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Your career in
Maintenance Engineers, Maintenance Technicians, Electronic Technicians,
Mechanical Technicians, Mechanics


A unique opportunity to develop your career with the worlds largest oileld services company

What will you be?


Who are we?

Schlumberger is the worlds leading oileld services company supplying
technology, information solutions, and integrated project management
that optimize reservoir performance for customers working in the oil
and gas industry. We employ approximately 115,000 people representing
over 140 nationalities and working in approximately 85 countries.

years of

>115,000 employees
>140 nationalities
~ 85 countries of operation
USD 1 billion spent on research and engineering
the role of
Our increasingly sophisticated services and products must perform
in ever more complex, extreme environments. As time and cost
pressures in our industry mount, it is increasingly clear just how
important a role our Maintenance organization plays in maintaining
the Schlumberger reputation for quality service delivery.

The skills of our maintenance professionals are one of our main We operate on a global market, and I like the changing
business differentiators and are critical to our future success. views you are exposed to. I have had the opportunity to
Technical skills, attention to detail, and a get it right the rst time travel to Paris, Spain, Amsterdam, Nigeria, and Germany!
attitude earn our maintenance professionals respect both within the Most companies offer you a job Schlumberger will
company and in the industry. offer you a career!

Our goal is to ensure our Maintenance organization remains the most Steven
efcient and professional in the industry. We can achieve this only by Electronic Technician, USA
employing the best people and adopting the latest in lean techniques.

what to
expect from a maintenance career
The hours can be long, the conditions dirty, and the pressure high: This role can be
very demanding, physically and mentally. However, the recognition youll receive for
success and the rewards we offer fully reect the commitment we require.

The decision to come to work for It takes a special kind of person to be successful in a maintenance role: one who is passionate about using
Schlumberger was an easy choice for education in a practical context to enhance service delivery. Youll learn the enormous value of working in a
me working for such a large company, team alongside the Schlumberger men and women who are employing our tools and services at the wellsite
I knew the benets and the chances to
advance my career as an electronic
technician would be plentiful.
To be a successful technician in On my rst day of training there
Schlumberger, you must be a self-motivated, were 26 different nationalities in
career minded individual. Being a team my group. I have never been with
player is one of the most important such a diverse group of people.
characteristics within this company.
Being a hard worker doesnt hurt either! Alexandria
Maintenance Engineer, Norway
Electronic Technician, USA
The Maintenance training program structure encourages your proactive The training I have received from
involvement in planning and managing your learning program. This Schlumberger is, in my opinion, second
xed-step program is driven by competencies that are complemented to none. So many resources are available
by key formal training seminars. Competency management provides to technicians; formal classes, knowledge
clear career progression opportunities for you and efcient skill passed on from senior co-workers, and
identication and resource planning for the company. Your skills, direct contact with the engineers you are
knowledge, and ability are measured against competency standards. working alongside.
Schlumberger offers many different paths
for career development. In the future,

Career development I personally plan to manage a maintenance

facility much like the one I work in today.
I know that with the rate of growth and
Your career will be anything but static, and we expect you to take
change in Schlumberger, this is possible.
early responsibility for it. Training and career development programs
designed specically for maintenance people offer you broad
opportunities for progression and career movement between functions,
Mechanical Technician, USA
technologies, and geographies. We promote from within, based on
merit, and your drive and performance can bring you great success.

I joined as a Mechanical Technician Trainee in 2002. Next I became an Instructor at the Siberian training
center, and now Im a Recruiter. My advice? Do it right, do it smart, and be safe!

Recruiter, Russia

Who we are looking for

Maintenance Engineers to apply go to:
with Bachelors degrees in relevant
engineering disciplines

Maintenance Technicians
refers to the following roles:

Electronic Technicians Select the Students and Recent Graduates option. You will nd opportunities for
with two- to three-year diplomas Maintenance Engineer or Maintenance Technician positions in the Engineering, Research,
or military experience and Operations category. Please note, both Electronic and Mechanical Technician, and
Mechanic roles are found under the Maintenance Technician position.

Mechanical Technicians
with two- to three-year diplomas What happens next?
or military experience We acknowledge receipt of your application
We invite short-listed candidates for interviews on set dates

with one-year diplomas, apprenticeships We assess training and development requirements for every selected candidate
or military experience You will start your career at Schlumberger and we will help you to advance it even further

What will you be?