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Lesson Plan

Teacher Cont Yeltayeva Aida Topic Present

Teachi A Aids
ent Simple Tense
ng i
8 min
Skill Presentation 1Grammar
Teacher presents the use To give students an idea -Cards
Level Beginneron
Date of simple
9.11.2016 present tense of the I presentation
No. of students of the
3 board
Lesson Aims Byand the ofword
the end every
the lesson studentssimple present
will be tense.
able to:
day using
Students I. (E.g.
can correctly useI the simple present tense.
do homework
Especially, every
students will be able to add s or es to the verbs when using
Teacher presents
singular pronounsTo
the giveshe
he, students an idea
or it.
uses of simple present of the he or she
tense and the word presentation of simple
every day using he present tense.
or she. (E.g. He does
homework every day.)
3 Teacher clearly presents To clarify students
the difference between concepts or correct their
the above two. common mistakes.
4 Teacher seeks choral To keep students
response from the attention.
5 Teacher uses more To give students more
examples to illustrate examples so that the
the above. students will be more
familiar with the use of
the simple present tense.
10 Practice 1 Teacher gives clear To let students know - cards
min instructions and a what to do in this
demonstration about the activity.
(The theme of the
activity is to guess what
he or she does every
day.) asks one
2 Teacher To add fun to the lesson
. student to come out and so that the students can
draw a card. The enjoy and learn.
student is requested to
act out the action
written on the card.
3 The rest of the To further reinforce what
students are requested was taught before.
to guess what that
particular student does
every day. Students are
required to tell in the
following way:
E.g. He sweeps the
4 Students chorally
repeat the sentence
Repetition can help
5 There will be some
students to memorise the
more rounds of the
sentence pattern.
10 Consolidati 1 Teacher gives clear To let students know - dice with
min on instructions about the what to do in this pronouns
activity activity.
2 Teacher gives the dice to To let students to have
one of the students and free production about
students roll dice and what was being taught
then make a sentence before.
using words they see
paying attention to the
endings for the relevant
tense, I sweep the
floor every day..

3 The rest of the students To further reinforce what

are required to tell what was taught.
that particular student
does every day in the
following way:
He sweeps the floor
every day.
4 The above will go on
. for several rounds.
3 min Conclusion 1 Teacher gives a quick To clarify students
conclusion and explains wrong concepts.
some common errors.
4 min Giving 1 Teacher gives To explain some of the - Pre-task
homewo . homework to the examples on homework WB
rk students and may do so that students will not
some questions with the find it difficult to
students. complete the homework.