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- The guide for applicants has been prepared in Korean, English and Chinese. When
interpretational differences arise, the Korean version will have priority over the English,
Chinese version.


Admissions Guide for International Students,

Spring 2017Undergraduate

2016. 9.

1 Important Notes for All Applicants

A. Applications for admission can only be submitted via the online application.
B. All applicants to CNU are limited to one major; applicants to two or more majors
simultaneously by the same person will be rendered null and void.
C. CNU will not select applicants if they are not qualified regardless of the admission quota.
D. Applicants should check the notice on the web site ( for admission procedures.
The applicants will take full responsibility for any disadvantages arising from unconfirmed
Information such as important notes, timeline, and tuition guides will not be notified individually.
E. Applicants should only bring their Application Ticket and Identification Card to the examination to be
checked by the proctor. If not, applicants will not be able to enter the examination hall.
F. Any modification or cancelation will not be accepted after completing the online admission application.
G. Applications have to report in advance of the Evaluation of Applicants Academic Proficiency is not
possible to take a force majeure reason, the reason is accepted, a portion of the application fee
will be refunded. However, the application fee will not be refunded if the applicant was absent due to
personal circumstances, etc.
* Force majeure reason : natural disasters, hospitalization due to illness of the applicant, etc.
H. Please verify the accuracy of the personal information on the required form as the applicant will take
full responsibility for errors of information and contact interruption.
I. CNU does not publicize the result of admissions test scores. Be sure to make and keep
photocopies of all completed forms. Submitted documents become property of CNU and will not be
returned to the applicants even if applicants are fails. And if any of the submitted materials
contain false information, admission will be rescinded.
J. Freshmen can not interrupt their first semester.
K. Applicants admission can be canceled if there are reasons for disqualification or they are not
admitted into South Korea.
L. Applicants should complete the application form in advance of the designated date : Nov 29.
(Tue.) 2016, 18:00pm.
* The above schedule (Written date and time) is in Korean Standard Time.
M. Applicants completing the application form should submit their application materials which will only
be accepted if the documents arrive well before Nov 30.(Wed.) 2016, 18:00pm. (NOT VIA FAX)
N. Applicants who will graduate high school in foreign countries should submit their graduation
certificate within 15 days from their admission date.
O. Applicants must submit the original documents, and if the documents are not given in Korean or
English, they should attach the notarized documents translated in Korean or English.
P. The details, if not stated in this guide, will be processed in accordance with CNU standard.

- 2
2 Admissions Timeline

Process Date and Time Location Notes

* Examinees
should arrive at
Korean Language Language Education the test site
Proficiency Test in Nov. 2, 2016 (Wed.) Center Headquarters until 18:00pm
CNU 18:30pm~20:00pm (E1-1) Room 101 * Classroom can
change depending
on the
number of examinees
Submission of Nov. 8, 2016 (Tue.) 10:00am Accessible
Application Form CNU Admission
(On-line) ~ Nov. 29. (Tue.) 18:00pm Homepage 24 hours a day
Submission by mail or in
Submission of Nov. 9, 2016 (Wed.) 10:00am CNU Admissions Office person(Not via FAX)
Supporting documents ~ Nov. 30. (Wed.) 18:00pm (E7-1) Room 208 Excluding weekends
and national holidays
Confirmation of Arrival Nov. 10, 2016 (Thu.) 09:00am CNU Admission Confirmation can be
of Supporting done the day after the
Documents ~ Nov. 30. (Wed.) Homepage arrival of documents
18:00pm (
- Domestic
Evaluation of Applicant :
Applicants Academic Dec. 14, 2016 (Wed.) Each respective Interview
Proficiency from 14:00pm~ department - Overseas applicant
: Telephone
interview or
Scheduled specialized
Announcement of CNU Admission Not individually notified
Successful Applicants Dec. 28, 2016 (Wed.) Homepage
Printing the Tuition Jan. 12, 2017 (Thu.) ~ CNU Homepage
Form (http://plus

Jan. 13, 2017 (Fri.) ~ Any Hana Bank,

Payment of Tuition Nonghyup, or Woori Limited to Bank Hours
Fees Jan. 17. (Tue) Bank branch

Issuance of Official * Applicants who

Certificate From Jan. 18, 2017 (Wed.) submitted their
International Affairs documents completely
of Admission and ~ Beginning of Feb. Office and paid their tuition
Visa Issuance * Only for overseas residents
Certification Number

* The above schedule is in Korean dates and times, and may be changed as necessary.
* It is recommended that applicants refer to the above schedule and prepare supporting
documents well in advance of the stated deadlines.
3 Online Application

1. Application Period : Nov. 8, 2016 (Tue.) 10:00am ~ Nov. 29. (Tue.) 18:00pm
2. Procedures
Access to
the web site for application

CNU hompage : Log in(Sign in before Log in)
Log in to the web site Uwayapply site : Log in(Sign in before Log in)
Picture in color (Upload)
[It is essential for checking the identification
during department interview]
Fill out application form
Please confirm the important notes, admission quota, etc.

Any modification and cancellation will be rejected after

Confirm the data completing an application form so be sure to verify the data.
By credit card, virtual account number, Internet banking
*The application fee is NON refundable after paying
Make a payment the application fee and any modification may be
of application fee rejected after payment.

After completing payment, please print out the

application form, application ticket, Important Notes
for all applicants.
Confirm registration of the * Registration of the application is successfully
application and completed only if the registration number is written
Print out application ticket in the application ticket.

After completing the application, submit the required

documents including the application form within the
submission period.
Complete Application Form
Please submit the documents with cover letter printed
before the deadline via mail or in person.
Zip code 34134 Admissions Office (E7-1) in
Chungnam National University, 99 Daehak-ro,
Yuseong-gu, Daejeon
Submit required documents
(If applicable)

3. Application Fee : 60,000WON[60(USD)]

4 Admission Quota
Order Group Department Majors Acceptance
Korean Language and Literature
English Language and Literature
German Language and Literature
French Language and Literature
Humanities Chinese Language and Literature
Japanese Language and Literature
Classical Chinese Literature
Linguistics History
Korean History Archaeology
Liberal Philosophy
Sociology Library Information
Social Sciences Psychology Communications
Social Welfare Public Administration
Political Science and Diplomacy
School of Business
(Business Administration, Accounting, International Business)
Economics International Trade
Agriculture and Agricultural Economics
Life Sciences
Mathematics Information and Statistics
Physics Astronomy and Space Science
Chemistry Biochemistry
Geology and Earth Environmental Sciences
Oceanography and Ocean Environmental Sciences
Architecture (5-year program)
Architectural Engineering Students shall
Freshmen Civil Engineering be selected on
Transfer a supplemental
Environmental Engineering basis to the
Admission Mechanical Engineering normal quotas
Mechatronics Engineering of each major

Engineering Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Aerospace Engineering
Advanced Materials Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Natural Electronics Engineering
and Radio and Information Communications Engineering
Sciences Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Advanced Organic Materials and Textile System Engineering
Crop Science Horticulture
Environment and Forest Resources
Bio-based Materials
Animal and Dairy Science
Agriculture and
Applied Biology
Life Sciences
Bio-Environmental Chemistry
Food Science & Technology
Local Environmental Civil Engineering
Bio-Systems Machinery Engineering
Human Ecology Clothing & Textiles Food & Nutrition
Consumer Life and Information
Veterinary Medicine Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Nursing Nursing
Biological System Biological Sciences
Sciences Microbiology & Molecular Biology
Art, Music and
Physical Natural Sciences Dance

* The department which is not written in the above list will not select the applicants.
* Admission of applicants is based on scholastic ability, and CNU may leave quotas unfilled if
admissions officials deem that there are not enough applicants who meet CNUs scholastic standards.
5 Eligibility Requirements

1. Eligibility
All applicants must pass or have passed at least one of the following requirements to be
considered for Admission
A. Level 3 or higher on a general test of a Korean Language Proficiency Test (TOIPK)
B. Minimum accepted scores are : TOEIC 650, TOEFL(PBT 550, CBT 210, iBT 80), TEPS 550, IELTS
5.5 from a recognized English Proficiency test
C. Level 3 or higher on a test of Korean Proficiency at the CNU Language Education Center
D. Level 4 or higher on a completion of Korean Language Course at the CNU Language Education
* Korean Language Proficiency Test in CNU [Tel : +82-42-821-7095]
- Date and Time : Nov. 2, 2016 (Wed.) 18:30pm~20:00pm
- Location : Language Education Center Headquarters (E1-1)
If applicants achieved level 3 on the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK), level 3 on the Korean Proficiency Test
from CNU Language Education Center, level 4 or higher on a completion of Korean Language Course at the
CNU Language Education Center, they must achieve level 4 or higher on the Test of Proficiency in Korean
(TOPIK) or they must get scores from a recognized English Proficiency Test (e.g. TOEIC, TOEFL, TEPS) : Higher on
a test scores as follows - TOEIC 650, TOEFL(PBT 550, CBT 210, iBT 80), TEPS 550, IELTS 5.5
All applicants must achieve satisfactory scores on the language proficiency test to graduate their programs.
There can be departments that require certain TOPIK level for graduation, so successful applicants
should inquire to their department individually.

* No applicants who fit the criteria below are to be admitted without testing
- Dual Nationality
- Passer of Domestic/Overseas school qualification examination
- Domestic resident who graduate from a foreign high school in South Korea.

2. Freshman Applicants
A foreigner whose parents are also foreigners
A foreigner whose parents are both foreigners and who is a citizen of a foreign country and the
equivalent thereof and who has graduated or is to graduate from a Korean or foreign high school.
Holders of dual citizenship one of which is Korean citizenship- can NOT aply as an
international student.
3. Transfer Applicants
a. Sophomore Transfers
Foreigners qualifying for freshman applicants must have successfully completed as least a year of
college at a foreign 4-year college or university, OR graduated from a technical or trade college (2-
year program).
b. Junior Transfers
Foreigners qualifying for freshman applicants must have successfully completed at least two years
of college education at a 4-year college or university, OR graduated from a technical or trade
college (2-year program).

6 Required Documents List

No. Document Note

Submission period : Nov. 9, 2016 (Wed.) ~ Nov. 30. (Wed.)
Application form
* Fields are filled online; they may be printed once completed * Must use the format
1 * A passport photo(White background, 35mm45mm size) provided by CNU Form 1
* If the applicants are abroad at the expected admission date * One more photo should be
(valid visa X), they should fill in their countrys address submitted additionally
precisely Must fill in the POSTAL CODE(for visa issuance)
- Certificate for Level 3 or higher in TOPIK or
Official score Report
- Certificate of English Proficiency Test(TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, TEPS)
(When the official score report is
2 - Certificate of Korean Proficiency Test at the CNU Language not available, attach
Education Center results from the CNU Korean
- Completion certificate for Level 4 or higher on a Korean Language Proficiency Test)
Language course at the CNU Language Education Center
3 Personal Statement and Study Plan(CNU Form 2)
4 High School Diploma or documents providing high school Refer to
graduation in the near future
5 Official high school transcript
6 College diploma and/or official transcript Only for transferring applicants
The earned creditshould be stated
7 Copy of Both parents identification card(Citizenship ID card)
8 Certificate of Family Relationship by official institute Please prove the relationship between
(Government-issued : the applicant and parents) the applicant and both parents
9 Copy of passport(Alien Registration Card, if applicable)
10 Affidavit of Financial Support(CNU Form 3)
Sponsors balance of bank deposit in the amount of more than If the sponsor is one of
18,000 USD (21,7000,000KRW/118,000 ) until Mar. 31, 2017 the parents, they must
11 submit Notarized Certificate
The sponsor should be applicant his/herself or of Family Relationship
his/her parents
12 Employment Certificate or Business Registration of the
Financial Sponsor
Additional Documents, if relevant
Order Overseas country alien (VISA needed) Domestic alien (VISA issued)
- Citizenship ID card : the applicants and
- Citizenship ID card : the applicants and
- Government-issued Family Census
- Government-issued Family Census Register
Register ()
China within 6 months of the application period
within 6 months of the application period
- Notarized Certificate of Family Relatioship
- Notarized Certificate of Family Relatioship
- Copy of alien card
A original copy of a certificate of academic record verification (
Verification of academic record (
An acceptable Expiration date is at least March. 31, 2017
Verification Documents(choose one)
Other a) Apostille Certificates
countries b) Certificate of your educational background certified by the Korean embassy/consul in
applicants country or applicants countrys consul/embassy in Korea

7 Evaluation of Applicants Academic Proficiency

1. Evaluation items
Order Evaluation items Disribution Note
1. Attitude
Evaluation of
2. Academic Proficiency 100%
Applicants Academic
(including foreign language)
3. Aptitude for desired major

2. How to evaluate
Order Department Evaluation Academic Proficiency
Interview or - Domestic resident : interview
All departments All acceptance quotas
evaluation for - Foreign resident : Evaluation for
(Except below department)
documents documents
Social Sciences Social Welfare
Naval Architecture and - Domestic resident : interview
Engineering Ocean Engineering Interview - Foreign resident : Telephone
Environmental Engineering Interview
Agriculture and Applied BIOLOGY
Life Sciences
* Overseas resident : Please verify the accuracy of the personal information on the required form as the
applicant will take full responsibility for errors of information and contact interruption
* Applicants of the Dance department will be asked to take a performance test.

- 8
3. Selection Criteria
1) Scores : Higher than 60 points in average in applicants academic proficiency.
2) Standard for disqualified applicants
a) Applicant getting the scores which are lower than 60 points in average
b) Applicant who do not interview for colleges (Domestic resident)
c) Applicant who do not submit the required documents
d) Applicant who is not qualified

8 Announcement and Registration of Successful Applicants

1. Announcement of Successful Applicants

a. Date : Projected Dec. 28. (Wed.), 2016.
b. Place : CNU admissions homepage (
c. Note : Accepted candidates must take care to adhere to the procedures and regulations
posted on the CNU admissions homepage ( so as not to make
unfortunate mistakes. (i.e. accidental cancellation of acceptance)

2. Payment of Tuition Fees

a. Term of payment : Jan. 13. (Fri.) ~ Jan. 17. (Tue.), 2017
b. Case of payment in Korea
- Go to bank in person : Any Hana Bank, Nonghyup, or Woori Bank branch
- Virtual account : Transfer money to virtual account assigned individually
c. Case of payment abroad : Transfer from abroad to CNU account number
- Account Number : To be announced
- The applicant must transfer money by his/her name, and after transferring, they
should write the contents in the table below and email

Degree DepartmentMajor English Name Transfer Date Senders Name


- 9
- The exchange rate standard is KRW 1,000 = USD 1, and the sender should pay both
banks commission(USD 100) additionally
- To the applicants who paid their tuition abroad, the excess payment will be
d. Tuition fee : To be announced
e. Divided Payments(only limited to successful applicants paying in Korea)
- Only possible for successful applicants who are not able to pay full amount in
tuition within the payment period because of inevitable financial circumstances
- First : Admission fee and initial allocation of tuition
- Second : Remaining tuition for respective department
- The term of payment for divided payments and other details will be announced
f. The successful applicants whose tuition is 0(scholarship of total exemption) must visit
the bank branch and submit the tuition form for enrollment

3. Issuance of Official Certificate of Admission and Visa Issuance Certification Number

a. Term of Issuance : Jan. 18. (Wed.), 2017. ~ beginning of Feb.
b. Place : CNU Office of International Affairs
c. Issued to students residing abroad(excluding domestic residents), and who must
request for visa issuance to the embassy
The students will be regraded domestic/abroad from the address written in the application form
d. Questions about issuance of Certificates should be directed to:
1) Phone : +82-42-821-8822(China) / +82-42-821-8824(Other Countries)
2) Email : / Countries)

4. Important Notes for All Applicants

a. Admission could be canceled if applicant dont submit the required documents.
(Academic records, Affidavit of financial support, etc.)
b. Applicant will take full responsibility for any mistakes or omission of personal
c. Admission will be canceled if there are any false statements in the submitted
documents or if the applicants academic performance is deemed unsatisfactory for the

- 10 -
9 Reference Materials

. Scholarships and Benefits

Order Scholarship Conditions Benefit
FreshmenTransfer : upper 30% of successful Waive Admission fee and
applicants Grade C scholarships
Foreigner Enrolled student : students whose average
(undergraduate) scores are above 2.25 in a recent semester and Grade C scholarships
who completed 15 credits in one semester
Except if your nationality is Republic of Korea
Regional Leading
Universities Foster Project International students who register for the 2016 All qualified
Scholarship for spring with the TOPIK score of level 4 or above applicants
Excellence in TOPIK
(Until 2016 Winter Semester) International Students
Undergraduate Entrance 500,000KRW
who completed 4 semester of CNU Korean Language
Promote Scholarship
Course(Examinee of regular test every semester)
*Scholarships will be selected according to the quota for the upper 30% of successful applicants
which is commensurate with the number of enrolled students in each department.
*Grade C scholarships : Waive Tuition except SSA fee(As of 2014)
*Students can be awarded with other CNU scholarships such as Merit-based Scholarship.
(They must meet all the requirements for the scholarships, and the payment does not exceed tuition fees.)
*Students can be awarded by only one scholarship from the Office of International Affairs.
*If students withdraw enrollment after they are given any scholarship, they must return their scholarship.
The Regional Leading Universities Foster Project Scholarship is subject to change without a prior notice
depending on its validity of the project.

. Guide for tuition (Based on 1 semester figures, units : KRW)

Order Major Fees

Entrance Fee Tuition Total
Humanities All majors 181,000 1,669,000 1,850,000
Social Sciences All majors 181,000 1,669,000 1,850,000
Mathematics 181,000 1,867,500 2,048,500
Natural Sciences Dance 181,000 2,363,000 2,544,000
All other majors 181,000 2,059,000 2,240,000
Economics and Management All majors 181,000 1,657,500 1,838,500
Engineering All majors 181,000 2,422,000 2,603,000
Agriculture and Life Agricultural Economics 181,000 1,669,000 1,850,000
Sciences All other majors 181,000 2,043,500 2,224,500
Human Ecology All majors 181,000 2,043,500 2,224,500
Veterinary Medicine All majors 181,000 2,377,000 2,558,000
Nursing All majors 181,000 2,150,500 2,331,500
Biological System Sciences All majors 181,000 2,043,500 2,224,500
*The entrance fee is only paid by newly incoming freshmen (including transfers) in the very first semester.

- 11
. Main School Regulations

1. Major Changes
a. These regulations apply to students who wish to switch majors after matriculation.
b. A student may change his/her major regardless of the current major, but the student is
limited to one major change in the sophomore or junior year. Students entering a major
due to major changes will not count as part of the admissions quota for that year.
[However, in special cases where the characteristics of a certain field of study absolutely
necessitate a limited pool of students, the practice of this rule may be limited]

2. Double-Majoring
Students may embark on a second major (at the end of freshman year) in addition to the major
then originally applied to.
[However, double majors may not be undertaken by students of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy,
Veterinary Medicine, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Pre-Medicine, Architecture, Law, Painting,
Sculpture, and Industrial Art, and even outside of such fields, a second major may be
additionally discouraged when the demands of a students original coursework prohibits the
pursuit of a double major]

3. Early Graduation
Students may, according to their abilities, exceed their per-semester credit requirements by 3~6
credits every semester, therefore allowing them to graduate within 3 years to 3 years and one
. Dormitory
Studio : Rooms are opposite from the hallway and are fully equipped with
individual bathrooms and showers
Hallway : Rooms are opposite from the hallway and the center, bathroom/
shower facility shared
Apartment : Regular apartment type rooms share a living room and terrace with
6 people, and 12 people use a shard common bathroom and shower
Room for a Married couple : Studio type apartment for married couples, fully
equipped with kitchen, bathroom, shower, etc

Division Type Shape Number Remark

156 building 2 people/1 room Apartment 774 1 building male
5, 6 building - female
23 building 2 people/1 room Studio 494 Male
4 building 2 people/1 room Hallway 194 Male
2 people/1 room Studio 16 rooms Cooking can be done
5 building (room for married)

Scale, Type 3 people/1 room Studio 48 Male

& Facility 1 person/1 room 14 7, 8 building

BTL Dormitory Studio
(7~9, 11 building) 2 people/1 room 2,472 711 building - female
89 building male
2 people/1 room 100 Female
BTL Dormitory Room for married 34 rooms Cooking can be done by
married students
(12 building)
Room for married Apartment 15 rooms Cooking can be done by married
BTL Dormitory 1 person/1 room 99
Studio Female
(13 building) 2 people/1 room 350

10 building Room for married Studio 96 rooms Cooking can be done by married
2 people/1 room Apartment 88
a () 2 people/1 room Studio 110 Medical College Dormitory
(Munhwa-dong campus)
1 person/1 room Studio 40

Cheongryong- 1 person/1 room 22 The test will be taken separately

Dorm (Exam 2 people/1 room 82
5,048 *1 set (bed, desk, chair, closet)

The priority goes to people who want a dorm room among successful
applicants to CNU. The entrance requirements will be given to those who paid
rent fees including enrollment after announcement of successful applicants.
Assigning rooms are based on previous semester GPA from sophomore.
Requirement (Except for married couple room)
According to assignment standard, rooms are randomly assigned by computer.
Rent fees for 2017 please refer to Dormitory homepage
Rent Fees All regular dorm students are provided with two meals a day except for
married couple rooms. (Except for weekdays lunch)

2017. Jan. 16.(Mon.) 2:00pm planned, announcement on the dormitory

Announcemen homepage and SMS [Visit, read [ ]
and preparesubmit documents(e.g.)tuberculosis diagnosis medical certificate]
t of Payment of rent fees : 2017. Jan. 18.(Wed.) ~ Jan. 19.(Thu.) for 2 days with
Successful individual virtual accounts

Counseling : +82-42-821-6181, 6163

Information[ ] facility check!
[ 1-Form1]

Application Form for International Students Admission

Application No.
Nam /English
Out of Koera Alien Visa Visa Address /Photo
Registration No. status validity
e - (34cm)
Personal /Sex Passport No.
Information /Female
/Nationality /E-mail
/Phone /Mobile
/Mailing Address
(Home or in Korea)
/Guardian /Name /Mobile
/Application Information
Application Category 2 /Sophomore Transfers 3 /Junior Transfers
/Foreign w. Foreign Parents
() /college /department
Desired Major
Korean Proficiency TOPIK /Level
Level I have an official certificate Yes No

Yes No /randomly assigned(refer to )

/Educational Background (*
/Please write chronologically)
Level () /Period of Education
of Education Name of School Country(City)

Korean /Univeresity ()/Level
( Language /Period :
) Institution
Language Skill (if
available) /English TOEIC / TOEFL : PBT CBT iBT
/Ect : , /Score :
I affirm that the information I have provided on this application, including personal statements and any other
information, is complete and accurate and is my own work. I understand that submission of incomplete or
inaccurate information is sufficient cause for revocation of admission or enrollment.
/Date : (yyyy-mm-dd)
/Name of Applicant : (/Signature)

To the President of Chungnam National University

Due to a renovation of some of the dormitory buildings, on-campus housing may be subject to change for the
Spring of 2017. Contact the CNU dormitories for off-campus options, if necessary.
[ 2-Form2]
(Personal Statement)
/ Fill out this form in Korean or English

1. (Name) : .(Spell out your English name correctly)

(English) :
First Name Last(Family) Name

(Korean) :
First Name Last(Family) Name

(Chinese, ) :

2. (Self-Introduction)
1) , , .
Background Describe your background including difficult experiences or hardship you went
through with some explanations on how you overcome those crisis.

Interested Field Describe your interest, aptitudes, and accomplishment in relation to your selected
major and discuss how these experiences motivated you.
(Study Plan)

(Department) :

1. .
Describe a reason why you chose Chungnam National University and the process how you chose the

Describe your study objectives upon your admission and your future plan after graduation in detail.
[ 3-Form 3]

(Affidavit of Financial Support)


(Name) (Sex)

(Date of Birth) (Nationality)

(Please write the name of the sponsor to provide all the funds during applicants studies)

(Name of Sponsor) :
(Relationship with the Applicant) :
(Occupation) :
(Address) :
(Phone Number) :

(I guarantee to bear all the costs for the applicants study at Chungnam National University.)

(Date) : (yyyy-mm-dd)

(Guarantor) (name)


To the President of Chungnam National University

- 18

Application Ticket
2017 / Spring, 2017


2 /Sophomore
Application Category Transfers
3 /Junior Transfers

Qualifications /Foreign w. Foreign parents



Chungnam National University

/Application Process
/Process /Date /Place

Dec. 14, 2016
Evaluation of Major To be announced
Learning Capability

Dec. 28, 2016
Final Announcement 14:00~ CNU Admission
, ,
Jan. 13 ~ 17, 2017
Tuition Payment Any Hana Bank,
Nonghyup or Woori Bank

of Official Certificate of Jan. 18 ~
CNU Office of
Admission and Visa beginning of Feb
International Affiars
Issuance Certification

- 19