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Sectional Index

Section 11 : Technical Data

used in the valve industry

American Societies Non-Metallic Materials

AISI American Iron and Steel Institute CR Chloroprene Rubber or Neoprene
ANSI American National Standard Institute EPT Ethylene-Propylene Ter polymer
API American Petroleum Institute FEP Fluorocarbon Ethylene Propylene
FPM Fluorocarbon or Viton Rubber
ASME American Society of Mechanical
NBR Nitrile or Buna N Rubber
Engineers Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
ASTM American Society for Testing Materials NYL Nylon
AWS American Welding Society PE Polyethylene
AWWA American Water Works Association PTFE Polyethylene
MSS Manufacturers Standardization Society PVC Polyvinyl chloride
of the Valve and Fitting Industry Rilsan Super Polyamide
NACE National Association of Corrosion TFE Tetrafluoroethylene
Engineers EPDM/EPM Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
CWP Cold Working Pressure
European Societies SP Special
DVGW Deutscher Verein des Gas - und WOG Water, Oil, Gas pressure
Wasserfaches WP Working Pressure
GIVEG The Netherlands Gas Institute
KIWA The Netherlands Water Works Institute Executions
for Testing and Certification OS&Y Outside Screw and Yoke
DIN Deutschen Industrie Norm NRS Non Rising Stem
RS Rising Stem
SDNR Screw-Down Non-Return
Measurements NC Normally Closed
cfm Cubic feet per minute NO Normally Open
gpm gallons per minute
ipm inches per minute End Connections
psi pound per square inch BSPP British Standard Pipe thread, parallel
psi pounds per square inch absolute BSPT British Standard Pipe thread, Taper
psig pounds per square inch gauge BW Butt Welding ends
FE Flanges Ends
Flg Flanged
RTJ Ring type Joint
Scr Screwed ends
Valve Descriptions SE Screwed Ends
SJ solder Ends
Metallic materials SW Socket Welding ends
AL Aluminium
BR Bronze Size
CI Cast Iron d diameter
CS Carbon Steel D Diameter
FS Forged Steel DN Diameter Nominal
NPS Nominal Pipe Size
MI Malleable Iron
OD Outside Diameter
Nod. CI Nodular Cast Iron pcd pitch circle diameter
SS Stainless Steel
18-8 type 304, stainless steel Miscellaneous
18-8 Mo type 316, stainless steel figure number
Cr. 13 type 420, stainless steel max. maximum
HF (Hard Face) stellite face min. minimum
rpm revolutions per minute
Ws. no. material number acc. to DIN