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Flexcom 8.

August 2016
User Experience
3D Plotting
Model Building
User Solver Variables
Run-Time Performance
Pipe-in-Pipe Models
Damper Element
Additional Outputs

2 Flexcom 8.6
User Experience
Best user experience of Flexcom 8
Highly responsive keyword editor
Speed and responsiveness
comparable to generic text editor

New FILE= option

Reference external files
Remove clutter

3 Flexcom 8.6
3D Plotting
Enhanced visualisation of
engineering data

Plot the variation of any summary

postprocessing output against key
driving parameters.
e.g. plot maximum effective
tension as a function of both
wave period and wave heading
in 3D space

4 Flexcom 8.6
Model Building
Model repeated line sections quickly
and easily
Define group of sub-sections via
Reference group via *LINES

Sample floating hose model (E03)

Flexcom 8.4: 233 data lines
Flexcom 8.6: 35 data lines
85% reduction

5 Flexcom 8.6
User Solver Variables
Advanced user subroutines
Provides complete generality for power

Access to solution variables including

Nodal kinematic variables
(displacements, velocities, accelerations)
Element restoring forces (tension,
moment, curvature etc.)

Directly augment global force vector to

simulate arbitrary time-varying load

Directly modify constitutive finite element

matrices (i.e. stiffness, mass)

6 Flexcom 8.6
Run-Time Performance
Source code optimisations have led
to increased computational

Flexcom 8.6 approximately 5%

faster than Flexcom 8.4*
*Performance increases are application specific (i.e.
depend on the model size etc.) Also affected by
external factors such as hard drive access.

7 Flexcom 8.6
Pipe-in-Pipe Models
Now possible to alternate between
fixed and sliding connections
Particularly useful for landing
string models
Maintain consistent connections
after initial set-down of drill string

Theory manual strengthened

Provides greater transparency
regarding internal workings of
the software

8 Flexcom 8.6
Damper Element
Resistance can now be controlled
as a function of velocity
Greater control over damper
Simulate more advanced control

9 Flexcom 8.6
Additional Outputs
*PRINT keyword provides
transparency regarding internal
computations carried out at run time
Active pipe-in-pipe connections
Water particle velocity and

Element Inspector extended to

present derived properties

10 Flexcom 8.6
Thank you!
from everyone on the Flexcom Development Team