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Student Name: Candice Crooks Course Code: ECS 4070

Age Group: Preschool 2 -6 years old Date: 31/01/2017

Learning Experience: Science: Colour Eruption

Programming Purpose:
Last week, I observed that the children were familiar with their colours and had an interest
pertaining to different coloured materials by naming some colours that they saw. The purpose
is to extend their knowledge on colours by providing a science experience, where they will be
giving the opportunity to explore different colours, and see them in different properties.

Children will
-Further develop the skills needed in exploring transformations and hypothesizing outcomes
of the experience through 4.9.
-They will practice their communication skills by saying what they believe is going to happen
to the food colouring (if anything), which is 3.5.
-They will also develop emotional skills through 2.6 which outlines positive attitudes towards
learning, where they will develop a sense of engagement and curiosity.

Materials: Modifications:
- Food colouring Stabilize:
- Soup
- Milk
- Cotton Swab
- Bowl/Plate


Opening (Introduction)
I realized that majority of you enjoyed saying the names of colours and playing with
colourful things. Today we are going to put food colouring in the milk as well as soap, and see
what happens when we do this.

Body (Content)
1. Set up the materials
2. Invite the children over to see the experiment
3. Let the children view the materials used
4. Pour out the milk and place droplets of food colouring in the milk
5. Explain the process as Im doing it, and ask open-ended questions
6. Allow the children to hypothesize of what they think is going to happen when the soap
is added
7. Allow the children to help with the experience, (adding the soap to the food colouring
and milk and seeing what happens from there).

Closing (Ending)
Today we made a colour eruption from food colouring, milk, and soap. Thank you everyone
for helping with the experiment, now its time to find another activity to do.
-The children who seemed interested in the colour eruption could continue to play with the
activity. The ones who dont show interest would be directed to other activities that are
available to them.