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High-Speed Rail

2 Maintaining momentum
for high-speed rail in 2017
Torkel Patterson, Vice-Chairman, International High
Speed Rail Association (IHRA)

3 BB Railjet
technology that moves
Kurt Bauer, Head of High-Speed &
Long-Distance Services, BB

6 High-speed rail state

of play and vision for
European development
Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Transport

8 Polands modern Express

InterCity Premium trains
Marek Chraniuk, President of the Board, PKP InterCity

With industry expert participants

muratart /

S U B S C R I B E O N L I N E A T: European Railway Review VOLUME 23, ISSUE 1, 2017

momentum for high-
speed rail in 2017
With 2017 up and running, high-speed rail projects are promising progress on a number of fronts.
Torkel Patterson Vice-Chairman of the International High Speed Rail Association (IHRA) provides an
overview of what were likely to see this year and beyond.

The leaders of Malaysia and Singapore have agreed to move forward believe that accidents will happen must change their way of thinking
with their 350km line with a unique operational structure and finance to be intolerant to the slightest hint of personnel or material failure.
approach and should be in a position to offer construction bids this year. Persuading the public of the economic viability of high-speed rail will
The construction of the worlds fastest high speed line the roughly become more difficult as budgets are squeezed, in the event that world
450km Chuo Shinkansen by Central Japan Railway has begun its civil growth stagnates as predicted. In practice this means separating as much
works in underground locations along the route between Tokyo and as possible the operational viability of the operator from government
Nagoya and has been assigned 25 billion in government loans to investments in high-speed rail construction. While a nominal lease fee can
expedite the civil construction between Nagoya and Osaka. In addition, be applied, repayment of the entire amount of construction should not be
India is finalising the details of its 505km MumbaiAhmadabad route required. Otherwise, the projects will perpetually be in debt. The new
with Japan, while China continues improvements to allow higher speeds projects in Japan, Singapore-Malaysia, and India follow this approach.
and more frequent travel along its ever-expanding network. The cost versus economic benefit of construction and operational success
The U.S. has several projects (California, Texas, North-East Corridor) are significantly improved on all of these projects by their integration of
that could be significantly energised, depending on the new Trump station oriented development from the start.
Administrations implementation of promised financing for high-speed Perhaps the most difficult nut to crack will be the necessity to
rail and its implementation of Buy American policies. In order for the globalise the high-speed rail supply chain. While most countries like
projects to make progress, the new Administration will need to find to think of their rail manufacturers as their pride and joy and rightly so
the right balance between federal and state or private financing and in many cases to advance high-speed rail globally will require that new
between American expectations of Buy American against the realities players be introduced and developed, especially in the large integrators
of global technological developments. supply chains. We have seen this abundantly with Chinas entry to the
In the face of Brexit the UK continues to move ahead with HS2, high-speed rail market and we will see a similar phenomenon as India
which could allow interoperable service between the continent to expands its market.
Birmingham and eventually beyond. Similarly, Spain, France and The Trump Administrations commitment to free trade, or lack of, will
Germany continue to expand and improve their rail service and there is determine the success of the U.S. high-speed rail market in the years to
discussion of new higher high-speed rail services between Moscow and come. A flexible policy will allow foreign manufacturers to expand
St. Petersburg. their presence in America to accommodate a growing market.
Looking to the future, what can be done to ensure the continued A highly restrictive Buy America policy will cause projects to be delayed
viability of high-speed rail? What are the issues that need to be tackled in or cancelled.
order to ensure that high-speed rail continues to flourish into the future? Safety, operational business viability, expanded and enhanced
Of the utmost importance must surely be the absolute, and almost station oriented development and global supply chain development, are
reverent, commitment to safety. The public must know that their journey the keys to a successful high-speed rail future. We look forward to seeing
will be 100% safe. As higher speeds are sought, and the frequency of progress on all fronts in 2017!
service improves, automatic train control systems, fail-safe designs and
as much dedicated line as possible must be the norm for construction Torkel Patterson is also a Director of Central Japan Railway Company
and operation. Regular train maintenance must be at the highest (JRC) and The NorthEast Maglev (TNEM). Torkel was previously President
at Raytheon International Inc., and served in a variety of posts in the U.S.
level and civil side maintenance cannot be allowed to endanger safety; government in three administrations, including Special Assistant to the
either by lack of funds or less than strict effort. This is the basis of public President for Asia. Torkel graduated from the United States Naval Academy
and was an Olmsted Scholar at the University of Tsukuba in Ibaraki, Japan.
faith in high-speed rail and this trust cannot be violated. Managers that

European Railway Review S U B S C R I B E O N L I N E A T:

2 VOLUME 23, ISSUE 1, 2017
Copyright: Harald Eisenberger

BB Railjet
technology that moves
Railjet is the most modern high-speed train in BBs fleet and connects the whole of Austria with Germany,
Switzerland, Hungary and the Czech Republic (and from 2018 with Italy as well) at up to 230km/h on a regular
schedule. Here BBs Head of High-Speed and Long-Distance Services, Kurt Bauer, explains that passengers
travel at the highest levels of comfort and can also take advantage of a new and improved Wi-Fi system including
service and infotainment offerings on all Railjets equipped with Railnet.

The Railjet consists of short-coupled Siemens Viaggio Comfort They can therefore be pulled by existing locomotives. This concept
wagons and Siemens ES64U2 (1116) or Siemens ES64U4 (1216) loco- allows for the quick replacement of a traction unit in the event of failure
motives. Thus, the Railjet ranks among the fastest trains hauled by or required maintenance. The trainset thus remains in service and
locomotives in the world. According to TSI, the Railjet ranks among continues to be available. A Railjet consists of several wagons
TSI class II high-speed trains. Furthermore, every train features up to connected to one another by means of a centre rod coupling and
four country-specific train protection systems as well as ETCS. featuring normal screw couplings at the ends. Owing to the rigid
coupling between the wagons, the wagons could be equipped with
The best from the world of locomotive-hauled wider, pressure-tight gangway connections.
trains and traction units Railjet thus combines the characteristics of multiple units with those
Contrary to other railway companies, BB does not rely on electric of normal locomotive-hauled trains. In the workshop the trainset can be
multiple units for its high-speed connections, but on locomotive-hauled shortened or extended by individual wagons and adapted to traffic
push-pull trains. That means the locomotive pushes or pulls the trainset. volumes on individual routes in a better way. However, BB relies on
the advantages of combining with conventional passenger
carriages. In times of high traffic volumes, Railjets are coupled
with ordinary passenger coaches and can therefore contrary
to motor train sets be adapted to demand. Routes with
particularly high passenger volumes are served with tandem
Railjet sets. Despite its classic push-pull train technology, their
interior offers the same comfort as motor train sets without
having gangway doors between the wagons.

Highest levels of comfort

Railjets convince by means of their premium equipment
together with a well-designed service concept with an
Copyright: BB/Deopito

Austrian flair. On journeys heading towards Austria, high-

quality catering in the restaurant car gives international
passengers an indication of the culinary delicacies that await
Wheelchair users always travel in First Class on BB services
them in Austria. Railjet offers three classes tailored to

S U B S C R I B E O N L I N E A T: European Railway Review VOLUME 23, ISSUE 1, 2017

individual customer needs. The most luxurious is Business

Copyright: Harald Eisenberger

Class, which features spacious single leather seats with a
novel seat arrangement that offers a high degree of privacy.
First Class with its typical features of Central European first
class offers customers the additional option of having food
and beverages served directly to their seat. Economy Class is
the premium alternative to the conventional second class.
Both Economy and First Class offer a quiet area where talking
on the phone, for instance, is prohibited.
Railjet features two places for wheelchairs and a toilet for
passengers with impaired mobility travelling in First Class.
Wheelchair users board the train via a lift attached to the
vehicle. At BB passengers who accompany wheelchair users
Railjet is the most modern high-speed train in BBs fleet
and wheelchair users themselves always travel First Class and
thus enjoy at-seat service, which can be requested by means of a service cosy as it is safe and luxurious. Railjets design concept has been
call button. The access doors feature high-contrast labelling and tactile developed for a long product life cycle and thus exhibits a subtle and
controls as well as an acoustic door finding sound. Three folding seats clear design language.
for guide dogs in Economy Class complete the offer for passengers with
impaired mobility on Railjet trains. Railnet world class connectivity
From spring 2017 all Railjets will feature at least five bicycle parking All BB Railjet passengers benefit from Railnet a new on-board
spaces. The sets purchased most recently even allow for the carriage of entertainment portal allowing them to access information about the
seven bicycles. The family car, which is equipped with a childrens train and the journey as well as more than 120 ORF (Austrian
cinema and two pushchair parking spaces, is particularly popular with Broadcasting Corporation) on-demand shows. On-board Wi-Fi which
children and their parents. The open car features noise-insulating is free for all passengers provides a powerful connection enabling
partition walls made from glass to keep the noise level at the most passengers to watch films and TV series in premium quality. This makes
pleasant level possible. Railjet trains not just a comfortable but also an entertaining way to
travel. Together with its partners, BB, as one of the first railway
Good for the environment companies, offered live TV coverage on selected trains: 66 hours of
Railjet is one of the most environmentally-friendly means of transport in football matches were shown live during EURO 2016 on its trains.
Austria. It produces extremely low amounts of pollution and is thus as To allow for the implementation of these new services, all BB
modern and ecological as possible. Its energy efficiency improved Railjet trains needed to be equipped with new servers, routers and
further by being equipped with power-saving LED lighting, as well as antennas. Additionally, BB, in close cooperation with partners, has
passenger compartment air-conditioning controlled on the basis of developed a new technology that, on one hand allows for live event
occupation rates. coverage on the train and, on the other, provides interruption-free
Austrian Television (ORF) video on demand in breathtaking quality.
Design creates added value This technical solution enables automated synchronisation and
The Austrian high-speed trains design follows aspects of aesthetics as storage of video on demand content from the ORFs TVthek library on
well as communication: even from the outside, Railjets shape, colour a designated local buffer memory located on the respective Railjet train.
scheme and lines represent dynamism and speed. Directly on the train, content is thus transferred from this cache to the
Internally, high-quality materials such as leather, wood, glass and users devices and thus, independent of a connection to external
steel characterise the Railjet interior and create an atmosphere that is as servers, used as required. In order to allow for trouble-free access to live
streams, streaming buffers are also installed on Railjet trains.
Copyright: BB-Personenverkehr AG/ Mert Drmoglu

Although these experience a time lag of approximately five

minutes this does make it possible to compensate for route
sections with bad reception, for instance tunnels.

From a rolling stock

brand to a new train category
Railjets unique features call for the introduction of an entirely
new category of trains. On the one hand, Railjet represents
the vehicle itself, but additionally the name embodies a
category of trains positioned above the European brands
Intercity or Eurocity, instead playing in the same league
as the European high-speed trains such as the French TGV
First Class passengers can have food and drink served directly at their seats
and the German ICE. In Germany, for example, ticket

European Railway Review S U B S C R I B E O N L I N E A T:

4 VOLUME 23, ISSUE 1, 2017

The nine new Railjets will also offer the same three comfort classes
(Business, First and Economy Class) the new Railjets having been
upgraded with regard to certain details: for example, Economy Class
have been upgraded to offer adjustable seats and footrests. The new
trains now come with a bicycle compartment as standard and all Railjets
are equipped with an on-board restaurant.

Copyright: BB-Personenverkehr AG/ Mert Drmoglu

As such, the Intercity sets running at regular intervals between
Vienna and Salzburg have been gradually replaced by Railjets up until
the timetable changed on 11 December 2016.
In total, BB is investing 145 million in the new premium trains.
With this acquisition BB have invested more than 2 billion in the
modernisation of its fleet and in increased comfort for its passengers in
the last 10 years.
Economy Class of Railjet services is the premium alternative to
conventional Second Class In summary, BB have bet on the right horse in the form of the
Railjet trains. Rising customer demands and high levels of customer
category A, which is required for all ICE services, also applies to travel satisfaction, as well as the vehicles flexibility in daily service, are living
on Railjet. In all countries Railjet rank in train category RJ. The Czech proof of that.
Railways esk drhy (D) were so convinced by the overall concept
that they ordered seven sets for their premium PragueViennaGraz Copyright: BB Wegscheider
After graduating from the University of Innsbruck with a
connection. Since December 2014 this line is operated exclusively with degree in International Business in 2000, Kurt Bauer
started his career as a Consultant at Accenture in Frankfurt
Railjet trains at two-hour intervals. am Main. After being awarded a MSc in Transport from
the Imperial College in 2004, he specialised in the field of
Travel and Transportation during the course of several
Railjet Austrias answer to
consultant jobs. In 2011 he joined Deutsche Bahn. In his
international high-speed railway transport role as Senior Project Manager he was responsible for
Railjet is BBs most successful product: No matter where this train is strategic projects in passenger transport and as a Department Manager at
DB Fernverkehr AG he was in charge of the further development of the
used, it yields a significant rise in passenger numbers. This is yet another firms planning and scheduling processes. In 2015 Kurt returned to his
reason why BB have purchased nine new Railjets for its long-distance homeland and has been in charge of BB-Personenverkehr AGs high-speed
and long-distance train services since November 2015.
routes, and are in the process of extending its fleet to 60 sets.

Furrer+Frey AG
Overhead contact line engineering
Design, manufacturing, installation
Thunstrasse 35, P.O. Box 182
3000 Berne 6, Switzerland

Furrer Frey Overhead contact lines


Denis Belitsky /

High-speed rail
state of play and
vision for European
As European Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc shares with European Railway Review that one of her first
objectives is to help build a Single European transport area that can strengthen the European Internal Market and
facilitate the transition towards low-emission mobility. Here Violeta writes that high-speed rail has enormous
potential to make this a reality, especially following the recent adoption of the Fourth Railway Package.

High-speed rail as an instrument to decarbonise transport By 2030 half of European electricity should be renewable. The share of
The European Union has a long-standing commitment to fight climate renewable electricity has already increased to 29%, and accounts for
change, which is one of the most pressing challenges we face. Transport over 85% of Europes generation investments.
has a significant impact on our climate as it currently accounts for 23%
of all European greenhouse gas emissions. With transport demand High-speed rail in Europe today
projected to steadily increase, so too will emissions. As a result, the While only 3.4% of the European rail network is high-speed, 110 billion
sector could become the largest emitter of CO2 after 2030 if nothing is passenger-kilometres, equivalent to 26% of all European passenger-
done. As a result the European Commission adopted in July 2016 a kilometres, were transported on high-speed lines in 2014. With
comprehensive strategy to decarbonise the European transport sector 2,871km in current operation and 1,200km under construction, Spain
and transition to low-emission mobility. Truthfully, most of the action will has the second largest high-speed network in the world, behind China.
necessitate focus on road transport, which represents around 70% of all The European development of high-speed lines has recently been
transport emissions. However, incentivising a shift towards lower showcased with the opening of the second phase of the LGV Est,
emission transport modes such as rail is an integral part of our strategy. connecting the French high-speed network to the German one toward
In this respect, the case for high-speed rail is compelling; all the more Frankfurt and also to the Italian MilanBrescia high-speed line.
since our electricity is increasingly generated from renewable sources. The ToursBordeaux high-speed stretch represents the largest public-

European Railway Review S U B S C R I B E O N L I N E A T:

6 VOLUME 23, ISSUE 1, 2017

private partnership on railway worldwide, showing the attractiveness of that wish to participate. I am confident that the sector will seize this
the European high-speed model for the business sector and its opportunity and come up with user-friendly solutions very soon.
potential to trigger investments. This attractiveness and competitive- As for the technical pillar, this introduces a number of positive
ness is acknowledged by several success stories: high-speed gets by far changes. As of 2019, the European Union Agency for Railways will
the largest modal share in the connections between Paris, Brussels and become a one stop shop for vehicle authorisations and safety
London as well as ParisLyon, and Madrid Barcelona. The connection certification of railway undertakings. This will reap important savings
MilanRome amounts to more than 60% of the total share, leading (several million euros per international train) and reduce the lead time to
Ryanair to completely abandon the MilanRome route thanks to the have a train up and running, thus increasing the return for investment
opening of the rail segment to competition. for high-speed. The technical pillar will also streamline the large number
of national rules. These rules create a risk of insufficient transparency
A network expending with the financial help of the EU and disguised discrimination for new operators, which is a serious risk
In Denmark, Germany, France, Italy and Austria, 1,200 kilometres of for new investors. Reducing and simplifying the current rules will move
high-speed lines are under construction with new lines planned in us closer to a Single European Rail area and facilitate both high-speed
the United Kingdom and Sweden. In addition large sections of the and conventional cross-border traffic.
conventional rail network are, or will be, upgraded for use by high-
speed trains. By 2030 the planned high-speed network could extend to Working towards a European approach to rail security?
over 30,000km. Building high-speed lines, however, requires significant Following the attack perpetrated in a Thalys train in August 2015, rail
investment. The Commission is offering financial support to a number of security has become a growing concern across the EU. Unlike the
key cross-border projects, such as the Brenner Base Tunnel or the aviation sector, there is currently no European framework for rail
LyonTurin tunnel. While the speed will be lower, Rail Baltica is certainly security, even for international and high-speed trains. Terrorism is a
worth mentioning too as it will connect the three Baltic States to Poland challenge faced by all European nations and only a coordinated
and the rest of Europe. By 2020 the European Union is planning to response can successfully address it. For this reason, the Commission
invest a total of 1.24 billion in the project through the EU funding has been cautious of implementing unilateral rail security measures
programme for Transport Infrastructure (Connecting Europe Facility). introduced by one or the other Member State. My view is that we
Besides the Connecting Europe Facility, the Commission established should rather move towards a common European approach.
the Investment Plan (also known as the Juncker Plan) with the aim of To this end, we have placed the topic on the agenda of all the latest
mobilising at least 315 billion in investments with maximum private meetings of the 28 EU Transport Ministers (known as the Transport
sector contributions. In September 2016 we proposed to double the Council). We have also initiated a study investigating the options
Investment Plans financial capacity and focus on those projects that available to enhance the security of high-speed and international
contribute to climate action and on those involving cross-border railways. This study was recently completed and I was able to present it
infrastructure investments. There is therefore clear room for high-speed to the Transport Council held on 1 December 2016. It concluded that
rail projects. the most effective way to improve rail security is a combination of
mandatory requirements and guidance at EU level. As a follow-up, the
The Fourth Railway Package: a boost to railways Commission services are currently looking into risk-based and
2016 marked the adoption by the two EU co-legislators (the European proportionate measures that could be proposed as part of a European
Parliament and the Council) of the entire Fourth Railway Package. I am framework for railway security. Obviously, it will have to remain flexible
confident that both the technical and market pillars will have long-term enough to take into account the different levels of threats in the
benefits for high-speed rail. Member States.
The overall rationale of the market pillar of the package, which was In summary, I am convinced that high-speed rail has never been
formally adopted in December 2016, is to make European railways more more relevant than today as we are stepping up our efforts to
attractive, innovative and competitive by gradually opening domestic decarbonise the transport sector. High-speed rail is very much a
markets to competition. More specifically, from December 2020 European success story and I am confident that the action of the Euro-
onwards all EU railway undertakings will as a general rule be able to pean Union, both with regard to regulation and investment, will
operate open-access domestic passenger services in competition with contribute to future success. I wish the sector all the best for 2017.
incumbent operators. High-speed services typically fall under this
Copyright: European Union, 2014/Source: EC - Audiovisual Service/Photo: Etienne Ansotte

category. We expect that this competitive pressure will make railways Violeta Bulc is the EU Commissioner for Transport,
having been appointed to the office in November 2014.
more responsive to market and consumer demand, and therefore more Violeta brings a diverse set of expertise and professional
attractive to passengers. We may see rail operators compete against experiences to the role. As Commissioner she has already
placed priority on digitalisation and innovation in
each other on their merits but also innovate with new business models transport. A noted academic, author, systems architect and
offering different levels of services to customers. Why not have more entrepreneur, Violeta has long had a high profile in her
homeland of Slovenia. In the corporate sphere she has held
low-cost train companies? Ouigo or Izy have already invested in this
various positions in the telecoms industry, including Telekom Slovenia and
segment. The market pillar will also encourage the railway sector to Telemach. She has also been the owner and CEO of Vibacom, engaged in
develop a system that enables easy reservation of tickets for train work on sustainable and innovative business solutions. Immediately prior to
her appointment to the European Commission, Violeta was the Deputy
journeys across Europe. Such a system should of course be non- Prime Minister of Slovenia, with ministerial responsibility for development,
discriminatory and allow tickets to be purchased for all railway operators strategic projects and cohesion.

S U B S C R I B E O N L I N E A T: European Railway Review VOLUME 23, ISSUE 1, 2017

Polands modern
Express InterCity
Premium trains
PKP InterCity has invested in purchasing 20 modern high-speed Pendolino trains to improve passenger services.
For European Railway Review, Marek Chraniuk, President of the Board at PKP InterCity, gives a technical
overview of the new fleet as well as their on-board features specifically designed to provide passengers with a
premium level of travelling comfort.

Express InterCity Premium trains (EIP), also called Pendolino trains, offer times. Today the journey time from the capital to Wrocaw is
a totally new dimension and standard of travel in Poland. These new approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes, whereas, prior to December
Pendolinos manufactured by Alstom in the Italian city of Savigliano are 2014 before Pendolino trains were put into service the journey took
the fastest and most comfortable trains among PKPs (Polish Railways) more than five hours.
InterCity rolling stock fleet. Every day 20 trains connect the north to the The journey from Warsaw to Katowice takes 2 hours and 13 minutes,
south of Poland. EIP trains link Warsaw with Gdask, Gdynia, Krakw, reaches Krakw in 2 hours and 14 minutes, and Gdask in 2 hours and
Katowice, Gliwice, Bielsko-Biaa, Wrocaw and Rzeszw. In spring 2016 39 minutes. The journey from the south to the north of Poland takes
the service was extended: the train that previously travelled to approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes. Owing to further modernisation
Wrocaw now continues to Jelenia Gra; as of 29 April 2016 the train being carried out by the railway infrastructure manager, these times are
to Gdynia now goes to Koobrzeg; and since mid-December 2016 set to be reduced even more.
EIP services have been running to Bochnia. The seven-carriage Pendolino trains have been fitted with their own
The introduction of modern trains has resulted in shorter journey deployed drive mechanisms. The length of these trains is 187.4m, with
times between major cities of the country. Thanks to the arrival of the maximum body width of 2.8m and the maximum height (above rail
Pendolino trains, it is now possible to offer passengers attractive travel head) of 4.1m. Under normal operating conditions the weight of the
train is approximately 395.5 tonnes. The power
Milosz Maslanka /

of such trains is 5,500kW, and they can reach

maximum speeds of 250km/h. PKP InterCity
was the first passenger rail operator in Central
Europe whose trains could reach speeds of
200km/h. PKPs InterCity Pendolino also holds
the speed record on Polish tracks. During tests
conducted in the autumn of 2013, a Pendolino
achieved the speed of 293km/h.
The introduction of Pendolino modern trains
has resulted in a positive change to the quality of
travel not only improved journey times, but
greater passenger comfort too. Pendolino uses
technologically advanced solutions that make
travel by train comfortable and safe. New
Exterior of the PKP InterCity (ED250 Pendolino)
solutions such as bogie sound insulation and

European Railway Review S U B S C R I B E O N L I N E A T:

8 VOLUME 23, ISSUE 1, 2017

Second Class interior on the PKP InterCity (ED250 Pendolino)

shock absorbers have helped reduce noise levels inside the train. from anywhere within the train for utilisation in emergency situations to
In addition, the special design of the roof has reduced the level of sound notify train attendants and call for assistance.
reaching the interior through the ceiling. Each carriage is equipped with All Pendolino trains have been equipped with first aid equipment
two modules for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, providing and defibrillators. Since July 2016 these modern devices can be found
passengers with thermal comfort during their journey. To ensure a high in specially marked boxes on-board carriage number two of all
level of operating safety, the train has an innovative streamlined front Pendolinos. The defibrillator is simple to use and supports and instructs
design that features an aerodynamic nose equipped with special the person giving first aid during the entire rescue operation.
components that absorb impact energy in the event of a collision. Express InterCity Premium trains have a total of 402 seats 45 in
To ensure the personal safety of passengers, the train also features First Class and 357 in Second Class. Passengers can enjoy ergonomic,
a monitoring system. Each carriage has a number of cameras that reclining seats, side tables, excellent lighting and electrical outlets at
digitally records images and the train managers carriage features a every seat. The trains also feature special luggage racks in the corridors
screen for viewing the recordings. Each section of the train includes and at the end of each compartment, as well as places for four bikes.
at least two alarm intercoms that can be reached quickly and are visible Conventional information boards have been replaced with electronic

BONATRANS and GHH-RADSATZ represent an impressive part of The premium supplier for wheels, axles and wheelsets
the history of wheelset design and manufacturing. Generations More than 200 years of history
of true experts continuously contribute to the evolution of the
For all types of rolling stock, including trams and metros
wheelset. Respecting the past but looking ahead, the pioneers
of wheelset manufacturing produce premium solutions for the For all major railways and rolling stock manufacturers
railways of the world. More than 80 countries delivered worldwide

displays that post messages including information about the journey area for those who want to relax or work while travelling. PKP InterCity
and, in addition, feature a modern passenger information system. is the first train operator in Poland to test such a facility.
The new trains offer a high level of comfort for those with reduced PKP InterCitys acquisition of 20 modern Pendolino trains was
mobility and families with small children. Facilities for wheelchair users accompanied by a project to build the necessary technical
are located in the third carriage and entry to this section of the train is infrastructure. Its High-Speed Train Service Centre, which services
via exterior doors that are equipped with lifts for easy entry and exit. Pendolino trains, consists of a large workshop; railway infrastructure and
On-board there are two wheelchair spaces and a specially adapted an overhead contact system; offices and staff welfare facilities; as well
toilet; emergency/safety buttons can be found in both areas for alerting as an automatic washing station for carriages. These facilities, covering
train staff if needed. The same section of carriage is also where over 12,000m2 are located on Kozia Grka Street adjacent to the
passengers can find the buffet area and the train staff room. operators largest train station in Warsaws Grochw district. Currently,
Additionally, trains in the InterCity Premium Express category include the Pendolinos manufacturer is responsible for providing a full range of
special facilities for the blind and visually impaired. Seats in the maintenance services including warranty repairs, inspections and the
carriages are marked in Braille and information about the next stations cleaning and washing of carriages.
is announced over a PA system. So far over seven million passengers have travelled on-board
Pendolinos are also convenient for families travelling with small Pendolino trains, which together have travelled more than 10 million
children; the second carriage of each train features three dedicated kilometres. That equates to more than 21,000 trips or the equivalent
compartments each with four seats. Next to these are spaces to house of one Pendolino circling the Earth 250 times!
large luggage and a pram, and amenities for changing nappies can be
Marek Chraniuk has worked for Polish State Railways
found in the largest toilet (in carriage number three). for 24 years and since 2006 as part of PKP Intercity. Over
The trains include a buffet car served by WARS the company the years Marek has been employed at almost every level
within the companys hierarchy, starting from a Train
responsible for catering on-board Polish trains since 1948. Every Dispatcher then onto more managerial positions. His area
Express InterCity Premium passenger receives refreshments, which are of expertise is the development of transport and price plan
offers. Among other things he has cooperated with
included in the price of their ticket. In First Class this includes two
the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development in the
beverages (a choice of hot or cold) and a snack. This package also implementation of contracts on organisation and funding passenger rail
includes a daily newspaper and a freshen-up tissue. Second Class transportation including international transport. He is a graduate from the
Faculty of Transportation at Radom Technical University. He also completed
passengers receive one (hot or cold) beverage. postgraduate studies in Management and Marketing at the University of
In April 2016 PKP InterCity launched Quiet Section. This new Szczecin and postgraduate studies in Project Management at the Leon
Komiski University.
facility found in the seventh carriage of the Pendolino trains is an

Sifer 2017
21.-23. March
Lille, France
Vibration Isolation for Stand 2/433

Your Superstructure.
Reduction in Life Cycle Costs
Demonstrated long-term effects
Accommodating differences in bedding


Copyright: BB Wegscheider
Jrgen Rainalter Jakub Weimann Kurt Bauer Salvatore Stefan Jugelt Jean-Pierre
CEO, Getzner Managing Director, Head of High-Speed Vetruccio Project Officer Audoux
Werkstoffe BONATRANS and Long-Distance Assessor CCS Interoperability Unit, Director General,
GROUP a.s. Services, BB On-Board Department, European Union French Railway Industry
Italcertifer Agency for Railways Association (FIF)

European Railway Review asks: What challenges/obstacles must the industry conquer for high-speed rail to
capture a higher percentage of transport modal share from the air travel industry?

Jrgen Rainalter: On long-distance and high- ticketing and real-time information are clear Jean-Pierre Audoux: The introduction of
speed lines in particular, the railways compete advantages. Additional competitiveness can high-speed trains in Japan (Shinkansen) and
directly with air travel. Experience shows that be gained by innovative interior concepts; France (TGV) at the end of the 1970s and early
travellers tend to opt for rail if in addition customer oriented catering; state-of-the-art 1980s has been, without a doubt, the most
to short journey times, punctuality and no on-board entertainment; connectivity; and disruptive event in the history of railways
luggage weight restrictions an appropriately competent and efficient staff. during the 20th century.
high level of comfort is provided. So if the level Salvatore Vetruccio: It must conquer the Furthermore, the future of high-speed
of comfort in rail cars is improved, more people time factor; cheap fares; ease of luggage systems in the face of competition with other
will travel by train in the future. transport; and respect the environment. Rail modes of transport especially air transporta-
Jakub Weimann: The rail industry must and air travel, fortunately, have very different tion is uncertain.
meet customer expectations, such as reliability, strengths, which is why the high-speed rail Of course the advantages of high-speed
safety, price and duration. A rail journey industry should focus its efforts and invest- over other transport modes are well known,
doesnt start and end at the train station. ments toward modernising and optimising but only for journeys ranging between
Rail has the significant natural advantage over routes under 900km. Air travel requires so 200-800km and that connect mid-town to mid-
air travel that people live and work closer to much time to complete the necessary actions town at a very high speed (min 300km/h).
train stations than airports. Lengthy airport for safe travel that high-speed rail is often This major asset is the key to the success of,
security procedures also make rail travel more faster, less stressful and more ecological. among many examples, the Eurostar and the
attractive. The rail industry must focus on The Italian experience demonstrates that the Thalys trains in Western Europe.
promoting this benefit and increasing its design and realisation of a so-called national However, the disadvantages of high-speed
perception to customers. Thanks to high- subway service is possible: thanks to most are equally well known. They include often very
speed networks, rail is already stealing pass- modern rolling stock, power infrastructure, and complex projects; long completion time for
engers from air travel for trips between cities ERTMS technology, the preference for rail high-speed lines; competition with low-cost air
up to 600km. It is therefore clear where new travel within national Italian borders is the fares; and, overall, a very high cost of construc-
high-speed tracks should be laid in future, and obvious choice. tion for the dedicated new lines between
very-high-speed rail has the potential to make Stefan Jugelt: The main success factor for 20-80 million per kilometre.
these distances even longer. rail not just high-speed rail is to be more Thus, only rich countries (currently Japan,
Kurt Bauer: The fundamental prerequisite visible as an alternative to air travel and to China, Western Europe and Middle-Eastern
for competitive high-speed services is an promote the advantage of rail as an open countries tomorrow the USA, Russia and
appropriate rail infrastructure that can reduce system. This starts with the integration and Brazil) can actually afford to invest in high-
travel time to 3.5 hours or less. In those cases availability of travel information such as speed, making the prospect for high-speed
high-speed rail offers competitive end-to-end timetables, fares and ticketing via the usual markets largely dependent on the decisions of
travel times compared to aviation. This booking mechanisms and continues to very few countries.
advantage can be further strengthened by emphasise rail advantages over air: buy a However, there remains a real market for
smooth sales and boarding processes. ticket; hop on the next train; and travel high-speed systems and in the last R. Berger
Furthermore, the possibility of linking high- smoothly. All of this can be enjoyed, without World Market Study for UNIFE, the expecta-
speed rail to other rail services and modes of excessive security checks, luggage restrictions tions for the coming years remain positive
public transport by coordinated timetables, and time-consuming check-in procedures. (10%/CAGR) until at least 2021.

S U B S C R I B E O N L I N E A T: European Railway Review VOLUME 23, ISSUE 1, 2017