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Given the numerous issues and problems presented with the proposed solutions across all areas, write

down and
discuss 1 major issue and propose 1 solution which could address ur area of concentration. Make sure that the
issue and solution are within ur control as a teacher and can be quantified and measurable.

The major problem that we are facing is the time allocated in teaching Physical Education. Since Physical Education is
one of the areas in MAPEH, the time allotted for each area is being divided into 4 per quarter. Meaning to say, we only
have 10 days to meet our students in each area. I know that this is not enough for our students to meet these objectives that
are being proposed.

We have four (4) objectives in Physical Education, these are as follows: to help individuals become physically fit; develop
character; learn skills and become knowledgeable about sport.

As a teacher, I know that these objectives cannot be achieved because of the time allocated for each area especially the
first objective given -to help individuals to become physically fit. Isnt it that for you to be able to meet this is to have
regular exercise/ engaging in physical activities regularly? That is why; time allocation is my major problem. There is no
enough time for the teachers to have activities that are intended for the students to perform. With that, as a teacher, we
cannot provide quality education for the students. We might say that we can have this possible. Yes, but for some students
who are inclined to physical activities. We should also consider those who are less fortunate in having a healthy body or
those who have gained weight.

We are now in the new millennium; we are now in the modern world. We must face what is real. As to compare our life to
our ancestors, we can say they are healthier than us, because they eat vegetables and nutritional food. But in our present
scenario, even us, we eat everything. We forget everything when we face the dinner table and ingest everything in our
stomach. That is why, it is time to prioritize physical education in the Philippines. It helps us realize how important to live
a healthy and happy life. It will also help us understand and respect our body in eating too much. It will also give us
enough information on how to have fit lifestyle. It will also help us to build our self-esteem to face other people. Some
researchers have discovered that having a massive weight may lessen the self-esteem of a certain person. That is why, this
helps the students to maintain physically fit. It is not for us, it is for them. So, I recommend having a regular class in
physical education to achieve the objectives given. It is not enough to teach students to live a healthy life; we should put it
into action. Think of this, we teach students to have a healthy lifestyle, but are they really doing their part as a learner?
Some are not, right? As they go home they are already tired already and they go straight to their rooms to play their
phones or laptops. They are already exposed in gadgets. They do not prioritize socialization or engaging physical


Since I have the right to propose my solution, this is the best way to at least voice-out my solution regarding the problem
that I am seeing as a MAPEH teacher. I have thought of many ways to have a better resolution for the problem I have
cited. One of my solutions is the involvement of our parents or any family involvement. They should also collaborate as
they are the ones who gave birth to them. If a PE teacher gives assignment, the parents should sign to it. This assignment
is not a written assignment that we most likely do to our students. This is a physical activity to the students and also
parents, if they want it to do so. Because, parents have brought these children into the world and they, not the primary
schools, are ultimately responsible for their own childs health. As for instance, from jogging on the spot during TV ad
breaks, going for a cycle or dancing to videos that are free to download. The students will earn points for every activity
completed, and points are collected and stored in a whole-school database.


Regular monitoring of students level of fitness.

For every quarter the students will have a physical fitness and they need to achieve/ maintain their normal level of fitness
and Body Mass Index. If there is no progress for their fitness level there is an effect for their grades. This can be intrinsic
or extrinsic motivation. Do not think that the students are being forced to do their activity, let them realize how important
to have a healthy life style.


They will be having a 30-minute exercise every morning. If they can allot time for just 30-minute exercise after flag
ceremony, this could be helpful for everybody.

We are all concern about our students life. Do not be afraid to speak. Show that you are capable of handling any situation.
We are a teacher.