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Learning Pronouns:

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Types of Pronouns
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What is a Pronoun? Define here.

Examples of Each Type Below:
Types of Pronouns:

Personal Refer to:

Demonstrative Refer to:

Indefinite Refer to:

Interrogative Refer to:

Reflexive Refer to:

Intensive Refer to:

Possessive Refer to:

2012 InnovativeConnections/ASmith
Guide to Pronoun Organizer:

Pronoun- words that replace nouns or other pronouns; they take the place of other people,
places, things, or ideas

Personal: Refers to People/Animals
I, me, you, he, she, it, we, they, him, her, them, us

Demonstrative: Refer to specific people, places, or things

this, that, these, those

Indefinite: Refer to nouns in a general way; they do not refer to a noun/pronoun in particular
all, both, many, each, some, nobody, several, anyone, nothing, other(s), etc.

Interrogative: pronouns used to ask questions

whose, which, who, whom, what

Reflexive: these pronouns refer back to nouns/pronouns in the sentence

Herself, himself, itself, ourselves, myself, yourself, yourselves, themselves

Intensive: these pronouns emphasize another noun/pronoun in the sentence

Same as reflexive pronouns, but used as defined

Possessive: personal pronouns used to show ownership or possessiondo not use apostrophes!
My, mine, your(s), his, hers, its, their(s), our(s) ---and also whose

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