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Update 6/5/2013 9:40AM
UPdate time: 7/31/2013 10:02AM -> 10/17/2013 11:40AM

+TAG content: cygwin, moshell,AMOS, RNC, RBS, mobatch, linux, bash TIPS, solaris
, unix

1. COUNTER command
pgets proxy ( proxy from pst)
2. pst MO pm_of_MO
cat 2/raw/A20110115.0945-1000.1.xml | /home/ephucle/moshell/pmExtract -u utrance
ll "."
cat 2/RAW/A20110115.0945-1000.1.xml | /home/ephucle/moshell/pmList -m utrancell
3. list all log file on RNC:
ftreef /c/logfiles
4. prints the state and configuration of the IP interfaces
5. stip

6. Check number of cells in each RNC module


7. tip on pmr command

pmr -r 7-10 -l 2/rcpd01/110308_100929/ -s 20110307.1400 -e 20
pmr -r 7-10 -s 20110309.1200 -e 20110309.1800
8. How to fetch log for a duration time
lgtaom -l 2/rcpd01/20110310_102758/ -s 2011-03-09.1200 -e 201

9. print cell data for all cells belonging to IubLink=Iub_304

ced -r iub_304 --> print cell data for all cells belonging to IubLink=Iub_

10. Check board load

C:\WORKING\3G\VTL RAN 3G\10 - Trick\capi.TXT or by pmr

11. How to use tesummary, output html file

./decoder/ -file 5/110308_101656/teread.log -html 5/110308_101656/te
12. How to count No. of file in folder
ls -l | wc

13. flowfox follow time

./decoder/ --file ./decoder/log/cd3.txt --start 11:03:00.000 --end 11:
04:50.000 -o ./decoder/log/cd3_flowfox_2.html --imsi 452048800046217
Processing ./decoder/log/cd3.txt:
Log start timestamp: 11:03:00.000
Log end timestamp: 11:04:50.000
Flowfox is scanning for timestamp information ...
Flowfox is now locating UeRefs for IMSI filter ...
IMSI Filter
>> (452048800046217): UE refs found ()
Processing logfile, this may take some time...
0%..........20%..........40%..........60%..........80%..........100% Done!
>> Output saved to ./decoder/log/cd3_flowfox_2.html

14. Checking SCCPAP infor in GPB C2

lhsh 000700 rof_sccpAP_info
lh ranapmp ueregprint all;arealist cell all;ranap status;ranap conn;ranap dumpRo
Table survey;ranap dumpRoTable;rncss_ranap;rnsap status;rnsap conn;rnsap dumpRoT
able survey;rnsap dumpRoTable;rncss_rnsap;lcs; ranap status 0;ranap cong -froid
0; ranap status 1;ranap cong -froid 1; rnsap status 0;rnsap cong -froid 0; rnsa
p status 1;rnsap cong -froid 1; rnsap status 2;rnsap cong -froid 2;

15. How to parse MOM

-moshell offline
-parsemom /home/ephucle/moshell/jarxml/RNC_NODE_MODEL_K_9_115_COMPLETE.xml
16. How to read counter
pmx -l . pmNoSysRelSpeechUlSynch
17. How to read formula
OFFLINE_RCPD26_DCG_K> l cat /home/ephucle/moshell/commonjars/pm/FORMULA_RNC_K_1_
0.txt | grep SHOFailContrib
18. Check UE in iublink
uer -r Iub_IHN589
19. How to remodule for nodeB
set Iub_IHN589 atmUserPlaneTermSubrackRef
20. How to check traffic in nodeb
uer -m 8
21. How to Ping CP & UP of RNSAP/RANAP
ipac_traceroute -z .. -d..
ipac_ping -z .. -d..
UP ping: facc IpAccessHostEt_sourceRNC ping IpAccessHostEt_destRNC
CP Ping: GURO02_ERNC06> ipac_ping -z IpAccessHostGpb_ipAddress1/2 -d IpAccessHos
22. Ethernet mode setting for RNC OAM
ethernet mode config
23. check ip connection:
24. check ranap status:
lhsh 000700 ranap status
sccadm_info all
25. How to test RANAP
lh ranapmp ranap enable 1
lh ranapmp te e bus_receive bus_send rnhRanapRouterC
lh ranapmp fte s
RCPD32> lh ranapmp fte s
110428-09:52:01 8.0s RNC_NODE_MODEL_L_1_119 stopfile=/tmp/11036
Position Board Process Status Adde
0007 GPB65 RNC_EXCEPTION enabled trac
0007 GPB65 UEH_EXCEPTION enabled trac
0022 GPB65 RNC_EXCEPTION enabled trac
0022 GPB65 UEH_EXCEPTION enabled trac
0022 GPB65 rnhRanapRouterC enabled bus_
send bus_receive
mon ranapmp
del ranap_sg
and then turn on trace
l /home/ephucle/moshell/monitor6054 33079 | ./ --w10b |
tee ./log/ranap_reset.log | ./ -colour
26. cell trace, know cell id
lh mod uerandtrace on -cell 9016
27. remove file in cygwin:
28. How to decode ctr.bin file
gzip -d ./2/rcpd10/CTR/*.gz
you have to pipe the output to " --extern" in order to decode the embe
dded signalling messages such as NAS,etc
--gpeh: for ctr and gpeh
--extern for view NAS message
./decoder/ --p71 --gpeh ./2/rcpd10/ctr/*.bin | ./decoder/ -colo
ur | tee ./2/rcpd10/ctr/ctr_decoded.txt
29. How to use zpm tool to decode dump log on CPP node
l zpm error 2/rcnh06/110610_174755/20110610_102249_c_pmd_90_000500_0xbea00015.p
md -o 2/rcnh06/110610_174755/0xbea00015_decoded.txt
30. How to turn on and turn off UE trace:
lh mod ueidtrace off -ue -all (default)
lh mod ueidtrace off -ue -all ; uerandtrace off -cell -all
#Check status ongoing selective or random UE traces
lh mod uerandtrace status ; ueidtrace status
lhsh 000600 uerandtrace status (check for random trace)
turn on on:
lh mod ueidtrace on -ue imsi $imsiVar
31. How set struct by MO script, ex
mo "ManagedElement=1,RncFunction=1,IurLink=742"
exception none
userPlaneTransportOption Struct
nrOfElements 2
atm Integer 0
ipv4 Integer 1
32. How to check data of module
lh mod22 drh_dcrh_topdata all
lh mod22 drh_ccrh_topdata all
33. How to do eteloopback test for E1?
23251 1 (ENABLED) AtmPort=MS-15-3,VplTp=vp13,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc13
23252 1 (ENABLED) AtmPort=MS-15-3,VplTp=vp13,VpcTp=1,VclTp=vc13
acc 23251 23252 eteloopback
34. Check MO status after load DT.
st all 1.*0
st all 0.*1
35. DCGM location folder for AMOS in OSS
st cell 1.*0
st cell 0.*1
37. How check cell data
lh mod60 celldata -c 16011
110716-14:55:17 8.0h RNC_NODE_MODEL_K_9_115_COMPLETE stopfile=/tmp/4
$ lhsh 000600 celldata -c 16011
0006: ------------------------------------------------------
0006: cId: 16011
0006: cellFroId: 400
0006: RO instance: 109
0006: RNC Module: 0
0006: IubLink froId: 89
0006: CC SP: 001800/sp0.lnh/CommonChMainPT
0006: Total ASE DL: 2.96
0006: aseDlAdm: 500
0006: Total ASE UL: 2.59

38. How to check ntp server synchronization in nodeB

$ ntp peerinfo
NTP Info
remote refid strat flags when poll reach delay offs
et disp
(sec) (sec) (sec)
x 16 1 0 1024 0 0.00 0.0
00 0.00
x 16 1 0 1024 0 0.00 0.0
00 0.00
x : Reject # : Falsetick ^ : Excess - : Outlyer
+ : Candidate s : Selected * : Sys.peer o : Prosp.Peer
39. Checking mspg for ETMF4
hget mspg selectedBoard|selectedPort

40. pmx
check rssi value of rbs
pmx carrier -m 24 -a
pmxh sl2056 pmNoRrcConnReqBlockNodeCs|pmNoRrcConnReqBlockNodePs|pmNoRejRrcConnM
rcCsReqDeniedAdm -m 8

41. check the speed of the fan in RBS6000

The trace to check the speed of the fan in the RBS6000
te e all supSysCtrlClimate
search for setfan in the temp traces
ter | grep -i setfan
42. TIPS checking when intergration
a. in most cases, we can check: alt, utrancell locked or unlocked, cellreserved,
lk, eteloopback etc.
b. check KPI: pmr s 20110809.0100 e 20110809.0200
c. check CS, PS performance:
pmxh cell.*0001 pmTotNoRrcConnectReq$|pmTotNoRrcConnectReqSuccess -m 5
pmxh cell.*0001 pmTotNoRrcConnectReqPs|pmTotNoRrcConnectReqPsSucc -m 5
pmxh cell.*0001 pmTotNoRrcConnectReqCs|pmTotNoRrcConnectReqCsSucc m 5
d. check uplink interfere:
RBS: pmr r 1
e. check utrancell power related:
RNC: get utrancell.*52511C1 maximumTransmissionPower
Get utrancell.*52511C1 primaryCpichPower
RBS: get . maxTotalOutputPower
f. If customer told you check RBS output power, you can use:
RBS: pmr r 1
g. check VSWR:
lh rru fui get vswr
h. check transmission quality:
pget e1
i. restart rru
j. restart DU

43. truni:
By default, the command trun file halts when a command fails.
truni: ignore exceptions, the execution does not halt when a command fails.
OFFLINE> h truni
trun[is1cr] <moScript>|<http://ipaddress/script>
It is also possible to specify a file located on a web server (eg. when the scri
pt is located on the CPP node).
See examples below. For more info, refer to MoTester documentation on http://utr .
- i: ignore exceptions, the execution does not halt when a command fails.
- s: simulated run, the command file execution is simulated, no commands are ac
tually executed on the node. Can be used to verify the syntax of a script prior
to running it for real. The simulated mode is always used in "offline mode" or "
simulated undo mode", regardless of the "trun" options.
- 1: executes the whole script in one transaction, then prompts for confirm or
rollback. This option should be used with great care and only when absolutely ne
cessary (e.g. when changing IP address of the node, see example script in moshel
l/examples/misc/ In regular usage, it is recommended to not use th
is option as it has been observed to cause database corruptions in certain cases
- c: used in combination with option "1" above, will avoid the prompt by automa
tically confirming the transaction
- r: used in combination with option "1" above, will avoid the prompt by automa
tically rolling back the transaction
44. dump online
-list dump
dump list -a
dump error -i /c/pmd/37/001600/0xfdf59d9f.pmd
45. Checking sleeping cell issue (Using RRC)
KG5071C | YGIN07_ERNC10 | pmxh -m 1 UtranCell=YI07_10_.*_KG5071 pmTotNoRrcConn
46.SGSN in Pool (iuflex)
if you can define a lot of ranap mo mean that you have enable iuflex and NRI(for
PS) in rncfunction=1 mo is greater than 0. I have configure SGSN inpool for RNC
3820 with ericsson SGSN.

In my opinion, you can check the addtibute "cnId" in ranapmo. it is correct of n

ot. by the way, you should also double check the attibute "destPointCode" in Mtp
3bSrs" mo. The last thing yuo can do is put some trace on RANAP_ASN, use action
"setAutoActivate", "setAutoDown" of m3ua mo and see the message go forth and bac
k between RNC and SGSN.

47. wireshark filter

ranap.gTP_TEI == 0x00008a2b
gtp.teid == 0x00008a2b

48. Display state, user, and bandwidth usage for ATM ports and channels.
stv[b][r] [<Filter>] [<stateFilter>]
Display state, user, and bandwidth usage for ATM ports and channels.

49. How to Restart scc_server in SCCP MP

lh sccpmp sma -all | grep scc # find the CXP number of the scc_server Load Modul
acc Program=CXC.._R.. restart
50. How to Show node on OSS
pwAdmin -l | grep rnc | 91. List node from OSS : more /etc/hosts

51. Sync trace RBS
Trace settings:
te enable trace1 trace8 trace9 Nss_tuRegMp_proc
COLI commands:
nssinfo clk
nssinfo fls
nssinfo osc
52. How to do SW allocation by moshell
set . autoconfigurationallow true
pr swallocation
acc MO deleteslot
acc MO addslot
53.How to setting Ethernetmode for APP port
Card Port X SFP mgmt SFP type PHY mode Module Linkprop
10GbE A 18 autconf nc limiting nc YES
10GbE B 28 autconf nc limiting nc YES
10GbE C 32 autconf unknown limiting NOK YES
10GbE D 42 autconf unknown limiting NOK YES
>setmode 32 1gforced
Command setmode executed for card on slot: 3, channel: 1
Mode for port set
>setmode 42 1gforced
Command setmode executed for card on slot: 3, channel: 2
Mode for port set
Card Port X SFP mgmt SFP type PHY mode Module Linkprop
10GbE A 18 autconf nc limiting nc YES
10GbE B 28 autconf nc limiting nc YES
10GbE C 32 autconf unknown 1gforced NOK YES
10GbE D 42 autconf unknown 1gforced NOK YES
Command lssfpconf executed
53. license intergration unlock test status
license iu status
55. How to Ping to test sigtran
ipac_traceroute -z -d
54. How to check CPU load for aboard
$ lhsh 000800 lcs
0008: Load Control Statistics

55. Command to activate trace

lh mod ueidtrace on -ue imsi 452022114994487
lh mod uerandtrace on -cell 65000
lh mod te e bus_send bus_receive UE_ASN_RRC
lh mod te e bus_send bus_receive UE_ASN_RANAP
lh mod te e bus_send bus_receive UE_ASN_RNSAP
lh mod te e bus_send bus_receive UE_ASN_NBAP
//lh mod uerandtrace max 100
//lh mod te e trace4 UE_GENERAL
//lh mod te e trace1 UEH_EXCEPTION
//lh mod te e trace3 IU_IF
//lh mod ueidtrace off -ue -all
//trace on DC device
lh dc2021 te e all IUC_CONTROL_UL_UE
lh dc2021 te e all IUC_CONTROL_DL_UE
//lh dcxx te enable trace3 trace5 DISCARD_UE
//lh dcxx te enable all SP_EXCEPTION
lh mod te e trace3 IU_IF
56. How to collect counter
pmxk -m 4 UtranCell=HC13961 pmNoSystemRabReleasePacket$

57. How to restart aboard on RNC

OFFLINE> h progkill
proglist/progkill [-e] [<string>] [|<unix-cmds>]
List or restart programs on boards or board groups.
These two commands are wrappers for the COLI commands pglist/pm_pginfo and pgkil
The proglist command lists the OSE programs running on MP, BP, or SP processor.
The program handle, state, program number and name are shown.
With option "-e", the heap and pool size are also shown. It is also possible to
add a filter after the "-e" option in order to show other program settings apart
from the heap and pool. Eg: "proglist -e stack" shows all program settings matc
hing the word "stack".
A list of all available program settings is shown at the end of the printout (wh
en option "-e" is used).
The progkill command is used for restarting an individual program on a MP. If th
is command is used on a BP or SP then the whole processor restarts. A string whi
ch matches the program number or program name must be given as argument to the c
ommand. Eg: "progkill jvm", or "progkill 0784"
- List programs on central MP:
>> proglist
- List programs on board 001400, whose product number match "0787"
>> lhsh 001400 proglist | grep 0787
- List programs on all MP/BP/SP processors together with heap and pool info
>> lh all proglist -e
- Show the stack size for all programs running in the O&M MPs
>> lh ommp proglist -e stack_size$
- List programs on all boards of the boardgroup "mp", whose name match "system"
>> lh mp proglist | grep system
- Restart the program whose product number matches "2417" on board 001400
>> lhsh 001400 progkill 2417
- Restart the programs whose name matches "aal2ap" on all boards of the boardgr
oup "mp"
>> lh mp progkill aal2ap

58. How to extract mobatch log result

example: extract finger print of nodeB from mobatch logs
grep -i "finger" *.log
59. How to run GUI on nodeB by command
a. download bemcli.jar by moshell
htget http://rbsIp/em/bemcli.jar
b. run from OSS
java -jar bemcli.jar help
BEM on the command line connects to the specified RBS and executes the commands
as described below.
<host name/ip address> help
Displayes this help.
<host name/ip address> cabinet <input cabinet xml file>
Runs Cabinet Equipment Wizard with specified xml file.


java -jar bemcli.jar cabinet my_cabinet_xmlfile.xml -rbs_prop /user/bem

60. How to format nodeB + and load basic package for nodeB
1) reload -- this will enter backup mode
2) mount_c2 this will mount /c2 drive
3) formathd /d this will format the /d drive
4) formathd /c2 this will format the /c2 drive
5) reload -- to initialize the disk
6) ifconfig le0 IP netmask to set the ip address and subnetmask
7) reload refresh the Node-B

61) How to trace to find out what counter increase when CS call drop
lh mod te e trace3 IU_IF
example trace log:
IU_IF) ../src/UehPmEventDataD.cpp:1394 TRACE3:Increment counter ROAM_UTRANCELL_P
MNOSYSTEMRABRELEASEPACKET; for Source Best Cell on observed instance Id=380; num
OfSteps=1; cellId=50186; cellFroId=380; sRncUeRef=1006; sRnti=66542; IMSI = 2700
11008275182; connType = uehPacketCch.
(IU_IF) ../src/UehUeCtxtC.cpp:1362 TRACE1:Sending IuReleaseRequest for packet sw
itched CN with cause 16; UeRef = 4940; IMSI = 270011006155400; cellId = 50178; c
ellFroId = 308; S-RNTI = 70476; connType = uehSp64, globalCnId: mcc = 270, mnc =
1, mncLength = 2; cnId = -1 (User Inactivity)
62. How to restart GPB C1 by telnet/serial command
Using the serial port, restart the Core MP using the following command
$ restartObj me
If the restart command does not trigger a restart of the Core MP, reload the Cor
e MP using the following command
$ reload

63. ranap conn usage

RSG081E> lhsh 000700 ranap conn usage
120829-16:45:05 9.0a RNC_NODE_MODEL_K_9_115 stopfile=/tmp/7468
$ lhsh 000700 ranap conn usage
Print information from RANAP connection table.
Usage: ranap conn
Prints the first n connections in the table, for all froIds.
Usage: ranap conn <froId>
Prints the first n connections for a specific froId.
ranap conn -option1 <value> -option2 <value> -option3 <state1> <state2> ...
Advanced search in RANAP table. Available Options are:
-froid <num> // only show conns for one froId
-sccpstate <state1> <state2> // only show some sccp states
-uectxtstate <state1> <state2> // only show some uectxt states (as perceived fr
om ranap)
-ueref <num> // only show for one ueref #
-moduleid <num> // only show for uerefs on one module mp or Mbms
-domain <num>|cs|ps // only show for one domain range for <num> is 0
(cs) to 1(ps)
-iusignconnid <num> // only show for one iu signalling connection
-from <num> // start looking from sccp conn id <num>
-limit <num> // only show first <num> hits
-to <num> // stop looking at sccp conn id <num>
Available states are: conn, notconn, notconn_msg, inpend, outpend
ranap conn -froid 1 -moduleid 12 -sccpstate conn -uectxtstate inpend outpend
64. check allocated status of nodeB
lhsh 000700 drhcendh dc
65. catch IU CS userplane message by
lh dc80 te e bus_send bus_receive IUC_CONTROL_UL_UE
lh dc80 te e bus_send bus_receive IUC_CONTROL_DL_UE
66. Trace in IMSI/CELL
//lh modxx uerandtrace -cell -all
//lh modxx uerandtrace max -unlim

lh mod ueidtrace -ue imsi 452010801018644

//lh mod uerandtrace on -cell 34058 //if want to trace on CELL turn on this
//lh mod uerandtrace on -cell 34059

lh mod te e bus_send bus_receive UE_ASN_RRC

lh mod te e bus_send bus_receive UE_ASN_RANAP
lh mod te e bus_send bus_receive UE_ASN_RNSAP
lh mod te e bus_send bus_receive UE_ASN_NBAP
lh mod te e trace1 UEH_EXCEPTION
lh mod te e trace4 UE_GENERAL
lh mod te e trace1 trace3 IU_IF
//lhsh <modx> te eall UE_IRAT_HANDOVER
//lhsh <modx> te e all UE_IRAT_CELL_CHANGE
//lh ranapmp te e trace3 Scc_server_proc //Trace on SCCP
mon mod
l $moncommand | decoder/ --p71 | tee trace/PSHO/E_N2.log | decoder/flo -colour | tee trace/PSHO/E_N2_flow.log

trace SHO
lhsh <Module> te e bus_send bus_receive UE_ASN_RRC
lhsh <Module> te e bus_send bus_receive UE_ASN_RANAP
lhsh <Module> te e bus_send bus_receive UE_ASN_RNSAP
lhsh <Module> te e trace4 trace6 trace 7 UE_GENERAL
#[2012-06-19 01:35:00.632] 012100/RncLmUePT(UE_HANDOVER) ../src/UehSoftHoC.cpp:5
529 TRACE6:Signal spConfigReq sent to port dcsIfControlP
#[2012-06-19 01:35:00.632] 012100/RncLmUePT(UE_HANDOVER) ../src/UehSoftHoC.cpp:5
530 TRACE7:DcsSpConfigReqD{dcRhRef 24 76 101 128 48 0 3 30 236 0 0 0 0 0 128 49
0 0 0 0 12 0 0 0 1,ueRef -1,ueModuleId -1,mpBagBufPtr 1671050592,bagSize 0}
#[2012-06-19 01:35:00.636] 012100/RncLmUePT(UE_HANDOVER) ../src/UehSoftHoC.cpp:5
452 TRACE6:uehProcedures[ueRef 7916]: signal spConfigCfm received on port dcsIfC
ontrolP in state WaitSpConfigRsp
#[2012-06-19 01:35:00.636] 012100/RncLmUePT(UE_HANDOVER) ../src/UehSoftHoC.cpp:5
452 TRACE7:uehProcedures[ueRef 7916]: signal data: DcsIfControlUeRefD{ueRef 7916
,ueModuleId 12}
lhsh <Module> te e trace1 trace6 trace7 UE_HANDOVER
#012100/RncLmUePT(UE_HANDOVER_AS) ../src/UehSoftHoC.cpp:1878 TRACE3:Intra Soft R
NC Radio Link Set Addition
#012100/RncLmUePT(UE_HANDOVER_AS) ../src/UehSoftHoC.cpp:803 TRACE3:Event e1a rec
eived with ScrCode = 306 for UeRef =
lhsh <Module> te e trace3 UE_HANDOVER_AS

lhsh <Module> te e trace1 trace3 UEH_EXCEPTION

lh <dcSP> te e all SP_EXCEPTION
lh <dcSP> te e trace1 trace5 HANDOVER_EVAL_UE
lh <dcSP> te e bus_send bus_receive RRC_UL_UE # to trace the Measurement Report

RncLmUePT(UE_COUNTERS_GSM_RELATION) ../src/UehPmEventDataD.cpp:747 TRACE3:Counte
elation as adjcentCellGsmRelationCellFroId is not valid, block=UehUeCtxtC; sRncU
eRef=n; sRnti=n; numOfSteps=1; gsmCellId=1; gsmCellFroId=-1; adjcentCellGsmRelat
ionCellFroId=-1; procedureIndicator=UehProcIndIRATCellChange;

flowflox online tool

BO check
cach chuyen tu ueh log sang html te summary log
l ./decoder/ -f temp/RSGTB1E_EXCEPTION_121109_1133.log -html temp/RS

67. paging counter


68. How to download COMPLETE MOM online

getmom RNC_NODE_MODEL_K_9_115_COMPLETE.xml

69. How to seach event id in measument report ( RRC)

search "evID"
70. Path to CTR trace log in OSS

!Check current MSC on UE!

!Connect to node from OSS!
eaw NE=MSHC01E
!Convert MSISDN -> IMSI!
!Check location!

71. AMOS folder

72. How to trace and decode by AMOS
l $moncommand | /opt/ericsson/amos/decoder/ --w12b | /opt/ericsson/amo
s/decoder/ -colour | tee /home/ericsson/hoang/emlpp_1.txt
72. AWK
[~]$ cat ./temp/9_ueh_read/ueh_rsg101e_1453.txt | grep "ExceptionCode = " |$ gre
p UehRncHardHandoverC|awk 'BEGIN{FS="ExceptionCode = "}{print $2}' | awk 'BEGIN{
FS=";"}{print $1}' | sort | uniq -c
14 409
187 509
[/cygdrive/c/working/CSR/2289506, Abnormal Dropped Call from ERA to NSN/log]$ ca
t RSGTB1E_130611_1638_UEH.log | grep -i "causecode = rnsaprequested_configuratio
n_not_supported" | awk 'BEGIN {FS=";sourceConnType ="} {print $2}' | awk 'BEGIN
{FS="; "}{print $1}' | sort | uniq -c
6 uehPacket128
17 uehPacket12864
62 uehPacket128Hs
131 uehPacket384Hs
91 uehPacket64
239 uehPacket64Hs
1382 uehPacketEulHs
8 uehPsInt1616
104 uehPsInt1664
93 uehPsInt16Hs
1 uehPsInt6416
215 uehRrcConn
367 uehSp0
4 uehSp12864
2 uehSp384Hs
12 uehSp64
6 uehSp64Hs
1 uehSpeech
9 uehSpeechAmrNbMMPsInt16Hs
2 uehSpeechPsInt128Hs
#print file by

73. perl
how to call perl script from cygwin:
add line: #!/usr/bin/perl -w vao dau script
call script by: filename ( trong cygwin)

74. egrep "MOs to grou" *.log

75. Reallocate all iublink resources evenly in the node
resub iublink=
76. find out negative counter
77. change excuting right in solaris
ericsson@vmshcxts01> chmod -R 777 /home/ericsson/hoang/rnchc
78. new read counter from ropfile
79. quickly check license by inv command
80. Check state for all sites located on a specific module
RNC02> str -m 13
Check state for all sites located in a specific subrack
RNC02> str -s ms
Check state for all sites that use a specific transmission type
(A=ATM, I=IP, AI=DualStack)
RNC02> str -t ai
81. check with ced that there are no cells handled by a CC device belonging to a
different module:
the list is empty => Ok!
RNC143> cedr | grep !

82. Printing usage for all cells of a module

RNC99> ced -m 1
rnc22> lh mod celldata -m
Printing usage for one RBS
RNC66> cedh -r iub_rbs54

83. uer advanced:

Print all calls, but without showing the PDR device (saves time)
Print only the summary tables, not the individual calls
RNC11> uers
Print all drift contexts
RNC99> uerd
Printing all variables for a context
RNC10> uer -i 301001800040001 all
Printing active UE contexts with RRT commands
RNC12> ueregprint all

84. Recommended trace objects for UE tracing:

UE_ASN_RANAP bus_send bus_receive
UE_ASN_RNSAP bus_send bus_receive
UE_ASN_RRC bus_send bus_receive
UE_ASN_NBAP bus_send bus_receive
UE_IU_IF trace1 trace3 tool call drop analysis:

**:ws4264@/net/wl7266/tmp/20090323> ~/decoder/ -h
######################### flowfilter 1.0i, 2009-03-11 #########################
Tested with V2.0, requires IU_IF or UE_IF_UE traces.
This tool doesn't work with flow.awk or RAN
Default filtering is done on System drops.
-ueref Filter by one specific ueref.
-debug Debug mode.
-help|h Help.
-ueh <UEH Exception code> Filter by UEH_Exception code.
-rnc <RNC Exception code> Filter by RNC_Exception code.(Not tested
-color print in differnt colors.
-asn print only drops with asn-traces.
-type Filter on one specific type of drop.
-file|f <file> read from file.
-meas Skipping everything that contain measure

86. RNC UE Context History Buffer

Purpose: to find out what events led to a UEH exception
The last 25 events of each call are logged in a buffer, eg RAB transitions, hand
overs, etc. Up to 500 calls can be logged simultaneously.
When a UEH exception occurs that leads to the call being released, the UE contex
t history buffer is printed on bus_send UEH_EXCEPTION.
It is also possible to print the UE context history buffer of any call via the
traces bus_send on UEHISTORY (non selective) or UE_UEHISTORY.
In this case, the UE context history buffer must be manually printed to TE log w
ith the command printuehistory.
More information: 90/190 24-10/FCP 103 6503

87.ipdatabase from oss for amos

mobatch in amos : /opt/ericsson/amos/moshell/mobatch
88. cygwin package for telnet/ftp/ssh/sftp: NET:inetutils & NET:openssh
89. how to create basic package for nodeB

90. cygwin bash, fast way to change to home folder

run "cd" only

92. call bash from cmd window

93. grep & egrep tool of cygwin
grep LocationArea.*LocationAreaId *.log > ./log1.txt
grep -i iur.*lac ./*.log > ./log3.txt
egrep -e '^.* LocationArea=.*' *.log > internal.txt
egrep -e '^.*ExternalUtranCell=.*' *.log > ExternalUtranCell.txt
94. ls with color
ls -color
95. command to search in bash cygwin
find / -name make*
96. login to bash (cygwin from window)
@echo off
chdir C:\cygwin\bin
bash -l -i
97. delete many file at the same time
rm *.bak
98. string concatenation is the operation of joining two character strings end-
to-end. For example, the concatenation of "snow" and "ball" is "snowball".
mgw MGHC06E


login to msc :
eaw NE=MSHC04E
mgmap:LAI=452-01-22220; !find RNC location!
84938892368 452010800626537
100. quick command to filter trace flow, remove ueh exception message
cat RSG101E_130530_1204_Call_flow_f.txt | grep -i "\-\-\-"
101. print operate system moshell is running
print $uname
CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW64 E72C59E5BAD684 1.7.18(0.263/5/3) 2013-04-19 10:39 i686 Cygwi
102. mod2nr(string) Convert a RncModule name into a module number. bp mod
103. get input from moshell script
$var = readinput(Please confirm [y/n]: )
if $var !~ ^y
104. Number of counter instances in the last ROP file : RNC11> pmxc

105. call program from perl

my $status = system("vi fred.txt");
my $status = system("mobatch .....");
call perl from other program
system ( perl );
system ( perl );
106. check oss
ps -ef | grep -i moshell
107. ls
ls --color
108. ghep 2 file
cat file1.txt >> file3.txt
cat file2.txt >> file3.txt
egrep . * >> ./totalfile.txt
109. rename file/folder in cygwin
[~/temp]$ mv 6/ 6_vi
110. create softlink
Creating soft links...
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/ /home/ephucle/de
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/ /home/ephucle/decoder/
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/decoder_ss7 /home/ephucle/decoder/decoder_ss7
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/ /home/ephucle/decoder/dropFinder.p
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/ /home/ephucle/decoder/ev
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/ /home/ephucle/decoder/
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/flow_ss7 /home/ephucle/decoder/flow_ss7
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/ /home/ephucle/decoder/flowFilter.p
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/ /home/ephucle/decoder/
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/ /home/ephucle/decoder/historyD
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/ /home/ephucle/decoder/
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/ /home/ephucle/decoder/
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/pdr2eth.awk /home/ephucle/decoder/pdr2eth.awk
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/PmEventSpecification_RBS.xml /home/ephucle/decod
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/ /home/ephucle/decoder/postprocess
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/ /home/ephucle/decoder/ran
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/ /home/ephucle/decoder/s
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/ /home/ephucle/decoder/
ln -s /home/ephucle/decoder/bin/uetr2uetrXplorer.awk /home/ephucle/decoder/uetr2
ln--help for help
111. mom[abcdfloprtux] [<moclass/struct/enum>] [<attribute/action>] [<attr-type>
] [<attr-flags>] [<description>]
112. !!! Please refer to README chap 3.3 (or "h syntax") for more info on how to
set values for each specific attribute type (eg Struct, array of MoRef, array o
f Struct, etc).
113. draw web
pmxw utrancell=iub-6-1 pmTotNoRrcConnectReq$ -m 20
114. pstool list
115. ceds, cedg: cell data
ceds: state and supported features of each UtranCell. Read from MO data on Utran
Cell and children.
cedg: state and geographical coordinates of each UtranCell. Read from MO data on
UtranCell and children.
feed into
Mod UtranCell CFRPHEMU Antenna and Cell Coordinates, feed into http://map
21 CTU20847 111111-- 41.2383,-73.1937 41.2383,-73.193665 41.2424,-73.14
0621 41.2157,-73.149569 41.1996,-73.179159 41.2016,-73.215508
21 CTU20848 111111-- 41.2383,-73.1937 41.2383,-73.193665 41.2016,-73.21
5508 41.2208,-73.241665 41.2482,-73.245378 41.2710,-73.224885
21 CTU20849 111111-- 41.2383,-73.1937 41.2383,-73.193665 41.2710,-73.22
4885 41.2785,-73.189759 41.2672,-73.156478 41.2424,-73.140621
21 CTV20841 111111-- 41.2383,-73.1937 41.2383,-73.193665 41.2424,-73.14
0621 41.2157,-73.149569 41.1996,-73.179159 41.2016,-73.215508

116. lh mod procload: check load cause by trace

117. pset (uetr& gpeh)

118, upgrade amos
put moshell. zip to /tmp
cd /tmp
bash moshell_install -a
119. Print all drift contexts for softhandover
120.A random UE trace for any single UE in the whole node
RNC26> lh mod uerandtrace on -cell -all;uerandtrace max 1

flowlog: see detail mesasge in flow

121. how to read file (with update status from OSS/linux)
tail -1000f neadStatus.log.yin
122. use tip for clear the screen in script
#print "\033[2J";#clear screen
#print "\033[0;0H"; #jump to 0,0
123. awk advance
print all text file
awk '{print}' ./content.txt
awk '{print $0}' ./content.txt
print frist colume of each line
awk '{print $2}' ./content.txt
124. rnc restart command, coli, or telnet mode
restartObj me coldwtest
restartObj me cold
restartObj me warm" to use concat tool in decoder

cat ./RSGBT1E_Cipher_0636_310713.log | ~/decoder/concat_segmented_rlib_traces.p
l | tee ./RSGBT1E_Cipher_0636_310713__concat.txt

126. selection file

cwdcmd echo -n "^[]0;${user}@${HOST}:${cwd}^G"
ipf cd /etc/opt/ericsson/nms_cif_ist/ipf
ist_run /opt/ericsson/sck/bin/ist_run
istdata cd /var/opt/ericsson/nms_cif_ist/data
istlog cd /var/opt/ericsson/nms_cif_ist/log
ll ls -al
llr ls -altr
sck cd /opt/ericsson/sck/bin
smtool /opt/ericsson/nms_cif_sm/bin/smtool
ypmake (cd /var/yp;make)

The longitude of the sector.
If X = longitude in degrees (-180 to 180), the value is calculated by inserting
X into the following formula:
(X/360) 16777216
The latitude of the sector.
If X = latitude in degrees (0 to 90), the value is calculated by inserting X int
o the following formula:
(X/90) 8388608
cedg: state and geographical coordinates of each UtranCell. Read from MO data on
UtranCell and children.
feed into
129. command to check MP load
lhsh 000500 capi tot
lhsh 000500 capi prio
lhsh 000500 capi type pri **
lhsh 000500 capi core all
lhsh 000500 capi peak
lhsh 000500 pm_scanner_status
lhsh 000500 te log read

130. vswr
lh ru fui get vswr
130. how to check call drop for a cell
Monitor Speech Drop
RBTPT1E> pmxh utrancell.*ldda24 pmNoSystemRabReleaseSpeech|pmNoNormalRabReleaseS
pmNoNormalRabReleaseSpeech: normal
pmNoSystemRabReleaseSpeech: abnormal (drop)

SpchDrop = 100 * pmNoSystemRabReleaseSpeech / (pmNoNormalRabReleaseSpeech + p

SpchCCSR = SpchAccess * (100 - SpchDrop) / 100
Monitor HS DROP
HsDrop = 100 * (pmNoSystemRbReleaseHs) / (pmNoSystemRbReleaseHs + pmNoNorma
lRbReleaseHs + pmNoSuccRbReconfOrigPsIntDch + pmPsIntHsToFachSucc)
NoHsRel = pmNoSystemRbReleaseHs + pmNoNormalRbReleaseHs
NoAbnormalHsRel = pmNoSystemRbReleaseHs + 0
how monitor CS+HS counter at them same time
pmxh utrancell.*ldda24 pmNoSystemRabReleaseSpeech|pmNoNormalRabReleaseSpeech|pmN
oSystemRbReleaseHs|pmNoNormalRbReleaseHs -m 0.5
pmr -m 0.5 -r 12,16 | grep -i ldda24
Monitor RRC
pmTotNoRrcConnectReq @ MO Class: [UtranCell]
pmTotNoRrcConnectReqSuccess @ MO Class: [UtranCell]
UtranCell=5HN8611 pmTotNoRrcConnectReqCs
UtranCell=5HN8611 pmTotNoRrcConnectReqCsSucc
RRC Connection Request rejected due to Admission Control
UtranCell=5HN8611 pmNoRrcReqDeniedAdm
pmNoRabEstablishAttemptPacketInteractiveHs MO Class: [UtranCell]
pmNoRabEstablishSuccessPacketInteractiveHs MO Class: [UtranCell]
133. telnet restart command:
reload (warm)
restartObj me coldwtest
restartObj me warm
134. cell trace
lhsh 010800 uerandtrace on -cell cid x
lhsh 010800 uerandtrace max 5
lhsh 010800 te e bus_send bus_receive UE_ASN_RRC
lhsh 010800 te e bus_send bus_receive UE_ASN_NBAP
lhsh 010800 te e all UEH_EXCEPTION
lhsh 010800 te e all ADMISSION
lhsh 010800 te e all ADMISSION_CELL
lhsh 010800 te e all ADMISSION_REJECT_CELL
lhsh 010800 te e trace6 trace7 trace3 trace1 CONGESTION_CELL
lhsh 010800 te e trace6 trace7 trace3 trace1 SOFT_CONGESTION_CELL
lhsh 010800 te e bus_send bus_receive UE_NBAP_RL_HANDLING
lhsh 010800 te e all RADIOLINK_REJECT

135. UEH web page - common Exception handler
parsemom /home/ephucle/moshell/jarxml/RNC_NODE_MODEL_N_1_410_COMPLETE.xml
137. set_check
# Consistency check on the Set command
# * 0 = no parameter consistency check is done before performing a set operation
# * 1 = Prints an extra warning on the set command when trying to set an attribu
te to a value different to the recommended value
# * 2 = Same as 1, and an exception is given when trying to set an Ericsson Inte
rnal parameter to a value different than the recommended value. The list of Eric
sson Internal parameters can be printed from the complete MOM with command "momd
. . . ericsson"
# The recommended values are stored in the files moshell/commonjars/pm/PARAM* an
d depend on the node type and SW release
# Additional recommended values can be stored in the file specified in the userv
ariable custom_param_file
138 exeption tool
139. How to use Flowfox
cat ./RSG011E_130906_0115_cipher_d.txt | ~/decoder/ --w12b | ~/decoder
/ | tee ./RSG011E_130906_0115_cipher_followfox.html
140. dbc: cannot run in amos
download CV by cvget and database check by: dbc <db.dat>|<>
141. dBm to W ( Pw=1/1
000* 10^(Pdbm/10)
142. pmr & pmx command
pmr -m 7 -r 12-16 | grep -i 'ldda24\|ldbl11' ==> cannot run yet
pmr -s 20131016.0145 -e 20131016.0300 -r 14-22,37-41,71 | grep -i ptpt39
pmxh -s 20131016.0145 -e 20131016.0300 utrancell.*ptpt39 pmNoSystemRabReleaseSpe
143. Find IP of all node in OSS:
144. all the processes running on OSS system: ps elf
prstat: same ps but continually updates the display of information on your scree
vmstat provides a convenient summary of system activity as well
145. C windowns drive path: /cygdrive/c/