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January 31, 2017

Practicum Spring 2017 Goals, Sub-goals, Strategies and Measures

GOAL 1: Use assessment intentionally to support/guide learning. (Interim KSA K)

Sub-goal 1: Record observations and anecdotal evidence.

Strategy 1.1 Create a recording sheet and objectives checklist for Jan. 2 23 Planning
each unit.
Strategy 1.2 Carry the record-keeping tools at all times. Jan. 9 Apr. Classroom
Strategy 1.3 Reflect on the notes daily or weekly at the least. Jan. 9 Apr. Classroom
Measures: Develop and use formative assessment tools to track student progress, understanding and
Sub-goal 2: Identify and implement useful assessment tools.
Strategy 2.1 Research and collect a variety of assessment tools. Jan. 2 Jan. Planning
Strategy 2.2 Discuss summative assessment options with Jan. 2 Jan. Planning &
experienced educators and colleagues (TM, UC, 23 & Collaboratio
School Administrator and PSIII colleagues). ongoing n
Strategy 2.3 Plan and implement one summative assessment per Jan. 23 Classroom
unit. Apr. 13
Measures: Collect and use valuable assessment tools with which to represent student learning in

GOAL 2: Engage with parents. (Interim KSA L)

Sub-goal 1: Connect and get involved with the ways that my TM engages with parents.
Strategy 1.1 Discuss parent engagement TM. January School
Strategy 1.2 Get involved in her connections January School &
Measures: Begin to develop relationship with parents.
Sub-goal 2: Implement my own strategy to create and enhance my partnership with
Strategy 2.1 Gather ideas of strategies through networking with January School &
experienced educators and colleagues (TM, UC, University
School Administrator and PSIII colleagues).
Strategy 2.2 Develop the best strategy for my classroom. February School
Strategy 2.3 Put the strategy into practice and assess effect. March School &
April Computer
Measures: Build purposeful and meaningful relationships with parents.

2006 The Alberta Teachers Association