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PART ONE: Brand analysis

1. Introduction

Brand Name: Coca Cola India

Online Platforms: Following are the online platforms used by Coca Cola India

Online Platform Links


Products Offered: Products offered by company are as follows:

VIO Almond VIO Kesar Treat Maaza

Minute Maid Pulpy Minute Maid Minute Maid
Orange Nimbu Fresh Guava
Minute Maid Minute Maid Mixed Fanta Green
Mango Fruit Mango
Fuze Tea Lemon Fuze Tea Peach Kinley Water
Schweppes Ginger Schweppes Soda Schweppes Tonic
Ale Water Water
Coca-Cola Diet Coke Coca-Cola Zero
Thums Up Sprite Georgia Gold
Sprite Zero Fanta Limca
Kinley Soda

Point of Sale: This includes Super markets, general stores, Vending machines,
eateries like Dominos etc.

Tone, Persona and Communication Style: Coca Cola has personality and
tone relies on the attribute like Friendship, joy and happiness. Red colour of logo
and cursive script demonstrate bold, young and authentic attributes of the
brand. As far as the communication style is concerned their advertisements
focus more on experience rather than explaining the quality. As experiences can
be felt and remembered for long time.

Markers comments:


2. Target market

Target market of Coca Cola are the people older than 12 years of age. It does not
target childrens younger than 12 years of age and instead targets their parents
and let them decide whether their children could have Coca Cola products or not.
For example dairy products of Coca Cola are targeted towards health conscious
people while its soft drinks are targeted towards young generation who loves to
hang out with friends and family.
Target markets based on interests, they different set of product variants. For
example, products like Minute maid, sprite, coke and diet coke, each have unique
set of customers and each have unique tastes in the products they choose.

Target market based on product size variants, where the 1 litre and above
product bottles target for family audience and especially making the family to
keep the product in their refrigerators. Whereas pet bottles and 200, 300 ml and
fountain cans are targeted for instant individuals. And frequency of these small
cans are more. Because more availability and reach across the geo graphical

Target market can be urban rural also. Where in urban markets diet cokes and
Tin products can be sold easily, while market for these products will be little
lesser in rural markets, where the market of 200, 300 ml bottles products have
good amount of sales.

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3. SMART objectives

Objectives Tactic KPI Tools

Increase traffic on Search engine Number of Google
its website by 7% optimization hits on analytics
Making website Tools like
website more Average Webalizer
interactive number of and W3Perl
and active etc.
responsive users at a
Online games particular
and quizzes time
Advertisement Click-
on Google through
Increase the Motivating Number of Analytics
community size people to followers provided by
by 6% on social create content on social social
media like (like videos, media media such
Facebook, twitter, photos etc.) platform as
Instagram etc. on these Facebook
platform and analytics
also to award Social
the best media
content writer dashboard
quizzes and
online games
for these
social media
Improve company Resolving Number of Text
reputation and customer complaints analysis
positive word of queries and Number of Word cloud
mouth as complaint negative
compared to through social comments
previous year media
Developing new CRM New product Text
customer set for Content Co- developmen analysis
new products. creation t Facebook
And launching 2 suggestions. and you
new products in Number of tube
coming year, analytics
based on
customer inputs.

Markers comments:

PART TWO: Strategic considerations
1. Competitor analysis

The competitor selected for consideration is PepsiCo. PepsiCo entered India in

1989 and in a short period, has grown into one of the largest MNC food and
beverage businesses in the country. PepsiCo entered India in 1989 and in a short
period, has grown into one of the largest MNC food and beverage businesses in
the country.

Companys website:

Social media pages:


Blog: https:/ /

Engagement rates: The time spent on page and other analytical actions that
indicate consumers are interested in certain products and promotions are very
helpful in dictating campaign effectiveness. Marketers have been hearing the
mantra "engagement over clicks/impressions" for years. PepsiCo actually takes a
firm stance in its importance. It has to. PepsiCo also works closely with retailers
to learn purchasing behaviour on a case by case basis.

Digital Marketing strategy of PepsiCo: making it obvious that all the products in
the PepsiCo family are a product of PepsiCo.

Mobile marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Content marketing
Social media marketing

PepsiCo has clearer marketing strategy than Coca-Cola:

PepsiCo makes all of its web pages interact with one another. Each brand
page will share PepsiCos Facebook page posts on its individual page. Thus
the goal is to increase number of likes of the Facebook page so as to get
maximum exposure for the company.
A linkable box on the Facebook page listing all of its brands and linking
each brand to their individual page.
All of company news, customer interviews and exclusive new product
information being available to consumers to attract the attention of
consumers of all pages.
Google AdWords campaign to gain impressions on the first page of Google
searches for keywords like PepsiCo, tea, iced tea, cola, Gatorade, etc.

Contribution to Brand Loyalty: Coca-Cola encourages its customers to fall in love

with its brand where as Pepsi tries to engage its customers.
By launching new beverages, PepsiCo is trying to make a difference.

So Pepsi launched a new beverage named 1893PepsiCola, a mix of Pepsi Cola

which is getting more viewers to its page. Currently PepsiCo has more than 35
million followers in Facebook, 3.03 million followers in tweeter and other pages.
Markers comments:


2. Role of data

Data has always been a crucial part of marketing. As information shared

increases almost every day, the data also increases significantly. Over time,
marketers have described better content over data as the next big thing in
digital marketing. Data will be used at every stage of Coca-Colas digital
marketing strategy. Data will be used to validate goals, objectives and to check
that strategies are on track. The following are a few examples of tracking tools
that can be employed to track, analyse, and optimize the effectiveness of Coca-
Colas digital campaigns:

Google Analytics for SEO

Campaign tagging and AdWords tracking in Google Analytics for PPC
ORM & Sentiment Analysis for Social Media
Email Automation & Analytics
CRM Analytics, etc.

Since Coca-Cola is a beverages industry, where taste and preference matters the
most, web analytics will play a crucial role in understanding & shaping customer
behaviour. Google Analytics will play a crucial role in understanding the customer
data, though web-server tracking options like Click Tracks also exist.

Metrics that characterise site visitors, content and eventual conversions will be
tracked to optimize results. Some of the following are examples of metrics that
can be analysed:

Keywords to reach Coca-Colas website

Entry/ exit/ landing pages
Visit duration and number of pages viewed per visit

A better quantitative approach can offer a lot of benefits to a business:

1. Traffic Creating data visualization is a great way to attract traffic to ones


2. Value By sharing fresh, accurate and exact numbers, an authentic value

is what is being offered to the customers by a brand.

3. Learning By sharing facts and figures, a company enhances its learning

by getting reviews and provide a fresh insight to the numbers.

Markers comments:

PART THREE: Tactical plan
Tactic 1: Social Media

Coca-Cola India have wide range of customers spread across all its product
categories. But majorly the company now wants to concentrate on age group of
14-40. As these customers will be the future prospects. And most of them will be
brand loyal and recurring.

As the age group it is having good access to the changing technological trends.
Social media plays an important role in building brand equity.

So companies presence in social Medias like Facebook, twitter, google plus,

YouTube, Instagram is very much important. And coca cola India is already
having good presence in these social networking sites. And it need to continue
its legacy.

Additionally we can launch campaigns for individual products in our social

networking sites. And make them reach to the target 15-40 age group customer

Campaigns related to music, amusement sports, or trendy and inspiring topics

brings more visibility and interest among the chosen target group. Campaigns
like where in different times coca cola products can be used to refresh us.

For example campaigns like Listening music will be much happier with
campaign with coke. We can launch this campaign and encourage people to
have a small pet coca cola product in their hand to drink while they listen to
music during their free time. And music is one of the most favourite interest of
our target group audience. For launch of these campaigns if we use our social
media face book page for posts, twitter for tweets, And video viewing and
sharing for YouTube will bring more lime light in short span of time. And the reach
also will be pan India.

Markers comments:


Tactic 2: CRM

Maintaining customer relationships is one of the driving point in maintaining

good brand image. And it is very much important for sustainability of the
company. Customers feels more loyal and happy when company starts giving
importance and understanding them.
Customer relationship management can be done by maintaining toll free
complaint number, As well as complaint forums in Facebook, witter and google
plus. For example complaints can be of any type ranging from quality issues,
availability issues (in certain areas). And his satisfaction levels depends on how
well we treat his problems.

Generally, if we make an complaining customer happy, he is more probably can

be treated as an asset to the company, where he spreads more positive word of
mouth about the company, if we able to resolve his issues completely.

Giving value to the customers opinions, will be helpful in aspects and areas
where the company needs to improve, like in which area, institute or company
that needed our presence or extra presence.

And customers can act as audit agents in resolving some of our companys
problem in areas where our reach is less often.

Markers comments:


Tactic 3: Content Co- Creation

Digital marketing is all about interacting with customers virtually. And it should
make them feel like companys advertising strategy is especially dedicated to
them. When we show that level of dedication to them, customers also feel like
more associating with us.

So if we encourage content creation from them, i.e. content co-creation from

them, they will be more actively engaged with us, they tend to share more
information about our company products with their peer groups. Which in turn is
very useful for the company, as the customer engagement increases, offline
budget increases, and sustainability and brand equity increases.

Content co-creation can be of, selfie photo contests with our products, selfie
videos about our products, what they love about their products in form of posts,
tweets and videos. All these helpful in creating more content. More content
creation means more customer engagement.

We can launch content co creation contests like, collection of special code or

images under the bottle caps or bottle labels, and then preparing a post about
them These daily, weekly, monthly contests will help in driving more content
and at the same time product usage frequency will also increase from them.

Content co creation can also help in designing new marketing strategies and
campaigns, as we are getting inputs directly from the target audience itself.
People interest and fashions change time to time, so timely interaction with the
customers help in building and maintaining brand image for life time.
Markers comments:


Tactic 4: SEO

SEO can be a very good tool in building brand image in the netizens. So we need
to see that pour presence should be felt to them virtually through posts or ad
campaigns or any media content on social media sites. When people felt about
the product, they tend to remember more, which helps in increasing sales from
the company.

SEO optimization can be done by bidding for suitable key words especially
related to the companys notion as well as the interest of target audiences. The
SEO optimization help in customers know, frequent updates about our products,
campaigns, content and website. And redesigning our websites, Facebook pages,
so that our quality score increases.

And at the same time, we need to spend more money in Ad works so that our
reach increases to new set of customers. As new set of customer comes, they
can be made loyal to the brand and make them like or subscribe our pages or

Maintaining separate fan pages, channels for individual brands and interlinking
them with hyperlinks can increase the audience coming to the pages and
channels. By maintain this so, we can generate media contents for the requisite
audience set. For example set of audience for Fanta is different from sprite
audience. So that media content will also needed to be different for respective
audiences. And as a whole we can promote all these sub brands as one brand
with the content related to refreshing and happiness.

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