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7, Part 2 6) Why was the development of explosive

China Builds An Empire powder historically important? (DO
Key Version B NOW 01/18/2017)
a) Its use changed the nature of
1) What is the key version? warfare.
a) A b) It was the reason that the Mongols
b) B were able to invade China.
c) Chinese exportation of the powder
2) Who had the least power in the imperial became a major business.
state? (DO NOW 01/17/2017) d) It is used in fireworks.
a) The bureaucracy
b) The chief advisors 7) Which event or trend could be
c) Local governments considered the result of the magnetic
d) The emperor compass? (DO NOW 01/18/2017)
a) The fall of the feudal system
3) What was one advantage of having civil b) The discovery of America
servants rather than appointing nobles c) The conquest of Korea by China
to fill government positions? (DO NOW d) The construction of larger and more
01/17/2017) powerful ships
a) Nobles demanded too much pay.
b) Nobles were unfriendly to the 8) Which of the following 20th century
emperor. inventions might be considered
c) Not all nobles were skilled or comparable in its effect to the
capable. development of printing technology?
d) There were not enough nobles to fill (DO NOW 01/19/2017)
the positions. a) Atomic bomb
b) Antibiotics
4) In the Tang and Song dynasties the new c) The Internet
gentry gained social status through (DO d) Space shuttle
NOW 01/17/2017)
a) Noble birth 9) What conclusion might be drawn based
b) Employment on the chart? (DO NOW 01/19/2017)
c) Trade and commerce a) Most of the products first invented
d) Land ownership by the Chinese were later invented
independently by the Europeans.
5) Why is porcelain often called china? b) Under the isolationist policy of Ming
(DO NOW 01/18/2017) China, most Chinese technologies
a) China was the only manufacturer of were kept secret.
porcelain for centuries. c) Chinese innovations were mostly
b) Its main ingredient is a clay called concerned with increasing food
china. production.
c) China is the Chinese name for d) During the Tang and Sung dynasties,
porcelain. Chinese ingenuity reached a peak.
d) China refers to how delicate and
fragile it is.

10) According to the map, what conclusion 15)What linked the Yellow and Yangtze
can be drawn about China in the time of Rivers?
Zheng He? (DO NOW 01/19/2017) a) Ganges River
a) The Chinese rarely went far from b) Grand Canal
their own region. c) Indus River
b) For the Chinese sailors, navigation d) Mediterranean Sea
was still a mystery. e) Nile River
c) Chinese sailors needed to stay within
sight of the coast. 16)The Sui Dynasty ruled for how many
d) Chinas advanced technology let years?
sailors undertake long voyages. a) 13
b) 37
11) Why was Zheng He sent on the voyages c) 53
shown on the map? (DO NOW d) 135
01/19/2017) e) 300
a) To discover a faster route to Europe
b) To explore new lands and gain more 17)Who killed his 2 brothers and all 10 of
tribute-paying states his brothers sons to become the ruler of
c) To identify potentially hostile the Tang Dynasty?
regions a) Buddha
d) To set up colonies that would ease b) Confucius
the overcrowding in China c) Liu Bang
d) Kublai Khan
12)What dynasty reunified China after the e) Taizong
fall of the Han Dynasty?
a) Qin 18)In 690 C.E., who was the empress of the
b) Song Tang Dynasty that ruled until she was
c) Sui more than 80 years old?
d) Tang a) Wu Han
e) Zhou b) Wu Khan
c) Wu Tang
13)In 581 C.E., who took power by killing d) Wu Yu
his grandson and 59 royal princes? e) Wu Zhao
a) Confucius
b) Liu Bang 19)What was the greatest achievement of
c) Siddhartha Gautama the Tang Dynasty empress?
d) Shi Huangdi a) Conqueror Africa
e) Yang Jian b) Conqueror Europe
c) Conqueror Japan
14)The first emperor of the Sui Dynasty d) Conqueror Korea
became known by what name? e) Conqueror Mongolia
a) Buddha
b) Confucius 20) What is a government that is divided
c) Genghis Khan into departments?
d) Kublai Khan a) Bureaucracy
e) Wendi b) Maritime
c) Nomad
d) Porcelain
e) Tribute

21) During the Tang and Song Dynasties 27) What does khan mean?
what did people have to do to get a) Great Wall of China
government jobs? b) Forbidden City
a) Be born into nobility c) Ruler of the Chinese
b) Grow the most rice d) Ruler of the Mongols
c) Pay money to the government e) Terra Cotta Warriors
d) Pass an exam
e) Serve in the military 28) The person that united the Mongol
tribes later changed his name to what?
22) Approximately, how many years did the a) Buddha
Song Dynasty rule China? (estimate to b) Confucius
the nearest hundreds) c) Genghis Khan
a) About 100 years d) Hongwu
b) About 200 years e) Yongle
c) About 300 years
d) About 400 years 29) What was Kublai Khans relationship to
e) About 500 years Genghis Khan?
a) Brother
23) At around 1,00 C.E., what helped b) Cousin
farmers grow more food? c) Grandson
a) Magnetic compass d) Nephew
b) Mechanical clock e) Uncle
c) New type of rice
d) Porcelain 30) In 1260 C.E., what dynasty controlled
e) Wood-block printing southern China?
a) Han
24) With a surplus of food fewer people had b) Ming
to be farmers, and more people became c) Qing
what? d) Song
a) Merchants e) Zhou
b) Nomads
c) Scholar-officials 31) What year did the Mongols control all of
d) Sailors China (both northern and southern
e) Soldiers China)?
a) 1206
25) What were large Chinese ships used to b) 1227
travel around the world? c) 1279
a) Junk d) 1294
b) Raft e) 1403
c) Titanic
d) Trash 32) What was the name of the dynasty of
e) Treasure Mongol rule of China?
a) Ming
26) Who united the Mongol tribes? b) Song
a) Buddha c) Tang
b) Confucius d) Yuan
c) Taizong e) Zhou
d) Temujin
e) Zheng He

33) Mongol __________ was when Mongols
controlled all of Central Asia making 39) Who ordered for the Forbidden City to
overland trade and travel safe? be built?
a) Ascendancy a) Buddha
b) Bureaucracy b) Confucius
c) Imperial c) Genghis Khan
d) Maritime d) Kublai Khan
e) Tribute e) Yongle

34) Where did Kublai Khan build the 40) In 1644, a group of people from what
capital? area of northeast China defeated the
a) Beijing Ming to start the Qing Dynasty?
b) Hong Kong a) Beijing
c) Shanghai b) Grand Canal
d) Xian c) Manchuria
e) Wuhan d) Shanghai
e) Xian
35) When Kublai Khan ruled China who got
the important government jobs?
a) Confucian scholars
b) Members of the previous dynasty
c) Merchants
d) Mongols or trusted foreigners
e) People that did the best on the exam

36) Who led the army that overthrew the
Mongols, and started the Ming Dynasty?
a) Genghis Khan
b) Kublai Khan
c) Taizong
d) Yang Jian
e) Zhu Yuanzhang

37) The person that started the Ming
Dynasty later changed his name to
a) Genghis Khan
b) Hongwu
c) Kublai Khan
d) Yang Jian
e) Yongle

38) What did NOT help the Ming Dynasty
gain support from Chinese people?
a) Brought back the state exam
b) Encouraged Confucianism
c) Gave land to the poor farmers
d) Lowered taxes
e) People were arrested for treason and