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Sai Baba supports all those who Believe in Him,
Sai Baba also supports those who don't Believe in Him.
Sai Baba supports our Good Times,
Sai Baba also supports our Bad Times.

The very basic teaching of Shirdi Sai Baba has always been
"Shraddha & Saburi" !
So, contemplate with how much dedication do we actually
follow this teaching & until unless we learn to do so, how can
we ask Baba to grant us what/how/when we want?

Baba always answers one's Prayer's, and he will surely make

things happen but ONLY when the time is Karmically
appropriate, that is when one is Karmically ready to receive
what he has Prayed for.

For example, the Sun rises at its own Fixed Time.

Even if you chant Mantras or Pray all night long, for it to rise at
Mid-night itself, the Sun will only rise when it has to. You will
just end up praying till it rises !

Take another example of a Flower.

You can sow a Seed anytime but it will blossom into a Flower
only when its destined.
No, matter how much you Pray for it, it will not make the
slightest of difference to the Seed.
You will just keep praying till the Seed blossoms into a Flower !


Mother Nature knows her ways & has set everything

accordingly, to keep this World going on.

Likewise, all events in one's Life have already been set

Karmically & they will happen only when its time comes.
For some, according to their Karma's, Life gets smooth-n-fast
while others have to drag it out, but eventually, in both cases,
one gets only what has been set for him or her. Prayers do
help to ease out problems but not erase them in totality.

So, always Pray to Baba but never Insist for What you want or
How you want ! As Baba is so sweet that just out of his love for
you, he might just grant you your Wish, which maybe in the
future might not turn out to be exactly in your favor.
Thus you might just repent & again blame the almighty for your

Have full Faith in Baba and his Ways & always have the
conviction that Baba's Will is behind it all.
Doubts only hamper the Power of your Faith in his Will !!!

Like, if you switch on the Fan, Air is bound to circulate.

You cannot question whether you will feel the breeze or no,
once the Fan is switched on.
However, it is entirely up to you as to how you want to feel the
Breeze - from Right under the Fan or from a Distance, but
either ways you are bound to feel it anywayz.

Likewise, once you switch on the Fan of Faith in Baba's Will,

there is absolutely no doubt that you will surely feel the Breeze
of his Blessings !
You may be Close to him ie, Physically in Shirdi or Bonded
through your Heart from anywhere in the world,
but either ways you are bound to feel the Breeze of his
Blessings anywayz.

After you put forth your problems to Baba, just become aware
for some "SIGNS" by him !
Baba will not reply to your query via an Sms or an e-mail/letter
but instead he will give you some Signs,
the onus of understanding which will solely rest on you. So,
keep a look out for some Signs from Baba.

You can get the Signs/answer to your problems

through any medium -

1) Be it a Word or Line from any Book/Magazine which you

might just happen to randomly read.
2) It could be a Line you might just happen to Hear in some
Movie or any Song/Bhajan.
3) It could be something someone might just tell you.
4) It could be a Thought / inspiration that just might cross
your mind instantly.
5) It could be a Tag Line of any Advertisement you see on a Bill
6) It could be any sign from Mother Nature around you.
7) It could also be this very Article which you are reading at

These Signs, could be the Direct Answers to your problems or

sometimes could be In-Direct also,
in which case it will be for you to contemplate and extract what
and how it applies to you.
But remember - Baba will definitely answer your query through
any Medium, Anytime, Anyhow and Anywhere.
So, Pray with an Open Heart telling Baba about your problems
BUT never ask him to sort out your problems in a manner /
time which you want, instead always pray to Baba to do what
he deem's to be in the best interest for you,
so that you don't regret it later on. As, one never knows what
Baba has planned for us.

So let Baba do - "AS HE WILLS & WHEN HE WILLS."

Finally remember that, our Parent's are our first and foremost
Guru's in our Life and serving them is serving Baba himself.
We have to fulfill their wishes and if one can go against their
Parents Wishes, then what guarantee is there that some day in
some circumstance, one will not go against Sai Baba's
Teaching's also ?

Source - A Personal Shot of Dot from the Pot of Lot of what my

Rot Brain has Got !

"Is the Art of Inflating BallOOns called "INFLATION" ?

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