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American Dream Creative Project

Content Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation Organization/Flow Presentation

Product realistically portrays its Minimal (0-2) spelling, Information is clearly focused in an Presentation lasts 5-7 minutes
subjects perception of the grammatical, or punctuation organized and thoughtful manner Multiple visual aids (2+) that are
American Dream (has a clear goal errors Data/information flows smoothly and relevant to your project/goal
related to lesson) High-level use of vocabulary and is easily interpreted or read Presentation captures and holds
Work provides a mixture of word choice (significant and audience attention
historical fact and created narrative relevant historical terms used)
4 (much like historical fiction) Presentation is organized and well
laid out
Reflects significant critical thinking
and effort
Is pulled from a variety of sources
(3+) and utilizes reliable research

Product realistically portrays its Few (3 to 4) spelling, Project is focused and organized in Presentation lasts 5-7 minutes
subjects perception of the grammatical, or punctuation almost all aspects (I will specify At least one visual aid is used and is
American Dream fairly consistently errors where your product may waiver if I relevant or multiple aids are used but
Provides a fair mix of historical fact Good use of vocabulary and word give you this score) not all are relevant
3 an created narrative choice Data/information flows fairly Presentation captures audience
Reflects a good amount of critical smoothly and is interpreted fairly attention
thinking and effort easily
Presentation is organized
Is pulled from (3+) sources but all
are not reliable

Product is a realistic portrayal of the Medium amount (5-6) of spelling, Project has a focus but might stray Presentation does not fall within the
American Dream through the grammatical, or punctuation from it at times 5-7 minute range
perception of your subject at times errors Data/Information flows at times but At least one visual aid is used but is
but not consistently. Low-level use of vocabulary and is not consistent throughout your not very relevant
Product lacks either historical facts word choice products entirety Presentation captures audience
2 or narrative creativity Product is fairly challenging to attention occasionally but not
Reflects small amount of critical interpret consistently
thinking and effort Presentation is loosely organized
1-2 sources are utilized and are

Product fails to give a Significant amount (6) of spelling, Content is unfocused and Presentation does not meet time
realistic/accurate perception of the grammatical, or punctuation unorganized requirements
American Dream through their errors Data/information rarely flows or No visual aids are used
subject Poor use of vocabulary and word shows consistency Presentation fails to capture audience
Product lacks historical facts and choice Product is very challenging to
0-1 attention
lacks narrative creativity interpret Presentation has no clear
Does not reflect critical thinking and
A variety of sources are not used
(1) and source is not reliable
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