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This case study tackles with what collage course will be suitable for Mr.


sons; how will he to establish his own factory; will his sons accept his idea about which

course they will take; and how long will it take for him to achieve his goal. These

problems does not affect only the successfulness of Mr. Mallari in business but also the

future of his sons and the possible future generation.

Mr. Mallari started with a small shop that sell electronic parts. Then as time

passes he saved up money to buy his own land to use both business and residential.

After that, he extended his business to the other cities. In his class reunion, he met a

former classmate Mr. Chan that has drastically change his perspective because Mr.

Chan has his own well-established appliance assembly plant, because of that he thinks

that he can follow Mr. Chans footsteps. As he is 47 yrs. of age and his eldest son is

about time for him to go to college. From there the problem arises.

There are different path which Mr. Mallari can consider from to accomplish his

objectives which are to determine the right college courses will be best suitable for his

sons in which his sons would accept to do; and also establishing his own factory for the

shortest time possible. Thus his choices are:

First, to make his sons take up engineering, business management and accountancy

this are the course when finish is essential to managing a successful electronic factory,

thus lessening the burden of Mr. Mallari in hiring professionals to do the job.

Second, he could let his sons take up whatever they want to take up in college then

expanding his business to other different cities then save up to start his own factory

from there.
Third, is to at least one of his sons took up engineering thus entering a company from

there he would learn the different ways to run a company from there Mr. Mallari can

start up on his goal with his son where he and his son would collaborate to run the


The most efficient choice would be the first one for solve almost all the stated

objectives. First, Mr. Mallari have the a suitable college course for his sons since his

sons are on the top of their respective classes it wont be hard for them to realize their

fathers dream from there they could easily put up their own assembly plant. The

problem lies here is that if his sons would accept their fathers decision on which collage

course they will go too and how long will his dreams will be realize.

Mr. Mallari can convince his sons to take up his proposed collage course that this

will not only help him realize his dream but also for his sons to have a stable job in

which they are their own boss thus having a stable and luxuries. His dreams will be

realize within a span of 6-7 yrs. where he will be 53 or 54 yrs. old.

I would recommend that that Mr. Mallari to expand his business more so that he

could save up a capital for the assembly plant and little by little purchasing machineries

and other essential in starting an assembly plant so that when his sons graduated it is

easier for them to put up the assembly plant. I also recommend that his sons would

focus on studies so that they wont have to extend a year or two. If the time table is

followed accordingly Mr. Mallaris goal will be realize before he retire. Thus

accomplishing the objectives stated

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Assignment #1

Angeles, Timothy Randell S.


Submitted on:
November 23, 2016

Engr. Arnolfo Arcibal