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VOICEOVER: Now, would it be a safe assumption to

The Key of David with Gerald Flurry assume that if you don’t know the Bible,
you don’t know God? I mean we do
GERALD FLURRY: need to think about these problems and
Greetings, everyone. America has just questions very seriously. The problem is
been struck by another deadly hurricane. most people in this world talk about
Hurricane Rita turns out to be one of the Christ, but they don’t really talk about
ten deadliest hurricanes ever to strike His message or understand His message.
this nation. The question, “Is God The book of Revelation is the most
cursing us?” was asked on a radio talk prophetic book in the New Testament,
show, and most of the people responding and it can’t be unsealed unless Jesus
said that they didn’t think God curses us. Christ unseals it Himself, and a lot of
On the contrary, they didn’t think God that unsealing is done in Matthew 24—
did such things. As far as I could tell, that one single chapter which really is
most of those people were religious. I’m the most important single chapter, the
always amazed at how little people know most pivotal single chapter on prophecy
about the Bible, and the Bible is in all of the New Testament. I mean, it is
supposed to be the source of the most important one of all, and I’d
Christianity. The problem is nobody like to go through that chapter with you,
really answered for God or spoke for and try to put these hurricanes, Katrina
God. God says that the whole world is and Rita, and other crises, into a context,
going to be under a massive curse just and give you Christ’s own words about
before Jesus Christ returns to this earth. these curses, or sorrows, as they’re
Now, God starts cursing Israel first called in Matthew 24.
because they’re the only ones who’ve
ever had a history with Him, and we Notice Matthew 24 verses 1 and 2. Verse
explain that in our booklet on The 1. And Jesus went out, and departed
United States and Britain in Prophecy, from the temple: and his disciples
which is free if you don’t have a copy. came to him for to show him the
buildings of the temple. 2And Jesus
The Bible is Jesus Christ in print, and, of said unto them, See ye not all these
course, a Christian is supposed to be things? verily I say unto you, There
someone who follows Jesus Christ, and shall not be left here one stone upon
Jesus Christ said in Matthew 4 and verse another, that shall not be thrown
4 that we ought to live by every word of down.
God! That’s the Old and New
Testament—live by every word of God.
Now, the temple was destroyed in 70 many shall come in my name, saying, I
A.D., but the Wailing Wall is left, and am Christ; and shall deceive many.
the Jews still use it every day, but Jesus
Christ makes a prophecy here that there Now, here’s the number one reason for
won’t even be one stone left upon curses, and notice it’s about being
another when He returns to this earth. deceived. They’re going to talk about
Now, that is certainly—when there’s not Christ. They’re going to come in His
going to be one brick on another—that’s name and talk about Jesus Christ, and
certainly a great curse, and God does they’re going to deceive many. How
curse nations, and He does curse could they do that? Well, it’s very
individuals because of sin or evil or simple. Christ says, “They talk about
wickedness, or whatever you want to Me, but they don’t talk about My
call it. message.”

Verse 3. And as he sat upon the mount So that, in fact, makes it a false
of Olives, the disciples came unto him message—whatever message they
privately, saying, Tell us, when shall have—and really a “false Christ,”
these things be? That’s the number one because Jesus Christ always talked about
question. …and what shall be the sign His message, which happened to be His
of thy coming, and of the end of the Father’s message And of course, if we
world? Which is the number two follow Christ, we have to do the same
question. thing today, and there certainly are
curses involved here. Christ said another
So this is about right now. And since place, “Why do you call Me “Lord,
Matthew 24 is the number one chapter Lord,” and do not the things which I
on prophecy in the Bible, and really say? Why do you talk about Christ all
unlocks a lot of the book of Revelation, the time, and then you won’t do what I
which is the one book that puts all of tell you to do? Or you don’t obey My
prophecy into a time frame, so you can commandments?” Again, the Bible is the
begin to see the importance of this one source of all Christianity.
chapter where Christ talked about
prophecy. And it is, again, the most Notice what this well-known religious
pivotal chapter on prophecy in the New leader said recently: “The Bible says
Testament; and Christ, Himself, gave us clearly that God has already revealed
these words. Now, there are parallel Himself fully and completely to us.”
accounts in Luke 21 and Matthew 13. That’s a terrible, terrible mistake. The
But this is the most important warning Bible says no such thing—says just the
that Christ gave us, and I want you to see opposite, in fact. But notice the quote
what it is. It may be a little shocking to continues: “If we accept who Jesus is as
you but here it is—the most important, He is presented to us in the New
the most deadly warning, the most Testament, then we will not look for any
devastating curse, or the problem that’s further revelation, nor has God
going to cause curses, in the New promised any... God’s revelation is
Testament, and in our lives today. complete....”

Notice verse 4 and 5. 4And Jesus Oh, really? Well, all of this has to be
answered and said unto them, Take revealed in the end time. Did you know
heed that no man deceive you. 5For that one-third of your Bible is prophecy?
Ninety percent of it is for today, and that Now, Hurricane Rita was a very, very
ninety percent has to be revealed by disastrous hurricane, but was it still an
Jesus Christ just before He returns. Look act of mercy? Most of the experts, or at
at Matthew 24. Look at all of least quite a few of them, thought there
Revelation. I mean there’s all kinds of would be just the worst kind of damage
prophecy that He said He would reveal to all of our oil rigs and refineries in that
in this end time. If you look at Daniel area which produce about 25% of our
12, verses 4 and 9, the whole book of oil, and it is our oil. Can you imagine
Daniel was not to be understood until the what would have happened if all of those
end time. Why? Because it hadn’t been oil rigs and refineries had been
revealed until the end time. It has now! destroyed? I mean this economy would
It has now. have been crippled FOREVER!
Wouldn’t it? And yet, that didn’t
Notice, though, let’s go on with Matthew happen. I think it was an act of mercy—
24. 6And ye shall hear of wars and looking at these scriptures. Please don’t
rumours of wars: see that ye be not blame me. I’m just looking at what
troubled: for all these things must Christ says here. Looking at these
come to pass, but the end is not yet. scriptures, it looks to me like it could
For nation shall rise against nation, very well have been an act of mercy
and kingdom against kingdom: and AND a warning. But look, these are
there shall be famines, and pestilences, words from Christ. Are we going to look
and earthquakes, And we could add— at them? Do we have the courage to face
hurricanes. …in [different] places. 8All them, and turn cursings into blessings?
these are the beginning of sorrows. That’s what it amounts to. Turning
cursings into blessings. What’s bad
Or the beginning of curses—wars, about that? That’s what we should all
pestilence, famine, earthquakes. And want. Well, I have more on that subject
other places it even specifically talks in the next Trumpet magazine, so I hope
about great storms or hurricanes. These that you will write for that if you don’t
are the beginning of sorrows. already subscribe to it.

Do you know what is really wrong with But notice verses 9-12. 9Then shall they
religion and humanity, overall? They deliver you up to be afflicted, and
always deal with the effect. They never shall kill you:
deal with the cause. What is causing all
these sorrows? What is causing famine Talking to His own disciples. They’re
and pestilence and wars? What’s the going to kill you. People are going to get
cause? That’s what Christ is talking killed. Is that a curse? Well, it’s certainly
about here. It says, look, we must get to not a blessing. I mean, I’d say that’s a
the cause or we’ll never solve these curse—even for God’s own disciples
problems. And the cause is rejecting the who turn away from Him. “They’re
message of Jesus Christ and being going to kill you…”
deceived about that—talking about
Christ all the time, but not His message. …and ye shall be hated of all nations
Now, that is the number one problem on for my name’s sake. 10And then shall
this earth today. That’s what Christ said. many be offended,
If we believe Christ, how can we not
believe that? Are you offended by Christ’s message?
…many be offended, and shall betray around the world in the fifteenth century
one another, and shall hate one or the seventeenth century—that would
another. 11And many false prophets have been the end. But Christ knew it
shall rise, and shall deceive many. wouldn’t be preached around the world
Deceive many. 12And because iniquity from the first century until the very last
shall abound, the love of MANY shall century, and that would be a sign that
wax cold. we’re in the end time just before Jesus
Christ returns to this earth. Now, what
And that happens to be agape love— wonderful news that is. This sign is
God’s own love—and He’s talking about already come and gone. Now, we are
His own people. And He says MANY definitely in the end time, and I mean it
are going to have their love wax cold— has come and gone, but you need to note
their love for humanity. They don’t get this very carefully. That means that God
Christ’s message out to them. Where it is already intervening in this world—
says, “many shall have their love wax making preparations for His return.
cold,” it should read “the majority.” The There would be a man who would come
majority of God’s own people in this end in this end time and prepare the way for
time are going to have their love wax Jesus Christ, and he’s already come and
cold. They don’t love humanity. They gone. Jesus Christ is already intervening
won’t tell them the truth about what in this world—right now—making
Christ said. They won’t do that. The preparations for His second coming.
majority of God’s own people! Do you Now, that’s not bad news.
know what is going to happen to those
people? Well, God says they’re going It’s too bad, though, that God’s own
through the worst suffering ever on this people won’t even tell the world about
planet. Now, that is something we all this message. It does take a certain
ought to think about. All of us should. measure of courage to speak God’s
word. After all, it got Christ killed.
Notice verse 14. Now here is the answer Didn’t it? And He said, “If they’ve
to that second question asked in verse 3: persecuted Me, they’re going to
“What shall be the sign of your coming persecute you.” But Christ is still
and of the end of the world?” Here is the intervening, and He’s getting ready to
answer. Christ answered it somewhat come back to this earth. I don’t see how
later, as far as part two is concerned. anybody could not be uplifted by that!

Verse 14. And this gospel of the Notice verse 15. When ye therefore
kingdom shall be preached in all the shall see the abomination of
world for a witness unto all nations; desolation, spoken of by Daniel the
and then shall the end come. prophet, stand in the holy place,
(whoso readeth, let him understand:)
Now, this is a sign of when the end
comes. When you see the gospel Now, if you want to know what that
preached all around the world, then we abomination is, all you have to do is go
know the end is here. So, that means the to Luke 21 verses 20 and 21. That’s the
gospel wasn’t preached around the world parallel account of this in the book of
from the first century all the way down Luke, and it says that this “abomination”
to this end time because if it had—I are “armies surrounding Jerusalem.”
mean, like if it had been preached
That’s explained in our booklet or book What could be more exciting than
on The United States and Britain in fulfilled prophecy today and Bible
Prophecy. Let me just give you one prophecy today? What could be more
quote from that book because Israel is exciting than that subject?
going to be cursed first, and you need to
know who Israel is. We can’t even Verse 16 talks about: 16Then let them
understand the Bible if we don’t know which be in Judaea flee into the
who Israel is. mountains: 17Let him which is on the
housetop not come down…And so
Notice what Mr. Armstrong wrote in that on…
book on The United States and Britain
in Prophecy. “But the all-important So these people that are in Jerusalem are
master key has been found!” going to have to flee to the mountains.
This is not a rapture. They are fleeing to
“That key is knowledge of the a physical place talked about in
astonishing identity of the American and Revelation 12 and verse 14, Revelation 3
British peoples—as well as the and verse 10. It’s a physical place, and it
German—in biblical prophecies. This is “a flight,” and it involves a lot more
very eye-opening, astounding identity is than just Jerusalem. It also involves two
the strongest proof of the inspiration and other great nations that are going to have
authority of the Holy Bible! It is, at the armies surrounding them, and people are
same time, the strongest proof of the going to need to flee.
very active existence of the living God!”
Notice verse 20 and 21. 20But pray ye
It’s the strongest proof—single proof— that your flight be not in the winter,
of the inspiration of the Bible, and the neither on the sabbath day:
strongest, single proof of the existence
of a living God. I’d say you need this So, you can see this is very physical.
book. You need it. I need it. We all need
it. 21
For then shall be great tribulation,
He goes on to conclude: “An exciting, was not since the beginning of the
pulsating, vital third of all the Bible is world to this time, no, nor ever shall
devoted to prophecy. And approximately be.
90 percent of all prophecy pertains to
our time, now, in this latter half of the He’s talking about a great, nuclear
twentieth century! It is a warning to us— tribulation of the worst kind of curses
to our English-speaking peoples—of that are going to come upon us if we
immediate life-and-death import. The don’t listen to Christ’s message. That’s
prophecies come alive once their doors what He’s talking about.
are opened by this now discovered
master key! This book will open, to open LISTEN TO THE MESSAGE!
minds, this hitherto closed vital third of
all the Bible. No story of fiction ever was Christ’s approval and direction is upon
so strange, so fascinating, so absorbing, this. He’s doing it. He’s causing it. He
so packed with interest and suspense, as does send curses. Verse 22. And of
this gripping story of our identity—and course, we bring it upon ourselves, but
our ancestry.” He has everything work out according to
His Master Plan. Verse 22. And except to talk about it here. He says one part of
those days should be shortened, there His church is left behind, and one is
should no flesh be saved: Alive—the taken; and if I have time I’ll get to that
Moffat says. …but for the elect’s sake and talk to you about it. But He says,
those days shall be shortened. “Look, I’ll protect you.”

God—Jesus Christ—makes a promise to Here we have Iran, the number one

us that He’s going to cut all of this short, terrorist-sponsoring nation in the world,
and He’s going to see to it that man and they are about to get the nuclear
doesn’t destroy all humanity—that he bomb, and they’re just absolutely
doesn’t just blast all human life off this swimming in oil profits, and so they
earth. That’s the best news we could have all kinds of money to spread their
possibly hear. terrorism around, and there’s nobody on
the world scene with the courage or the
But is that a curse? Are we living in will to stop Iran. I mean, let’s be honest.
curses? Does God curse us? Well, I’d Everybody in the world knows that.
say He does. You can read Leviticus 26, Let’s tell it like it is. We’re living in
Deuteronomy 28, and He says He sets dangerous times, and God says this is the
before us blessings and cursings. But He King of the South. The King of the
wants to bless us and He does! I’m South. What is the solution?
telling you, I’ve been living this for over
40 years and I know He blesses us! He’s Well, when you see this gospel—you
just filled my life with blessings. Of should have already seen it going around
course, there are trials, but the blessings the world. It’s still going around the
are just so abundant, you can’t count world, but that’s not the main emphasis
them. That’s what God wants to do to today. The emphasis today is on “the
this whole earth. warning.” But look, we’re in the end
time, and Christ said if He didn’t cut this
Look, science and the military are ready short there would be no flesh saved
to destroy all human flesh. Do we need alive. No flesh saved alive. And then He
Christ’s help? Do we need Him to cut goes on to say, “Look, if there’s any man
this short? He’s going to cut it short even that comes to you don’t believe him—
if we don’t repent. But what would He saying, “Christ is over here or over
do if we did repent? Why, He would there.” Don’t believe him. Don’t listen to
start pouring out blessings upon us that a man. Don’t listen to me. Listen to
we couldn’t have room to receive them Christ. That’s the point. Nobody does, it
all. seems. Well, very few. Very few listen
to Christ. That’s talked about in verse
They say now that, really, nuclear 23, and really it’s quite profound. But
terrorism is probably the worst problem He says you’re going to have all kinds of
of all. I mean one nuclear device could false prophets and people like that
destroy millions and millions of people. coming on the scene.
I mean there isn’t any corner of this
earth that you can go to, to escape the I want to move on down a little further. I
specter of this catastrophe. No escape! don’t have time to get through all of this.
And God says, “Look, I’ll give you Maybe I’ll have to give another message
protection whether you’re a nation or an on it. But He said in this very generation
individual. I’ll protect you.” He goes on you can see when it’s at the doors. You
can see it all around. Verses 33 and 34. practices are founded on the false ideas
You can see it. But let me just show you of men and not on God’s Biblical
the reward that He is going to give if you instruction. Don’t be deceived! Request
do respond to this message. our free booklet The Four Horsemen of
the Apocalypse. This free booklet will
Verse 46. Blessed is that servant, allow you to understand more about
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find so doing. recorded in Matthew 24. You will also
learn about the next three horsemen of
Blessed. Not cursed. Blessed is that Revelation. This symbolic riders will
servant when Jesus Christ comes He find show you what will befall unrepentant
him so doing. Well, doing what? Well, mankind in the near future. Even if
doing a work that gets out “the message” nations do not repent, you individually
of Christ that doesn’t just talk about the can come to see and understand God’s
person or personage of Christ, but talks will for you and your family. Request
about “the message” that Jesus Christ the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
gave when He was on this earth. And
then He allowed man to brutalize Him,
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