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Wartburg College Lesson Plan

Candidate: Natalie Haller Date: December 14th, 2015 Subject: Cumulative


Grade Level: Kindergarten

Constructing a Farm (Cumulative Activity)

Standard: Art standard 6: Students will make connections between the visual arts and other
disciplines. (Critical Thinking, Complex Communication, Flexibility / Adaptability)

Objective: After going through the farm unit and listening to instructions (condition)
kindergarten students will be able to (audience) construct a visual art representations of a farm
(behavior verb) with 85% accuracy (degree).

Materials and Supplies:

Access to the art supplies in the classroom, which contain supplies to create farm
things (stated in the centers description)
Newspaper (for the tables, so they dont get dirty)
Pictures of farms

Anticipatory Set: What have we been learning about this week? (farms) What have you

Activity: Today, we are going to create something artsy. The only rules are that you need to
include things that you learned about the farm. You can use any of the art supplies and you
will work at the tables with the newspapers.

Closure: What did you make? How does this relate to the farm? (I will ask student these
questions as they finish, the students will than go work in centers)

Assessment: (Rubric is attached)

Enrichment: Students will take a photo of their creation and we will put it in their digital
Students who dont want to do art can do the alternative of acting out a farm scene.
Students who need more time will get one additional day to work on it.
Students who speed through the assignment will have the option on creating another

Rubric- Farm Unit

1 2 3 4

Use of Class Time Did not use class Used some of Used time well Used time well
time to focus on the time well. during class. during class.
the project OR There was some Usually Focused on
often distracted focus on getting focused on getting the
others the project done getting the project done.
but occasionally project done Never
distracted and never distracted
others distracted others
Relevance to the Art does not relate The art kind of Art relates to Art relates to
to the farm relates to the the farm the farm
farm completely

Answer to the Doesnt know what Kind of knows Knows what Knows what
question: What they made what they made they made they made; and
did you make? can describe in
Completion Students never Students didnt Students didnt Students
finished complete complete
assignment at this assignment on assignment on
time time and needed time, but assignment
over a week to eventually on time
complete it finished it