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Running head: ISSUES 1

The article that I chose that addresses educational technology issues is titled If we were

really serious about educational technology. It addressed ten issues that could really get people

to think of how some people have turned against the use of technology rather than integrating it

properly for its benefit(s). For example, it has been engraved that social media sites are not

useful for educational study. Instead, educators could show students how to edit their privacy

settings and use groups in Facebook instead of banning online social networks because theyre

dangerous and/or frivolous (McLeod, 2010). With proper instructions and guidelines,

Facebook and other social media sites can be used to enhance learning and make it more

interesting while teaching students how to properly utilize it. Furthermore, instructors can teach

students about online security in general for all internet usage. They can teach them red flags that

some may encounter online and what to do should they run into someone such as reporting. "In

the 21st century, these topics are as important as reading, writing and math (Marklein, 2011)."

Another common misperception of educational technology that was addressed is that

students are being taught that online learning is not as useful, effective, and beneficial compared

to old fashioned learning from a book sitting in a classroom setting. I believe that this is a myth.

We must understand that this world is only going to continue moving forward becoming more

technological in several aspects of our daily routine lives and advanced and complex.

Technology also changes the way teachers teach, offering educators effective ways to reach

different types of learners and assess student understanding through multiple means (Edutopia,

2008). Im not say that we should replace books and pencils and classroom visits. I believe that

there are many lessons that are much better taught in this manner. However, there are others who

may benefit more with a few less visits in class and can be accessed from home.


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