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Martin High School Course Request Procedures for the 2017-2018 School Term
All course requests for the 2017-2018 school year will be submitted using your ActiveStudent account. Please follow the instructions below to
schedule course requests for next school year. If you do not have internet access at home, you will be allowed to enter your requests in a
computer lab or library during break/lunch or before school. Course requests must be entered by Friday, March 3, 2017.

1. Go to
2. Locate ActiveStudent.
3. Click Login to access your ActiveStudent account. Login
4. Enter your User Name and Password.
If you do not know your username and password, try the following:
o User Name: first initial, middle initial, last name example: John Andrew Smith would be jasmith
o Password: same as username
If you have changed your password and forgot it or it is locked, please fill out the google form that was sent to you via
Remind. Once received, your account will be unlocked and your username and password will be changed to reflect the
example above.

5. Click on the Course Request tab located at the top of the page.
General Courses Course Request Gradebook Attendance Discipline

6. Click the Add New Course Request. (Some required courses have already been added.)
Add New Course Request

7. You will see the following near the bottom of the page. Follow the directions on this sheet.
Add New Course Request
Schedule 011- 2016 -2017 School Year a) Click on the Course dropdown box. Find the
name of the course you want to add. Click on the
Course Art I
course name to add it to the box.
Course Request Type Required

Preferred Term No Preference

Submit Course Request Cancel

Add New Course Request b) Leave all classes labeled as Required.

Schedule 011-2016-2017 School Year
Course Art I

Course Request Type Required

Preferred Term No Preference

Submit Course Request Cancel


Schedule 011-2016-2017 School Year PREREQUISITES!
c) Click on the Preferred Term dropdown box. Click
Course Art I the term (quarter) or semester that you would like to
take the course. Quarter is used for 9 week courses.
Course Request Type Required Quarter1 (1st 9 weeks) / Quarter 2(2nd 9 weeks) / Quarter 3
(3rd 9 weeks) / Quarter 4 (4th 9 weeks).
Preferred Term No Preference Semester is used for semester courses. Semester 1 is
from August to December and Semester 2 is January to
Submit Course Request Cancel May.

d) Click on Submit Course Request. Repeat until you

have courses totaling 8 credit units.
8. Once all of your requests are in, you will have the option of choosing alternate classes if certain elective classes do not schedule.
Follow the directions below to choose alternate classes. THIS IS AN OPTIONAL STEP!

Current Course Requests

Course Name Perf Term Request Type Credit Hours Schedule a) Click on Alternates next to your
2D Art Required 1 0112016-2017School
Edit Delete Alternates elective classes.
Algebra II Required 1 Year
English II Required 1 Year

Add New Course Request

Course Name Pref Term Request Type Credit Hours Priority

No Alternate Requests saved for this course request. b) Click on Add New Alternate Request.

Add New Alternate Request

Add New Alternate Request c) Click on the Course dropdown box. Find the
name of the course you want to add. Click on the
Schedule 011-2016-2017 School Year
course name to add it to the box.
Course Art I

Course Request Type Required d) Choose Elective under Course Request Type.

Preferred Term No Preference e) Leave Preferred Term at No Preference.

Submit Course Request Cancel f) Click Submit Course (Alternate) Request

We will close the request portal at the end of the school day on Friday, March 3rd. If
you do not have your requests in, you will not be called in to build your schedule.
Your schedule will be built after all other schedules have been made. Even if you are
going to be a senior, your schedule will be made after ALL other schedules are