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Not all Grounding Products are created equal

ERICO grounding systems . . . the final, vital link

in any electrical network
CADWELD Connections
Provide permanent molecular bonds that
will not loosen or corrode
Withstand repeated fault currents
without failing
Exceed the requirements of
IEEE 837-Standard for Qualifying
Permanent Connections Used In
Substation Grounding
Have current carrying capacity equal to
or greater than that of the conductors
being joined
Require no external power or heat source
Can be visually inspected for quality
Require minimal installation training

ERITECH Copper Bonded

Ground Rods
Molecular bond eliminates mechanical
interface between copper and steel core
High strength steel core provides positive
driving characteristics
10 mil (0.25 mm) copper coating complies
with most International Standards

GEM Ground
Enhancement Material
Permanent Earth enhancing compound
Improves the conductivity of a
grounding system
Environmentally friendly
Maintenance free

Effective Grounding and Bonding

Is crucial in ensuring personnel safety and

equipment protection from electrical
system faults and lightning
Must be designed to suit site conditions
Critical for the removal of dangerous
step and touch potential differences
Facilitate the operation of over current devices

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