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Mathematics Grade 4 Unit 5 Study Guide

1. MCC4.NF.5 (DOK 2)
Find the correct solution to the problem below.





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2. MCC4.NF.5 (DOK 2)

Which answer choice correctly represents 4 tenths and 60 hundredths on the 2 models below?

A. C.

B. D.

3. MCC4.NF.5 (DOK 2)

Maria has 2/10 pounds of sugar, and Mark has 3/10 pounds of sugar. Determine how much sugar
they have together with a denominator of 100.

20/100 + 30/100= 50/100

4. MCC4.NF.5 (DOK 3)

Tasha obtains two fractions from the models below. By adding them together, she says that the sum
is greater than 60/100. Is she correct? Explain why or why not.

No-The size of the 2 objects is not the same.

5. MCC4.NF.6 (DOK 2)

Robert sprinted 2/10 of a mile. Then, he jogged 12/100 of a mile. Finally, he walked 3/10 of a mile to
cool down. How far was he away from the one mile marker? Express your solution as a decimal.


6. MCC4.NF.6 (DOK 3)

With the table provided below, the sum of the numbers is one whole. What is the value of the
missing box expressed as a decimal?

7. MCC4.NBT.6 (DOK 2)

Starting with 42 6 = 7, explain what happens to the quotient if the divisor increases. Justify your
explanation with an equation.

The larger the divisor the smaller the quotient. 42 6 = 7 42 7= 6

8. MCC4.NF.6 (DOK 2)

Dianne walked her dog of a mile before stopping to give him water. She walked another

of a mile and gave him a treat. How far did Dianne and her dog walk before he received a

A. 0.4 + 0.07 = 0.47 of a mile

B. 0.40 + 0.007 = 0.407 of a mile

C. 4 + .7 = 4.7 miles

D. 4 + 7 + .10 + .100 = 11.2 miles

9. MCC4.NF.7 (DOK 2)

A doctor has $4.78 in her pocket. A restaurant manager has $4.83 in her pocket, and a music
producer has $0.10 less than the restaurant manager in her pocket. List the order of the amounts
from least to greatest.

$4.73, $4.78, $4.83

10. MCC4.NF.7 (DOK 2)
Compare the models below.

A. 0.7 < 0.70

B. 0.7 0.70

C. 0.7 = 0.07

D. 0.7 = 0.70
11. MCC4.NF.7 (DOK 3)

Cortez, Mary, and Pete played a dart game. Cortez's arrow landed in the small center circle on the dart board,
Mary's dart landed in the middle circle, and Pete's dart landed in the outside circle. The highest score won.
Which statement is correct about the number of points each player earned based on where the darts landed?

A. Mary beat both Cortez and Pete.

B. Cortez's score was higher than Mary's.

C. Mary and Cortez tied; they both beat Pete.

D. Pete has the highest score of all three.

12. MCC4.NF.7 (DOK 2)

Solve the following question using the accompanying worksheet, or on a separate piece of paper.

Draw a visual model to determine which of the following numbers is greater:

0.25 or 0.3.
13. At a school track meet, Samantha jumped 7/10 meter in the long jump competition. The judge
recorded her score as 70/100 of a meter. Samantha told the judge that he wrote her score down
incorrectly. Who is correct Samantha or the judge? Why?

The judge because 7/10 is the same as 70/100.

14. Place the following numbers on a number line. 8/8, 1.2, 0.8, 3/10, 1 , 14/10.

15. Ms. Jones went to the grocery store and purchased some fruit. She bought 5/10 lb. of grapes and
30/100 lb. of strawberries. How many lbs. of fruit did she purchase? Do the work and draw a model
to explain your thinking. 8/10 or 80/100

16. There are 20 boys on a baseball team, but only 15 of them could come to practice on Friday. What
decimal shows how many of the boys will NOT be at practice on Friday?


17. Is 0.38 equal to 38/100? Why or why not? Explain. Yes, they are the same. One is just in decimal
form and the other represents the same amount as a fraction.

18. Given these numbers 25/100, 3/10, and 0.09. What is the sum of these numbers? What number
would be needed to add to these numbers to make one whole?


19. Nathan and Haley went to the Fox Theatre to see The Lion King. They noticed that the section they
are sitting in has 10 rows of 10 seats. There were 5 rows completely filled and one row had 8 seats
filled. What is the fraction of total seats that remain empty? Where on the number line represents
the correct decimal of seats that are empty?
42/100 B
20. Nathan, Collin, and Trevor wanted to purchase some items at a store. Their grandmother gave them
$7.02 to share. Nathan has 95/100 to spend, Collin has 250/100 to spend and Trevor has the
a. What decimal represents the amount that Trevor has to spend? $3.55
b. If they all share the $7.02 evenly, will Trevor have enough to purchase the items he wants?
Explain how you know. No. Each of them will only have $2.34 each.