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Rebekah Barr

2000 North Parkway, Memphis, TN 38112

Phone: (603) 733-6308

Education: Rhodes College

Memphis, TN- Educational Studies: Teaching and Learning (May 2016)
Cumulative GPA: 3.6
Relevant Course Work: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Education,
Educational Psychology, Urban Social Problems, Urban Politics and Policy, African
American Activism, Economic Statistics
Language: Proficient in Spanish conversation and communication
Study Abroad: Sampere School, Cuenca, Ecuador to study Spanish language and
culture in the summer of 2013
Skills and Qualifications: Reddot website editing, iLife programs mastery, First
Aid certified
Research: Neighborhood Schools as Community Pillars
Written for Senior Seminar. Presented at URCAS Spring 2015
Alternative Education School Performance Framework Policy
Created policy for the Achievement School District. Presented to
school district officials in August 2013. Implemented January 2014 state-wide.

Related Experience
Kipp Memphis Preparatory Middle School/Elementary School (Memphis, TN)
Student Teacher, Intern, and Researcher (10/14 Current)
Currently student teaching 5th grade and 7th grade Reading for 7 hours per week,
providing emotional intervention for elementary students for 5 hours per week, and
spending additional hours providing school support.
Led classroom lessons, managed 3 other campus interns, assisted special needs staff in
read alouds, observed teaching staff, organized, managed and planned annual field trips,
purchased and organized library books, compiled weekly student reports, observed
discipline interventions
Provided 1 on 1 emotional support and intervention for targeted students 3 times a
week to foster connection and communication, developed and implemented restorative
justice techniques in Middle School, created and led small group mentoring program.

Epping School District (Epping, NH)

Substitute Teacher (5/15 Current)
Educated middle school and high school students throughout the months of May and
June until the end of the school year. Received formal substitute teacher training prior to

Boston Collegiate Charter School (Dorchester, MA)

Intern (5/14 8/14)
Co-taught 5th grade through 8th grade students over 100 hours during formal academic
year and Summer Academy. Prepared lessons, graded homework, led small group
instruction, and collaborated with teachers to discuss and implement best classroom
management practices.
Compiled and analyzed standardized test data for leadership team. Completed
administrative tasks such as designing and creating 12 bulletin boards around school
culture themes, graphed and evaluated scantron data from over 500 family surveys.
Hired middle school nurse in collaboration with Director of Operations.
Participated and organized seminar series for other interns on current topics in
education, including training on Common Core standards and best teaching practices.

Shelby County Schools (Memphis, TN)

Independent Researcher (1/14 5/14)
Conducted independent research of student-weighted funding methods, analyzed and
recorded school funding in Excel, calculated cost of spending per student per school.
Developed policy proposal for alternative funding method. Presented proposal to Shelby
County Schools Office of Innovation.

Achievement School District (Memphis, TN)

Portfolio Research Assistant (6/13 8/13)
Collaborated with the Achievement School District to understand their goals.
Surveyed the current landscape of alternative education in the U.S., reviewed and
evaluated current district accountability methods, interviewed 10 accountability experts
and alternative education teachers, corresponded with future school operator, Pathways
in Education
Constructed an alternative education accountability framework and proposed to ASD
headquarters in Nashville, TN.
Framework was implemented in January 2014 in Memphis, TN district wide.

Additional Experience
President of the Academic Committee for Educational Studies (10/15- Current)
Rhodes College (Memphis, TN)
Founded the A.C.E.S to support the newly formed Education major on campus. Student
group collaborated with staff to inform students about the major, organized and offered
educational seminars and volunteer opportunities on campus, and supported other
campus wide events such as the Student Activities Fair.

Kinney Mentoring and Education Coordinator (3/14- Current)

Rhodes College (Memphis, TN)
Connected over 100 Rhodes College student volunteers to over 30 community partner
sites in Memphis. Organized and led on-campus discussions about contemporary issues
in the Memphis community. Worked closely with other student groups at Rhodes to
collaborate event topics and discussions. Encouraged volunteer reflection.

Rhodes College Diplomat (3/14- Current)

Rhodes College (Memphis, TN)
Responsible for successfully recruiting qualified students and building positive rapport
among alumni, students, and guests.
Represented Rhodes College through weekly campus tours, assisting with Open House
programs, contacting prospective students by phone and email and hosting overnight

Mock Trial Captain and Participant (8/12- 11/14)

Rhodes College (Memphis, TN)
Attorney for Rhodes College Mock Trial nationally ranked team. Captain of 2
developmental teams. Participated in program on average of 6 to 10 hours a week, for
entire school year. Participated over 600 hours over college career.
Skills developed include public speaking, development of argument skills, speech
writing, and understanding of trial procedures and the rules of law. Traveled and
competed with teams in tournaments across the country.