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Electronics and Communication Engineering Licensure Examination Review


INSTRUCTION: Select the correct answer for each of the following questions. Mark only one answer for each
item by shading the box corresponding to the letter of your choice on the answer sheet provided.
1. It is the current being eliminated by synchro capacitor. b. in phase d. out of phase by 90.
a. magnetizing stator c. loss
c. syncplate d. rotor
12. Admittance in an AC circuit is equivalent to the reciprocal of
2. The term used to express the amount of electrical energy in an
a. resistance c. reluctance
electrostatic field.
b. impedance d. reactance
a. coulomb per volt c. watts per second
b. volt ampere d. joule
13 A network has 8 branches and 5 independent loops. How
many nodes are there in the network?
3. The defining constant of a dependent current-controlled voltage
a. 4 c. 8
source is ___
b. 5 d. 10
a. transfer resistance c. transfer conductance
b. voltage gain d. current gain
14. Three resistors (30 ohms, 60 ohms, and 10 ohms) are
connected in delta. What would be the equivalent resistances if
4. The term used to represent the rate at which energy is utilized.
the three resistors were to be connected in wye?
a. energy c. work
a. 30, 60, 10 ohms c. 3.33, 4.44, 6.66 ohms
b. voltage d. power
b. 18, 6, 3 ohms d. 90, 45, 270 ohms

5. The voltage across a short-circuited branch is ___

15. The hot resistance of an incandescent lamp is 10 ohms and
a. minimum c. zero
the rated voltage is 50 V. Find the series resistance required to
b. maximum d. infinite
operate the lamp from an 80 V supply.
a. 10 ohms c. 6 ohms
6. He was an Italian physicist who invented the electric battery b. 6.25 ohms d. 16 ohms
and the capacitor.
a. Michael Faraday c. Alessandro Volta
16 The maximum current that a 2W, 80 k resistor can safely
b.Andre-Marie d. Nikola Tesla
Ampere conduct is
a. 5 mA c. 160 kA
b. 40 kA d. 25 A
7. In a parallel circuit with unequal resistances
a. the highest c. the lowest resistance 17. If a sinusoidal voltage is given by v(t) = 10sin 314t, what is the
resistance takes the has the highest voltage frequency of the current in Hz?
highest current a. 40 Hz c. 314 Hz
b. the lowest d. the highest resistance b. 70 Hz d. 50 Hz
resistance takes the has the highest voltage
highest current
18. It is the reciprocal of capacitance.
a. inductance c. elastance
8. A four-by-four, series-parallel matrix of resistors, with each b. susceptance d. permeance
resistor having the same ohmic value, would have a net
resistance of 19. The resistive component of a voltage divider used for load
a. one-fourth the value c. the same value as a voltage regulation is called ___
of a single resistor single resistor a. series dropping c. bleeder resistor
b. four times the value d. eigth times the value of resistor
of a single resistor a single resistor b. bias resistor d. bypass resistor
20. It is the rotating sector that represents either current or
9. He was a German physicist who stated two basic laws in 1847 voltage in an AC circuit.
concerning the relationship between the currents and voltages in a. resistance c. mil
an electrical network. b. phasor d. grad
a. Heinrich Hertz c. Georg Simon Ohm 21. A variable resistive load is connected to a 6 V DC source
b. Charles Steinmetz d. Gustav Robert whose internal resistance is 0.5 ohm. What maximum power may
Kirchhoff be possibly delivered to this load?
a. 9 W c. 36 W
b. 18 W d. 72 W
10. What is the hot resistance of a 220 V, 100-W incandescent 22. The superposition theorem is essentially based on the
lamp? principle of ___
a. 2.2 ohms c. 22 ohms a. linearity c. reciprocity
b. 484 ohms d. 4.84 ohms b. duality d. non-linearity
23. There are no transients in pure resistive circuits because they
11. If the sinusoidal voltage is ginven by the v(t) = 25sin(314 ___
pi/2) and i(t) = 2..5 sin(314t + pi/2), the current and voltage are a. offer high resistance c. are linear circuits
a. out of phase by c. in phase by 180. b. obey Ohms law d. have no stored
180. energy
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24. Which of the following quantities does not affect the 42. If the sinusoidal voltage is given by v(t)=10sin257t, the time it
capacitance of a capacitor? takes to complete one cycle is ________second.
a. plate area c. plate separation a. 0.048 c. 0.042
b. plate thickness d. material between the b. 0.024 d. 0.084
plates 43. Which of the following combination of length and cross-
25. The transient current in a loss-free LC circuit when excited sectional area will give a certain volume of copper the least
from a DC source is ___ resistance?
a. under-damped c. over-damped a. 2 L and A c. L and A
b. critically damped d. un-damped b. Does not matter d. L and 2 A
26. Refers to atoms that losses an electron 44. The maximum power transfer theorem is used in ___
a. cation c. union a. power system c. refrigeration
b. onion d. anion b. electronic circuits d. air conditioning
27. Copper and other metals can be classified as 45. Under the condition of maximum power transfer, a voltage
a. Positive TC c. Zero TC source is delivering a power of 15 W to the load. What is the
b. Negative TC d. No TC power generated by the source?
28. It is the energy difference between the conduction and a. 60 W c. 15 W
valence band b. 30 W d. 4 W
a. voltage gap c. energy gap 46. What is the most convenient way of achieving large
b. valence gap d.air gap capacitance?
29. In a series RL circuit connected to a DC source, which of the a. Using multiplate c. decreasing distance
following is zero at the beginning of the transient state? construction between plates
a. voltage drop c. inductor voltage b. Using air as dielectric d. using dielectric of low
across R permittivity
b. source voltage d. none of these 47. It is used to denote a common electrical point of zero
30. The initial rate of rise in current through a coil with an potential.
inductance of 5 H when suddenly connected to a 100 V DC a. short circuit c. node
source is ___ A/s. b. open circuit d. ground
a. 0.05 c. 50 48. Any resistance R in a branch of a network in which a current I
b. 20 d. 500 is flowing can be replaced by a voltage equal to IR. This refers
31. A 12 V DC source is suddenly applied to an inductive coil to___
whose resistance and inductance are 10 and 20 mH, a. the compensation c. Millmans theorem
respectively. Approximately how long will it take before the current theorem
through the coil settles to its final value? b. the reciprocity d. the superposition
a. 2 ms c. 20 ms theorem theorem
b. 10 ms d. infinite time 49. It is the ratio of the peak of AC signal to its RMS value
32. These are the electrons in the innermost shell of the atom a. peak factor c. form factor
a. free c. valence b. crest factor d. quality factor
b. bound d. conduction 50. If the total power is 100 VA and the real power is 92 W, the
33. How much is the inductance of a coil that induces 500 V when reactive power is equal to ______.
the current changes at the rate of 5 mA in 2 s? a. 39 W c. 39 Vars
a. 12.5 H c. 0.1 H b. 39 VA d. all of these
b. 0.2 H d. 2 mH 51. ___ increases effectively the resistance of a wire at high
34. A 6-H coil whose resistance is 12 ohms is connected in series frequencies.
with a 24-ohm resistor to a 144 V battery and a switch. The switch a. temperature c. skin effect
is closed at t = 0. Determine the energy stored. b. voltage d. insulation
a. 46 J c. 50 J 52. What is the value of Z in a series AC circuit where XL = 6
b. 48 J d. 52 J ohms, Xc = 3 ohms and R = 4 ohms
a. 5 ohms c. 7 ohms
35. The total capacitance of two 40 mF series-connected b. 3.5 ohms d. 13 ohms
capacitors in parallel with a 4 mF capacitor is 53. It is one-half of an AC cycle.
a. 3.8 mF c. 44 mF a.alternations c. crest
b. 24 mF d. 84 mF b. semi-cycle d. periolis
36. If a magnetic flux cuts across 200 turns at a rate of 2 Wb/s, 54. In a resistive circuit, the phase angle of the equivalent
the induced voltage according to Faradays law is about ___
impedance is ___
a. 100 V c. 400 V
a.Increasing c.Decreasing
b. 200 V d. 600 V
37. It is the smallest part of the compound that retains the b.0 d.90
properties of the compound 55. Capacitive reactance is ___
a. atom c. molecule a.Positive and real valued c.Negative and real valued
b. quarks d. photons b.Positive and imaginary d.Negative and imaginary
38. The energy stored in a coil is doubled when the current
through it is increased by ___ %. 56. The quadrature component of the equivalent impedance of
a. 41.4 c. 70.7 an RLC circuit is called ___
b. 50 d. 141.4 a.Resistance c.Reactance
39. When the total charge in a capacitor is doubled, the energy b.Susceptance d.Conductance
stored 57. The inductive susceptance of a circuit is ___ frequency.
a. remains the same c. is halved a.Independent of c.Inversely proportional to
b. is doubled d. is quadrupled b.Directly proportional to d.Equal to
40. If the current through a 10 mH inductor increases from zero to 58. In an inductive circuit, the source current ___.
2 A, how much energy is stored in the inductor? a.Leads the applied voltage c.Lags the applied voltage
a. 5 mJ c. 20 mJ b.In phase with the voltage d.None of these
b. 10 mJ d. 40 mJ
41. Which has a unit of electron volt? 59. He was a German-Austrian mathematician and engineer
a. voltage c. energy who introduced the phasor method in ac circuit analysis. He is
b. current d. heat also known for his work on the theory of hysteresis.
a.Georg Simon Ohm c.Gustav Robert Kirchhoff
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b.Heinrich Hertz d.Charles Steinmetz
60. The impedance of a capacitor ___ with increasing
a.Increases c.Decreases
b.Remains the same d.Becomes infinite

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