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Coats Coats Coats

Dual Duty XP Threads Dual Duty Plus Threads Decorative Threads Coats & Clark
Strong, yet fine thread
Pucker free seams in
light-weight fabrics
Strongest and heaviest
HAND sewing thread
Polished glac finish
Ideal for machine
quilting, decorative
stitching, and appliqu Thread
prevents tangling and Suitable for conventional
Ideal for lingerie, or overlock machine
bridal/formal and sewing, hand embroidery
heirloom sewing HAND QUILTING and cross stitch
GENERAL PURPOSE Americas favorite Introducing Coats & Clark Dual
HAND quilting thead Coats
A medium weight for
Specialty Threads Duty XP The Xtra Performance
most hand and Polished glac finish
machine sewing provides abrasion Threads for the 21st Century
resistance and prevents
For all fibers, knits and
tangling and knotting
wovens Use when invisible
Largest color range in thread is desired for
market Coats home dec, machine
quilting or crafts
3 spool sizes Cotton Threads
Available in size .004
A heavier, stronger Mercerized for luster
and strength
Size B
For bold topstitching, For all purpose sewing
on natural fibers Pre-waxed
cording and
buttonholes 100% Egyptian Extra Fine enough for
Long Staple (ELS) cotton sewing beads, strong
Use with interior and
enough for stringing
exterior upholstery
Extra long stape 72 yds per bobbin
XP (Extra Performance) means:
Use a size 16 or 18 Egyptian Giza cotton for
machine needle excellent sewability on GLOW IN THE DARK Smooth & Beautiful
natural fibers
FASHION BRIGHTS 100% polyester, machine Strong No breakage
Mercerized for strength washable and dryable
Medium weight for
and luster
Consistent tension, balanced twist
most fabrics 40 wt, compatible with
Size 30, available on digitized embroidery Excellent stitch formation
Strong, durable thread
in vibrant colors for 350 yd spool and Use as an accent for Color fast, weather resistant
home or apparel 1200 yd pencil tubes childrens clothing and
Multicolors available on on fun accessories for What is Dual Duty XP?
COLOR TINTS 1200 yd. pencil tubes their rooms
Palest tint of color
HAND QUILTING The glow quickly recharges when Unique polyester wrapped
Excellent for formal exposed to light. For optimum glow,
gowns, infant layettes For traditional HAND core spun thread produced
select filled in designs rather than
quilters who prefer outlines. using a new advanced
sewing with 100%
cotton spinning technology
Whimsical decorative Special glac finish to
stitches prevent tangling and
knotting and provide Available in three weights fine,
Colorful accent for abrasion resistance
childrens clothing and general purpose and heavy for all of
home accessories Dept. DD-4, P.O. Box 12229
Greenville, SC 29612
your sewing needs.
cc9829 10/07
Coats Coats
Trilobal Polyester Specialty Threads
Machine Embroidery METALLIC
Threads Perfect thread to add the Thread & Needle Chart
luster of precious metals
SOLID COLORS to projects
Continuous filament FABRIC THREAD NEEDLE
tri-lobal construction Smooth finish for trouble- Very Lightweight General
free sewing Topstitching Machine Sewing Hand Sewing
Batiste, chiffon, nylon tricot, Purpose Sewing
Ideal for baby items, organza, voile, as well as
towels, outdoor projects, Ideal for machine quilting, other sheer fabrics Dual Duty XP Dual Duty XP Size 9 (65) Size 9, 10
uniforms and other things decorative stitching, Fine Fine
that will be laundered digitized embroidery Lightweight
frequently designs and appliqu Challis, chambray, crepe, crepe
de chine, cotton knits, eyelet,
Dual Duty XP
40 wt, compatible with 40 wt., compatible with gauze, georgette, gingham, Size 11 (75) Size 8, 9
digitized embroidery digitized embroidery interlock, jersey, percale, seer-
sucker, silk, taffeta, microfiber
Machine washable and Coating of pure silver for
dryable a brilliant sheen Medium-weight
Broadcloth, brocade, chino,
Colorfast even with Machine washable and dryable chintz, corduroy, double knit, Dual Duty XP Size 11 (75) Size 7, 8
flannel, linen, oxford cloth, General or
chlorine bleach pique, poplin, satin, shantung, Purpose Size 14 (90)
Strong, durable, high-luster suiting, sweatshirt, swimwear,
Soft & lightweight, synthetic suedes, terry, velour, Coats 100%
continuous filament velvet, velveteen Cotton for
polyester thread Dual Duty XP
Random variegation Medium to Heavyweight natural
Creates a smooth backing Coating, denim, double knit, fabrics
40 wt, compatible with for designs drapery fabric, fake fur, felt, Size 14 (90) Size 6
digitized embroidery fleece, gabardine, leather, or
Size 70; fine, yet strong leather-like, quilted fabric, Size 16 (100)
Use color blends for sweater knits, ticking, twill,
shading in embroidered More thread can be wound upholstery fabric
designs, contrasting on the bobbin meaning
colors to create less rewinding Heavyweight
Canvas, duck, sailcloth, Dual Duty XP
interest upholstery Heavy Size 16 (100) Size 1-5
Compatible with polyester,
Colorfast even with rayon or metallic
chlorine bleach embroidery threads
Lint-free, low stretch SPECIAL PROJECTS
Strong, durable
Hand Quilting Dual Duty Plus Hand Quilting Betweens/Quilting Hand Needle
Machine washable and dryable PREWOUND BOBBINS or Coats Cotton Hand Quilting Size 7, 8, 9, or 10
L style Bobbin
COLOR TWIST Machine Quilting Machine Needle Size 14 (90)
Dual Duty XP General Purpose
Unique thread made up of Size 70, white
or Fine, Coats Cotton Machine
two different colored plies polyester Quilting
of thread
132 yds per bobbin
Hand Appliqu Betweens/Quilting Hand Needle
Compatible with digitized Dual Duty XP Fine Size 8 or 9
Perfectly wound for
consistent tension
Machine Appliqu Coats Trilobal Polyester, Dual Machine Needle
Achieve a blended Duty XP General Purpose or Size 11 (75)
look rather than a Fine
color-blocked look
typical of variegated Hand Sewing on Buttons, Embroidery Crewel Hand Needle
threads Heavyweight Fabrics, Rug Dual Duty Plus Button & Craft Size 6 or 7
Colorfast even with
Machine Embroidery Machine Needle
chlorine bleach
Coats Trilobal Polyester Size 11 (75)
Machine washable and dryable
Upholstery Dual Duty XP Heavy Machine Needle
Size 16 (100) or 18 (110)