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Fleet Management Apps in IOS & Android with Website

Client: Al Masaar GIS & IT Consultant

Contact Person: Mr. Mohammad Obaidullah


The information contained in this document is confidential and proprietary to Clover Infosoft. Clover Infosoft submits this information with the
understanding that the recipient organization will hold it in strict confidence.

The contents are not to be disclosed, duplicated or used, in whole or in part, for any purpose other than the evaluation of Clover Infosoft
qualifications or participation in the scope of work identified within this document.

The obligation of the parties to perform the effort identified in this document is subject to the execution of a written/electronic agreement between
the parties in accordance with the terms and conditions contained herein.

The information included in this proposal has been prepared and included for the purpose of this document only and shall not be construed as a
precedent in any other situation outside this proposal and context.

Revision History
Version Date Author Summary of Changes
1.0 14th Oct 2015 Sameer Shaikh Final Proposal

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1. Executive Summary
Clover Infosoft is India registered Global IT Company, specializing in Web Design & Development, Internet Marketing and Mobile Applications

CLOVER INFOSOFT was created in 2010 with a vision to provide On Time and Quality Solutions to SME customers globally. CLOVER INFOSOFT has
over many skilled professionals operating from its State-of-the-art offshore development Centre in Pune India.

CLOVER INFOSOFT takes pride in having more than 100 happy customers spread over Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom
and United States.

For more details about Clover visit us at

The client wants to develop an application with web back end for super user and Fleet manager to track fleet and vehicle data and
driver data. The client intends to develop and mobile app front end for riders of the fleet for the complete ride management with ride

After careful analysis of the Customer requirements and any subsequent discussions, CLOVER INFOSOFT is confident of meeting customer
requirements and would like to tender its value proposal.

This proposal outlines Detailed Scope, Project Plan, Commercials and Terms & Conditions for this project in subsequent sections.

CLOVER INFOSOFT proposes a fixed price delivery model for this engagement, Our initial estimates suggest that we would be able to deliver this
solution in 119 man working days which is equal to 1020 Hours post the initial wire-frame/ demo approval and subject to timely approvals/
contents/ inputs subsequently.

We encourage you to thoroughly review its content and seek any clarifications you may have. This document would serve as a key reference point
in an unlikely event of difference of opinion during or after the project life cycle.

We hope this proposal is in line with your expectations. Should you have any observations, our Solutions Team would be happy to discuss it with
you and revise the proposal accordingly.

We appreciate your business and would like to partner in your success!

2. Scope

Modules Descriptions

Functionality / Attribute
Splash Screen
Splash Screen
Users in the system Employee

Confidential Document 2|P a g e

Taxi drivers
Via integrated form with validated fields
Insertion of user name and password
Email validation
Using user name and password
Forgot password by users email id
Upload image
Upload contact details
Profile screen
Upload name and location
Edit above data
View present booking data
View past booking data
View invoices
Dash board
View canceled booking data
View favorite route
Set favourite route
Booking management ( by category)
Insert booking date (calendar wise)
Insert booking time and route
Insert location by application users
View availability on submitted information
1. View event calendar by site users
2. Book date by site users (booking form)
3. Colour coded (admin control)
i. Red (booked)
Booking module
ii. Yellow (waiting)
iii. Green (available)
Submit details by users
View price for booking

Calendar for booking will be received confirmation by two personnel

Email received by admin on booking

Email received by client on booking
Payment will be done through in-app purchase
Customers can rate the taxi service in star rating from a range from 1
Rating module to 5 stars and the same will be reflected in the users comment on
service board
In this screen the customer can track the following:
1. Real time taxi ETA (as provided from the tracking API)
Tracking of taxi 2. Real time taxi location (as provided from tracking API)
3. Post notification to taxi via app (on arrival of the taxi on location
sent by driver app)
Cancels booking as per company law
Other booking protocols
Get booking amount back as per company protocol.
In this module the refund will be done by fleet manager to customer
Refund logic
wallet in credit points.
Confidential Document 3|P a g e
A wallet concept will be developed for pre paying amount or refund
credit for use in later rides.
The wallet amount will be digital and cannot be used for any thing
other than booking rides.
Customer can generate dispute on a taxi service
Dispute module View resolution to dispute
View post comment on resolution
Users can request a ride with the push of a button.
Cab/Taxi Type can be selected with ease by providing details of
budget & number of passengers etc.
Google Places and Maps are used as an indicator for pickup and drop
Rider app uses flow off points.
Users can calculate the fare easily using this app.
Option to compare rates for different rides/options.
Option to accumulate multiple pickups.
Secure payments through PayPal

* Auto payment feature is also available. It allows user to register

their cards and automate the payments. Like Paypal Recursive.

Order/Payment Receipt is mailed to the passenger instantly.

GPS is available to locate passengers current position.
Easy to use real-time tracking system.
Ability to check/identify drivers and their progress to users
This app also contains Analytics features along with stored invoices
Tracking module
that enables tracking of payment.
Notifies users once their driver arrives so that they can wait
comfortably indoors till the car reaches.
Option to see Service Providers Rating. Users can also review
Facilitates Chat to communicate with drivers

Confidential Document 4|P a g e

Users can set up and manage their accounts through following
- Account Overview & Update Profile.
- Share/Choose Location.
- Promo Code.
- Select Car/Taxi Type.
- Send Request.
- Book Taxi/Cab.
- Contact Driver (Via in app chat, done via API, where the API has to
be provided from client side).
Users or riders dashboard - Fare Quote (Calculated via distance calculator using Google distance
calculator API)
-Change Mode of Payment (Cash on completion, wallet, credit card
via integrated payment gateway)
- Favorite Trips (Save route that is source and destination using
Google map API)
- Cancel Trip (as per company law set by fleet manager.)
- Trips History.
- View Orders/Payments.
- Print/Download Payments Receipt in PDF Format.
- Rate Drivers & Post Comments/Feedbacks

Driver side application features

Login This login data is created by fleet company
The driver cannot change password or user name for security

Allow drivers to view & manage their account area features/options

- Dashboard Summary & Statistics.
- Driver Authorization & License Documents.
Driver dashboard
- View/Edit Profile.
- Assigned Taxi/Vehicles.
Set Availability Status like Free, Busy or Unavailable. (Setting of status
on driver app for accepting in booking from rider side.)

Option to Choose your Location. (Using integrated Google Map SDK

Drivers can accept or reject a request sent to their phones.
Driver booking flow
Drivers can keep a tab on the number of requests they have accepted
and other details related to the service.
Provision for drivers to add the metered fare in the app

Trips Request.
- Accepting an Order.
- Navigate to Destination through Map. (Google Places SDK and
Custom Tracking API that has to be provided from client side.) We
recommend tomtom (the documentation for the same will be
attached with the proposal)

Confidential Document 5|P a g e

Orders Monitoring & Completion Status.
- Order History.
- View Past Trips.
- Transactions & Earning.
- Live Chat Support to users.
- SMS Alerts & Notifications.
- View Ratings & Feedbacks/Comments from users.

Service Provider Companies (Business Partners) Area Features Available on Website

(*These features are not available on mobile application*):
Using integrated form in the website with membership purchase and
Registration email and contact number authentication and then they can login to
their dashboard.

Quick/Brief Summary of Company Managers, Drivers & Taxis.

- Free & Unassigned Taxis listings.
- Free & Unassigned Drivers listings.
Dashboard Latest Updates.
- New Drivers Registration.
- New Trips Requests.
Dashboard - New Bookings.
- New Orders/Payments & Invoices.
- New Company Transactions Logs.
- Drivers Earnings.
- Company Revenue/Balance & Earnings.
- New Ratings & Reviews/Comments for Drivers.
Manage Company Account Info & Change Password.

Confidential Document 6|P a g e

Company Managers are allowed to view & manage following
features/options like:
- View Statistical Reports related to all Drivers and Taxis.
- Manage Taxis along with Features & Availability Status.
- Manage Drivers & Set their Status.
- Manage Users Trip Requests.
- Ability to Assign Taxis to Drivers.
- View all Trips of their Drivers.
- View Trip Orders & Invoices.
- Managers can view their Transaction Logs.
- View Ratings & Comments to Drivers.
Manage Company Manage Company Drivers along with Availability Status.
Manage Company Taxis along with Availability Status.
Manage Trip Requests.
Mange Trip Packages.
View/Manage Passengers List for Orders/Bookings.
Manage Promotions.
View Company Transactions Logs/Details.
View Funds Withdrawal Requests.
View Drivers Payments/Transactions & Earnings.
View/Manage Drivers Ratings & Reviews.
View/Manage Orders/Payments & Trips Invoice.
Company Payments & Earnings Summary/Report.

In the report section the fleet manager can view the following
Company Reports & Analytics
1. All fleet earning report (in a day, week, month)
2. Individual earning report categorized by driver
3. Vehicle maintenance report
4. Driver login report (by day, week, month)
No graph will be show but all report data will be textual and
columnar view.
1. Cancellation report
Report module
2. Earning report
3. Driver attendance report
4. Vehicle maintenance report

In this module the company action will be:

1. Add vehicle
2. Map vehicle to driver
3. Create vehicle maintenance report
Fleet management
4. Delete vehicle
5. Deactivate vehicle
6. Vehicle service schedule.
7. Driver roster to vehicle availability.
Logins The super admin, Service or fleet owner

Confidential Document 7|P a g e

Provide details on the reviews , ratings for drivers , number of
Analytic / Reports booking per day , week , month , year ,etc , booking status , history of
canceled bookings.
Invoices: The invoice can be generated / downloaded from here.
Invoice is sent to both taxi driver and passenger by email at the end
of the journey.
Adaptive Payment System: This is in-built on the app so the revenue
Features in admin section share is managed automatically. We are currently using as
a payment gateway.
Tracking from third party API: TOMTOM re-connected real time
Profile: Manage driver profiles with appropriate certificates

In this module the web admin can perform the following tasks:
1. Create membership package by time like 6 months, 12 months etc
2. Insert membership price
3. View total active members
Membership management 4. View total membership package bought in a week, month, day
5. Update membership prices
6. Generate invoices for membership purchase
7. Automated reminder to members prior to the expiry of the
membership tenure.

We recommend tomtom, please note the API has to be purchased

Vehicle tracking API
from client side and provided to us.

In this module the super admin can perform the following tasks:
1. Assign % of commission to fleet company. Same % for all company
or different % for varied companies.
Commission module
2. View commission earned in monthly basis.
3. The payment of commission will be done outside the system

4. Screen-shots

Screen shots for Fleet manager:

Fleet manager tracking:

Confidential Document 8|P a g e

Fleet Tracking:

Fleet management:

Confidential Document 9|P a g e

Report creation:

Confidential Document 10 | P a g e

Vehicle inspection:

Driver management:
Confidential Document 11 | P a g e
Fleet Dashboard:

Fleet manager vehicle data:

Confidential Document 12 | P a g e

Vehicle group

Driver data:

Confidential Document 13 | P a g e

Messages from driver to Fleet manager:

System Flow of Fleet Management:

Confidential Document 14 | P a g e

Thank you!!!

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