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College Research Worksheet

Name of School Parsons School of NYU

Design San Francisco State San Diego State


New York City, NY New York, NY San Francisco, CA San Diego, CA

Setting (Urban, Urban Urban Urban
Suburban, Rural) Urban

Student Body Size 5,500 students 57,425 students 26,906 students 34,254 students

Percent Admitted 64% 31% 68% 34.5%

GPA Profile 3.24 GPA average 3.7 GPA average 3.2 GPA average 3.69 GPA average
1910-2150 out of 2400

1630 out of 2400 on SAT (SAT) 29-32 out of 36 1492 out of 2400 (SAT) 1638 out of 2400 (SAT)
SAT/ACT Average 22 out of 36 (ACT) 22 out of 36 (ACT)
25 on ACT (ACT)
Application Application form, app. fee, Application, test scores, completion of a-g, GPA
transcript, Parsons Application, standardized GPA, and
Requirements (Subject testing and teacher
Challenge, portfolio, written Class rank, Proof of HS test scores, major of
Tests, Interview, etc.) essay, letter of rec., and test evaluation Grad, choice
Selectivity Designation scores Recommendations
Likely Reach Likely Target
(Reach, Target, Likely)
Academics and

Majors Im I am interested in fashion Nursing and biology

Student Life

and Interior Design; Nursing Interior Design

interested in interior designing.

Activities and Athletics Take a position as an intern LATINOS (Latinos Aspiring to

Imagine Nursing Opportunities Women's Volleyball Alpha Phi Sorority


arsons/ nterior-design-emphasis/
Admissions Contact

Email N/A

(619) 594-5200 and art
Phone 212.229.5150 or 212-998-5300 (415) 338-1111 619.594.6511

Not at all surprised by It is surprising to see Extremely excited to see Super excited to find out
the how that SFSU has an Interior that SDSU has over 330
Notes and competitive rate, but I many students attend Designing program, just study abroad programs.
Impressions wouldn't expect anything NYU, considering the in case New York is too
lower b/c Marc Jacobs city far-fetched.
and Tom Ford went to is already packed
school there. enough.
Creating Your College List
Fill in the chart below with 8-12 colleges that you have identified as a match based on your research, categorize it as a
Reach, Target, or Likely and write 1-2 lines about why you believe it is a good fit for you.
Name of School Percent GPA and SAT/ACT Profile Why it is a good fit for me
Location Admitted
85% top 10th of class, 96% in top quarter Close to a major city, medium-sized (9,000
profile and/or acceptance rate is

Example: Northwestern University 23% SAT Reading: 660-740/Math: 680-770 undergrad), engineering major, Greek system, DI
Your grades and test scores
meet or fall below average

ACT: 31-34 soccer, lots of theater opportunities

1. GPA: 4.29
Reach Schools

less than 30%

Incredible nursing program, close to home,

UCLA 18% SAT Reading: 650-750/ Math: 630-770 beautiful campus
ACT: 27-33


34% in top 10th, 65% in top quarter

Your grades and test scores meet average

Engineering co-op to get hands-on experience, major

profile and acceptance rate is 30-60%

Example: Drexel University 55% SAT Reading: 540-640/Math: 570-670

city, close to family, Greek system, DI soccer
ACT: 23-28
1. GPA: 3.14
New York School of Pretty small school, major I want, I really
Interior Design 38% SAT Reading: 505-570/Math: 525-600 want to experience life in New York, major city
Target Schools

ACT: 22-24
2. GPA: 3.6 Good nursing program, suburban setting, tuition
University of San Francisco 60.1% SAT Reading: 570-670/Math: 560-650 isn't the worst
ACT: 23-28


37% in top 10 th, 66% in top quarter Small city, small school, close relationships with
acceptance rate is more than

Example: Providence College 67%

Your grades and test scores
exceed average profile and

Testing optional professors, has my major, DI soccer, Greek system

Likely Schools

Art Institute of San DIego 91% Not required or recommended Small school, has my major, tuition is not too
expensive, don't really have to live on my own