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February 9, 2017

Dear Parents,

February 9, 2017 Dear Parents, We're writing to you to clarify information provided to you in

We're writing to you to clarify information provided to you in a parent letter yesterday. When the intermediate sanctions began, we met with state licensing to review the sanctions. We understood that it was a 90-day process and that if Rainbow met all sanction requirements they would be removed at that time.

Three of our facilities recently passed that three-month deadline as well as met all monitoring and training guidelines. We misinterpreted that to mean that the sanctions for those three schools had been lifted. However, after viewing the news story we asked for further clarification from the state this morning. We have been informed that it is 'typically a 90-day process,' which means that they may decide to make additional visits before we receive official notification regarding sanctions being lifted. We welcome their visits and will continue to partner with them.

We apologize for the misinformation we provided yesterday. In an effort to be open, we wanted to make certain you had the information we believed to be current and correct. While we're confident that all six of the schools currently under intermediate sanctions will have those sanctions removed, we'll be sure to wait for official confirmation from the state before communicating with you. In the meantime, all of our schools are operating under proper licensing guidelines and taking part in training programs that surpass sanction requirements.

Thank you again for serving as our partner in your child's education. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Danielle Corbin Regional Manager

Karen Krygier Chief Operating Officer