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Misleading Statistics Project

Assigned: February 8th, 2017
Due: February 13th, 2017

The project: You will pick ONE misleading graph. You will present your
project in front of the class on Monday, February 13 th and Tuesday,
February 14th. We will randomly assign in which order you will present.
NOTE: This is a Monday, so dont forget to bring your display!

Look through the newspaper, magazine, website online or other source

to fnd a bar graph, pie chart, or other graph that is misleading. For the
graph you select do the following:

1. Cut it out or make a copy of it to include with your project.

2. In a few complete sentences, describe what information the
graph provides, explain who produced the graph, and why it
might have been designed to be misleading.
3. Explain what feature(s) of the graph make it misleading.
4. Using the information from the graph, design a new graph that
is not misleading. You can produce your new graph using a
computer program or you can create a hand-drawn graphbut
make it neat and colorful.
5. Describe what changes you made to create the non-misleading

Helpful Hints:

Do not choose a graph that does not give enough data to make a
correct graph
Look for political or advertising graphs
Look for studies that have bias
Misleading Statistics Project

Grading Rubric:
Poor 0-5 points Fair 10 points Good 15 points Excellent 20 points
Appropriate No graphical An original display An original display An excellent
graphical display display found or is found, but it is is found that is a example of a
selected one of the no way misleading. good misleading
examples provided representation of graphical display.
used. misrepresentation.
Summary of Very little or no Inaccurate Most of the A complete and
graphical display effort on the summary and/or 2 summary is correct accurate summary.
summary. or more questions but 2 or fewer
missing or mistakes.
Fair Graphical Student just copies New graphical Graphical display Display uses
Representation original display or display created, shows data in a accurate data and
fails to include but it does not non-misleading clearly shows the
new graphical show the data in a fashion but is data in a fair and
display. non-misleading confusing or does non-deceptive
fashion. not use the manner.
original data. (Up to 10 bonus
points for
additional display
that misleads in
the other
Neatness and No or very little Some effort to Good creativity Project shows
creativity effort has been make project and neatness with creativity and is
made to make the visually appealing some sloppiness visually appealing.
project neat and and some apparent.
visually appealing. creativity shown.
Oral presentation Little or no effort Presentation is Good presentation Accurate and
put into oral given but it is with 0 or 1 missing complete
presentation. inaccurate or element, is presentation that
omits 2 or more accurate or is falls within 2-4
required elements complete and minutes.
of the project. accurate but does Appropriately
not fall within the professional
time limit. language is used.