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About Us • Founded in 2002. and experts in our field COPYRIGHT © 2016 SMARTSHIFT TECHNOLOGIES. US with offices in Germany & India • 200 customers world-wide. Cloud Transformation & Cloud Managed Services company in the world • Partnership with SAP and AWS • Owners of 5 patents for automated code transformations on SAP side • 100+ certified engineers in SAP and Cloud • We are client focused. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 4 . quality conscious. 700+ projects executed • Leading enterprise SAP Automation. Headquartered in New York.

Germany Bangalore. USA Manneheim. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 5 .Boston. USA Our Offices COPYRIGHT © 2016 SMARTSHIFT TECHNOLOGIES.India New York.


and data protection 7 .We are focused on our core areas… Decades of research & investment into a tool to aid in upgrades Quicker turnaround time on upgrades projects SAP Migration/ Performance tuning of custom SAP applications Transformation Seasoned consultants with a wide range of SAP skills Clientele world-wide including BMW. access control. Daimler 8+ years of experience in cloud transformation projects Cloud Lift & Shift/ Certified consultants with expertise in AWS and MS Azure 24 by 7 rotational shifts to manage services for global clientele Cloud Managed Tracking of KPI’s and regular reporting on SLA’s Services Emphasis on physical security. BP.

meta. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL . and SAP make this a transformation make this truly automated code rule-sets as a reliable solution projects scalable transformation result of 20+ yrs of Development COPYRIGHT © 2016 SMARTSHIFT TECHNOLOGIES.Patented Automation LONG TERM INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT LEADING TO UNIQUE VALUE FOR SAP CUSTOMERS VIA AUTOMATION 20+ Yrs $250m 750+ 1B LOC Patented Projects R&D Investment Projects Tested 5 Patents Core Significant Experience of Over a Billion Developed and transformation investment has over 750+ lines of code have registered 5 engine.smartShift’s SAP . been made to successful been parsed to patents around model.

PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL . Impact of our automation expertise on SAP projects LEVERAGE AUTOMATION TO IDENTIFY & REDUCE PROJECT RISK AND ACCELERATE YOUR END STATE OBJECTIVES Typical Duration of an Enterprise Custom Code Transformation Project Manual Approach >4X time Other competitive analysis tools >2X time 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 TIME IN WEEKS Analysis Code changes Integration testing UA testing Rapid Predictable Accurate Up to 80% reduction in time Exact timelines quoted up front and backed Completed with full adherence to by a 100% service level guarantee known vendor and client specifications COPYRIGHT © 2016 SMARTSHIFT TECHNOLOGIES.

Quick and Secure Transformation of Infrastructure OFFERING CONFIGURABLE OPTIONS FOR EFFECTIVE MIGRATIONS TO THE CLOUD Planning Migration & Onboarding & Analysis Development In-depth training to 24/7 Strategize and Develop application and managed services team of Collaborate with client infrastructure designed to Re-platform/ new system architecture. Automated provisioning 2 week standard onboarding Quickly orchestrate and replication to cloud process capabilities. flexibility. 10 . architects that designed and stack setup and capability implemented solution. development teams to increase system Re-factor Team is trained by the same create optimal full performance. highly Lift & Shift cloud infrastructure for environments with skilled and experienced existing workloads minimal downtime or risk shared services team.

Set up ticketing platform budget readiness for production 5.Cloud Transformation Process Planning Migration & Development Support Discovery & Plan DEV/QA STAGE PROD 24 x 7 Managed Services 1. Set up intelligent monitoring on 3. “Onboard” the application to smartShift’s application and existing applications and environments. Understand the client’s 1. security. Depending on the scope of the 1. Work with the customer to configuration management scripts environments to proactively identify determine the best solution 3. Joint UAT with client to validate incidents within their timeline and infrastructure functionality. Propose multiple cloud 2. Develop and provision lower 2. determine cloud managed services (CMS) team infrastructure automation needs over 2-4 weeks 2. Integrate escalation processes with client application support teams to ensure SLA adherence 11 . and 4. Develop and train SOPs to CMS architecture design solutions environments first using puppet or other 3.

and Technology Agnostic 24/7 CROSS FUNCTIONAL SERVICES THAT EXTEND LEAGUES BEYOND A NOC • Shared managed services team with 45 members trained in enterprise. open source.99% monthly uptime SLAs • smartShift currently provides over 300+ services across 40 different technologies • ITIL certified engineers operating in an ISO27001 certified company • Average customer tenure with smartShift is 3+ years • Managed up to 1500 cloud instances 12 .SLA Driven. and development technologies • Maintains production systems at 99. Experienced.

Services Offered Infrastructure Security Database Application Monitoring Management Management Management • Memory Utilization • Infrastructure • Process • Backup Service • Disk Usage Hardening Management • Log Management • Disk Reads and • Firewall Access • Backup Service • Administration Writes • Anti-Virus • Administration Service • Swap Memory • Security Patches Service • JVM Management Usage • Performance • Performance • System Uptime Tuning Service Tuning Configuration Disastor Recovery AWS Account Management Management Management • Gold Image Creation • High Availability Set Up • AWS account • Configurations Updates Maintenance management • DR setup maintenance • Billing Management 13 .

Powerful Monitoring Capabilities 14 .

Advanced Service Desk 15 .

we will manage your assets on the cloud 24 by 7 using best in breed tools and experienced staff .Don’t Forget We are pioneers in the SAP space…We take complete ownership and deliver projects quicker than most others We have huge expertise in AWS and Azure and can reduce your cost spent on infrastructure by transporting & transforming your applications to the cloud Once we move you to the cloud.




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