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A.The woman and the man have plans to eat out together.

B.The woman would prefer to stay home this evening.

C.The man has changed his mind about the new restaurant.

D.The man is sorry he cannot join the woman for dinner.


A. A plane trip.

B. A rental car.

C. A hotel room.

D. Concert tickets.


A.The woman did not remember her appointment.

B.The woman needs to get a calendar.

C. The appointment must be changed to a different day.

D. The calendar shows the wrong month.


A. The woman should continue driving.

B. They will arrive late for dinner.

C. He forgot to make reservations.

D. He is not sure what is wrong with the car.


A. She did not realize that their team had won.

B. Their team nearly lost the game.

C. She called to find out the score of the game.

D. Their team usually wins its games.


A. Join him and Mary at the movie.

B. Ask Mary what she is doing tonight.

C. Invite a group of friends to go to the movie.

D. Tell Mary about the movie.


A. Professor Campbell changed the conference time.

B. He is planning to stay until the conference is finished.

C. He will not attend the concert.

D. He will wait for the woman.

8.A. She recently purchased laundry detergent.

B. She will buy some detergent for the man.

C. The Laundromat is around the corner.

D. The man can buy detergent at the store.


A. It is next to the Holiday Motel.

B. It is nicer than the Holiday Motel.

C. It is very inexpensive.

D. It is a little farther than the Holiday Motel.


A. She does not believe it will snow.

B. Snow in October is unusual.

C. Canadian winters are rather long.

D. Winter is her favorite season.


A. He lost his wallet on a trip to Germany.

B. His private lessons did not help him.

C. His German tutor charges a reasonable fee.

D. He plans to continue taking lessons.


A. The committee has just begun to write the report.

B. The report will be short.

C. The committee members have just become acquainted.

D. The report is finished except for the introduction.


A. They should play another time.

B. They will probably have to play in the gym.

C. He prefers to play in the gym

D. It is not supposed to rain tomorrow.


A. Type the letter as it is.

B. Change some wording in his letter.

C. Send the letter without typing it.

D. Check to make sure his facts are correct.


A. The woman should call the professor the next day.

B. He is canceling the choir rehearsal because of illness.

C. The woman will feel better in a day or two.

D. He will turn up the heat in the choir room.

16.A. They should take another route to the bank.

B. They turned onto the wrong road.

C. The man will get to the bank before it closes.

D. The bank will open soon.


A. Go out to eat when the museum closes.

B. Check that the museum cafeteria is open.

C. Leave the museum temporarily

D. Meet each other later in the day.


A. The woman should have thrown out the newspapers herself.

B. He does not know where her paper is.

C. The woman's paper is in the trash.

D. He does not have time to help her look for her paper.


A. The woman can make her call tomorrow.

B. There is a problem with the woman's telephone.

C. The airline's offices are closed.

D. He does not know what the problem could be.


A. He is very hungry.

B. He has made plans to eat with someone else.

C. He did not like what he ate for lunch.

D. He will go with the woman.


A. She is proud of the man.

B. She does not want to see the man's test.

C. She also got a good grade.

D. She has not taken the test yet.


A. He will tell the woman what to do.

B. The meeting will have to be postponed.

C. He will get the job done if he gets some instruction.

D. He will need to throw away most of the papers.


A. Find another sociology course.

B. Look for a job in the sociology department.

C. Ask someone to take notes for her on Friday.

D. Change her work schedule.

24.A. She can help the man until lunchtime.

B. She cannot read the applications until after her class.

C. She has a class after lunch.

D. She also plans to apply to graduate school.


A. Mary will trim her hedge.

B. Phil has a better chance of winning.

C. Mary will win the election.

D. Phil will sit on the ledge.


A. He thinks the woman's computer is broken.

B. He worked on the woman's computer for too long.

C. He sometimes gets headaches after doing computer work.

D. He needs to take a longer break.


A. The library closed earlier than she expected.

B. She could not find a birthday present.

C. She picked Jack up at the golf course.

D. The bookstore did not have what she was looking for.


A. The equipment has already been locked up.

B. The woman should be more careful with the equipment.

C. He knows how to operate the equipment.

D. He will put the equipment away.


A. The man did not give the woman the notes she needed.

B. The man's notes were hard to understand.

C. The woman wants to borrow the man's sociology notes.

D. The woman has to organize her psychology notes.


A. The man will find a job if he continues to look.

B. The man should look for a job in a different field.

C. The man can get a job where the woman works.

D. The man should keep his current job.


W: U are a little late. I was beginning to think that ud forgot about eating dinner
with me.

M: Oh come on, how could u think that? I told you I really want to try that
new restaurant tonight. but can I borrow some laundry detergent? Im all out.


M: Hello? Yes, Id like to make a reservation for one round trip New York to
Boston leaving this Saturday and return Sunday the very next day.

W:I can do that for u. we have several flies daily taking off from Laguardia
and landing at Logan. When did u wish to depart?


M: Hey Barbara, checking your calendar here. Dont u know its February?

W: Oh did I forget to change it?


W: The car is over heating again. I am going have to pull over

M: I guess we can forget about making it to the restaurant in time for our


M: I cant believe that our basketball team won the game in the last five
W: It was a close cursor. Wasnt it?

W: Ill be really interested here about that film u and Mary are going to see
tonight. It sounds really good.

M: Why dont u come along and see for yourself?

W: We need to leave for the concert no later than 3 o clock. What time is
your conference over?

M: Im not sure, its up to Professor Campbell. But if Im not back by 2:45, go

ahead without me

M: Hi, uh, sorry to interrupt your study group, 9.

W: Pardon me, could u tell me if the Holiday Motel is near here?

M: Uh, not too far. But u might consider the First Class inn. Its right around
the corner, and its very nice.


M: Jennie, listen to this. Its only October 21, and its suppose to snow today.

W: That must be why the people here in Canada say that there are only
two seasons: this winter and next winter


W: So how did u make out with your private German lessons last month?
Any improvement?

M: Thats just say it was money down the drain


W: is your committee report almost finished?

M: Not by a long shot. In fact we barely started the introduction

W: I really hope we can still hold our volleyball game outside tomorrow
instead of in the gym.

M: Im sure we wont be able to if this rain doesnt light up(clear up)


M: what do u think of my letter to the editor, I wanna type it and mail it today.

W: I like your ideas Robert, but I underlined some of the expression u

used, it seemed a little awkward.


W: Im sorry, doctor Tomas, I cant seem to hit the high notes. Its this awful cold.

M: It seems like half the choirs got the same thing. I guess wed better
just call it a day. Focus.


M: Whats holding up traffic! Ive got to get to the bank before it closes.

W: Relax, a construction crews been repairing the roads, theyll let through in a


M: I know the museum cafeteria isnt open yet, but these still live paintings
of food are too realistic, they are making me hungry!

W: Me too. Lets go out and find a restaurant and back later


W: have u seen my English paper? I thought i left it on the table with the
newspapers but the table is clear now.

M: Oh oh, I didn't see your paper. I just pick up the pile and throw
everything out


W: Ive been trying to call the airline for over an hour, but I cant get
through. I wonder whats going on?

M: Oh its probably those cheap fees they are offering. Dont worry the
offer ends at midnight.

W: Hey Bruce, Im off to lunch, why dont u come along?

M: I just date, but Id be happy to keep u accompany.


M: Hey Mary, I just get an A on my history test. Do u wanna see it?

W: Thats ok, Ill believe u.


M: Could u possibly get this papers in order for this afternoons meeting
with the legal staff?

W: Im willing to, but I will need u to tell me whats involved. What does the
man mean?


W: I cant take that sociology class I registered for. I was just notify that
I need every Friday for my part time job.

M: That shouldnt be a problem; there are lots of courses to choose from the
sociology department.


M: say do u think u can help me with these applications for graduate

school? I really like someone to read them over.

W: Un, well, yeah. But Ive got to get a class right now. How about later
around, like may be after lunch?


W: what if Phils chances of becoming class president?

M: I think Mary has a slide edge.


W: Ive got a terrible headache. Im gonna take a break. I think Ive been
staring at this computer screen too long.

M: Yeah, that occasionally happens to me when I work too long.


W: U are gone long. Did u have any luck?

M: No, but it wasnt a total lose. I got a couple of mysteries and I picked up a
book on golf for Jeff, for hes birthday.


W: Im leaving now. So be sure to lock all the lab equipment in the storage

M: dont be worry, Ill sit here and everythings taken care of


W: Hey John the notes u loaned me to are clear and well organized. But they
have nothing to do with psychology.

M: U know, I bet Ive give u my sociology notes.


M: Ive been looking for a job for month, and I cant find anything in my field.

W: I know how u feel, but u should keep at it. Eventually something will come up.




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