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Hakim Ali

House # 11-B Waris Road,

Mobile No: [+92332]7462189
Date of Birth: 14-08-1991

Professional Summary

About 1 years of experience in complete software development life cycle

Good experience of N-tier enterprise/ distributed applications, development covering desktop, web based applications
and smart client.
Excellent Interpersonal skills, outstanding problem solving and decision making skills.
Having Experience of Client Communication.


Application Development Competency (Primary Competency) *Competence level (Average, above Average, Good, Expert)
Language / Tool / Technology Experience in competence Rate competence level Brief details (if any)
.Net framework 3.5, 4.0
C# 1 Year Good
Ajax, CSS, JScript, Ajax, JQuery 1 year Good
Secondary Competency
SQL Server 2005, 2008 1 year Excellent
C/C++, Java Good
Other competencies / Soft Skills
Communication Skills (English) Good


BS - Computer Sciences Year 2010 Punjab University College of Information Technology 3.41
FSC - Pre Engineering -- Year 2008 Multan Board

Awards / Achievements:

3rd Position in PUCIT Project Exhibition 2009

Participation in In-House Programming Competition

Teacher Assistance:

About 2+ Year experience of teaching of different programing subjects in PUCIT.

In these two years I have teaches following subjects
Object Oriented Programming
Data Structure and Algorithm
Programming Fundamentals
Assembly Language
Database Management System
Assembly Language


Learning new Technologies

Solving Programming Problems
Playing Computer Games and Cricket
Reading Novels
Organization trg | tech
Duration: July 2012 Present
Designation: Analyst Software Engineer
Role: Programmer, Engineer of web-ASP.Net

Major Responsibilities:
Application development and deployment
Hands on software development experience
Development of design documents and unit test plans
Client Communication

AT&T is an American multinational telecommunications corporation AT&T is
AT&T [5]
the largest provider both of mobile telephony and of fixed telephony in the
United States, and also provides broadband subscription services. As of 2012,
AT&T is the seventh largest company in the United States by total revenue,
and the fifth largest non-oil company .It is the third-largest company in Texas.

Currently I am looking after the six region of the AT&T as Primary Developer.
South East
South West
Uverse Blue
Uverse Green South East
Uverse Midwest
My Role in this system is as follows
Client communication
Analysis of Software
Analysis of requirement.
Software development and deployment.
Writing business oriented client requirement reporting in SQL.
Dynamic request reporting based on client requirement.
Automation of process of report generation into Excel
Role: Primary Developer
This Application automates the whole reports of at&t and scheduled on server.
AT&T Reporting You can manage other clients reports by little modification in this project.

Key Features
Basic Configuration
Configuration of Project
Scheduled of Server
Remainder about Deadline of Reports
Role: Developer, Release Engineer
Canvas Rider is a racing as well as track tracing game in which user get points
CANVAS RIDER- not only of winning but also of its style. The significant
characteristic of this game is it could be played between multiple users using
FINAL PROJECT Wi-Fi technology. Canvas Rider game would provide entertainment
for Android users of all age groups.
Key Features
2-D Environment
Movements with Mobile Sensors
Bike Up gradation
History Maintenance
Role: Developer, Team Lead Tournament
This Application used parallel and integrated with Funds Raising and Analysis
Funds Raising and System Desktop Software. In this application admin can create client from
different location for funds then clients start a campaign to collect funds
Analysis System Dynamic Menu is display upon the rights of different users.
Key Features
Sale Staff activities
Together activities
Role: Primary Developer Reports
This is web application that is built in ASP.NET as semester project. This
PUCIT Girls Society application is currently uploaded on local server of PUCIT.

Key Features
Online Hiring for GS.
Forum Creation and Polls
Meetings with Reminders
Role: Developer, Release Engineer , Events Module also news and announcements
Team Lead Photo and Video Gallery
This application was developed to automate examination and evaluation
Automated system for the new students to take entry test online and also facilitate the
teachers to take class quizzes online.
Examination and
Key Features
Evaluation System Dashboard
Quiz Preparation Wizard
(AEES) Organizer

Role: Developer, Team Lead

Its a project for PUCIT students to check the book availability on local server
PUCIT Online And also for the librarian to maintain the library information on system. This
project is built in Web as a semester project of Database Management System.
Library System
Key Features
Search the book by author or name
Add, Delete ,update book by librarian
Announcement and News
Feed back
Role: Developer, Team Lead Photo and Video Gallery