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TEACH Bedside Teaching (Ambulatory/Inpatient) Observation Feedback

Form Peter Phan

Instructor: Observer: Morgan Cline

Course: VA General Medicine Wards Date: January 2017 Time:

Any requested/specifc areas of focus: I am still trying to improve on my communication with

patients as that has been something that has brought up in the past. Because of this, I have trouble
fnding a balance between letting the residents/students to be the patients physician and me
interrupting to provide reassurance and as needed revising
Introduction Notes
1 Introduced self Always

2 Developed rapport with learners Very easy to talk about patients with. I was
always comfortable asking Dr Phan any
questions I had regarding patient care

3 Established ground rules or expectations On day 1

4 Set goals for the session/ time together

Body of Session Notes

1 Uses learner centered approach to teaching Dr Phan used bedside rounds very effectively.
I believe it worked because he allowed the
resident/students to present plans; allowing
the pt to see we all help with their care.

2 Gets a commitment from learner

3 Probes learners thinking for evidence behind He did a good job at asking appropriate
decisions questions on rounds about why we wanted to
do something and then taught if appropriate.

4 Teaches general principles He gave a great antibiotics chalk talk

5 Reinforces the positives in learner's


6 Corrects errors and omissions

7 Encourages learners to select topics for self-

directed learning

Use back for additional notes and to develop improvement plan.

Next Steps Notes
1 Sets plan for follow-up with learner for topics
that arose during session

2 Asks for feedback from the learner Dr Phan asked for feedback and also provided
feedback on a regular basis (every 1-2 weeks).


Strengths: Recommendations:
Approachable Maybe run though the basics of the plan
before bedside rounds if there is any question
Engages the learners in all levels of decision
about what to do that way the learner can
Allowed residents to present bedside present the plan with confdence

Uses and teaches ultrasound effectively

Improvement I Follow-Up Plan: