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Checklist for SSAS Tabular Model Development

Project- and model configuration
Select query mode
Name the project and the cube
Rename the .bim-file
Select workspace server and retention mode

Create data model

Import data from data sources
Create relationships between tables
Handle role-playing dimensions
Rename or hide tables
Mark date tables
Delete unnecessary columns
Rename or hide columns
Verify data category, format and types on columns
Reduce the number of tables

Define business logic

Define measures
Define calculated columns
Define hierarchies
Define Key Performance Indicators

Client presentation optimization

Set format on date columns
Set format on numeric columns and measures
Fill out table and column descriptions
Define default field set on tables (Power View)
Configure table behaviour
Set row identifier column
Define rows to keep unique
Define default label
Define default image
Define perspectives

Specify security roles
Define row filters

Deployment and processing

Define partitions
Specify processing option
Specify transactional deployment option
Post-deployment (performed in SSMS)
Add users or groups to security roles
Setup data source impersonation information
Fill out database description
Verify the storage location
Verify and validate the model
Setup processing job to load and process data

Revision date: December 28th 2012