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Vol. 116, No.

152 Summer 2016

Class of 2020: New Student Orientation

Welcome to E.

PA 16











7 8

Heres to the LEGEND

1 THE LION SHRINE: Every Penn Stater needs a photo with The Lion!
Marks the newspaper distribution machines that are
apart of Penn States Newspaper Readership Program.
This program contributes to the general education goal
of the University by providing a broad range of

next four years

information and knowledge necessary to understand
2 PATTEE - PATERNO LIBRARY: Best place to study on campus! But, beware the Stacks... the world in which we live. Pick up a paper today!
A full list of locations can be found below.
3 WEST COMMONS: West dining cookies are the best cookies
Allen Gate Osmond Lab
4 OLD MAIN: Great to throw a frisbee or study on the lawn Beaver Stadium Panofsky
Big Onion Paterno Library Entrance
MY VIEW | GARRETT ROSS 5 HINTZ ALUMNI CENTER: The best kept secret study space Boucke Pattee Cata
CC West Pattee Cata II
When I came to Penn State, I none of my friends 6 DUCK POND: De-stress and make a few quacky friends Carnegie Pattee Library
knew one person. were in my lunch Chambers Pattee Cafe
7 THE DINER: True Penn Staters eat grilled stickies Davey Lab Pavilion Cata
I was lucky enough to choose period, so I sat alone. Electrical Engineering East Pavilion Cata II
my roommate, a It was awful. 8 CATA OFFICE: Learn more about all the transportation services at Electrical Engineering West Pollock Commons
Findlay Cata Pond Lab
friend from high After that day, I Forum Redifer Commons
school, so I found promised myself 9 THE MALL GATE: Great for a stroll downtown! Hammond Redifer Exterior
solace in the fact that I would never 10 THE HUB: The best place to meet friends, eat, or study. It has everything!
Henderson Sackett
Hetzel Union Building (HUB) Smeal Business
that I would have sit alone again, so HUB Bookstore Breezeway Thomas
someone to talk to I didnt. The next 11 NORTH COMMONS: Live the suite life! Hosler Undergraduate Library
IST Walker
within those walls lunch, I found some 12 BERKEY CREAMERY: Get a scoop (or five) of the best ice cream! Jordan Center Waring Commons
of our fourth-floor people that were in Katz Law Building Waring Commons East
room at Stone Hall one of my classes 13 THE ARBORETUM: Great place to enjoy a sunny day away from it all Kern Graduate Center Warnock Dining Commons
Leonhard Wartik Lab
Ross in East. sitting at a table and I 14 EAST COMMONS: Experience a traditional freshmans liiving quarters at the closest branch campus Mall Entrance White Course Apartments
But, aside from just sat down. McCoy Natatorium Willard
15 WE ARE: The newest installation on campus, perfect for a photo op! Nittany Community Center Zoller Gallery
that, if I told anyone I wasnt Fast forward now,
nervous back then, I was lying back to that first
16 BEAVER STADIUM: White Out? Stripe Out? It is the best place to be on a Fall Saturday.
through my teeth. week at Penn State.
What Im here to tell you is that At the end of it, 17 THE BRYCE JORDAN CENTER: aka BJC, it is a venue for concerts, sports events, and Penn States THON
its OK to be nervous. Actually, I nothing needed to be
would be concerned for you if you said, but we promised 18 SHIELDS BUILDING: Home to undergraduate admissions, the registrar, bursar, and the office of student aid
123 S. Burrowes St., 814-865-2531
werent. ourselves that we 19 POLLOCK COMMONS: The quad, or Pollock Beach, is the place to play some pick up or lie in the sun State College, PA 16801
No matter how big your high wouldnt sit alone in
school was, coming to Penn State our room for the rest 20 SOUTH COMMONS: Two words: Late. Night.
Scan to download the Collegian
with 40,000 other people is of the year. So we 21 MCLANAHAN'S: Shop around for whatever you need: groceries, a quick meal, or some Penn State gear Mobile App today!
daunting. didnt.
That first week that my We started
roommate and I were here, it was saying hello to our uncomfortable at first, but branch smile thinking about a specific in between and beyond.
pretty tough. We didnt do much hallmates, we popped into other out, meet new people, try new memory that I have at each place My wish for you all is that you
other than go to classes, eat at the peoples rooms, we trekked over things, sign up for a club that you that is highlighted. make your own memories. My
dining hall and mill around the to Beaver Stadium with the crowd dont know much about. Ill never forget the first time I word of senior advice to you is to
room. and we grabbed a slice of pizza at In this paper, weve tried to offer took in a Penn State football game. make Penn State your home in
Looking back, it reminds me of The Big Onion with a group. you some guidance and some tips Or seeing THON for the first time. whatever way you want.
my freshman year of high school. Soon, I joined The Daily from those of us that have gone Or riding a Blue Loop from East Just promise me you wont sit
I was brand new to the school, Collegian and found a Happy before you. Dont be too proud to down to Pollock to get mozzarella alone at the lunch table on your
knew maybe one or two people Valley family, and after a few heed (some) of our advice. But sticks from The Mix (youll realize first day.
and was incredibly nervous do weeks, I wasnt nervous Penn also, dont be too scared to try how dumb this is eventually). Or
you see a trend here? State didnt feel so big anymore. your own thing. staying at the HUB all night to get To email reporter:
The very first day of high school, You might think its Looking at the map above, I hockey tickets. And so many more Follow him on Twitter at @garrett_ross.

A freshmans guide to navigating campus

After being released from the definitely not in the right place. anywhere on campus, but I cant your classes so you know where you get used to campus.
required activities of New Student I went to grab a map and was claim to know every building in youre going ahead of time. These are all different strategies
Orientation, my new friends and I immediately scolded. Dont do Penn State. Next, utilize landmarks. When you can take until you know your
immediately took off. that! We cant look like freshmen! My BiSci lab second semester I dont know where a building is, way around campus, but, please
Our destination? The Creamery, I yielded to their wishes, but the was in Oak, a building behind the I look at where it is in relation to dont let the fear of looking like a
of course. There was only one result was us wandering around Nittany Lion Inn. I didnt even the library, the HUB or some other freshman keep you from getting to
problemit was late, and none of so long that the Creamery closed know that was still campus. familiar place. This will also help class on time.
us had ever navigated the Penn by the time I finally took the map Of course, the map had to come when you find yourself wandering. Trust me, its more embarrass-
State campus at night before. back out and navigated us there. out before I left my dorm so I Knowing the different dorms ing to walk in late to class, forc-
Luckily, there was one girl who Theres a moral to this story. Dont would know where I was going. helps as well. Hint: West dorms ing all eyes on you, than to walk
assured us she could get us there. miss out for fear of looking like a If youre really that self-con- are to the west and East are to the around with a map surrounded by
Talking to my friend, I didnt notice freshman. scious about all this, there are sev- east. other kids who are more focused
anything was wrong until I looked That is what you are, isnt it? eral ways to get around the feared Another tool every student has on finding their own class than on
up and saw the HUB- Robeson And heres a confession: a year stigma of looking like a freshman. these days is a digital map on their you and your navigational skills.
Center. later, I still use a map sometimes. First, familiarize yourself with phones. The trouble with them is
While I wasnt an expert of the I dont carry it around, and I can campus before classes start. Get that they cant provide shortcuts. To email reporter:
campus, I knew that we were get back to my dorm from an upperclassman to help you find However, they will do the job until Follow her on Twitter at @giana_jade.

Bri Basile/Collegian
Participants run through the blue station during the Color Run on Monday, Sept. 7.

Penn State Pride

Here is a small collection of some of the happiest moments in Happy
Valley from 2015-16. Get ready for your next four years to be filled with
football games, concerts in the BJC and trying to make it on the
Snapchat campus story.

Alonna Brumbaugh/Collegian
Meghan McGrady (freshman) celebrates bid acceptance day with her new sorority on Old Main
lawn on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Alonna Brumbaugh/Collegian
The student section celebrates a touchdown by consecutively throwing students to
correspond with points on the scoreboard during the game against University of Buffalo
on Saturday, Sept. 12.

Earp Indradat/Collegian

Nick Thomas/Collegian The Nittany Lion high-fives another climber after reaching the top during the BoPS
From left to right: Jake Clemons, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Van Zandt perform with the E Carnival on Old Main lawn on Wednesday, Oct. 7.
Street Band at the Bryce Jordan Center on Monday, April 18.

Nick Thomas/Collegian

Max Petrosky/Collegian
Members of the purple team celebrate as Emily Hesidence (senior-marketing) wins the
Danielle DAngelo (senior-supply chain management) takes a selfie with a camel during the rock, paper, scissors competition during the Color Wars Kickoff at the Multisports Complex
Best of Penn State Carnival for Homecoming 2015 on the Old Main lawn on Wednesday, Oct. 7. on Wednesday, Feb. 10.

By Waiss David Aramesh

1. Dont pass up on lunch or dinner plans at the dining halls. 21. Dont let any upperclassmen dim your enthusiasm for
You never know if youll end up eating with your soon-to-be Penn State Football season tickets. You only get one freshman
best friend. year.
2. Try everything youre uncomfortable with. College is the 22. If you dont go to the games, tailgate.
time to mess up. 23. If you dont tailgate, watch the game on television with
3. Dont stare at one person too long while riding the CATA some friends.
bus. Its weird. 24. If you really dont care about football, then you now have
4. Also, thank the bus drivers. three hours a weekend to catch up on homework/sleep.
5. If youve committed to something, then follow through. On 25. Youre never too old to phone home. Answer when your
the same note, think before you commit because it can save mom/best friend/dog calls you.
you a lot of hardship. 26. Get involved. Whether its through the greek system,
6. Have a few good stories in your back pocket to bring out THON, a special interest club or your favorite newspaper
at parties. You never know when theres going to be a pause in team. Make sure you meet as many people as possible.
the conversation and people will turn to you. 27. Dont wear heels to your 8 a.m. class. Dont wear sneak-
7. Always y have a p y p
party y
playlist on y
your pphone. There will ers to yyour business casual interview.
come a time h people
when l hand
h d you theh aux cord d and
d you dont
d 28. Go to the Involvement Fair at the beginning of each
want to be scrambling. semester.
8. Carry gum with you, specifically mint-flavored. 29. Make sure you own a pair of sunglasses, even if theyre
9. If you have a class in Forum, only take your clicker out of just cheap plastic ones. You dont ever want to be the one
your bag during class. You will forget it at home eventually. without shades in a large group of people.
10. Know someone with a car. That doesnt mean that you 30. Dont take nice things to frat parties. Just dont. If you
should befriend someone just for their car. Its just an added dont lose it this time, you will next time.
bonus that will make trips to North Atherton a lot easier. 31. DO NOT wear your freshman lanyard with your ID card
11. Decide if you want to pay attention and sit in the front of in it.
the lecture hall, or if you want to be the first one out and sit in 32. DO NOT wear your freshman lanyard with your ID card
the back of the lecture hall. Theres no advantage to sitting in in it.
the middle rows. 33. The above isn
isntt a typo, it just cannot be stressed enough.
12. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not going out 34. DO NOT wear your freshman convocation shirt.
on a weekend night and just seeing a movie in the HUB 35. If you dont know anyone at a party youre at, call Next
instead. (Theyre free) for beer pong.
13. Be considerate if your roommate is sick. Buy them 36. If all of your friends are going to a show at the Bryce
medicine/snacks. They will thank you for it and return the Jordan Center but you dont know the act, go anyway. You
favor should the flu come creeping. never know.
14. Set goals. 37. Learn the peak hours for the HUB food courts.
15. Dont be too big to admit when you didnt meet goals that Eventually youll know when to visit McAllisters so theres no
you set. Dont be too arrogant and dwell on your victories for line.
too long before setting more goals either. 38. Follow The Daily Collegian and Penn State on Twitter
16. Stay up to watch the sun rise at the Arboretum or on the and Facebook. Know whats going on at your school.
balcony of a friends apartment. 39. Dont leave your drink unattended anywhere. Walk
17. Go to bed early and leave yourself time for a long home with a friend. Not only is it safer, but who doesnt love
breakfast. company?
18. Always be courteous to the Penn State janitorial staff. 40. If you only decide to camp outside for a week once in your
Theyy are some of the nicest p p y
people you will ever meet. e, make
life, a e su
suree its
t s for
o N tta yv e. Youre
Nittanyville. ou e go
goingg to w s you
19. Dont knock LionCash. If you dont use it for food, youll had.
use it for laundry.
20. Pictures taken at daylongs or apartment crawls are for To email reporter:
Snapchat and Instagramnot Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Follow him on Twitter at @waiss_aramesh.

Get the Best Deal

in Town! $550
per person

d room
3 Be

Christian Science

Reading Room & Bookstore ME
LIMIT onth
A downtown spot for spiritual inspiration 1st M REE
Renent sFigning  WPRIVATE PATIOS
wh !
218 S. Allen St.
State College, Pa
(814) 234 - 2194



446 Blue Course Drive State College

Professionally managed by Property Management Inc

Learning to live without a roommate

Editors Note: This is sarcastic. This step is where you first setDo not be tricked by whatever
Heed this advice with caution. the tone of your relationship with
pleasantries they throw your
College is oftentimes the big- your roommate. Will you two be way accept no handshakes,
gest change of your life, and this ones who cooperate to create a head nods or brownies.
becomes most apparent when balanced living environment, or Do not introduce yourself to
you learn youll be will you assert your dominance? their parents. It is best to plan
living with a room- To truly create the sense that
on having your headphones
mate. you are in control of the relation-
in and to be scrolling through
Maybe youve ship, it is best to avoid any contact
Twitter for at least the first 30-40
never lived in with your future roommate beforeminutes of your relationship.
the same room meeting them face to face. The first few weeks of living
as someone else If possible, subtly block them
together are when you really set
before. on social media before they reach
the foundation for getting your Georgi DeCarmine/Collegian
Maybe youre out to you. If you are going to live
roommate to ask for a transfer. Accepted first-year students and their families are welcomed as they
Madden familiar with the the life you want to live, you can-
Play music at maximum volume
bunk bed life from not have this stranger learning out of your phone speakers. head into Schwab Auditorium to begin their tour on Monday, March 1.
your younger years. any valuable personal information Set at least three different
Maybe your parents stacked
you and your siblings like sar-
dines in the basement. But the
on you, in case they choose to use
it against you later on.
Be sure to pack enough sup-
alarms in the morning, and
snooze no less than all of them
twice. And remember, when
Welcome to NSO:
a chance to start over
truth is that having a roommate is plies so that you will not have to
shooting dirty socks into your
a totally different experience than rely on anything that your room-roommates hamper, it cannot go
anything youve ever had. mate brings. Many roommates in unless you say Kobe every
Thankfully, your roommate is coordinate who will bring the time.
most likely in the same boat. television and who will bring the If you have forgotten to leave By Stephanie Panny of this, we went to dinner at the
Living with another student printer, but this is foolish. food wrappers and crumbs on THE DAILY COLLEGIAN dining commons where I sat and
especially if its someone youve Use nothing but your own your roommates half of the ate with some of the girls in my
never met can be an anxious items. Roommates who share room, here is your reminder. About two years ago, I sat in group with whom I had become
experience, particularly in the are codependent and ultimately Dont underestimate the value of the HUB-Robeson Center and friends. After, we went back to the
beginning. But dont let the anxi- doomed. To truly dominate this ants the more of them in your watched a woman give a presen- room and played some getting-
ety consume you. The important relationship, you must exclusively
room, the less roommates youll tation about Penn State about to-know-each other games, asked
thing to remember is that this is bring and use only things that you
have. its wonderful heritage, the in- some more questions about cam-
your living space too, and no one own. Being roommates with some- credible campus culture and the pus life and followed each other on
is going to make you change who Perhaps you have made the one is more than just sharing a amazing opportunities this uni- Twitter.
you are. classic flaw of not arriving first to
bedroom, its sharing a lifestyle. versity has to offer its students. Then, we went into the HUB and
So dont be intimidated, and the dorm room. A costly mistake,And if your roommate impedes, What she didnt tell me was watched a video about campus life.
embrace your individuality. but fear not, for the turf can still
alters or threatens the way you how this school was going to Afterward, the guides taught us
The roommate experience be won back. live your life in any way, the most get under my skin and make me the infamous We are chant.
starts before you even step foot in Scatter your excess items important thing to remember is bleed blue and white some- That night, while running down-
the door of your dorm room. Many across the floor, preferably on not to compromise. thing I realized as I left my New town to get ice cream with a new
future roomies will reach out to their side of the room, to remind Compromise is for farmers Student Orientation. friend, I realized that college is a
one another on social media once them you dont need their charity.
markets and Democrats. No When it was time for the stu- time to start over.
they receive that fateful email Introductions are often the roommate relationship has ever dents to part ways with the par- The coolest thing about college
from the university with the name most important indicator of how failed thanks to compromise, ents, I hugged my mom, told her isnt the newfound freedom, build-
of your living partner. your relationship will continue.and so you must ignore any Id update her through text and ing a class schedule that allows
attempt your roomie makes at to have a safe drive back home. you to sleep in until noon every
finding middle ground. Eyes glassy with unshed tears, day or making new friends al-
Hold your ground, it is good my mom hugged me again and though those are all really cool,
ground. told me to enjoy my experience. dont get me wrong.
If you have heeded this advice, I walked out of the HUB with The coolest thing about college
you will most certainly find your the rest of my tour group to a is getting a chance to start over.
roommate requesting a transfer room somewhere on campus. During NSO, I saw another
within the month within the Our guide took us the long way, chance, a way to shed the prover-
week if you are really talented. wanting us to see the sights of bial skin of my past and start anew.
If you are lucky, you will join the our new home and get used to I saw myself walking through
ranks of us who have success- how far wed have to walk every campus to class everyday with my
fully ruined all university-chosen day to get to class. backpack over my shoulders, my
relationships When we finally got to the earphones plugged in and breath-
that have been unfairly thrust room, hot and sweaty as it was ing in the crisp scent of autumn in
upon us. a sunny day, we sat in desks a new place at a new time in my
You will find yourself living by maneuvered into a circle and life.
yourself, unbothered and with- our guide went over Penn State So, with that in mind, I say wel-
out human contact, in conditions policies. She gave us numbers come to NSO. Welcome to a new
which can only be generously for campus police and took us chapter in your life. Welcome to a
Alonna Brumbaugh/Collegian described as hazardous. through various scenarios new beginning.
The real college experience. peer pressure at parties, what ifs Welcome to Penn State.
Anastasia Shekhter (freshman-civil engineering) and Sydney Feimer while teaching us how to keep
(freshman-veterinary and biomedical science) eat at Findlay Dining To email reporter: ourselves safe on campus. To email reporter:
Commons. This could even be done without a roommate. Follow him on Twitter at @madden_95. After about two to three hours Follow her on Twitter at @StephaniePanny.

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Freshmen TEXTBOOKS Parents
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SEMESTER SBS and get a
TEXTBOOK FREE gift for Penn State
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coming in. Apparel Item
One per customer. In-store only. Expires 9/30/16.
In-store only. Expires 9/30/16. Entries accepted up to 8/1/16.

The Big Blue on the Corner The Big Blue on the Corner The Big Blue on the Corner
Downtown Book Store Downtown Book Store Downtown Book Store

Eateries to enjoy downtown Socializing in class

By Sarah Vasile
is key to success

So youre new to State College.

green curry and the pad thai.

Big Bowl Noodle House

Theres no shortage of Asian
one of my favorite restaurants
in State College. If you ever
find yourself disgusted at how
long the line at Chipotle is, peep
You have a meal plan, butfor food places around State College, around the corner and enter Pita MY VIEW | CIARA OCALLAGHAN
whatever reasonthe Findlay but Big Bowl is definitely a step Cabana, which has a shorter wait
Commons Dining Hall does just above the rest. In my opinion, it time and, in my opinion, much
not tickle your fancy tonight. After has everything you could want in better food. As freshmen take their first amount of classes, neglected
convincing a couple of friends to a college dining joint. Cheap? Yes, When it boils down to it, Pita step onto Penn States vast assignments, ate chocolate
spend some real money out on the but just make sure you have cash Cabana is essentially a Middle campus, the list of responsibili- pudding for every meal and
town, youre completely lost. on hand, because they dont take Eastern Chipotle. You hop in, ties grow. joined zero clubs.
What do you eat? cards. Huge portions that count select your disheither a deli- Suddenly, your In high school you take the
Sure, theres some chain favor- as two meals? Check. Deliciously cious rice bowl or a filled pita parents arent same classes every day with
ites like Chipotle and Panera, but authentic Chinese food? and then add whatever toppings there to hound people youve known for years.
you want something a little differ- Of course. Ive never gotten the you desire. The pitas are huge, you about study- In college, you may take a few
ent, a little more local. same thing twice at Big Bowl, but ing or to make classes where you dont know a
although Ive never had trouble
Lucky for you, Ive spent two I always leave satisfied, which is your dinner. single soul. You may join a club
with finishing one in a single sit-
years eating my way through State probably a testament to just how It can be where you dont recognize any-
ting, and the food is always deli-
College, and I have seven top-tier good it is. daunting at first, one.
cious. Theres nothing better
restaurants that are worth a try Of the stuff Ive had there, Id OCallaghan but eventually But its important to socialize
than biting into a delicious pita
enough for every day of the week, definitely say both the sesame youll fall into a because friends can also act as
stuffed with chicken, hummus
if you choose to go out that much. chicken and any variety of their healthy routine. a parental unit as you encour-
and French fries. Theres just
fried rice is a must try. Just trust I remember my first day of age each other to eat healthy,
Cozy Thai Bistro me. class freshman year. Class go the gym together, get enough
My best friend visited State Col- Babys Burgers and Shakes started at 10:10 a.m. but I made sleep and most importantly,
lege during Homecoming week- India Pavilion While theres no shortage of
sure to wake up at eight. I wore
my favorite skirt and curled my
attend class.
My solution to this problem is
end, and when she asked to go out Bernie Sanders ate here. Just diners and burger joints in State hair. to make at least one friend in
to dinner somewhere good and saying. But if a presidential candi- College, Babys is definitely the Then I went to the dining hall every class.
local, I knew exactly where to date dining in doesnt fill you with champion. First off, it has one with my roommate and scarfed This person doesnt have to
take her: Cozy Thai. a burning desire to visit, hear me of the most interesting atmo- down a bowl of cereal as I become a life-long best friend,
This restaurant, nestled on Al- out: India Pavilion is delicious. spheres in State College, with eagerly awaited my first class of just someone you feel comfort-
len Street, provides the best au- I normally get the lamb curry, the old school diner vibe trans- the day: anthropology. able enough texting, Do you
thentic Thai food in town. The at- which coincidentally enough is porting you straight back to the If every day of my college understand the bio homework?
mosphere of the restaurant itself the same thing Senator Sanders 1950s. If youre looking for sim- career started this way, Id have or How long does the research
is nice as well, and if you go at the orderedand its awesome. The ple, delicious diner grub, this is a much better GPA. paper have to be?
right time, the wait isnt too bad atmosphere is warm and welcom- your place. Go there on a Monday Unfortunately, this routine Another option is to join an
and even if there is a wait, its defi- ing, and the staff is always friendly. to start your week off right with ended after the first week of honors fraternity or other aca-
nitely worth it. With reasonable prices to some half-priced milkshakes, school. demic based organization. Youll
It might be a bit more expen- match the good food and ser- and if you want to be especially By the second week, I was want to surround yourself with
sive than a broke college student vice, theres really nothing daring order the Craz-E-Burg- skipping breakfast to catch a responsible friends.
is used to, but the portions are more you can ask for. er, which is served on a grilled few more precious minutes of The first friend I made in col-
generous and everything on the glazed donut.
menu is delicious. Pita Cabana sleep. Id wake up late, grab the
first outfit I saw and head out
lege rarely attended class or
studied, yet she somehow
Id highly recommend both the Pita Cabana is, without a doubt, Irvings the door. received As and Bs on exams.
Irvings is a great dining option My routine only worsened as As a result, I quickly adopted
for any meal of the day. Their ba- the semester progressed. I this mentality, naively believing
gels are some of the best in State found myself arriving 15 min- I could just as easily attain a
College and their breakfast sand- utes late to a 50-minute class. similar result.
wiches are a great start to any On top of that, I would stay By sophomore year I had
day. Both the fountain drinks and up late talking to friends or made several friends taking the
specialty coffees are delicious. If watching TV in the common same courses.
youre looking for something for area. We would coordinate study
lunch or dinner, Irvings offers a The temptation of sleeping in groups and help one another
great variety of sandwichesI became too difficult to resist, concentrate on the task at
recommend the Chicken Pesto especially since my parents hand.
and smoothies, like the cheekily werent there to make sure I From this, I learned I was
named Joe Papaya, to satisfy got to class on time. able to socialize with friends
your cravings. Irvings is also a One day in English class, my while also studying for class.
prime study location for those of friend asked how I felt about People arent wrong when
you who want to dine and learn the rough draft which had to be they say the social aspect of col-
in the same place. The basement submitted online the night lege is just as important as the
level is practically silent, and cof- before. I froze. academic aspect.
fee is only a few steps away for What rough draft? I said. Whos to say the two aspects
when you need to refuel. It was then I finally learned I cant coincide?
was in desperate need of struc-
Nick Thomas/Collegian To email reporter: ture. To email reporter:
Irvings located along College Avenue on Dec. 11, 2014. Follow her on Twitter at @vasilethedeal. I had skipped a decent Follow her on Twitter at @Ciara_johanna.

Paving the way to THON A theory on freshman convocation MY VIEW | JAMES TURCHICK
I never went to convocation, I had in 12th grade when I could whats going on either.
When I was younger, I wanted ting a $20 bill from a so take what I say with a grain of first grow facial hair and yes, Were the new kids and we
to cure cancer. generous stranger. THON is salt. Long speeches and lots of those clothes I thought were cool dont know anything, I heard
However, I eventually realized actually looking forward to the sweaty people: hardly a fresh- freshman year that have been coming from the BJC as I walked
I didnt necessar- end of the weekend, because man James Turchick idea of a sitting on my shelf since, are all to get food at Findlay Commons
ily have the skill Sunday nights are when my things I chalk up to loser status. during my convocation.
good time.
sets required to organization holds its weekly In a world filled with cool kids, I didnt realize in that moment,
I spent that time sitting with
make my dream a meetings. THON is playing with and those who think theyre cool- with a face full of greasy pizza,
a few of my closer friends in our
reality. People who Four Diamonds families on Old er than the cool kids by not trying that those kids had an advantage
dark dorm room and enjoying
struggle to grasp Main lawn. THON is the tears to be cool whats the point? over me. If you never admit that
basic mathematic shed during family hour and the the sunny day through the open
window weather I would come If youve ever tried to be the cool you need help, you will never get
and scientific con- laughs shared with your fellow kid, convocation is one chance for it. Admitting youre a helpless
cepts cant cure volunteers. THON is sore feet to learn is a rarity most months
on this campus. redemption. You can go and admit freshman is the first step toward
Vasile diseases they and cankles, getting squirted in for the first time at Penn State that figuring out how to be a cool se-
just cant. the face with a water gun and Ive come to learn something
else that is a rarity up here is youre a part of something bigger nior, and its something I missed
But during my freshman year of never quite learning the line than yourself. You may never talk out on.
college, I revisited my childhood dance. THON is bussing to the freshman year all together. Its
possibly the rarest year of life to that brunette girl sitting next Just remember, when youre
dream by devoting time to one of Collegian office after 42 hours to you in the Bryce Jordan Center 40 years old youre going to think
the best activities Penn State has in the Bryce Jordan Center, if we exclude all of those boring
again in your life, but youll always you were a loser when you were
to offer: The Penn State Inter- passing out on a couch and then things like kids and promotions.
remember her because she kind of 18 regardless, so wouldnt you
fraternity Council/Panhellenic waking up and crying because Sitting here a year older
looked like Katy Perry and rather think you were a loser for
Dance Marathon, more com- you realize its all over. and none the wiser if you ask my
because she might have smiled at the things you did rather than the
monly, and affectionately, referred OK, well maybe that last one mother Ive learned one very
you although youre not quite sure. things you didnt do?
to as THON. is just me. important thing: Im really not as Its your first chance at this new,
Now, I didnt know about THON Above all, THON is hope. Its cool as I think I am, and I have a massive school to join in with the To email reporter:
before coming to Penn State, so a 46-hour dance party where feeling you arent either. other kids who dont have a clue Follow him on Twitter at @turchick_james.
heres a quick summary for those cancer doesnt exist. And Id be My theory is a little longer
similarly uninitiated: THON is the lying if I said it isnt one of the than just that actually, so here it
largest student-run philanthropy best if not the best thing goes. If at any given point in your
in the world. Its mission is to en- Ive ever been a part of. life you reflect on what you were
hance the lives of the children and If this all seems too good to like a few years ago, you wont
families impacted by pediatric be true, I promise its not. The be able to believe how much of a
cancer. To do this, THON provides weekends magic cannot be loser you were. Its inevitable un-
both emotional and financial sup- captured in writing or even til you have yourself completely
port to the families, and also gives photo and videoyou just have figured out, which probably
money to research in pursuit of to experience it yourself. wont happen until retirement.
an ultimate cure. This mission So, I encourage you all to get Those Vans I bought in 8th
is celebrated during one magi- involved somehow. Join a special grade even though I fell every Davon Clark/Collegian
cal weekend in February, when interest organization, apply for a time I tried to skate, the goatee Essence of Joy performs for the Class of 2019s Convocation Ceremony.
volunteers and families gather for committee, fundraise with your
a 46-hour-long dance marathon in fraternity or sorority or even
the Bryce Jordan Center.
But to me, and more than 15,000
other student volunteers, THON
just stop by THON weekend and
watch the magic
unfold for yourself.
Those fun clubs you may not have heard of yet
is so much more than that. Theres nothing quite like it. By Collegian Reporters There are general meetings that predetermined tests. The goal of
THON is willingly waking up at THE DAILY COLLEGIAN establish themes, and then small instructions is to make the move-
5 a.m. to grab a premium To email reporter:
groups that build the projects. ments between horse and rider as
fundraising location. THON is get- Follow her on Twitter at @vasilethedeal. With so many opportunities on seamless as possible. Dressage
campus, here are a few feature Club Quidditch competitions are scored in this
clubs that might strike a fancy! At Penn State, Quidditch is manner, testing harmony between
more about athletics than its lit- rider and horse.
Urban Gaming Club erary origin. Though the players
Gaming Club works to coor- may want to distance the sport Tea House
dinate campus wide events and from the series, the positions and The Tea Institute serves as a
games, many of which involve several rules of the game are still center for performing traditional
Nerf guns and other projectiles. pulled straight from J.K. Rowl- Chinese, Japanese and Korean
The club is also responsible for ings books. The Quidditch team tea ceremonies. Visiting the Tea
hosting the annual Humans boasts chasers, keepers, beaters, House tends to be a 30-minute
vs. Zombies Invitational in the seekers and even a golden snitch social experience where people
spring. player. can learn about tea in a way that
piques their personal interests.
Clown Nose Club Dressage Team For complete features on each
This club is set on making peo- Dressage, an equestrian sport club, visit
ple feel like they matter and are commonly referred to as horse
Antonella Crescimbeni/Collegian
truly being seen and connected ballet, is an event that measures To email reporters:
The Dancer Relations captains do the line dance as THON 2016 begins with through positive social risk, the coordination between horse
at the Bryce Jordan Center on Friday, Feb. 19. a term coined by the founder. and rider through a series of Follow them on Twitter at @DailyCollegian.

Events and Opportunities
Career Counseling
Connect with Us Job & Internship Search
Resume and Cover Letter Prep
Career Fairs
On-Campus Interviewing
Career Info Resources
Graduate School Prep
Drop-In Counseling

Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Bank of America Career Services Center
Tuesday nights 5:oo p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
HUB-Robeson Center
Outside the Freeman Auditorium



Preparing you
for the road ahead
with our
20/20 hindsight

Max Petrosky/Collegian

Playbook for scoring season football tickets

By Andrew Rubin seating over 107,000, the only takes a couple of minutes and 6:45 a.m. That allows you time to With a white out and stripe out
THE DAILY COLLEGIAN in-stadium atmosphere is amaz- only requires a few things. get up, get your laptop booted up scheduled, the student section
ing. And that doesnt even include First, create a Ticketmaster and log into your account when 7 will be a blast.
For me, the best seven days of the tailgates. account at the very latest the a.m. rolls around. If you choose to The Nittany Lions will play host
the fall are spent in Beaver Sta- Getting to take it all in is easy, night before the sale which will wait a couple of minutes, they will to Ohio State, Michigan State and
dium. Those Saturday afternoons you just have to wake up before 7 allow you to log in and purchase probably all be gone. Iowa among others.
standing on a metal bench with a.m. season tickets. Even if you arent a big football It should be a phenomenal sev-
your friends will become some of On Thursday, June 23, fresh- Second, have your Penn State fan, buy tickets. For one, it will en Saturdays in Beaver Stadium
the best experiences of freshman men will be able to buy season student ID card or ID number cost you more to buy on a game- starting with the home opener
year. tickets for $218. The sale opens on handy so you can enter that in as by-game basis. And two, almost against Kent State on Saturday,
If you didnt grow up a Penn Ticketmaster at 7 a.m. and closes proof you are a student. everyone goes to the games and September 3.
State fan, going to football games at 2 p.m. and fortunately or un- Third, have a credit or debit the next day people will be talking And its worth getting up before
is the best way to become full of fortunately depending on how you card so you can purchase and se- about Saquon Barkleys hurdle, 7 a.m. for.
blue and white spirit. With Bea- look at it freshman tickets will cure a ticket for all seven games. Chris Godwins catch or Trace
ver Stadium being the second likely sell out within minutes. Finally, dont set your alarm McSorleys scramble and you will To email reporter:
largest stadium in the country, Buying tickets is genuinely easy, for 7 a.m., Id recommend around want to have seen it. Follow him on Twitter at @andrewrubin24.

Earp Indradat/Collegian Vanessa Zican Feng/Collegian

Fans stripe out Beaver Stadium in blue and white for the football game against Rutgers on Saturday, Sept. 19, Students shout out for the Penn State- Rutgers football game at Beaver
2015. Penn State won 28-3. Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015.


Sept. 3 Oct. 22
vs. Kent State vs. Ohio State
University Park, Pa. University Park, Pa.

Sept. 10 Oct. 29
at Pittsburgh at Purdue
Pittsburgh, Pa. West Lafayette, Ind.
Sept. 17 Nov. 5
vs. Temple vs. Iowa
University Park, Pa. University Park, Pa.
Sept. 24 Nov. 12
at Michigan at Indiana
Ann Arbor, Mich. Bloomington, Ind.
Oct. 1 Nov. 19
vs. Minnesota at Rutgers
University Park, Pa. Piscataway, N.J.

Oct. 8 Nov. 26
vs. Maryland vs. Michigan State
University Park, Pa. University Park, Pa.

Dec. 3
B1G Championship Game
Indianapolis, Ind.


Most nights, I dread when
rationalize why I blame group cant always solve the
readily available
its dark out. myself, but my mind finds a experiences we have, and By Morganne Mallon by sexual violence, relationship
At the end of the day, when way to. The worst part? I with that, it takes a lot of THE DAILY COLLEGIAN violence, stalking, harassment or
Im getting cant shut it off. strength to take action. other campus climate issues. Stu-
ready for bed, I Ive always considered As Ive come to the close of Now that youre in college and dents can reach out to the Center
dont know if myself a strong person. I had my senior year, and in hind- most likely far away from mom if they need to be directed to medi-
Im going to be to be strong if my siblings sight, I can see things differ- and dad, its important to learn to cal, legal or emotional resources
able to fall needed me there for them. I ently now. take care of yourself. Penn State related to these issues as well. It
asleep. had to be strong to keep my Ive seen how my friends may seem intimidating now, but offers advocacy, educational op-
I toss and I GPA up. I had to be strong to have been affected by lifes the university has a lot of re- portunities, crisis intervention,
turn, trying to be editor of The Daily Colle- challenges, and I realize that sources to offer when you need a support counseling and even self-
calm my nerves gian. its OK to admit when some- helping hand. defense courses.
Sweeney and trying to But this mindset made me thing is wrong.
control the disregard my own minds call The best wisdom I can
University Health LGBTQA Student
rapid fire going on inside my for help. impart on the Penn State Services Resource Center
mind. I struggled the past four community isnt to frequent If youre feeling sick, injured This resource center offers pro-
My anxiety hits its peak years by ignoring that I the Creamery, or to hike yourself or want a flu shot, UHS gramming, education, information
when I try to go to sleep, at a should have sought help. I Mount Nittany, or to make is the place to go. Its the giant and advocacy services to students
time when Im not occupied ignored the nausea. sure that you camp out at Nit- medical building along Bigler who identify as a part of the LG-
doing something else, and Im I ignored the sleepless tanyville its to take care of Road, located in between East BTQA community and their allies.
left with my own mind and nights where my chest was so yourself, and to know that Halls and Pollock Halls, so its Their offices in 101 Boucke offer
my thoughts. heavy I felt like I couldnt sometimes the strongest hard to miss. If you need an ap- discussion groups, a mentorship
When I do fall asleep, I breathe. thing we can do is ask for pointment, you can easily sched- program between undergraduate
wake up in the morning nau- I ignored the numbness help. ule one either on their website or and graduate students, student
seous and wanting to cry, but that took over my body until I Im not fine, and I can over the phone. Theres a phar- roundtables and scholarships.
I dont know why. could only hear my heartbeat. admit that now. macy in the building as well, so They also host events throughout
It wasnt until last year I ignored my friends telling Its not a sign of weakness. UHS is a one-stop shop if your the year, including Pride Week,
when I realized I should have me that itd be OK. We only get one chance dur- doctor prescribes you medica- National Coming Out Week and a
asked for help. To this day, I I cant tell you what trig- ing this life, and taking care tion after your appointment. lecture series, so there are plenty
havent. gers it. Sometimes, it stems of your own mental health of ways to become involved in the
Youre fine, I tell myself. Its
what Ive always told myself.
from family issues or from needs to be a priority.
With all the exams, the
Counseling and center or learn more.
academic stress. Sometimes,
I grew up in a divided its as small as when some- stress, the social life, our Psychological Services Multicultural
house. At the age of 9, my one doesnt answer a text. mental health and wellness is CAPS is located on the fifth
parents told me they were Are they mad at me? Did I easily forgotten. floor of UHS and is available for Resource Center
divorcing. From that moment say something wrong? What I cant tell you how proud I students who want group thera- This center provides individual
on, I had to grow up. As the if they think Im annoying? am to be a part of the class py, individual counseling, crisis counseling and educational ser-
oldest of three children at the What if theyre mad about that gives an endowment to intervention or other psychiat- vices for undergraduate multicul-
time, I wanted to help. I had that one time I showed up Penn States Counseling and ric services. Be warned, though, tural students. MRC is a part of
to be there for my siblings, late to a party or what I said Psychological Services. the demand for CAPS is so high the Office of Educational Equity,
and I became the family three years ago? I cant express how impor- that you may have to wait several located in 314 Old Main. The cen-
mediator. From the irrational tant something like CAPS is weeks or longer to be scheduled ter can work with students related
To me, that meant that I thoughts, it spirals. at a place like Penn State, for an appointment if you want to understanding university poli-
needed to be strong in order Im a bad friend. Im incon- and how much the necessary an individual counselor. Howev- cies, learning better study skills,
to keep my family from com- siderate. Im a bad girlfriend. funding is important. er, CAPS always makes a coun- obtaining free tutoring, working
busting. Im a disappointment. Im let- If youre like me, and youre selor available if you are in seri- on relationships with others and
Through it all, my parents ting my parents down. I dont unable to find answers within ous need of immediate help. To conflict resolution, learning about
raised me to be strong and to work hard enough. Im never yourself, call CAPS, or call learn more about the resources internship and career opportuni-
be independent. They were going to make it. one of the other resources available to you, call CAPS to be ties, assisting with financial aid
supportive of what I wanted Once the episode is over, located in the State College scheduled for an over-the-phone and scholarships and resolving
to do, teaching me the impor- Im able to realize how irra- community. screening appointment. bias-motivated incidents.
tance of respect, discipline tional I am. But within the Do what I didnt do and Center for Women Students
and knowing my potential. I next few days, or even hours, take care of yourself some- The Center, located in 204 To email reporter:
cant thank them enough for the process starts over. times, all it takes is talking to Boucke, offers support to stu- Follow her on Twitter at
the support theyve given me I have the best friends and someone about what youre dents who have been impacted @MorganneMallon.
these past four yearswith- boyfriend in the entire world, going through, no matter how
out them, I wouldnt be half and I cant write this senior big or how small.
the person I am today. column without thanking So when I walk across that
But even with that over- them for answering my texts stage next week and when I
whelming support throughout at two in the morning or go to leave my life at Penn
college, my mind told me oth- being there when I needed State behind, the first thing
erwise. them most. Im going to do is find the
I constantly told myself I Without this support sys- strength to pick up the phone,
wasnt good enough, that I tem, I know these past four and I hope you can, too.
didnt try hard enough and years would have been drasti-
that its my fault when things cally different. To email reporter: Courtesy of Morganne Mallonn
went wrong. I cant But even a strong support Follow her on Twitter at @ShanSween. The waiting room at CAPS on the fifth floor of University Health Services.

welcome! Already dreaming about

getting your first apartment?


444 E College Ave | State College, PA

(814) 234-6860 |

Finding that perfect resting place

Making major
I love naps. On a scale of hot
showers to free food, naps falls
somewhere in between them.
Thankfully, I
and fulfilled.
Kunkle Lounge
Its always open and conve-
nient on the west side of cam-
closer to the auditoriums, so
there arent as many things
going on around me. But be
awareyou may fall asleep next
have the blessed pus. Kunkle is where you will be to one person and wake up next MY VIEW | CANDACE MCPHILLIPS
ability to be able able to get the nice hunched to another. You never know
to sleep almost nap in as you curl up on any of though, they could be your next From deciding where to attend my mind though, and have since
everywhere, the desks along with all the friend! college for the next four years to taken many language classes to
which comes in other students attempting to get Life Sciences Building starting a job in the real world, complete a French minor.
handy when I work done and wishing they A lesser known spot, but our late teenage When I first got to Penn State,
have an awkward could join the napping. This is always a good option. There are years and early I had an idea of what I wanted
45 minutes of the one place where you might comfy chairs in the basement 20s are filled with to do, but nothing was definite. I
Davis down time get a few stares, but no shame, which provide an excellent spot major life deci- was nervous to decide on a major
between classes. no gain. to stop when walking from west sions. because I thought whatever I
It took me a few months into Kern Building campus back to East. This is the For many, it chose would be set in stone for the
my freshmen year to be comfort- This is a quieter place to close spot I used to curl up in after may seem that rest of my college career. Although
able with sleeping your eyes, especially earlier in Spanish, so it is always satisfy- everything needs I quickly learned this wasnt the
in public, but once you master the day. Its less traveled by stu- ing. to be figured out case and switching majors is
the knack for shutting out the dents and there are plenty of There will likely be many plac- McPhillips and the rest of more common than I thought, Im
world around you, there is no chairs to curl up in. I strongly es you find yourself dozing our life needs to still happy I wasnt tied down to a
place you cant catch some shut recommend trying it out when throughout the years here, so be planned out. However, this specific degree. Im glad I chose to
eye. you have a few minutes. I never remember to never worry too isnt necessarily the case. leave my options open and explore
So, to help the process along, take a disappointing nap here. much. We are all in the same While college does help pre- the possibilities available to me.
here are some of my favorite HUB-Robeson Center boat, just trying to make the pare us for our future, its also a The biggest advantage was the
(and quirkiest) places to catch If you can sleep through noise most of every day and every time for us to figure things out. flexibility in scheduling. Because
up on some rest. and what seems like a thousand class, so be sure to also make So, if you dont come into college I didnt have any major classes to
The Library people watching you, the HUB is the most of every nap. 100 percent set on your major fulfill my first semester, I was able
I have slept on, in and around easily accessible and always or what you want to do, dont be to take a variety of different cours-
the library at all hours of the open. I usually head to the upper To email reporters: discouraged. Coming in unde- es and figure out what would best
day. The Harry Potter room has level seating around the corners, Follow her on Twitter at @34_laurendavis. cided can actually be a blessing suit me down the road. I found
the comfiest couches on campus, in disguise. While other students interests in broadcast journalism,
especially after only four hours may take classes to fulfill major English, French and business, and
of sleep the night before. requirements only to find out continue to pursue degrees in all
Sitting on the front steps and theyre not on the right track, of these subjects. I wouldnt have
feeling the warm sun on my face undecided majors get the chance been able to finish the require-
is another favorite spot. It is also to explore different options and ments for these if I had just settled
perfect if I know I cant afford to find what interests them most. for a major in something I was just
sleep for more than 20 min- General education classes slightly interested in.
utesbecause eventually my are required for all students to Its important to remember
bum falls asleep too. graduate, but undecided majors to stay in contact with advisers
Old Main Lawn can get these out of the way whether youve already picked
This spot is likely my favorite early on leaving room for more your track or youre still up in
(along with any patch of grass), focused classes in later semes- the air. The advisers are there to
though unfortunately the least ters. Completing these general help you use them. Whether you
accessible once the weather gets education classes can ultimately know exactly what you want to
cool. lead you to finding something do or arent quite settled by your
However, either embracing the youre passionate about. For first day, theres no right or wrong
lawn as soon as possible or wait- me, that was French. This was when it comes to major decisions.
ing until the spring, will bring just supposed to be a class I Ultimately, the choice is up to you.
endless enjoyable naps in the got out of the way quickly and
future and always leave you Max Petrosky/Collegian something I wouldnt have to To email reporter:
feeling very refreshed A man lounges in front of Old Main on Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015. worry about. I quickly changed Follow her on Twitter at @candace_mcp.


Classes start July 11!
Pottery, watercolor, drawing, printmaking,
stained glass, fun workshops and much more!
Registrations open mid-June!

REDUCED FEES for PSU students!

*must have valid PSU ID to register

We have classes during fall, spring and

summer semesters!
Questions, email
or call 814-863-0611
U. Ed. STA 15-00 This publication is available in alternative media on request. Penn State is commited to affirma-
tive action, equal opportunity and the diversity of its workforce.



By Morganne Mallon Master of None Orange is the New Black any show Ive seen before. a New York ad man in the 1960s.
THE DAILY COLLEGIAN Aziz Ansari of Parks and Rec- You must have heard of this Gilmore Girls The show starts off a little slow,
reation created, wrote, directed show by now, and if you still There is no better time to get and actually took me a couple tries
I remember when I first entered and stars in this comedy-drama, havent watched it, what are you into this comedy-drama about the to get into, but its similar to fellow
college and didnt think I would but this show couldnt be farther waiting for? This comedy-drama best mother-daughter relationship AMC drama Breaking Bad in
need a Netflix account, because I from Parks in a good way. about a womens prison is as fun- of all time. Netflix is airing a four- that each season notches up the
never watched much television at Ansari stars as Dev, a failing actor ny and sweet as it is devastating. part revival of the series this year, intensity. By the time you get to
home. struggling in New York. My favorite part about OSTNB almost 10 years after the series fi- the lawnmower, youll be hooked.
Oh, such simpler times. I have The Netflix original is re- is that there are no supporting nale aired. And star Jon Hamm is gorgeous,
now been paying for a Netflix ac- freshing, with some of the most characters almost everyone Even if you already watched so theres that.
count for three years, and it was honest portrayals of hook-ups, seen on screen eventually re- Gilmore Girls while it was still American Horror Story
the best decision Ive ever made. race and parent relationships ceives an episode explaining their on the air, make sure you give it a This is a good show if you want
Netflix is the perfect way to I have seen. Master of None background and motivations, al- re-watch before the Netflix series to be creeped out but also want the
spend your time when you want gets bonus points for a great lowing the audience to connect is released so you can catch every strong storyline and fully formed
to avoid work, recover from a sick soundtrack. with the cast more so than in reference to the original. characters rarely seen in a horror
day or spend a night in. Peep Show and flick.
If you dont have an account al- The Inbetweeners Each season has a different plot
ready, its time to hop on board and Take a trip across the pond to and set of characters, and I per-
pay the $8.99 monthly fee for an watch these hilarious British com- sonally think only the first two sea-
endless supply of procrastination. edies. Peep Show, about the dif- sons the first set in a present-
There are thousands of movies ficult relationship between two day haunted house and the second
and shows to watch, so dont be 20-something roommates, is simi- set in a 1950s-era asylum are
overwhelmed heres what you lar to The Office (U.S. and U.K. the only ones worth watching.
should start with. versions) in its complete absurdity Freaks and Geeks
Bobs Burgers and unique setup. The bad thing about this com-
This comedy series follows the Its one of the most hilarious edy is that it only lasted one sea-
Belcher family, including patri- shows Ive watched, and one of son, so your binge watching will be
arch and burger restaurant-owner my all-time favorites. The Inbe- relatively short.
Bob, wine-loving matriarch Linda tweeners, about a prep school But Freaks and Geeks is
and their unruly kids. student forced to transfer to a pub- a funny portrayal of how ter-
Dont be put off by this shows lic high school, where he is only rible high school can be, and
cartoon format Bobs is not (somewhat) welcomed by three features many young celebrities
at all like South Park or Family losers. Both shows had me crying wbefore they were stars, including
Guy. laughing and begging for more. James Franco, Seth Rogan and
The humor is smart, the charac- Mad Men Jason Segal.
ters are lovable and the majority If you missed Mad Men when
Bri Basille/Collegian
of episodes involve some sort of it ended last year, now is the time To email reporter:
catchy musical interlude. Two students watch Netflix, a welcome distraction during the semester. to catch up with this drama about Follow her on Twitter at @MorganneMallon.

For information on classified advertising,
call (814) 865-2531

ADOPTION: HAPPY LOVING couple wishes to CAR WANTED! LOOKING for a car in good con-
raise your newborn with care, warmth, love. Liz dition (e.g. perfect opportunity for an international
and Dominick 1-877-274-4824, student moving back home). Please contact ASAP, preferably before finals week. Preferences:
less than $10,000, newer than 2009, automatic
transmission. Text 814-321-5012.
DID YOU KNOW that classified listing ads in The
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