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G.R. No.

L-49 November 12, 1945

WILLIAM F. PERALTA, petitioner,



Petitioner-defendant, a member of the Metropolitan Constabulary of Manila charged with the

supervision and control of the production, procurement and distribution of goods and other
necessaries as defined in section 1 of Act No. 9 of the National Assembly of the so-called
Republic of the Philippines, was prosecuted for the crime of robbery as defined and penalized by
section 2 (a) of Act No. 65 of the same Assembly. He was found guilty and sentenced to life
imprisonment, which he commenced to serve on August 21, 1944, by the Court of Special and
Exclusive Criminal Jurisdiction, created in section 1 of Ordinance No. 7 promulgated by the
President of the so-called Republic of the Philippines, pursuant to the authority conferred upon
him by the Constitution and laws of the said Republic. And the procedure followed in the trial
was the summary one established in Chapter II of Executive Order No. 157 of the Chairman of
the Executive Commission, made applicable to the trial violations of said Act No. 65 by section 9
thereof and section 5 of said Ordinance No. 7.