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seen as a less expensive way of dropping nuclear warheads Rajendra Radar

as well as being as effective.
The Rajendra Multi-Function Phased Array radar system was
Fighter Jets developed by the Indian DRDO. It is a multifunction radar
capable of surveillance, tracking and engaging low-radar
The Sukhoi Su-30 MKI, Mirage 2000, and MiG-29 serve in cross-section targets. It is the heart of the Akash surface-to-
the Indian Air Force and are also seen as a means to deliver air missile system and is the primary fire-control sensor for an
nuclear weapons. In addition, India maintains SEPECAT Akash battery. Designed at the Electronics and Radar
Jaguar and MiG-27M, which can be used to drop gravity Development Establishment (ERDE), part of DRDO, it is
bombs. Both the HAL Tejas and Su-30 MKI can travel excess currently in production at Bharat Electronics Limited. This is
of 3,000 km without refuelling. This allows India to attack named after India's first president Dr. Rajendra Prasad.
targets far away in an effective manner, only using planes,
rather than deliver systems such as the Agni. The HAL Tejas INDRA Radar
is Indias only indigenous plane to be armed with nuclear
The Indian Doppler Radar (INDRA) series of 2D radars were
weapons, thus making India less dependent on Russia.
developed by India's DRDO for the Army and the Air Force.
AWACS INDRA-I is a is a mobile surveillance radar for low-level target
detection while INDRA-II is for ground-controlled
Airborne Warning and Control System is an aircraft fitted interception of targets.
with sophisticated radar system. It can provide advanced
warnings about enemies' intrusion into the airspace of our Swordfish Radar
country. It can also conduct surveillance over enemies
Swordfish is an Indian long-range tracking radar specifically
developed to counter ballistic missile threat. It will be a part
Phalcon of India's ballistic missile programme. The first testing of this
radar was in March 2009. The main aim of the test was to
It is an AWACS developed by Israel. India and Israel signed validate the capabilities of the indigenously developed
a deal in July 2001 worth $ 2 billion to supply 3 Phalcon Swordfish Long Range Tracking Radar (LRTR). In March
AWACS, Barak and Super Barak surface-to-surface missile

2009, DRDO tested long-range capabilities of its indigenously
and air surveillance radars. developed Swordfish radar.
Major Indian Radars BEL Weapon Locating Radar
Rohini Radar The BEL Weapon Locating Radar (WLR) is a mobile artillery
locating phased array radar developed by India. This counter-
The Central Acquisition Radar (CAR) is a medium-range high- battery radar is designed to detect and track incoming artillery
resolution 3-dimensional surveillance radar. The CAR has and rocket fire to determine the point of origin for counter-
been designed by LRDE, a DRDO laboratory, and is produced battery fire. The WLR has been jointly developed by DRDO's
by a joint venture between BEL, Larsen & Toubro, Astra Bangalore-based laboratory, LRDE, and the Government-
Microwave and Entec. The radar employs a planar array owned Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL).
antenna and provides simultaneous multi-beam coverage.

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January 12 National Youth Day February 24 Central Excise Day
January 15 Army Day February 28 National Science Day
January 24 National Girl Child Day
January 25 National Voters Day; National Tourism Day March
January 26 Republic Day; International Customs Day Second Monday Commonwealth Day
January 30 Martyrs Day; World Leprosy Eradication March 3 National Defence Day

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December 10 Human Rights Day December 18 Minorities Rights Day (India)
December 11 UNICEF Day December 22 Mathematics Day
December 14 National Energy Conservation Day December 23 Kisan Diwas (Farmers Day) (India)
December 16 Vijay Diwas

Indian Space Programme

Indian Satellite: At a Glance
Satellite Launch Date Launch Vehicle Type of Satellite
GSAT-10 29.09.2012 Ariane-5 VA-209 Geo-Stationary Satellite
RISAT-1 26.04.2012 PSLV-C19 Earth Observation Satellite
Jugnu 12.10.2011 PSLV-C18 Experimental / Small Satellite
SRMSat 12.10.2011 PSLV-C18 Experimental / Small Satellite
Megha-Tropiques 12.10.2011 PSLV-C18 Earth Observation Satellite
GSAT-12 15.07.2011 PSLV-C17 Geo-Stationary Satellite
GSAT-8 21.05.2011 Ariane-5 VA-202 Geo-Stationary Satellite
RESOURCESAT-2 20.04.2011 PSLV-C16 Earth Observation Satellite
YOUTHSAT 20.04.2011 PSLV-C16 Experimental / Small Satellite
GSAT-5P 25.12.2010 GSLV-F06 Geo-Stationary Satellite
STUDSAT 12.07.2010 PSLV-C15 Experimental / Small Satellite
CARTOSAT-2B 12.07.2010 PSLV-C15 Earth Observation Satellite

GSAT-4 15.04.2010 GSLV-D3 Geo-Stationary Satellite
Oceansat-2 23.09.2009 PSLV-C14 Earth Observation Satellite
ANUSAT 20.04.2009 PSLV-C12 Experimental / Small Satellite
RISAT-2 20.04.2009 PSLV-C12 Earth Observation Satellite
Chandrayaan-1 22.10.2008 PSLV-C11 Space Mission
CARTOSAT - 2A 28.04.2008 PSLV-C9 Earth Observation Satellite
INSAT-4B 12.03.2007 Ariane-5ECA Geo-Stationary Satellite
CARTOSAT - 2 10.01.2007 PSLV-C7 Earth Observation Satellite
HAMSAT 05.05.2005 PSLV-C6 Experimental / Small Satellite
EDUSAT (GSAT-3) 20.09.2004 GSLV-F01 Geo-Stationary Satellite
Resourcesat-1(IRS-P6) 17.10.2003 PSLV-C5 Earth Observation Satellite
INSAT-3A 10.04.2003 Ariane-5G Geo-Stationary Satellite
GSAT-2 08.05.2003 GSLV-D2 Geo-Stationary Satellite
KALPANA-1(METSAT) 12.09.2002 PSLV-C4 Geo-Stationary Satellite
INSAT-3C 24.01.2002 Ariane-42L H10-3 Geo-Stationary Satellite
GSAT-1 18.04.2001 GSLV-D1 Geo-Stationary Satellite
INSAT-3B 22.03.2000 Ariane-5G Geo-Stationary Satellite
Oceansat(IRS-P4) 26.05.1999 PSLV-C2 Earth Observation Satellite
INSAT-2E 03.04.1999 Ariane-42P H10-3 Geo-Stationary Satellite
IRS-P3 21.03.1996 PSLV-D3 Earth Observation Satellite
IRS-P2 15.10.1994 PSLV-D2 Earth Observation Satellite
SROSS-C* 20.05.1992 ASLV Space Mission
IRS-1B 29.08.1991 Vostok Earth Observation Satellite
INSAT-1D 12.06.1990 Delta 4925 Geo-Stationary Satellite
IRS-1A 17.03.1988 Vostok Earth Observation Satellite
INSAT-1B 30.08.1983 Shuttle [PAM-D] Geo-Stationary Satellite
* SROSS= Stretched Rohini Satellite Series

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