoronic and
deceptive that a Gospel Worker does not, nor wants to, nor cares to, speak Gospel
Truths!?!). So he follows with a bunch of actually mindless and worthless counsels on how to
supposedly prepare for this soon irreversible total collapse. Among the most spurious are the
recommendation to keep small cash on hand (i.e., tenders less than $20), because, according to
him, if money fails, people will probably not have change for $100 bills. Huhhhh....!???? How
does that even begin to apply here? If money actually fails, i.e., it is worth nothing, than there
will still be plenty of cash around, in any denomination. It just will not be worth very much. So
taking his tomato vendor example who will have to keep the change for the $100 bill you give

him because he does not have small bills/change for it, the actual case would be, in this supposed
total collapse and distinct food shortage irreversible crisis that he will take your $100 bill and
give you a quarter of a slice of the tomato, and youll shockingly, delightfully exclaim: Wow,
what a deal!!! Youre having a sale today??, because that will be the proper, even if hyper-
inflated, market price for it then. Moreoverly, big bills will be in the utmost demand in such a
collapse scenario, so that one does not have to lug their money in a wheelbarrow when e.g., going
grocery shopping!
Also his related vacuous not asking God when to brush your teeth again proves
absolutely nothing. Why does God have to dictate to anyone when they should brush their teeth?
Where is the Biblical implication in that vs. taking concrete and virtually irreversible preparative
actions for prophesied Final Events!?! Another sly red-herring of his. You can seem to prove
the validity of anything with such an apples and oranges comparison. I guess such conjured up
Biblically void/deficiency then gives Gates the green light to insert his speculation-derived
If anyone is capable of living of their land in a time of total economic collapse and food
shortage, theyll have to hire a private army to retain possession and control of that property. (cf.
EW 56.2) Where is this scenario of total global collapse in the Bible and SOP. The Biblical
prophecies only speak of economic privations upon Gods people due to them not having
accepted to take the Mark of the Beast and not all of society needing to find a way to live off the
land because of a past total economic collapse, and that for 7+ years. That is why the time of
trouble for Gods people will be short, and it will not be in any way because of a global economic
meltdown. That is solely advanced by Gates because of his actually, effectively, obsessed and
worshipful view of money and the economy, which he effectively considers to be greater than
God, thus reinterpreting the Bible and SOP according to it daily ups and downs.

L. Miscellaneous
1. Timely and Fully Giving Gods True Warning Message Is Never an act of stupidity
01:06:16 [V 01:18:06] - David Gates considered, and call himself stupid for having warned of
a total economic collapse in September 2008, starting with a sermon he preached on April 12,
2008 at his 30th Academy Alumni Weekend. However he did not feel stupid when that sermon
was immediately gladly being received that day, and evidently not six days later when he
preached the same sermon, with more specificity, at Southwestern Adventist University. Nor did
he evidently consider it stupid when this warning sermon quickly propagated throughout,
mainly the Adventist World. As he says, he only felt stupid (actually a mis-self-diagnosis of
Jonahish wounded pride, as made also Freudianly self-evidence by his moaning the resulting
damage to his reputation) when the backlash of rightly denounced sensationalism came later
that summer. How can Gates feel that the carrying out of such a supposedly, soon to be fulfilled,
major and divine warning, and that led by Gods guidance, providence and promptings for that
reunion, as he claims, be an exercise in stupidity. If one warns an oblivious child who has just
popped up in front of my car in the street while chasing a ball, how can s/he begin to feel
stupid if the child reacts angrily to this warning and begins to menacingly gesticulate in
response. At best that driver will feel sorry for this obliviously mindless child, but definitely not

stupid. The only way that this driver could feel stupid is if some degree of wrongdoing, and
resulting guilt, was involved in that warning act, i.e., they chose to warn the child of the
dangers of not looking before crossing a street by deliberately speeding up and then braking a
few inches before striking the child. Then both the childs reaction, and also the feeling of
stupidity would be normative and right, when it is seen that they could have unnecessarily hurt,
even quite seriously, the child and also caused great judicial/penal problems to themselves.
Gates Freudianly rightly recognizes that his reputation was indeed damaged by that
sermon however solely for the unbiblical and contra-SOP, date setting, sensationalism he used
in it. As he says, he purposely chose to be more solid, straight and right to the point (which
he factually accomplished none as that specific message was, respectively, factually erroneous
spiritually misleading and used a fictitious point) in his 4/12/08 sermon and thus resorted to
so heightening his previous more general warnings of economic collapse, to now total collapse
in precisely September of 2008. Indeed it was for these unbiblical means of making this
warning, however unbiblical it also is in its content, that rightly maligned whatever reputation he
may have had before then, because his time-setting as 12, 24, 36 months until the Second
Coming were already quite well-known by then.
Indeed God does not begin to fault someone for profusely and clearly making known a
warning message that He has burdened them with. (See Ezek 33:1-20). At worst one can feel
personally frustrated by the incomprehensible mercy of God, as Jonah did (Jon 4:1-4); at best one
can feel as if having been deceived, overcomed, and prevailed upon by God as with
Jeremiah (Jer 20:7), yet in neither extreme scenario does the guilty feeling of stupidity begin to
apply. Indeed even if, at best, God has actually fooled/forced you, then how can you feel
stupid for, effectively, having either fully believed and trusted him in the first place or been
inescapably compelled by Him?!! So even if Gates used the statement of Jeremiah (20:7-10) to
make this statement it thematically does not involve any stupidity. Furthermore it has been
Gates predictions, i.e., National Ruin Total Collapse, that have utterly failed (cf. Jer 20:11,
12) and not Gods prophetic word as seen in the Bible and SOP.

2. A Divine, Final Events Message Should be Applicable To Whole Church, Not just friends
01:05:05|01:06:18 [V 01:16:43|01:18:10] - Gates defensively, spuriously and with related claim
that he had only intended this September 2008 total collapse warning to have been solely
intended for his friends and former classmates but unfortunately it went around the world is
ridiculously laugh-out-loud-able, to say the least. As if these supposed Final Events and
Return of Christ messages should, or would, be only applicable to the people at that Academy
Reunion!?? By April 2008, Gates was well aware that his sermon were being distributed and
widely accessed throughout the world, especially via the internet, so he could not have possibly
thought that such a startling message, of Denominational implication, would only remain within
this immediate audience. He makes the sanctimonious claim that it was so widespread because
there must have been a hunger,... I must have touched a sensitive point,... people wanted
something... well yeah... they wanted something like the base definite time-setting (Matt
16:4)!! He makes a similar claim for his Joseph Story prophecy prediction which he had first sent
out as a email message to people at his ministry. Evidently Gates makes these sly claims of
unintentional wider publication solely to try to disclaimedly convince impressionable people

(i.e., fools) that he thus cannot be blamed if these predictions do not come true and/or they are
adversely affected by having acted upon them. Such an excuse for making speculative and false
statement from a Church pulpit do not hold up in the Heavenly Courts. In fact, according to Ezek
33:1-20, Gates would have been at fault for not having made this message of Denominational
implication not adequately known. So he can only be thankful that it was widely redistributed.
All of these Freudian incoherences of Gates all prove that his message was never
actually from God. As far as I can, both theologically/prophetically and observably see, Gods
actual message through Gates was to encourage the Church to more actively engage in faith
based, Gospel Works, following his example, and not at all to try to compel them into action by
repeatedly setting a time for the end or for a National Ruin economic collapse, when, as he
claims, it will then be too late to do this work. Cant be surprised if the Spirit of God cannot
even work His work of conviction with such a wrongly contextualized and prepared message.

3. Transparently Verifiable Factualness Does Not Require One to be an Academic-type

01:07:25 [V 01:19:27]- Through the means of a red-herring tactic, Gates tries to make it seem
that he has received much of his criticism because he, not being an academic type, has not
properly documented his statements when preaching them. I have never heard a person with at
least 8 years of University education, including graduate studies, and a double major, not being
an academic type. Why did he bother going to University, and why then should anyone
subscribed to his, effectively, preferably willful and oblivious blindness.
The actual truth to the matter here is that when you check Gates sources out, if valid, or
even existent, and also his supposedly corroborating facts, they rarely, if ever, check out. Also
just citing a source does not make a message true, particularly if you are making a leap from a
secular realm for a spiritual application, as the prophesied National Ruin will be. It would be
like quoting Dr. Suess to prove that a green, talking cat must exists in real life. Indeed Gates, by
his own confession, does not worry about the details. Well then it is no surprise that his sum is
never greater than its parts, and thus that his prognosis/predictions always fail. Clearly he tries to
avoid details because they always end up debunking his theories and predictions.
Since graduating from University with a double major and masters is by definition what
an academic is, then the issue here is indeed not in: his not being an academic type, but in his
opting to continue for this education as a carelessly indifferent and slothful (non-)professional.
Indeed Gates did have to the academic work in order to obtain his degrees, but now he has set
all of this instruction aside in order to live the ignorantly blissful life. Indeed why should he
bother with being an academic type now if he is not even going to be paid for this effort, nor as
To correctly use his mentioned gun unloading illustration, he has indeed been faulted
and charged for having unlawfully discharged his gun in public! Talk about shooting first, and
not even bothering to ask any questions after!! Even going back to his spuriously intended
meaning of this supposedly disculpating gun-discharging excuse: he only ran out of
ammunition with which to shoot down the objections of his opposers, because he had chosen
not to pack on him, more than what can fit it the gun at once.

4. Joseph Story Not A More Sure Word... (2 Pet 1:19)

01:13:54 [V 01:28:08]- By Gates claiming here that his experiences are corresponsive, though
lesser than, prophetic utterances in the Bible, especially end time prophecies, he clearly shows
that he considers whatever happens to him to be of prophetic significance. So here, in the light of
the supposed Joseph Story prophecy, he now suddenly has a more sure word of prophecy (2
Pet 1:19), greater than his own testimony/story, upon which to now preach his imminent total
collapse and end message. I supposed with such an exalted and grandiose view of himself, it is
no wonder why he believes that he can do no wrong, and that whatever he may do, even out of
his preferred willful blindness, God will still cow-tail to it and uncritically/unquestionably bless
it?!! In the light of what has been understood of David Gates, his ministry and specifically his
still purposeful, though failed, Lazarus Experience, this is like a student getting a 60% mark on
an exam and then claiming to be more knowledgeable than the teacher who formulated the exam
questions, i.e., theoretically possible, however, realistically, rather highly unlikely, and quite
foolish to assume so. How much more on a Divine level.

5. Gates Indeed Does Not Know The Future, Nor Is Predicting It In Any Biblical Way
01:14:00 [V 01:28:34]- David Gates explicitly (incoherently) says, with appropriate scolding
tonal inflection and condescending demeanor (see also in the video), that he will refrain from
(i.e., Im am not going to...) telling his audience what will happen in the (near) future, (i.e., ca.
Sept 11, 2010) because he does not know.(?!?) The actual, unguileful truth is that, as most
people are not foolish enough to assume that he could and should know this: because he indeed
does not know what will happen in any part of the future, especially with his manufactured,
definite time story-prophecy, he simply and outrightly cannot foretell what will happen. In fact
Gates again Freudianly manifest that he recognizes this utter impossibility as he goes on to
rhetorically begin the next sentence by: Can I tell you, what nebulous, what things might... be
about to happen? Sure you can. In fact just about anyone can make nebulous future
speculations! This speculative sensationalism is indeed a quite common hobby-horse of such
whimsical, Jack Van Impe-type, preachers as David Gates insists on being.
Perhaps Doug Batchelors 1997 & 1999 coining of the term Storacles (= (Bible) Story
Oracle) for his Evangelistic series was deemed a license/inspiration for this, however,
Batchelor only used his chosen stories mainly for the instructional principles they brought out
and, when mentioned in a prophetic context, how they illustrated, not specifically
defined/delineated, a prophetic scenario that the Bible clearly reveals elsewhere in a prophecy
and/or what the SOP, under inspiration had prophetically applied. They were definitely not used
to set definite times for future fulfillment.

6. Matt 25:1-13 - All 10 Virgins (= Whole Church) Asleep, No Applicable Outsider

01:10:37 [V 01:23:48] - David Gates says, and not out of misspeaking but out of his customary
Gateism, that only the sleeping virgins in the parable of Matt 25:1-13, were surprised by the
arrival of the Bridegroom. Well our prescient God clearly says that all of the ten virgins were
equally sleeping (vs. 5). Gates elsewhere (this November 19, 2010 sermon at 20:13-21:25ff
[video]) also decidedly and resolutely, with a deceptively appeasing trust me smile of self-
confidence, declares that he no longer believes that the ten virgins represent the entire (SDA)
Church, preferring instead a majority of the Church view. However the systematic treatment of

this story in e.g. COL 405-21 which rightly applies Biblical symbology, not to mention the
comprehensive completeness in the number 10 vs. the perfect representation in 7 (see here),
makes this an unequivocal understanding of these virgins as the whole Church. (The equal
splitting of this group as 5 and 5 is probably symbolic of a perfectly offsetting condition that
results in this church as a whole, as seen in the lukewarm (i.e., as equally hot as cold)
description of the Remnant Church, Laodicea (Rev 3:15, 16)). As EGW points out the
symbolism here shows that: The two classes of watchers represent the two classes who profess
to be waiting for their Lord. They are called virgins because they profess a pure faith. By the
lamps is represented the word of God. The ultimate problem with these watchers is actually
not that they not watching for the coming of the Bridegroom, nor even that they have fallen
asleep due to the delay in the arrival of the Bridegroom, but that they had not procured in
advance a reserve of oil (= the Holy Spirit) so that when the announcement was made that the
Bridegroom was arriving, they were not able to provide light with their lamps (= the Word of
God). Thus, in application, such were/will not be able to distinguish truth from error, and have
fallen/will fall under the masterful temptations of Satan. (COL 410, 411).
Apparently, as seen in this related letter, David Gates also considered, that since there
was someone who made the call to the sleeping virgins that the Bridegroom, was coming, then
this represents someone outside of the sleeping Church giving that announcement. (Presumably
him). The actual truth is that such a solely heard, but unseen messenger has always been, and
still is specific statement on Christs Coming in the (didactic and prophetic) Word of God, thus
when it is rightly understood and heeded (cf. e.g., John 1:1; Rev 22:12, 13, 16, 20; cf. 1:1, 2;
19:13). These further are waking messages that have been re-echoed in The Testimony of Jesus
as seen in as the messages of the SOP during the prophetic ministry of Ellen White (cf. Rev
19:10). As Gates teachings, including this one here, are riddled with fundamental false
understandings, (especially prophetically), theology and practices, then he manifestly, squarely
fits into this category of sleeping virgins, and on the side of the moronic/foolish virgins who
have not made this procurement of the Holy Spirit to light their lamp of the word of God. (1 Cor
10:12). It is one thing to be asleep however it is another thing to then brand a false torch of
prophecy, and not actual or sufficient Biblical light. As typically done elsewhere, here Gates goes
also against the clear teaching of the Bible and the SOP solely because of his private experiences
eisogetically imposed upon the Word of God. Added to this inherent foolishness of Gates is
the oblivious indifferent attitude of his that he does not need to better (more deeply)
prepare/correct his sermons, both factually, truthfully and exegetically, thus sustaining his false,
even no, (Biblical) light campaign. Really it is only blinding pride that prevents him from making
the necessary corrections here.

7. Gates, Despite Masters, Gross and Factual Mistakes and Actual Economics Ignorance
01:20:06 [V 01:36:38]- In this August 20, 2010 sermon (Audio) [44:30-46:01] David Gates,
trying to convince people of the rightness of his total collapse prediction in September 2008,
states his qualifying credentials by saying that He has a masters in business and taught graduate
studies in business for Andrews University its School of Business in the Caribbean University.
So based on this he (impliedly humbly) claims he surely knows something about
business/economics. Based on this, he goes on to deride the 2008 Federal Government Stimulus

Package as the Accelerate-the-Crash Package and claims that these people (evidently
knowingly) did all they could to crash the economy (i.e., by printing more money), but
supposedly since God did not want this to happen, because his Church was not ready and had not
fulfilled its mission, He overruled these detrimental actions and prevented this wished-for and
endeavored total crash(?!?) I guess the only way a Believer can disagree with this ploying
Gateism is if they accept to become a heretical infidel and deny the spiritually ratifying claim
that God was supernaturally acting against the suicidal wish and will of these world leaders.
The facts actually are that although a $700B-$1.3T TARP fund was agreed upon it was
only gradually and slowly injected in the economy as the most vital needs came to the point
where by, as stated above, by Nov. 17, 2008 only $158.6B had been spent from that fund. So the
Federal Government did not fire up the money presses on the day when TARP was passed, so
there never was a single, total injection of that promised fund, which actually would have been
better for the crucial immediate psyche of the economy. Indeed this fund was most importantly a
mental, safety net reassurance for the economy. So since, by now, most of the TARP fund has
been spent, and thus concretely monetized, then if this printing of money should have caused a
total economic collapse it should be doing so now, when it has actually be tangibly spent! More
failed Gatesian Economic theory.
So call me a heretic, but I do not believe at all that God actually did anything for, nor
against, the various developments in this 2008 crisis, and like in many other situations, simply let
man suffer the natural/normative consequences of their (economic) mis-actions, and then figure
out for themselves how to resolve it.
Now in a sermon the following week (August 28, 2010), namely this Prepared For the
Crisis, Joseph Story Prophecy sermon, Gates, after restating early on (01:05:10 [V 01:16:48])
that he came to the specific belief in, especially an (earlier) September 2008 total collapse due to
his graduate business studies and profession (he actually believed in the specific September 2008
date solely based upon the GEAB economic think tank forecasts (See above in Note #6)), then
suddenly, conversely claims that although he has masters in business and has taught in the field,
he really is not an expert in economics or finance!?!. He obviously is now using this as a
rationalizing excuse as to why he has made many mistakes in his past economic analysis and
theorizing, (as also seen in this current one). (I guess I should also believe, solely for Gates face-
saving sake, that Andrews University does not even teach the basics in finance and economics in
their Undergraduate and Graduate business programs). So which one is it David Gates??? Are
you an Economics Expert (Aug 21) or an Economics Ignoramus (Aug 28). I guess, as the
guileful custom of David Gates is, it all depends on what he is trying to convince people of at
that very time. On Aug 21, he was trying to convince people that he unquestionably right on
target in his (usurped) September 2008 predictions, so he then was an Economic Expert who
also then knew exactly why the economy had not crashed as predicted. The next weekend, he was
then trying to get people to buy into his new Joseph Story Prophecy and had to explain how he
had actually made many factual mistakes in his previous wave of economic predictions, so he
now passes as someone who really does not know anything about the supposed completely
foreign and distinct field of finance. Whatever!! Try doing business without knowing anything
about finance or basic economics.
David Gates only excuse here is that he has not done the proper and deeper exegetical and

economic research work for his views.

8. Assets Management and The End

01:06:41 [V 01:18:33] - Here David Gates, approvingly commends people who, in response to
his April 12, 2008 Approaching Storm sermon, settled their financial situation (i.e., sold homes,
paid off mortgages and other debts, etc). This is completely different to the previous view that
Gates had (specific reference not presently relocated) in regards to the use of assets by SDAs in
the end where he preached that we should mortgage them the max and invest the money into
finishing the work. (Gates had also suggested this for Church/Denominational assets, however he
may have abandoned this view because, this may not be legally feasible with tax-exempt
institutions.) He claimed that in the end, since these things are either going to be destroyed, or
even seized prior to the end, then it is really not theft. However now Gates evidently believes the
contrary. I personally believe, that the Biblically correct view all depends on the actual intent of
the person. If the intent is to hopefully, effectively, steal this borrowed money then that in itself
is sinful even if the borrowing of that money actually is not. On the other hand, if the intent is to
speed up the Gospel Work combined with the fact that no one knows when the end will actually
occur, then it is Biblical and could be seen as fulfilling the work of the righteous servants in the
parable of the Talents (Matt 25:14-30) who also would indeed have (literally) been pragmatic
until their master returned (Luke 19:13).

9. Knowing Procrastination = Sinful, Willful, Rebellious State

-David Gates, and many others, claim that if we knew of the day and hour of Christs return, we
would procrastinate until the very end to get ready and even engage in a last hour repentance and
rightful/Biblical living then. That may surfacely sound perfectly logical, however it hold
absolutely no water when contextually, theologically thought out. For this rational to be valid, it
would have to be believed that God is not only not omniscient (e.g., can also read minds), but
also physically blind and cannot at all see ones dishonest and willful sinful and rebellious living
and that a last day conversion would be somehow be defaultly deemed genuine and acceptable by
Him. Putting off living for God until the last possible hour, (I guess one hour before the known
hour of Christs return), would only guarantee that one will concretely prove to be unworthy and
not trustworthy of forgiveness and salvation.

Much, much, more can be written here to refute this message of David Gates because
virtually, if not really, literally, (I stopped noting (at least for now...)), every statement he made
in this message contained elements of calculated guilefulness, sly deceptions, obfuscating
falsehoods, circular self-justifying, indifferent self-contradictions and errors, Gatesian
economics; sanctimonious smokescreens, revisionist and fictitious history, mindless
incoherences, calculated, double-talking, if indeed duplicities, guilt-tripping reverse
psychology, among many such others. Unbelievable! What is only more unbelievable is that
people are indeed moronically saying Amen to this! Talk about the blind leading the blind.